Hanging With The Blondourage



As a follow-up to the Rock of Love Bus reunion wrap-up, here’s a fly-on-the-wall account of Ashley and Farrah’s backstage musings as they made themselves look, well, Rock of Love-ish.

The dialogue posted below has been edited, of course, for clarity and pacing, but every attempt has been made to preserve their distinct voices. What follows is a sort of Joyceian stream of words, if Joyce were zonked out while receiving a lap dance. Call it Finnegan’s Lame.

Farrah: (in greeting) What the French?

VH1: How are you girls feeling?

Farrah: We’re ready to take the stage. We’re ready to take all the camera time like always.

Ashley: Here’s what we’re ready to do: we’re ready to drink, we’re ready to be slutty, we’re ready to embarrass everybody just by walking in front of them.

VH1: Are you excited to be here?

Ashley: I’m always excited for the opportunity to talk s***. It feels really good to be back in my element with my BFF here.

Farrah: Everybody was like, “I didn’t even like Farrah and Ashley, but now that they’re gone, I want to bring them back. The show’s so boring.”

Ashley: You can ask us questions.

VH1: I like to observe.

Ashley: Oh my god, look at this (points to fuzz in her armpit). It’s from my T-shirt. Wipe it off! It looks like have hair!

Farrah: I thought you were wiping that off with your panties.

Ashley: I don’t have panties.

Farrah: You don’t have panties on under that? Your cat is going to hang out.

Ashley: As usual. Do you have a problem with that? Bret didn’t.

Farrah: As long as you sit on the couch and uncross your legs like Sharon Stone.

Ashley: Who’s that?

Farrah: Your mom.

Ashley: (Regarding an airplane-size bottle of Smirnoff) I’m OCD and I can’t drink vodka out of plastic.

Farrah: I guess you’re F’ed then, ’cause we don’t have anything. And since when?


Farrah: Look, I got my dress made.


Ashley: Hey, did you see how stupid everybody else looks?

Farrah: It always happens that way, so I didn’t even notice.

VH1: Can you guys go through and give your evaluations on everyone?

Farrah: Wait, I gotta put my dress on. Did you want me to do that in front of you?

VH1: No.

Farrah: You wouldn’t want to participate in the situation?

VH1: I’ll leave.

(Returning after a few minutes)


Farrah: Do you think my boobs look bigger on TV?

VH1: No, I think they look bigger in person.

Farrah: When I meet people, they say, “I thought your boobs were bigger than that.” At the last two events I hosted, I didn’t wear a bra. I’d sometimes be wearing two bras on the show, pushing everything up.

VH1: Does it hurt to not wear a bra?

Farrah: I think so ’cause my boobs are so heavy. They’re like 10 lbs., probably.

VH1: So how is it that you can go out without wearing one?

Farrah: Well, I’ll wear shirts with built-in bras, but nothing padded, pushing my boobs to the ceiling or anything. Do you know that Maxim called me? I did an interview with them.

Ashley: Hey look, our pedicures look the same!

Farrah: That’s because we’re sluts and that’s the color sluts wear.


Ashley: Sluts united!

Farrah: We’re the blonde leading the blonde, bitch. Me and Ashley are like peanut butter and jelly.

Ashley: We’re like vodka and cranberry juice.

Farrah: We’re like Patrón and a side of Sprite for the chaser.

Ashley: I was doing an event in Florida and I ordered porn in my room, and the guy who was hosting the event paid for it. He didn’t say anything about it because it was a weird porn. It was like lesbians on tricycles.

Farrah: I’m gonna tell Taya and Mindy that I’d rather ride a bicycle on a gravel road with no seat than hang out with them. Clip my nipples off. Staple my cat together. I’m gonna tell Taya, “You came to the wrong auditorium. Prom’s next door, bitch.”

Ashley: During Charm School, we were sequestered in a hotel on a down day, and they left the key in the mini bar and they weren’t supposed to. I drank every bottle of alcohol and it was, like, $1,000. And then I ate all the cookies, ’cause I was drunk and like, “I need coooooookies!” At the end, they said, “We have a bill of this much,” and I said, “Why was the key in there? I thought this was room service.”

VH1: Who are you least excited to see?

Farrah: Everybody but us.

Ashley: Who’s America least excited to see? Everybody but us.

Farrah: Yeah, just let America answer that question. I don’t want to see anybody but myself and Ashley. I just wanna look in the mirror the whole time because I’m so hot right now.

VH1: Do you guys really feel that entitled and loved?

Ashley: It’s not about popularity, it’s about controversy. I get 75 percent hate, but people who love me really love me. You want people to talk about you, regardless.

Farrah: We say how we feel.

VH1: Kelsey’s wearing a Blondourage shirt.

Farrah: I gave her one. I love Kelsey. I also have “What the French?” shirts.


Ashley: I’m wearing my pearls in honor of Taya.


VH1: Mindy was really good-natured, I thought. She told me she thought the salsa incident was funny.

Ashley: No she didn’t.

Farrah: She’s just trying to make amends so we don’t kick her ass.

Ashley: I just saw Melissa getting her makeup done.

Farrah: What does she look like?

Ashley: What does she look like? It’s irrelevant. I didn’t even look at her.

Farrah: Bitch.

VH1: Have you seen Mindy?

Ashley: I haven’t, but I’m assuming she still looks like a beaver.

Farrah: She looks like she’s been gnawing on a lot of wood, if you know what I mean. She didn’t gnaw on any wood for 35 years and then Bret gave her a piece. She’s building a dam right now. Damn, Mindy’s building a dam.

VH1: I was surprised you guys were cool with Jamie.


Ashley: Who’s that?

Farrah: (simultaneously) Why?

VH1: I didn’t think you liked anyone besides Kelsey and Marcia.

Ashley: She got extensions, she’s cool now. I didn’t like her when she had short hair, but now I could at least hang out with her.

VH1: It’s an upgrade.

Farrah: She looks hot. Do you think we look different in person?

VH1: No, although when I interviewed you, you told me that you weren’t as tall as you seemed on TV and that’s definitely true.

Farrah: Everyone thinks I’m a big-ass bitch. I wore seven-inch heels the whole time.

VH1: Ashley, your tattoos are amazing.

Ashley: I just got this one (points to pink spider web connected to a heart on her elbow). No one ever gets pink spiderwebs.

VH1: I love that Hello Kitty was on VH1 every week via your arm.

Ashley: Oh my god, I have a huge Asian fan base. I hosted in Washington, D.C. I’m telling you, 2,000 Asians showed up. They told me they drove from all these places. I have a lot of transsexual fans, too. A ton of them! A huge transsexual, a huge gay and a huge Asian following. People think I’m a drag queen a lot.

Farrah: People think that about me, too. I’m like f*** you.

Ashley: Oh, I don’t care.

Farrah: I was in Mexico with my man and I had crazy makeup on and my heels. I was in the bathroom and this older woman who could barely speak English goes, “Are you woman?” I was about to freak out, but my man said, “Baby, it’s just ’cause of your eye makeup.”

VH1: You guys don’t really plan on hurting anyone today, right?

Ashley: It’s not about violence, we just make people want to kill themselves with our words. Like, Natasha, her life is over. Everyone thinks she’s a man. I said what America was thinking: look, I haven’t seen her balls, but she’s a dude. Anybody can get their penis removed and get it turned into a vagina.

Farrah: It was a mask in that porn. It wasn’t a real vagina.

Ashley: You can take your d*** and tuck it and tape it and then get one of those fake p*****s.

Farrah: Haven’t you ever seen that guy that takes his d*** and makes it into a hamburger? She did that with hers, but she made it into a vagina. She never wore heels. She always wore Ugg boots with her little dresses. Know why? She couldn’t find a Size 12 in a hot heel. Everyone was going to know. That’s a dead giveaway for a drag queen.

Ashley: She didn’t wear jeans because you can’t buy women’s jeans in Size Bulge-in-Front. I hear she wants to fight me, though.

Farrah: If she has anything to say, I’m going to tell her, “Look, why don’t you go pick on somebody your own gender.”

Ashley: I was going to say, “I don’t fight men, but James is here, and he will.”

VH1: I really wouldn’t ever want to piss you guys off.

Ashley: I don’t even feel like I’m better than these girls that I’m making fun of. I feel like they should make fun of me. Make fun of my extensions. Make fun of my boobs. Make fun of everything about me. Please! It’s like, stand up for yourselves. Don’t let me walk on you because I’m going to. It’s the stupidest part to me.

Farrah: If I was gonna wear something weird, I would expect it. If you’re going to wear brown lip gloss, come on.

For more shots (at least of the photographic kind) check out the gallery below:

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  1. Terri says:

    Like Daisy from Rock of Love II, I can’t stomach these 2 girls…..I won’t watch Daisy’s new show and I hope that these 2 girls don’t get a show either. Enough of “trash”.

  2. terri says:

    GROSS….. just when i thought Ashley could’nt look any nastier she proves me wrong!!! can you say white trash???? On the other hand Mindy lookied like fatal attraction last night!! Brett u made the right choice u picked class this time!!! good for you!!!

  3. ??Ashley H?? says:

    OMG i loooooooove these girls. They are the only reason I’m watching Charm School. 75% America may not like them but then again 75% of America is _*+*#$)@(!~#$#+)*$ ED.

    This article had me LMDAO

  4. Katie says:

    I love the Blondetourage. They definitely made the show; every episode was lame without them. I just hope they last a while on Charm School, or get their own show!

  5. Rachell says:

    Ugh I think I lost some IQ points by reading this. They obviously enjoy the attention and people enjoy watching them be alternately stupid and slutty.

    BTW – Do Ashley and Bret get their wigs from the same place?

  6. shanalady27 says:

    farrah is my favorite.i wish i knew someone wild and fun like her. you should give farrah and ashley a show together

  7. kimcarr says:

    all the girls r disgusting. bret will b back soon with his 4th show. i think he gets 2 bored with 1 women. amber was the best choice out of all, he was crazy 4 giving her up!

  8. Faith says:

    I _@#`@!_)&)!)))*$ ING LOVE YOU BOTH!

    kisses +^+~+&%&~^#$(%#(# es!

  9. mollination says:

    Farrah asked if she looks different in person because she lost weight and she wanted you to notice it.

    Ashley’s hair is creepy. Why does it look like a cartoon?

  10. kimp says:

    they should have their own show!!!
    PLEASE VH1 !!!!!!!!!!

  11. Ashlee says:

    WOW. These two tramps are the biggest BI TCH ES ever to grace VH1. Ashley dont worry EVERYONE makes fun of you. Your a mess and not even a HOT mess. YOUR ugly. You have a gross face, fake UGLY hair ( cheap extensions ) and boobs that dont even match. Farrah YOUR LAME. LAME LAME LAME. YOU two are perfect for each other. You two should have a blast licking each other to death. YOU two are GROSS and Farrah can your boobs get any bigger? THEY ARE NOT HOT. Just so you know. EVERYONE makes fun of you. YOUR guys will die all alone and Ashley I feel sorry for you kid. He sure the hell doesnt stand a chance to be a decent kid with a hobag mom like you. YOU two need to fall off the face of the earth. Its mad FUNNY that Bret KICKED you both to the curb so quick into the show. And Ashley you telling people that you wanted to leave we know is a LIE. KARMA is a MFER you heffers. GET A LIFE.

  12. Jenny says:

    I love the heels!

  13. JENNY says:

    I love Ashley’s outfit! Where can I get it?!

  14. Avranches says:

    Can you see on the back table their extension laying? LOL
    ASHLEY IS BOLD.For real she always cover her stitch with a bandanna or hair bands. She has this ugly bangs on glue in front.

  15. Avranches says:

    They are so stupid. I understand Ashley is young and dumb. She use pusy not her brain. But Farrah come on grown up woman and act like a child.

  16. Jazz says:

    haha they should have like a blonde battleshow….

    Brandi C and Megan vs Farrah and Ashley…who would win?

  17. kort says:

    these dumb _#_+_+^@&@%+*(` blonde ##*%~~_&#+_%*$!@` es. someone needs to whoop their _#_+_+^@&@%+*(` ashleys extensions are horrible, farrah and ashley talk like they are uneducated. these dumb hoes are going to be trailer park trash real soon. all of these girls on the show were disgusting and fake. all with bad extenstionsn! i hope these dumb ##*%~~_&#+_%*$!@` es read this too and go to rehab, and enroll in adult school cus i know they didnt finish high school.

  18. Missy says:

    I started out not into these girls, but I can’t help but love them. They really did make the show bearable. The show was lame without them. Farrah looks like she lost a TON of weight. She looks good. I’m sorry Ashley, I do love you, but your hair looked awful. I still think you should have your own show. Eff the haters.

  19. Deb says:

    I just made an appointment with my stylist tomorrow…..definitely getting rid of the blonde. These two just make me shake my head, what people will do for a buck, yikes. So very sad. I read most of the “interview” the only thing that amazes me is that FARRAH ACTUALLY HAS A BOYFRIEND??? Loved Avranches comments……..lol. Good luck girls, you’ll need it.

  20. VICKY says:

    I do not like that you call NATASHA a man yet you love your gay and transexual fan base your hypicritical in that you downgrade what you feel is bad about a person and yet you welcome the same type in others that is a backhanded compliment to transexuals. Please be real looking like a man while being a girl or vice versa you feel is the lowest look in a person. This is being FARASHLELY the BLONDUROGE

  21. Mary says:

    I honestly thought that Mindy was better for Bret, but oh well he stayed with ugly as Taya. She looks like a freaking witch >.< and it sucks that Mindy was eliminated and is the one who actually still has feelings for Bret, unlike Taya who said in the reunion that her feelings had gone away.

  22. Ivy says:

    I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOVE THEM! Omg, they had me dying. “Pick on someone your own gender” LOL!

  23. victoria laurenn says:

    i LOVE these two girls. they were the best part of the show!

  24. Johanna Holman says:

    I wish these two _@*+)^@(^`#%_!#_@ es go away. They have had enough air time already. These two surely dont know what the _+*(_`#^!)!(@)!^ is up. Get a clue ladies or should i say rats. Their &^$+&_^+%$&$%*(&+ s are like ground up hamburg that has been thrown in a wood chopper. I feel sorry for the loosers who try to hit that. and i hope bret had enough sense to wear a body condom when he screwed ashely. If she hasnt gone a std already she will and so will farrah. They arent true blondes they are just complete trash that hasnt been thrown out yet. and ashely has a kid she isnt even fit to have a dog never mind a kid. what she going to teach her son how to be a slut too and get every girl knocked up. ohh they are soo smart ya right!! Get a clue girls you will be has beens and no one will miss your dirty skanky !@^&+$*#(*@!&*# es. Ps get yourself checked i think you got a std goin on in your mouths as well.

  25. jewsus says:

    those girls are so mean… I love it!

  26. Susie says:

    These two need their own show! My cousin Nick and his wife Hayley and I are hooked! C’mon VH1, do us all a favor and put the Blondetourage on TV in some lead roles!!! What the French?!!!

  27. linds says:

    you two are a disgrace to women everywhere. not only are you both ugly as hell (even with 10 lbs of makeup on) but your fake big *^@#~)+@%@**_~+ s are the only thing about you that is remarkable and thats not in a good way. you called people lame the whole time because they werent acting like fools on tv and sluts…uhm maybe because they were smart? the show was so much better when u both left…all of america hates you because you think your hott `~_*$(+^!`%(“*& and your both ugly as hell and need more plastic surgery..this time go for your faces. u thought the show was lamer when you guys were gone, but what you dont know is that america was rooting for you to leave for soo long. ashley looks like a disgusting and +_))&(_&!!_#(_@^ ed up version of juliette lewis on crack and farrah is an uglier, fatter and way more skanky version of heather from the other rock of love. if you guys seriuosly think that acting like skanks and being total and complete #`!*^*##&&&`)(# holes to everyone for how they look is cool, your both mentally unstable. if your ever on another reality tv show i doubt anyone would watch because your both just so +_))&(_&!!_#(_@^ ing annoying no one can stand it. you guys act like your still in middle school except the fact that you show your +_))&(_&!!_#(_@^ ing *^@#~)+@%@**_~+ s to everyone who wants to look…which also, is really disturbing. farrah you look absolutely ridiculous and unproportional and you look like a straight up tranny with those boobs. ew. your both so gross.

  28. deedeee says:

    luvin da blondoraurage even tho im not a blondie but all tha gurlz are hataz

  29. Jillian says:

    can someone please let me know where i can find the bloundourage shirts Farrah is wearing?

  30. HBIC* says:

    Skank you are a follower. Farrah is the one with the brains when it come to the two of you.You were a joke from the moment your slow azz came on the show. You live with your sons father and share a bed with him yet you cried when you wasn’t getting enough of Bretts attention. that’s some funny ~%`(`+*%#!_@#~%$ I love Farrah to death, she kept everything 100% regardless of what people thought and yet you acted like a puppet, waiting on her to tell you what to do or say next. after she left the show everyone knew you were soon to follow. Afterall without Farrah being there. you were left on your own to THINK,hahahaha that was the best part of the show. you trying to figure things out on your own. James do yourself a favor and take the trash out baby, you are too fine to be with THAT. but then again you can’t think much of her either as you said ”no one can pull your biotch”. She got her 15 mins of fame and the rock star got, ewwwwwwwwww.

  31. rose says:

    theyre funny, but ewwww.

  32. Ivy says:

    I absolutely love them! I can’t wait for Charm School!

  33. mai says:

    I can’t believe how some of these women are MOTHERS. I mean, really, Ashley? Your limited vocabulary is already filled with expletives (look it up, honey) and I’m sure your brain doesn’t have much room for anything other than your next tattoo idea. I’m sure your son is just beaming with pride as you drunkenly slur your way through life.

  34. Veronica says:

    i was so mad when they got kicked off.. im so glad i read this. these girls crack me up… i dont care if they were sloppy, they were very entertaining.

  35. Skylar says:

    Ashley has the worst mullet I have ever seen.

  36. brit says:

    i think ashley is hot but ferrah looks like a man more than natasha and I’m sure they both have STDs so I hope brett gets checked soon


  37. Jessica says:

    Love love love them!!! and ashley has the nicest legs ever!!! vh1 give these two girls there own show PLEASE. i could watch ashley everyday, that b*tch is HILARIOUS

  38. miss megan says:

    If Farrah didn’t want to BE Ashley, I wouldn’t mind her so much…but she tries to copy everything Ashley does: hair, makeup, tattoos, the way she talks…she literally wants to be her…Ashley, you should watch out!

  39. ray says:

    blondourage is great fun, I’ll give them that. and the ultra bimbo barbie one, farrah’s friend, she was so familiar to me. I couldn’t figure out where I recognized her from… then I realized it was hedwig! with the angry inch!!! I love that guy/girl/being!

  40. Jerry says:

    Im so upset with all these fake reality shows that Vh1 keeps showing to get ratings because all they see is $$$$$ Vh1 use to be good to watch but now its all a bunch of fake date shows that aren’t real .There just looking for viewers to tune into crap so they could get paid. Vh1 you are a music station but you play music in the we hours. I wont be watching this station any longer until it gets better.

  41. Wonderbra says:

    I hate that most people who post here don’t understand how to spell. Example: couldn’t. It isn’t spelled “could’nt” or any other contraction for that matter. I don’t care if I sound lame or whatever, I just hate how moronic people are. What the hell is “could’nt” ???

  42. vikiblueyes says:

    I am so damn happy these nasty skanks are so obviously phony blonds so I can keep my natural blond hair. They don’t know real blonde hair is several blended shades of blond and it shines, unlike the pile of dull looking straw color they insist on calling blond. Every time you are in camera range you grab your silicone and squeeze it. Is that how it stays soft? To the person that wants an outfit like one of these cartoons, I’m sure any ghetto yard sale will have similar stuff to what they wear. Keep the laughs coming and don’t forget to get your shots!

  43. Kitty Kat says:

    I LOVED the blondourage during the whole show Ashley was my FAVE i love her & Farrah’s attitude ya’ll rock love ya!!! and )*@~#_+!$_^&+(*( the haters

  44. Flea says:

    For the love of all man kind please DO NOT give these two dumb B!+c*&s a show. In America we reward bad and `^@##_%~@+$^**^+^& ed behavior. Their nasty and both of them need a bath. I feel sorry for Ashley’s kid his mother is a major $(+$~`_#@^+&“@(! I would have beat the crap out of them for pouring Salsa on all of my stuff.

  45. flea says:

    By the way Kelsey got the taste slapped out of her mouth. Too FUNNY! I would love to see what really happened on that one. She got on my nerve the entire time she was there. I bet she won’t be too fast to talk crap about anyone else huh????

  46. AlaskaGal says:

    It really got boring when you guys left. I didn’t like you at first, but you two are hilarious. What a couple mouthy things you are. And I also think Natasha is a dude. And hell, I am 4000 miles away. I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of your attitudes, but you are funny

  47. Mr. H says:

    Lol, I love the haters on this board. Keep on talkin’ S%$&()*&#T ’bout my girls, you’re just adding to their flame. I love how you care that much to write a post on here about them, especially when you wouldn’t say crap to their faces. Keep on hatin’, their stars are on the rise.

  48. Mr. H's Mom says:

    COme on now, Mr. H. THese girls generate ratings, and that’s it. Now why would anyone feel the need to address Ashley and Farrah to their face. It;s not like they have anything intelligent to say, they don’t even make okay tv. THere will be more replacements to follow in their footsteps in a few months shy from now. Just like the phrase that Andy Warhole coined, these girls have secured their “fifteen minutes of fame” by far.

  49. savanna says:

    Brown lip gloss is pretty ashley sorry but your wrong about that.I still wanna f*** u both!

  50. Drew says:

    While I do love Farrah and Ashley I don’t think any blonde has matched up to the wit and power of Megan Hauserman. :)

    Eww…Kelsey, eww…eww sorry she’s so boring and average, what kind of future will this girl have? At least Farrah and Ashley have unique style and comedic talent. The only time Kelsey tries to be funny was when she screamed “Nathaniel!” at Natasha and she got beat down, HA!

  51. michelle O. says:

    Farrah you rock ….. Id love to hang out with you in person,,,,

  52. jen says:


  53. jen says:


  54. suja22 says:

    You two are pathetic…get a $~!_@`)(*%_(`$(( ing life

  55. suja22 says:

    I think it’s funny Ashley talks about Natashia..You look just like a man with that big )$#~#%+*_%`(&!& forehead of yours. Farrah is okay I think she is a much better person that the man look-l-like.. Ashley go back to your bold boyfriend. Your poor son doesn’t have a chance in hell with the dna mixup you two fools gave him. Poor little &&*##(+(*`(*^$`)_^_ is probably so embarressed of his mom and who could blame him.

  56. jodi says:

    i like farrah but ashley…not so much! farrah is just way too funny and the only entertaining part of the show. I’m not watching charm school anymore after she gets kicked off..unless of course farrah wins, which would be sweet.

  57. dixie says:

    dame you guys look sexy……………….

  58. dixie says:

    i love guys the show suck (#^~$$__*&#`($~ ssssss lol after u guys left ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!love u &#^)_$_~@&!*~`*$~ es lol

  59. Michelle says:

    THEY NEED THEIR OWN SHOW, ASAP! seriously, these %$+@@`&^^~#`_&@&~ es are the most entertaining people on any reality tv show on any network to date. except maybe New York, but she’s a different kind of entertaining. the blodourage deserves their own show, VH1! everyone knows it.

  60. Azz Hole says:

    Ashley and Farrah rock dude. like i cant even explain. Fav Qoute: ” Im a &@$+#&(&*@)`_~_`$

  61. Rachelle says:

    I LOVE these people. This is incredible. I would like to be the first in line to be a groupie and hang out with these two. It’d be fun girls…party time H-wood style! =0]

  62. dvdf says:

    Omg I love you Farrah and Ashley!

  63. Alycia says:

    Ppl who dont like ashley are seriously jealous n everyone but them nos it. Ya she is a lil much but who cares its not ur business to comment and u shouldnt even be reading this or commenting…

  64. Alycia says:

    Look at all u jealous girls! common why would u even be reading their interview if you despise them so much, ya they are a lil much but its really not ur place to judge anyone but your self… I think they deff should have their own show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Alycia says:

    Vh1 pleaz give ashley her own show she is the best reality star out there you would make a killing!!!!

  66. Alycia says:

    pleaz give ashley her own show she is the best reality star you would make a killing!!!!

  67. bob says:

    farrah and ashley are really pretty ashleys my favorite because she was on the show long so like u kinda now more about he

  68. daisy says:

    )^$@)(%+!*#$^^(@ k all you hatterss ashley and farrah are the )^$@)(%+!*#$^^(@ ing best..and yall are just mad!!

    <3<3(:i )^$@)(%+!*#$^^(@ ing love ashley and farrah:)<3<3

  69. daisy says:

    f**kk all you hatterss ashley and farrah are the f**king best..yall are just mad..that your not them!!

    <3<3(:i f**king love ashley and farrah:)<3<3

  70. CHRISHARA says:


  71. Candy says:

    I loveeeeeeeee Ashley I’M her fan number 1….I can not believe she did not win it looks like a barbie rock please please give him his own show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. kate says:

    THEY NEED THEIR OWN SHOW!! seriously, these %$+@@`&^^~#`_&@&~ es are the most entertaining people on any reality tv show on any network to date. except maybe New York, but she’s a different kind of entertaining. the blodourage deserves their own show, VH1! everyone knows it.Please!!

  73. kate says:

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