Listen To Green Day’s New CD One Week Early!



Everyone wants to hear what Green Day‘s coming back with when their 21st Century Breakdown hits the streets on May 15. Hang out at our house and you’ll be the first to know. We’re streaming the entire CD a week before its official release. Be here from May 8 – 15. “The Leak” will give you a chance to blast all the songs REAL loud.

Stay tuned to the VH1 blog this week. Each day we’ll be offering more info about Green Day’s new stuff. This Friday, April 24, we’re premiering the video for “Know Your Enemy.”


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  1. Kaila says:

    I can’t wait until may 15!!

  2. WestOfTexas says:

    !$$!&#~&!#%%(&#__ IN

  3. GreenDays says:

    Hey VH1,

    I don’t think you guys should do this, because I myself a true Green Day fan and probably many others are waiting for the actual phhysical CD…I think this might not go down well with some people.
    We’ve been waiting 5 years, we could wait a week.

  4. One Take Kenny says:

    I just hope they just don’t overplay which they will like with american idiot.
    But at the foxboro concert I was on stage with them.
    You shoulda gone PPL!

  5. JAY J says:

    Dude, that kid is totally stoned. How do I know this because I’m that kid acting like another person.
    I love computers so much.

  6. Wiiladesuso says:

    @Green Days
    I totally agree
    I paid for hear the album the 15th of May at 12:01, and you know that if you play the album one week before, a lot of people will record and upload the album to the internet.
    Like other people said, we have been waiting for a lot of time, we can wait a week.

  7. Lizzie says:

    What the hell? I think this is stupid, we’ve waited 5 years, we can wait another week. I wan’t to hold the album in my hand, not hear it online.. you guys are idiots if you do this honestly, I refuse to support you guys.

  8. Patience says:


    I compeletely agree. For someone whose patiently waited five years for this album and who can wait the extra week to hear 21st Century Breakdown in its full form on disc, I think the ‘leak’ is stupid. Artists try their hardest for their albums not to be released early as to keep up the suspense for their fans; and, whether or not you have Green Day’s permission to do this, this is a very good ‘stunt’. Many people have preordered their albums to hear them at 12:01 on the 15th and now there is a chance of having tracks ruined by #`~!)&`_&)$^@)( es who post the songs online. My big question is: What would provoke you to ruin an album as monumental as this?

  9. Fran says:

    Uhm.. I DO THINK this is not the best idea to hear the new album, BUT… I don’t think it’s a bad ideo coming from vh1 or something, I think it’s all because the record company, or even an idea of the band… just because they [I don't know if this comes from the band or from Warner] want to give so much publicity to the album so they want to do like a HUGE launch…
    I don’t know…. I think we all should wait… go to the stores & listen the record in our houses…. watching the artwork & getting excited thinkg that a lot of people is doing the same thinking all around the world!

  10. Moniia says:

    I love Greeen Day and can’t wait until 15 may too! But I’m from Poland, so I can’t listening music on this website, unfortunately. (I’m sorry, I don’t speak english good).

  11. Riku says:

    I don’t like this idea at all.
    But, whatever.

  12. CraigM says:

    this is a disgrace. we wait 5 years for a new album just for a pathetic music channel (who mostly play RnB crap) to go and ruin it for us. if you do this then how long do you think it will take before it ends up on youtube or limewire. everyone who has pre ordered the CD is being ripped off here

  13. Ana says:

    UAU, Green Day maravilha.

  14. Isis-Lavinia says:

    @GreenDays, i couldn’t agree more. 1 week won’t make a difference for the 5 years we’ve had to wait. And it’ll definately end up somewhere where you can download it. Like many of you have said, loads of people have pre-ordered the CD, and this sorta defeats the object.

  15. ticked14 says:

    Listening to the songs a week early will ruin the everything. There is a reason why the record company didn’t let anyone record the secret shows. So, why would they let this occur? I can’t believe this. I want the CD, or perferably the vinyl. Not a digital copy. This is stupid. I’m waiting till the 15.

  16. kimi says:

    this idea is SO stupid. I mean, although we can wait a week, the songs for sure will be in internet and that is bad for the band.

  17. Jaclyn says:

    I think this is awesome, thanks VH1! I don’t see what the big deal is, if you’re a true Green Day fan, you’re going to go out and by the physical CD anyway.. I can’t wait for everything :D

  18. jason says:

    this is awesome. if anyone is complaining, dont listen to it. stop being a 5 year old. its just music. jesus. KYE kinda sucks anyway its the same verse 40 times

  19. Septemberheaven says:

    This “leak” is rather flattering but could lead to some problems to the actual sale of the album. We fans are rather excited about it but it could also lead to ripping off Green Day and that’s not good.

  20. Drew says:

    Bad Don’t Do it Cause it is like opening all your presents
    before Christmas you need to wait and don’t leak!

  21. Jose says:

    Hey “Green Days”,

    MTV did a leak of AI, what’s the big deal. Real Green Day fans aren’t obsessed with making sure their record label get a ton of money. I saw ‘em play the entire album live in Oakland. Does that make me a bad fan, ’cause I already heard it? What about the people who went to the website and read all the lyrics? This isn’t Christmas. If you can get to listen to this early, more power to you.

    - Jose

  22. Fer says:

    it’s a great new!
    I cant wait to listen the album!!!

  23. Danisprinkle says:

    Many people have been waiting the new Green Day album for years. But why are you going tu put the songs 1 week before the album is released?
    I can wait 7 days, or maybe I’m going to be here on May 8, but I don’t think so.
    Anyway…thanks a lot for sharing the one week preview.

    PD: I’ve heard the first single of the album and it kicked my ~!&_!@@!+__*&+` so hard! It’s a very good song

  24. nimrod says:

    holy s*** this is so awesome im going to listen to it!!!

  25. minority103 says:

    Know your enemy it’s so fantastic, I think that all the new album will be great….so… w i Green Day!
    [-20] for 21st century Breakdown =)

  26. wiiladesuso says:

    I paid for hear the album the 15th at 12:01, and i know that if you can hear in your computer, you can record it.
    It will be in megaupload, as soon as possible.

  27. Guga says:

    Great ;D

  28. XXCenturyBreakdownXX says:

    I cant wait for the new album so i will listen a week earlier.

  29. Suki says:

    I CAN’T WAIT…..I’M SO EXCITED…..but there’s no fuc*in’ way i’m gonna listen to your damn leaks….i’ve waited so long for this, i might as well wait for the official release of their album.

  30. Romi says:

    Maybe They can do it. But just a few seconds, if the people want to hear the music, buy the cd. But they have to listen only a few seconds,like 30 seconds! something like that. vh1 maybe can do that, but I disagree with put all the songs complete here.

    I Love Green Day!!

  31. Haushinka says:

    WOOOOOOOOOOOW!! I can´t wait!!! yeaaah!! thanks VH1 it´s so great!… ok I don´t speak so much english…


  32. Greendayfreak says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been OBSESSED with GreenDay ever since 1st grade, and Im twelve now. GreenDay is my LIFE and Im SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited that they’ve came back!!! I missed them so much! I listen to them 24/7 and I cant stop! I GET TO GO TO THEIR CONCERT!!!!!!!! It will be the BEST day of my life!!! I LOVE YOU GREENDAY AND IM SO PSYCHED BOUT YOUR NEW CD AND UPCOMING CONCERT!!! Ill be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ive been waiting for five years and Im so happy to have you back!
    But ya, dont do this. The leak will RUIN the suspence of waiting for this thing. Really. Dont.

  33. E!!i says:

    I’m so damn happy about the new album!!!

  34. BillieJoe'sHot says:

    I can’t freakin’ wait! I’m going to see them on tour in July!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Celeste says:

    Well, I think that it’s great, everybody wants the new CD right now, no body can wait… but, I think that I’ll wait… Because I love this guys, they’re the best, but I’ve been waiting a lot of time, and I can wait a bit more, and everything will be more exiting and great. It’s not a bad idea… But I’ll wait for the 15th of May

  36. Anny Armstrong says:

    I `*@+*^!`+#_`$(!@ ing love Green Day.
    I cannot wait too much!
    i’ve been waiting for almost 4 years x3
    I love them all!!
    May 15 will be the greatest day of the `*@+*^!`+#_`$(!@ ing year!!!


  37. Thomas says:

    I’m a huge and true Green Day fan. And I know I’m not alone when I say that most of us will wait that extra week to get the real CD. And its been a while I mean they gave us the Foxboro Hottubs and everything but there hasnt been a Green Day album in 5 long years. But i would still rather get the physical cd.

  38. Rodrigo says:


  39. CHris says:

    You guys freaking rock, seriously,
    Green day for LIFE!

  40. Sebastian says:

    as a good fan of green day…I CANT WAIT OMG!
    ok.. VH1 shoould w8 until may 15 … we can w8 a lil more..:S

  41. Always Right says:

    UMMMMM, NO!!!!! this is so stupid. This is just taking away from the excitment of the release date and everything. Plus im sure this will cause illegal downloading and Green Day deserves every penny that they SELL their music for. I pre-ordered it on itunes and im gonna get a real copy of the cd because its gonna be awesome!!!!…sorry that last part didnt have anything to do with what im talking about lol

  42. Bali says:

    already have! let’s just say it’s effin’ epic!!!

  43. Little Girl says:

    Everyone who is saying they’d rather wait a week is free too.
    It has absolutely nothing to do with being a “true” green day fan or not.
    I ordered the physical CD as well, but I’m going to be listening on here because I want to here the songs as soon as possible!
    I’m glad that they did this. I was at their concert a week and a half ago, and since then I’ve had all these songs stuck in my head- but I don’t remember all of each song! So in a way, this is perfect. I couldn’t see how I was going to make it until the 15th. :)

  44. Joey says:

    Well, if you are all so adamant about waiting that extra week, then by all means, go ahead and wait. No one here if forcing you to hear the album before it comes out. You guys are acting really immature about this — pretending that the early screening is going to absolutely ruin 21st Century Breakdown for you. I plan on hearing the album in its entirety when it’s streamed online AND buying the actual CD. And as a TRUE Green Day fan, NOTHING at all is going to keep me from hearing what they’ve been working on the second I get that chance.

  45. Mariane says:

    What the heck man?? Why would you leak the album a week before? That’s a horrible idea. I refuse to support this. Why would we need to listen to a leak when we can get the real deal in ONLY ONE WEEK’S time after this nonsensical leak? I know I’m just going to wait for May 15th.

  46. vh1suxballz says:

    This is effin’ wrong. Green Day and their fans are being robbed.

  47. Fink says:

    @GreenDays -
    I agree to a certain point with your comment. I think that having it a week before relese date will take the shine of the new album. There are also many Audio Grabbing programs on the internet, so even though you are calling it “The Leak” for promotional purposes, you are indirectly leaking the entire album onto the internet.
    However, i think that in a sense of some people who A.can’t afford the album and B.are desperate to hear the album, this is a good way to preview the tracks and to decide whether or not they actually want to buy an album that if they wouldn’t have heard online, might have been disapointed in.
    I feel as though both points are valid on this, as this is both very good and also very bad.
    I just hope that the album was worth the wait, that’s all.

  48. Lizzie says:

    Playing the CD a week before it’s officially released? I don’t know man…I think you piss a lotta people off that way. I mean jeez, we’ve waited 5 years, a week isn’t gonna kill us. But if you release the album before it’s supposed to be released, then the same can’t be said about you – some people will commence operation VH1-Must-Die. Personally, I am so geeeeeed for May 15th! :)

  49. Sean says:

    Is it going to be US only or it is going to be available for UK and Ireland too

  50. Jess says:

    theres my social life gone for half a month….lol
    cannot wait :D

  51. lscan says:

    Lizze is right! A weak is not as bad as 3 years of hope and waiting!!! Come on people!!!! This is an example of how stupid our generation is!!!! This is gonna piss all the GREEN DAY fans out there!!! I am GREEN DAY’s #1 fan IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Khalee (mrs tre cool ;] ) says:

    im pumpedddddddd.! ive waited 5 years.!
    the sooner the better.
    im all over this.<3

  53. daniel says:

    Hey Iscan IM the #1 green day fan im a member of all green day fan clubs!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Sodapop says:

    Hmmm. whats the big deal? I for one don’t mind hearing it. It was green days decision to let them play it a week early. I’m still gonna buy the album when it comes out. and my opinion, We’ve waited years for the new album right. Was it for the album, or the music.
    Well here’s the chance to hear that music. After all Music Is what makes green day and the fans.

  55. Katelyn says:

    I can’t WAIT!

  56. Cashton says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with it. I just heard a song on a video sharing site and the feeling that came was close to what I felt while Jesus of Suburbia was playing live in concert! I not only want the album to be in my hands at 12:01 am on may 15th but this early release will make it to where I can actually sing along in my car as soon as it’s in my hands! I don’t care what the other songs sound like it’s GreenDay and I have never been let down by them.

  57. kyle says:

    no man im the number one GREEN DAY fan cuz i have all 3 of the les paul juniors billie uses..

  58. Jess ***Horseshoes & Handgranades*** says:

    I luv Greenday, but since we have waited 5 hard long boring years, i think the countdown should be 4 the official released date- 15th May woot woot !! Will Green Day be touring Australia ??? im on there sites every day .. waiting 4 new tour dates to be released !!!! I cant wait !!!!!!!

  59. Brandon says:

    i think this is a really good idea
    i know we have waited along time for this but what they are doing will make alot of people hear their music an then they will want to buy the album
    for me im buying the album no matter what.

    it will be the best album they have put out
    “know your enemy” was a really good video and single
    made me want the album to come out sooner

  60. Tony says:

    I have all the new CDs i downloaded them today, and the B-side sounds GREAT!! and ‘reatlees heart syndrome” WOW what a powerful song…

  61. Riley says:

    GREENDAY IS SO FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! HEY everyone who lives in Tennessee GREENDAY is coming in Nashville on July 31st ………. on a friday.But listining to the cd BEFORE it comes out?is that illeagal yes or no. NO im the #1 greenday fan

  62. tina says:

    im a huge green day fan and have been waiting forever for there cd to come out. and now its finally happening. i cant wait to get there cd. i wont have a problem with hearing the cd before it comes out. i think thats a really cool thing for them to do. i love green day and always will.

  63. DAVO says:


  64. John says:

    I heard Green Day’s new CD on 4/14/09 when they played at The Fox Theatre. It was AWESOME!!! cant wait for it to come out.


    5 years what will 1 week do. I’ll tell you what it will do, if it’s crap (seriously doubt it 0.01% chance) we will kno and then we don’t have to get it.

    Going to the 02 Arena in London on 24th October to see the dudes. It will be wicked. I’m only twelve and I hav all the albums

  66. Ele Nix says:

    Que chilo si tambien sale para méxico x’D
    ojala y si… si no buuuh, ya vere mañana si si o no LOL

  67. Shannon says:

    Yeah, and theres all this commercial stuff in our way anyway, so only like vh1 people are gonna want to watch it. And plus, it’s the 8th! And it’s not here!

  68. qued says:

    its May 8th when can i listen to green days new album

  69. tony says:

    i have a perfect rip of the cd with the b-side anyone want a copy?

  70. Tenee Davis says:

    I #(&(!~!$##^^!)$! ing love you Green Day. <3 I love you three guys more than anything in this world. And your new album rocks! I was the first one in the store today to get it! :D You guys ARE my life.

    -Tenee Davis

  71. summer says:


  72. Tina Marshall says:

    Hiya Green Day fans!!!! Am urgently looking to SWAP 11th Dec tickets for the 12th dec Green Day tickets…Both at sydney both to be GA Floor tickets if anybody willing or can help me out pls contact me at

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