Touch My Backstage Pass…And Take A Shot Out Of It: Behind The Scenes At The Rock Of Love Bus Reunion



At this point, I’ve been to more VH1 reunion show tapings than I can readily count (although, maybe that has something to do with the legal stuff I’ve been taking). One thing that I can say with ease that I’ve never had more fun on set than I did a week and a half ago at the Rock of Love Bus reunion. Despite it being the third time around for this show, it was a genuinely exciting experience. I think the best way to explain it was that I had a party connection with this particular event, and without so much as a sip of alcohol. There isn’t a hell of a lot of drinking backstage of the reunions these days, anyway, and so this was like O’Douls’ answer to a kegger.

It was a rager of communication, and I chalk that up to the brilliant casting of this season. You know you’re as close to a natural habitat as possible when you wonder, “How is it that it took you this long to make it to reality TV?” after virtually every other conversation. Over the course of my day, Lady Tribe confused me with three different people, Brittaney Starr told me she wanted to hit one of the girls in the face, Brittanya made me define “philosophy,” Farrah schooled me on the dilemma of having “big t**s” after losing weight (“It doesn’t look like you lost weight because your t**s are still the same size”) and so much more! I’ve called things “insanely awesome” before, but this time I really, really mean it.


Almost as soon as I arrived, I conducted my interview with Mindy, so there isn’t too much about our exchange that I haven’t already shared. She was nice, that’s for sure. She didn’t seem to take anything to heart (not even the salsa!). I thought that was big of her. Mark Cronin, one of the Mindless geniuses responsible for this fine …Of Love universe, stopped by Mindy’s room while I was there, so I snatched the picture of them posted above. “That can’t appear anywhere,” he said while laughing. “Oh yeah, I’ll keep for my private collection,” I chortled back. I was kidding; I hope he was, too.


Beverly on seeing Bret: “Meh.”


Some might wince if their calling card were branded as Patrón and Doritos. Marcia embraces it. (In fact, it was her idea to pose with the Dorito…initially, I only saw the Patrón she obviously travels with, and asked for a picture with just that.) Kinda crazy that one of the series’ most defining characters lasted only four episodes. Marcia mused on this: “Why did Bret eliminate me? I guess ’cause I tried to pull his hair off.” Ya think?


Gia, resplendent in new ink, pronounced Taya’s name like “Tie-Uh.” That’s how much she doesn’t care about her.

In the hair/makeup room, I found the Blondourage (that spelling, by the way, is per Farrah’s T-shirt, so blame her) and honorary member, Brittanya. I asked Ashley if I could take a picture of her getting made up but she wouldn’t let me since her lack of bangs exposed a “big forehead going on.” “I look like a Monsters vs Aliens right now,” is how she put it. “And in 3-D!” I enthused. “Thanks for adding that part!” she concluded.


I walked with Brittanya to her dressing room, so we could talk a little more intimately. On the way, she complained about her hair. When we got to her room, I told her that it was a status symbol that she had one all to herself. She responded, “I hate being alone!” At least she stays grounded! This blog never ran an interview with Brittanya, since she stopped responding to my emails attempting to set one up. I hold no resentment (surely, not talking to someone who doesn’t want to talk is better than talking to them), but I asked her about it and she told me, “There’s so many f***ing haters on there that I didn’t even want to do an interview for them.” OK, fair enough. I wasn’t going to start interrogating her then and there, but I did manage to get some general questions in beyond, “How do you feel to be here?” (that’s generally what I ask after saying, “How are you?” as a matter of course at these things).


Once she started talking, though, I realized just how unfortunate my missed opportunity was. The one shred of insight I found in Diablo Cody’s ode to Rock of Love in a March issue of Entertainment Weekly, was her description of Brittanya as “a woman who pierced her dimples as if violently rejecting her own undeniable cuteness.” I tried to convey this to Brittanya, but I think my recreation was too convoluted, so I threw her off. Simplifying, I asked, “Was there any particular philosophy behind your piercings?” “I don’t even understand what ‘philosophy’ means.” I explained it to her as best I could and from that she elaborated with: “People are always copying me around my city, where I’m always trying to do something that they don’t have the balls to do. They’re not gonna copy [the cheek piercings]. It’s just something like you’re gonna look and then they’re gonna make you want to look again. So, mainly to grab attention, ’cause I like attention.”

So that’s Brittanya on that. Here’s Brittanya on a few other things:

Brittanya on being characterized as quiet: “There’s always good and bad things about every single thing you know? It kinda sucked because I didn’t talk at all, like, you know? But then again it was good because it left people wanting to know more about me. Now everyone’s just dying to see me. It’s crazy how many people, like, like me and, like, want to talk to me so bad because they’re trying to figure me out because they don’t know what to think. So, it’s bad and it’s good.”

Brittanya on spitting and throwing a punch at Heather: “In a way, I regret even doing it. I wish I would have just went all the way and did it, instead of stopping, or not have done it at all. So my regret would be not actually hitting her or just starting it. Like, you know? But whatever, I didn’t really care.”

Brittanya on Bret: “I actually did like him. I’m not an actress, so my crying wasn’t fake. I do think he’s hot. Seeing him now, a lot of time’s gone by, you know whatever. I don’t care now. But he’ll be nice to look at.”

Brittanya on being at the reunion: “I don’t think anything about it. I’m just pissed ’cause I want to look hot! That girl f***ed up my hair!”

Look, when she’s on, she’s on, OK?

Next up were Kami and Maria, who shared a dressing room.


I pointed out that it was funny they were grouped together since neither was technically eliminated and both left on somewhat mysterious circumstances. Kami, who seemed to have left after watching Ashley do…something with Bret, clarified the terms of her departure: “There was a lot that led up to me wanting to leave. I was told I’d be able to talk to my kid everyday, and it was a big deal to me to not be able to use the phone. My daughter’s only three-years-old. She needs to hear my voice. The Ashley thing was the icing on the cake. It wasn’t the reason I wanted to leave. I was like, you know…no. This isn’t for me. He’s not for me.”

Maria wasn’t so conclusive. In fact she told me up front, “I’m here to get my man.” You’ll remember that Maria left the show after falling prey to an unspecified condition that left her hospitalized. It turns out that a literal matter of the heart is what made her forgo the chance at a figurative one. Maria said that she has a seizures as a result of a heart condition, and that’s what happened during an off-day. She elaborated: “I lost feeling in my left leg for days and they were doing shock treatment. They thought that through the seizure I had a stroke. I was like, ‘I can’t feel my leg, but I still want to go on.’” That sense of devotion followed her there today, as I saw much later. This sort of thing isn’t your typical Rock of Love-brand spectacle, but it is amazing all the same.


And then there were Sam and Jenny. Sam provided a situation that is increasingly common in my dealings with people that I write about: the announcement that she has, in fact, read me. She immediately referenced my description of a pose that she struck as recalling a “sophisticated Kimmy Gibbler” in my recap of the premiere. The girl has a memory! She has a sense of humor on top of that, as she followed the recollection up with, “It was so true!” These situations can be uncomfortable, because try as I might to keep my humor observational and stay away from really digging at innate characteristics, human emotions are unpredictable. Who knows how thick sensitivity runs? That is especially when you’re dealing with people whose temp job requires them to offer themselves up to the public for approval. I admire someone who can take the jokes for what they are, or at least, appreciate being written about to the extent of not being fazed by jabs.

Besides, it’s not like Sam was around that long to provide soooo much material (though I did particularly enjoy her on the show). “I didn’t see it coming,” said Sam on her elimination. “We made out so much, but they didn’t even show me kissing him once. I got to leave with my dignity, though. I’m glad now.”

Jenny, who left after two episodes (albeit, two episodes in the middle of the season) also expressed relief over her short stay. The responsible ones only get their feet wet. It’s just like my imaginary grandmother always said!


“It was an experience. It was short,” said Heather, providing about as many words to me as she did to the cameras on her first and only episode.

And then, there was Brittaney Starr…


This is the fourth photo she made me take of her. The first three were taken without flash, as my digital camera as only an auto-flash option and if it reads that there is too much light (as there is in these highly fluorescent dressing rooms), it will not go off under any circumstances. Brittaney, being one of several girls who requested photo approval (a courtesy I’m happy to provide — I know the Internet is a mean place), was not happy with her flash-less shots. She’s so light that I think she felt that she looked washed-out. The only way I could achieve the desired effect was to turn the lights out and then snap the picture as I did above. Because if there’s one thing Brittaney Star is invested in, it’s accuracy.


Note that I do not have proof that she made those corrections, but come on, who else would?

Brittaney told me that she was “nervous-excited,” and got all kinds of cathartic on me: “This time, because I’m not worried about trying to stay on a television show, if somebody steps up to me, I will knock a bitch out. If she steps to me, I will hit her. I’m not going to take s*** from anyone anymore. F*** that. It’s on. I’ll box a bitch. I wanna hit Farrah in the face right now, that bitch, and I wanna f***ing kill Beverly. Not literally kill her and put her in the grave, but, like you know, I wanna beat her down till she’s knocked out and bloody in the ring with real boxing gloves on. The right way.” I felt like I had momentarily wandered into a changing room backstage at a G.L.O.W. match…and I liked it!

Anyway, Brittaney implied that her anger came from feeling ostracized. She compared herself to a “poor, little picked-on kid” and this entire ordeal as an “elementary school situation.” I’d be hard-pressed to come up with a counter-argument.


Those shoes belong to Nikki aka DJ Lady Tribe. I think it’s important that you understand her foundation before I let you know about her.


Most of the time when I meet these girls in person, one of the first things I say is, “We talked on the phone,” in reference to our post-show interview. When I said that to Nikki, here’s the dialogue that ensued:

Tribe: Oh I remember you from the show!
Me: From the show?
Tribe: Oh, today?
Me: No.
Tribe: On the email.

Uh, what? I finally explained to her in detail that I interviewed her on the phone about her time on the show. She recalled “talking [her] butt away.”


I told her I prefer interview subjects who talk a lot to those who don’t, lest my job feel like pulling teeth. She apparently found this dental imagery hilarious.

“I went to rehab, and I got myself better,” she told me. “I just got out five days ago. That’s why I’m so hyper, because I was on [legal medication] for a year. I was all ehhhhh, falling over Taya. Did you see that?” Yeah, I made a gif of it, I told her. Two, actually. “Oh yeah, I saw that. It was cool…” she said trailing off and looking away with enough despondency to make things feel all of a sudden awkward.

Lady Tribe’s hair reminded me of a doll’s. I snapped a picture of it and let her know it was really something.


“Do you think it’s too much?” she asked me. The resulting realization that DJ Lady Tribe is familiar with the concept of restraint (however vaguely) left me speechless.

Then, I spent a lot of time with Farrah and Ashley. So much that I’m devoting a separate post to my observations. You can read about their antics in this post: Hanging With the Blondourage. Here is a preview:


I kinda just observed them and their interactions with each other and the other girls…




I can attest to the fact that they are as amusing in person as they are on TV. Ashley likes to say that she didn’t play anything up for the camera, that she merely existed and what you saw on TV is what you get, period. After spending some face time (to quote fake Peyton), I can attest to that.

Oh, and Farrah was the most invested in photo approval. She told me in her joking-but-it’s-still-probably-best-not-to-tempt-fate manner, “I’m gonna kick your ass if you put any ugly pictures of me on there.” “You’re checking all the pictures!” I yelled back. I love that Farrah parties hard, lives hard, rocks hard and, on top of it all, photo-approves hard. It’s just simple consistency, people.


You know, I reviewed my recording and the weird thing is that Jamie and I talked nothing about the show or the reunion or whatever. We chit-chatted about our flights and stuff. Part of the reason has to be that I had just interviewed her days before. We also both live in New York. And I don’t know, most of these girls have a special place in my heart just as a matter of fact, but there’s something about Jamie that made me feel bonded to her in an ineffable way. Maybe it’s just because she seems as normal as they come. Maybe it’s because she’s always reminded me slightly of Tina Yothers, so there’s this circuit-crossed sense of me having grown up watching her. Points to ponder.


Regardless, her new weave makes for a total upgrade, y/y?

After this, I kinda wandered around craft services. There were a few girls that I regrettably did not get to talk to (Natasha, Constandina) because they weren’t available when I was. Sucks, but at least there’s some mystique as yet preserved. I like to think that the third-eye having Constandina would want it that way.

Outside, I ran into Big John.


He told me this third season on the road was his favorite: “I was in this season a little more because of my influence and job responsibilities on the road. It gave people an idea of what I do from day to day. As opposed to just being a goon, people see that I do have a job.” He suggested that he’d like for people to see more of it, as well. When I asked about whether he’d step up to the plate and head his own …Of Love show given the chance, he told me, “I’d do it in a heartbeat. I’d want more normal girls, but I know having the drama out there is good for TV. Not to sound cocky, but I do have a following and I’d love to give them just a taste of what we already have given them in the past three seasons. If Daisy and Megan and I can do it, I don’t know why I can’t.”

His final thoughts on the girls went something like: “I wanna hope they’re not here just to up their stripper antes. But I wish them all the success in the world.” That’s Big John for you: ever the sensitive diplomat.

While eating lunch in a room reminiscent of a teacher’s lounge in a public school, I saw a top-heavy whisp of a woman wearing giant black wrap-around shades bounce past the doorway. This woman, I would come to find, was Taya.


I didn’t realize that she was as short as she is. At 6’1, I found myself about a head and neck taller than her, and she was wearing heels. She explained to me that she has long legs for a short girl. Good to know!

But it wasn’t just in the area of aesthetics that Taya surprised me: I came to find that she is a sweet, savvy person. I understand why she chafes people (hell, she understands why her televised persona chafes people — “There were times that I knew that if I didn’t know me, I wouldn’t be on Team Taya,” she told me), and I’m not sure I’d ever want to compete with her for anything, because confidence and cockiness and fodder for infuriation have dubious boundaries. But you know, she’s kind. She gives compliments to people that would never do the same (she called Ashley and Farrah personalities “addictive”) and she even made multiple references to having read stuff that I wrote about her that wasn’t always flattering, but being able to laugh at herself ultimately.

And look: that’s the right thing to say. The higher ground rarely is less than a clear path. However, given all the disrespect Taya has withstood, even if she’s going through the motions and just saying the right thing, it still takes a lot to suppress resentment or smack-talk. This is, after all, VH1, a place where wildly differing personalities converge on one common trait: a lack of tact.

Key to her endearment is Taya’s open dorkiness. Almost as soon as I met her, she told me that she talks “incessantly,” and then proceeded to do so. To me, she’s something like the Celine Dion of the burlesque feature entertainer world. She’s wacky and warm-hearted and effusive and sentimental you understand why she drives people crazy, but if you can get past that, she seems pretty amazing.


“I told him put an extra stitch in this thing, in case some girl tries to rip my clothes off! I need these babies to stay put. People have seen enough of them!” she told me, explaining her tailoring philosophy. This shot was taken a while after the one above: after I said hi to Taya, she had to run off to be interviewed by Extra, and it wasn’t until the girls were on stage that I got to really sit down with her.

Taya’s call time was later than the other girls. This made sense, as she wasn’t required to be on stage until the final act (as you probably know, the rock of love never sits amongst the dust…of love). But also, I think there was a safety consideration, as hinted at above and made blatantly clear by the gigantic bodyguard Taya brought with her. The dude looked like he ate linebackers as part of his Hungry Man Breakfast. Taya should be happy to be aligned with him as he could easily have used her as a toothpick after his meal. You can see him lingering in the background of this shot:


Here’s what Taya said about her security: “I’ve hired him many times before. My company uses him, he’s great. He usually works with major, mainstream celebrities. I’m lucky to get him. He’s taking a break from Justin Timberlake to be here today. I’m his pity client. He just likes me, that’s why he hangs out with me. I got some news and feedback from the wonderful world wide web that there were some girls intending to maybe not be so nice to me today. It’s better to have a security guard and not need one than to not have one and wish he was there.” I cannot say I blame her. And of course, girls who got wind of this remarked openly that it was just another way of Taya asserting her supposed superiority. I’m sure she considered it might have that effect, and I’d be willing to be that it pleased her. Sometimes the best offense is passive aggression.


And then the girls lined up and took the stage for the five-hour reunion shoot. You can see a lot of shots of them on stage here. I’ve taken enough of your time, so I just have a few additional observations from the taping:


- During Jamie’s intro taping, she did what Taya would call “rock hand.” The note she got back was, “Jamie, don’t do that. Just wave.” Uh, what show is this again? Because I coulda swore it was Rock Hand of Love.

- Farrah, too, got a note back from the first intro she taped: “Farrah, if you could, please don’t handle your breasts.” Her response?


“Sorry. It’s a natural reaction.”

- The Marica/Gia/Nikki segment (Drinking Thinking?) included discourse about the shot. Gia informed the audience that people dubbed her their hero as a result. “I think it’s awesome that they think it’s awesome,” she said. Yep, that sounds about right.

- The Natasha/Kelsey altercation was fast and brutal. It was definitely cleaned up for TV via the cut-away shot, but the entire ordeal didn’t last much longer in real time.

- Brittanya’s unaired segment included a discussion on her intelligence. She conceded, “I can’t spell that good. Whatever.” Ashley called out from her post, “Who cares if she’s smart? She’s hot as f***!” Bret agreed: “Intelligence is nice if it’s important to what you’re doing in life.” I’d call this wise, but I wonder if wisdom is important to what Bret is doing in life.

- When it was time for the Blondourage segment, security was brought up:


Like, a lot of security. Ashley found this hilarious because, duh, it is. She had sworn up and down that she didn’t intend on getting physical with anyone (at least, not in the negative way) and neither she nor Farrah even came close.

- Beverly took part in yet another unaired segment, in which her ex who never showed up during the regular season, took the stage. He was nebbish but attractive, and waaaaaay too normal and softspoken for reality TV. It’s no surprise that he ended up on the cutting-room floor.

- When Taya came out, Ashley and Farrah turned their chairs in silent protest. Brilliant restraint! Seriously! Things were just slightly less dignified in real time as Ashley yelled, “Take your eyebrows back to McDonalds!” as Taya was taking the stage. Still, restraint is a relative concept.

- As Riki was wrapping up the Taya act, and thus the show, Maria started calling out and crying, explaining that she never got a chance to say her peace. In between Riki’s iterations of, “They’re telling me I have to wrap up,” Maria explained that she felt like she would have gone all the way to the end, were it not for her condition. You can see part of this in the extras. But what you won’t see is Maria quietly weeping on a stool for a long time after the girls had cleared out and Bret had shaken hands and posed for pictures with much of the reunion’s audience. Her sadness seemed too…real. I thought it would be disrespectful to photograph it, as well as Bret’s resulting comforting. He talked to her for at least 15 minutes. I saw them start and then I went off, talking to some producers and talent and whatever. When I happened to walk back by the stage, I saw Bret writing on Maria’s body with a marker. I don’t know what. I don’t know why.

- A few post-taping shots:


I thought it was cute that Kami and Ashley seemed to have a cordial conversation. In retrospect, I wonder if the brown lip gloss Kami rocked at the reunion was an act of defiance. I could see Ashley admiring something like that.



There is absolutely no limit to what these two possibly could be talking about. In the second shot, it looks like Lady Tribe is running an idea past Gia. I wonder if it involves getting her test tubes tied.

- Since Brittaney’s act was preempted by Natasha hitting Kelsey and Kelsey hitting the floor, I offered to share in this space what she didn’t get to on air: what she says is proof that she does have a black grandfather (remember that claim?):




I am legitimately thrilled to be of service.

After the stage cleared and talent had moved out, I hung around the studio waiting to speak with Bret for our interview. I waited outside of his trailer for a while, since he was in there with none other than Taya. When they finally came out, I asked for a picture and they decided to pose next to (Bret’s?) Bentley. Again: I’m thrilled to be of service.



And, like I said, no one was around at this point, and I highly doubt that they were meeting so that it could make an anecdote on the VH1 Blog. For all intents and purposes, it seemed that Bret and Taya were open to talking, maybe figuring out their next steps. At least for a little while after the cameras stopped rolling, they all lived happily ever after.


[Special thanks to Michelle Llorens, who never fails to hook me up entirely.]

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  1. ChicagoJoe says:

    The reunion show, like the season seemed to be awkwardly pieced together. First of all, why was so much time given to Gia and DJ nasty #%!@)%*~$#%`~%$ when they were around for 1 show? One can only #%!@)%*~$#%`~%$ ume the Brittanya and Beverly interviews were too boring; shame on the producers and Riki Rachtman then. Those were two people that should have been seeen they were on the show for so long. Where was the Jaime interview?

    Kelsey deserved to get her #%!@)%*~$#%`~%$ kicked as she just said what she did to get approval from the two blonde bimbo’s. How’s if feel to get your #%!@)%*~$#%`~%$ kicked in front of millions Kelsey? Good going Natasha, you slapped the taste out of her mouth. As for Ashely and Farrah, how immature can you be? Let’s turn our chairs around in silent protest. Why not just walk out? You two aren’t all that, the producers could go to any strip club in America and find two blonde bimbo’s who like to drink and think way too highly of themseleves. They don’t like Taya because they know she’s better than they are in every aspect in life so they have to try to tear her down. Go pump some more air into those balls Farrah, what a joke. Never a more happy day in my viewing when both of their stupid #%!@)%*~$#%`~%$ es went home to their scrungey boyfriends. And Beverly, you were a favorite but your demeanor late in the series and then to watch you at the reunion as well as read your post interview shows you’re not much better than the two blonde bimbo’s.

    Overall I thought this season was pretty badly edited, worst of the three and the reunion show just capped that off. One thing this did do was make me more of a fan of Bret as a person where I thought he and his band were more on the fruity side of rock in the 80′s, I have more respect for him after watching these seasons. Time to move on for Bret and for the rest of us.

  2. Rachell says:


    Is DJ Lady Tribe mentally *@~*&~+$__(+$^*@!) ed? How many “legal” drugs is she on? She looks like an opiate addict and it’s pretty sad to see.

    I really wish I could have seen the whole show and not just the sanitized version, I felt like there was quite a bit left out. All in all, these girls acted far more civilized than I would have imagined. It’s too bad that Brittanya is a moron. Intelligence is very important and she’ll probably wish she had more of it when she becomes older, fatter, and dried up.

  3. Lori says:

    OH MY GOSH, What a show…. Bret I hope out of the people that read this you are 1 of them, also Mindy! 1st of all I thought this season sucked! the Girls? YUCKKKKKKKKKK where in the hell, my god I have 3 daughters, ahuh and myself that put these to shame, I never in my life seen such rudelss unclassy, ugly, nasy, no self respect and boy I could go on! bret what do people really think of you? espically the one that picked this bunch of loosers? as far as the other nasty @%(~&`@`+@+$$^@ huh DAISY? yuckkkkkk fuc*** all your band Bret? I mean where is VH1′s diginity? huh for real..
    3 strikes your out, well brett you did it again picked the wrong girl!! NOW WHAT? a show 4? OR MINDY??
    Taya is fake maybe true to herself, but my gosh never seen any1 that perfect come on! Bret ya wanna see some pretty slef respected girls? with no fake ~&`&`!)%^@!`)+* s? or fake hair? huh look me up theres a lot here in OHIO the men just dont no where to look? ginuine pretty girls, Right Here! VH1 ya all need to do a show for a mother of 4 hotter than HELL, W/No fake inplants, hell no surgery at that!

  4. ME AGAIN! says:

    WOW A WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I agree with all here, ahsley and that other nasty A** huh? Oh yea FARAH? GEEZ VH1 this was a bad bad run, I watched the 1st show of this eposide, and I new that it was goinna b a bad 1, well hello you put a nasty #)$!#`@+)_$!^__ penhouse pet on there? and then show her leaving bret’s room? uh hello? please MINDY you ROCK baby, I am a femal from OHIO, sweetie you deserve so much better than Bret Michaels, trust me honey…. wether them FUNKS were just vh1s way of getting a lil drama on you, hell we all have funk days!
    all I can say is for what it’s worth,
    THEY GO TO THE BOTTOM OF THE BARREL AND PICK WOMEN FOR THESE SHOWS! sorry girls, but yaall sucked but lil MINDY!

  5. Bruce says:

    DAMn… my name wasnt in here


  6. M- says:

    All Taya sees is the Bentley

  7. Sebastian says:

    I am so glad that Brett picked Taya. While Mindy was too busy whispering into everyones ears, especially Brett, about how “fake Taya was” or “how perfect she pretends to be” and other stupid, jealous remarks, Taya had the grace and dignity to take the high road and rise above the crap. As they always say, the cream always rises to the top. Taya is a very talented girl who can also write lyrics and sing extremely well. Before Brett made his decision, I told my spouse that Brett would be a fool to let such a talented woman go. Good luck to the lucky couple. I hope it works out.

  8. Colleen says:

    Bret made the wrong choice and I was so glad to see Ricky bring that into the show. Taya only cares about getting her face in the camera. I’m sure we will see ROL 4 unless he comes to his senses and dumps Taya for Mindy. Mindy you are so pretty and sincere, there will be lines of men out the door for you after this. Good Luck.

  9. Diamondcrusty says:

    Thanks Rich!

  10. Lady O says:

    I think yall need to lay off Taya…if she was truly a (^(&~*@#!*~#)$!~~ I believe that we would have seen it or a glimpse of it by now. I don’t think she is a money grubber, but may like nice things. I think she would also be a person to give the shirt off her back. What’s wrong with wanting something nice…as long as you are able to appreciate the not so nice things also. It seems like she has a good heart and time will tell between those two. If Brett really like the chick he can always get a prenup…whatever! Only time will tell about those two! I don’t understand why people keep saying boo hoo Mindy….maybe MINDY just wasn’t the one for him at this time….Brett is a very smart and observant MAN and if he wanted Mindy he would of kept her, irregardless of what she did or did not say..there seems to be so kind of connection with him and Taya. Taya is a cool chick. She can party with you…and get wild, but ultimately is classy and refined….very artistic and hardworking….so what she worked hard on herself as an individual and never backstabbed her “friend” Mindy, even when Mindy did some hurtful things to her….think about it….Peace!!!! Brett and Taya fit well together and if it works out…then that’s what it is meant to be! ;)

  11. loli says:

    I’m tired of the Taya haters. She is the only one with any dignity, class, or maturity. She was good at everything she tried. To hate her is to just a sign of insecurity and infantility.

    Also, while Mindy seems like an okay chick, she was way too moody and insecure to handle Bret’s lifestyle. Taya is a bit more savvy and one the ball.

  12. terrigirl says:

    just when i thought Ashley could not look any nastier she goes and proves me wrong!! can you say white trash?? and ugly at that!! Hello was it me or did Mindy look like fatal attraction last night! there is a reason why she has never had a long term relationship!! BRETT U PICKED THE RIGHT ONE… SHE HAS CLASS AND IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Sonny_Amou says:

    Great recap. The last two photos of Bret/Taya may be unintentionally more revealing though. She looks like she’s posing for another photo op, and he looks like he’s kinda, eh. Miss Mindy yet, boyo?

  14. Jenny says:

    Bentley’s are peices of *$~+_^%_~!%@^~^& I would rather drive a Ford with some of my dignity left. What a joke.

  15. Jenny says:

    Bentley’s are pieces of s**t! They are big d**k syndrome cars. I would rather drive a Ford with some of my dignity left. What a bunch of horse s**t.

  16. Niki says:

    Taya is for sure fake. She couldn’t even cry right. She said she wasn’t promoting penthouse? Then how comes everytime she was talking she had that stupid penthouse tank top on? This was all fixed. Right fromt he start. Mindy is such a sweety. She is so real. That’s hard to find in people these days. Brett is still living in the 80′s, he wants the skanky chicks to make himself look cool. Who else would he get, he has a skullet and tries to cover it up with his stupid bandana.LOL. Time to grow up Brett. I started gaining respect for you in the beginning, but after you picked that thing, I don’t have any for you now. Good luck Mindy, you are the star!!!!!

  17. mollination says:

    1.) At first I didn’t like taya, and I’m still not fond of her, but she is probably perfect for bret. She’s just enough 80′s-chick for him.

    2.)JAMIE LOOKS HOT!!!!

  18. Kim says:

    Can someone tell me what Kelsey said? I couldn’t understand a bit of it.

  19. Topanga says:

    Gah, I swear, where did you find these women? At some strip club three stops past some popular Iowa truck stop? They’re hideous and fat and look horrid without makeup (Teya and Mindy and a few others being obvious exceptions).

  20. lesey says:

    of course brett needs a bottle of liquor….he finally realizes he picked the wrong girl….

  21. Fosil says:

    Who the F is this chick?

  22. Carly says:

    RICH! I had no idea you wrote this stuff….i LOVE you on pot psychology! jezebels <3 rock of love…

  23. Leah says:

    I like Taya, she and Breat look good together but Bret is womanizer and will be on the prowl soon.

    Mindy is a whiner and can’t imagine anyone wanting a longterm relationship with her. She takes no responsibilty and requires to much attention/ validation, wrose than a toddler.

  24. Bryan says:

    This girls is `@&+~%~@((^_*+@@ ing hot

  25. nichole lewis says:

    wow!!!!!!!!!! bloNdies u r the sexy most funnest ppl on that damn show and yeah… goffer.and the 1989prom quieen ppls r hella gay and u bret u sure #%))&!_++@@_%#%& ed up big time i am very sad if theres another ”rock of love” i am soooo not watching it [AGAIN]

  26. likestoblog says:

    I am so glad this season is over. Most of the time, Bret looked like he was just calling in his time. Mindy at the reunion looked like a stalker in some of her shots, and Taya was her usually self absorbed self.

  27. cantstandtaya says:

    Taya is a liar and a tramp with NOT GOOD MOTIVES. SHE SUCKS and needs to get her butt kicked. Mindy was the best choice for Bret and this show BLEW. Im sorry Bret but Taya got one over on you. She is FAKE and a phony. BRET YOU LOST YET AGAIN. Bret will end up with Mindy now that he saw her break down and cry!!!… FN LOSER TAYA

  28. Dani says:

    The reunion wasn’t as good as I thought. The ending just sounded like it isn’t the end.

    btw, was it just me or does Jamie look like Destiney from ROL2?

  29. blondeberg says:

    I agree with Chicago Joe totally and dude are you like the ray j chicago joe? lol

  30. Christie says:

    I don’t understand why Brittaney wanted to kick Beverley’s &*_~%*^#!*~^%@` What did Beverley ever do to her?

  31. Drew says:

    Maria + Bret= <3

  32. Q says:

    Jamie’s hair looks banging! For more information on her stylists in NYC, check out

    Stylewise for the show, Taya and Jamie kept it classy the entire time. Many people knocked Jamie for her headband, but that style is definitely up coming in hollywood as we can see with many socialites.. Jamie’s a trend setter, not stylesheep. I loved Taya’s gowns, however a bit to classy for a rock-themed show. With the exception of the final 5, I have to say that the rest of the girls need much needed fashion help. Ashley wore a nice dress for the reunion, glad to see her cover it up! DJ Lady Tribe.. you need to see us about your extensions! Samantha, you can definitely use some to liven up your look!

  33. VICKY WHITE says:


  34. Deb says:

    Wow, certainly are a lot of “cupids” out here who seem to know what is best for everyone else… Bret picked the gal that was best for him (and I happened to agree with him). Period, end of story. I thought Taya handled herself with class and grace, she certainly could have thrown a lot of digs at the others, but chose not to, kudos to you Taya !!! With respect to Mindy, I am sorry that your heart was broken, but remember the lessons that you “should” have learned, and take them with you throughout life. It really doesn’t paint a pretty picture when you gossip/tell secrets/talk behind the back of someone who is suppose to be your friend. Doesn’t say much for character. And finally Mindy, learn to speak your mind and heart – honestly, maybe you’ll find that “prince charming” that you are seeking. In the beginning, I was a Taya and Beverly fan, however in the last 5 or so shows, I really started not liking Beverly. And then in the reunion, she once again had to open that mouth and show her immaturity talking about Taya’s occupation. It so sounded like sour grapes and so sophmoric. Hey Beverly, perhaps Taya does what she has to do to take care of the child that she has “custody” of…….. nuff said. With respect to the “blondourage” – which is worse, embarrassing yourself on national tv, or not even realizing that you are embarrassing yourself on national tv……..definitely not something that I will waste anytime thinking about, again…..nuff said. So another season is over (have to admit, it’s the only one that I watch) and we’ll see if Bret is a man of his word, and won’t do this again, I guess only time will tell, but if Bret and Taya are meant for each other, I wish them the best of luck.

  35. Lisa Wykert says:

    I think Bret did pick the right woman, and I think it was and is rude of people to state that he didn’t. He knows his own heart, and it is disrespectful for people to tell him his heart is wrong. I could not believe Ricky’s comments. I know he is a Mindy fan, but to tell someone they should be with her because He likes her was disappointing. I really likes Taya on the show and understood her humor. She was the only one that showed any maturity on the show, and she also was fun loving. I also saw her as a woman and not a freak like a lot of the woman, and that she could handle the lifestyle Bret leads. I am glad he chose her.
    I need to add that Mindy, on the reunion show demonstrated that she clearly lacks the stuff to handle Bret Michaels. She came off like a obessed groupie

  36. haterz says:

    I thought it was sooooo rude and for the HOST of the show to bash Taya…honestly if your gonna be a host be impartial…keep your rude opinion to yourself…Bret always chose the everyone thought was the “right choice” past seasons and obviously those girls didn’t work out…so maybe because no one wanted him to choose taya it will have a future!!! I thought it was ridiculous mindys pathetic arguement was that Taya was too perfect?? So girls who are beautiful, kind hearted, mature, diplomatic and talented are not allowed to find love because then their perfectness is percieved as fake??? that’s the dumbest thing ive ever heard…I’m glad bret chose Taya why would he settle for less???? Mindy is bitter, childish, wants pity and its not cute….ur not cute Mindy…Grow a backbone, don’t beg for man’s heart on national television after he already chose a woman better suited for him, and be a woman….

  37. daveedt says:

    Why did Taya and Bret have to be separated for six months. And why is everyone hating on Taya?
    Mindy had issues of her own. All she could talk about is Taya’s “perfection”….That would get old quick.
    Mindy had her chance, but she nutted up, at the final dinner with Bret. I think Taya not sleeping with Bret, only made Bret respect her more…
    Just my opinion

  38. NTF says:

    Good grief! DJ Lady Tribe looks like the March Hare on crack! And I can’t believe I even remember the name of that skank. Eugh!

  39. ced says:

    i wanna marry britanya

  40. crystal says:

    you should have picked Mindy. You look so good together and have a spark that you and Taya don’t.

    Crystal from milwaukee

  41. NTF says:

    Man, Bert looks wasted in those last two pictures with Taya. Eugh!

  42. Brandy says:

    I loved watching the show…..even though I couldve done w/out the “Blonderage” ICK!! Ashley has a major “stuck-on-herself” complex and Farrah was her clingon. I really liked Beverly, she was down to Earth and had that rock-heart, not to mention that she has 3 kids of her own and Bret needs someone who can relate. (Yes, I know Taya has a son)I think towards the end she was just fed up with all the BS and just wanted out……Brittanya was just scary, not someone you could literally see by Bret’s side. Jamie shouldnt have been eliminated just for telling Bret the truth about not wanting to get “tied down” right away, afterall, isnt that what he’s doing w/Taya? Taking time to get to know each other better???
    ….I dont know where they found these girls and how, but I dont think they did any serious research on the girls, or maybe that was the point to get more ratings? Some of them were just plain SLEAZE (Nikki, Gia, Brittany) HOWEVER, some were actually worth the time(MINDY, Beverly,Jamie,Maria,Kami and Jenny)Wonder how it would have turned out if Jenny and Maria didnt have to leave the show??
    Some girls didnt get enough alone time w/Bret(at least of what we saw)I think when Jamie,Jenny and Kami came mid-season, 3 other girls should have been eliminated the same night! Giving the girls that were there for Bret(not just to party & be on TV)time for Bret to get to know them….but I guess VH1 thougt that would be boring…..
    I guess in the end, it came down to the 2 girls that won Bret’s heart. It WAS his decision to make, its his life and he has to deal w/the consequences! But, I honestly think Bret made a bad decision picking Taya. he should have went w/that 1% gut feeling he had. Its not that I dont like Taya, but she is “too good to be true”. Her imperfections will eventually come out….NO ONE is that perfect.
    MINDY!!!! You had my vote for a long time! You are beautiful, intelligent, honest, and I could keep going. So what that you had “funks”. What female on this planet doesnt?? And especially what the public doesnt understand, how much stress you were under trying to win the heart of the man you were/are in love with! It wouldnt be easy seeing him kissing and doing whatever else with, especially some of those skanks!
    I honestly thought on the reunion show(I felt soooo bad for u btw)because of some remarks that were made, Bret was going to say he and Taya didnt work out, and he was going to ask u for a chance! That would have been very cool:))
    Well Mindy, I wish u the best of luck:)) I know u are in love w/Bret, but he broke ur heart. You are too good of a person to sit around and wait for “what if”. I’m sure exposure from the show will have many men knocking on your door, and hopefully one of them will be “the one”. You deserve it:))
    One last thing, if VH1 does a “Big John of Love” I’m there! I met him in person and he is such a sweetie! He said he has “followers”, I would be one of those mentioned LOL!
    ~~~Brandy from Maryland~~~

  43. KAT says:


  44. misty says:

    bret should of picked mindy

  45. wildflower0051 says:

    in the commercial it looked like Brittanya had butt implants in that blue dress she had on.

  46. Ivy says:

    Wow, the man is obviously half in the bag in those final pics with Taya.

  47. Rick says:

    I’ll never listen to another song of yours again for what you did to Mindy. She’s real you jerk

  48. Jalynne says:

    Well for 1 I agree he chose the wrong girl she thinks she is better the others she is not had more class but not better Now as for Mindy she would of truely loved Bret while Taya is out for her career. She made that clear because everytime she was interviewed she said penthouse at least once and wore the penthouse t-shirt in a couple interviews and lets face it what man wouldn’t want to say he is dating a penthouse pet of the year. You go Taya Mindy if you just wait a month you caould have bret back cause hell Taya didn’t even know if she wanted to be with him they had to work it out as for her having to deal with it on her own she is a idiot what she have to deal with the fact she had a boyfriend well Taya now that the spotlights over give him back to Mindy Hell there was more passion in their kiss than we have seen from you all season Bret yoour idiot a good looking one but a idiot open your eyes not your zipper

  49. Dave says:

    I watched this show from the start and knew that Mindy was the one. Brett you let this one get away, but I know you’ll change your mind after seeing the light and go get Mindy back!!!

  50. Shannon S. says:

    It’s obvious that things won’t last with Taya, so here’s my advice for a fourth and final season: stop bringing in new girls and have an All Star event with the best girls from the 3 seasons who were GENUINELY interested in Bret. I’m thinking Heather and Samantha from season 1; Inna, Daisy and Destiney from season 2 (I think it’s safe to $`~$!*)`~))~`_~ ume Daisy won’t find her “Daisy of Love” and would agree); and then Marcia (or whatever the heart failure girl’s name was), Mindy, and maybe Beverly or Kami from season three. Then MAYBE add three new girls…MAYBE. There’d be less people, so you could only eliminate someone every 2-3 weeks (fine with me), and that means they each get more time with Bret. Plus they already have built that foundation of a relationship. I just don’t want to see the same old thing for another year; and it seemed like the girls really complained this season about “never seeing Bret for very long.” This is honestly my favorite show on television…but it’s time to spice it up.

  51. Isome says:

    When someone takes the high road and refrains from saying nasty things about another person that is not being fake, that is pure self control. Taya exhibited that self control during the Reunion show.

    It is only those who are emotionally immature and have had too much exposure to others equally as infantile who say otherwise.

  52. Tanya says:

    Bret you should be with the before Heather not the now Heather but the one from your show. Her head got way too big but if I was her I would have done the same but you should be with her she is perfect besides me. Ha Ha

  53. Tanya says:

    Taya is wrong and if Bret actually looked at this !&+@#%~“~+@&$#` he would know but he dont. What really sucks is that a girl like me has followed him since day once and since I live in the great white north he will never discover true relationship intentions. But I guess too bad. Taya sucks go Heather. Where the hell is she I want her to be my BF?

  54. mindy says:

    I think every one of those are FAKE and none of them really knows the true meaning of word LOVE,and as far as Taya goes,she is just another PENTHOUSE !+&!)&+@^(__(+@() and Bret,is CRAZY for thinking that she is gonna be FAITHFUL AND TRUE!! Mindy is more down to earth,but like its been said ONCE A PENTHOUSE PET !+&!)&+@^(__(+@() ALWAYS WILL A PENTHOUSE PET !+&!)&+@^(__(+@() Sorry Bret **** POISON FOR EVER ****

  55. Melinda says:

    Uh-oh…. was that a look of regret on Brett’s face at the reunion with Mindy? It should be. Brett: I would ask what were you thinking choosing Taya, but I already know the answer. It’s a common thread with the girls on your shows…. big fake boobs. I guess Mindy’s just too real for you.
    You’re never going to find real love with the fakey, shallow girls you’ve surrounded yourself with for the last 20 years. You’ve got kids and you’re getting older. Time to be a role model. It’s time to think with your brain, not your pecker.

  56. MONICA says:

    Hey Bret,if you wanted a STIPPER AND A PENTHOUSE PET why dont you get back with the MOTHER OF YOUR GIRLS??

  57. Shelby smith says:

    I just wanted to say tat i love the show.. But the choice you made Taya instead of Mindy was stupid so i’ll be looking to see you on the next rock of love bus.. Dont mean to be mean sorry.. Peace..

  58. stef says:

    TEAM MINDY!!!! we <3 you girl..

  59. anita says:

    bret is a !#~~#@(&#&((`@~+ ing $$**~*`#`~$@)%+ for choosing a fake $$**~*`#`~$@)%+ girl like taya

  60. Nicole says:


  61. Sierra says:

    i think you should have chosen Mindy! Taya thinks she is soo much better than everyone else&all she talks about is penthouse, penthouse, penthouse!

  62. Flea says:

    I think Maria would have made it to the end had she not had that seizure. I think Brett is done with the Blonde what ever they call themselves. As for Taya I liked her 10 times more than Mindy. She was a friend to Mindy and listened to all of her country crying songs all the time “Im scared” “I can’t sing” the list goes on and on. And just because somebody crys doesn’t mean that they are the right girl. I feel Taya lost really because Bret is no prize to be won. And I wish they would have showed Kelsey getting her butt kicked. Too Funny. She was knocked the F*** out……..

  63. Anna says:

    Bret Michaels makes me sick! The Taya- Bret connection was bull****! Mindy truely cared for Bret, it was so clear, about as clear as the fact that Taya- Bret have nothing going on. In my opinion, Bret picked Taya because he didn’t care for her, easy to get rid of her after the show…it was all for the show…Rock of lies! Bret is fake , like Taya, if he is bald, who cares, be yourself! Mindy can do so much better, anyway, she’s real, and she really got hurt…

  64. RHONDA says:

    what about that kiss between mindy and bret? i think that says it all!!!!

  65. ANNA says:


  66. Crystal says:

    Bret, you are truly, truly and idiot. You make absolutely no sense at all w/ your shows. You want true love but you do nothing at all to show you are serious about finding the right girl. I think you may lose some fans over this one (I hope).

  67. moniqueya says:

    i think mindy should be in the picture with bret by his car holding each other taya is not the rigt one for him.

  68. Juanita says:

    Every picture tells a story, don’t it.

  69. shannon says:

    bret i hope you found the one you love and if you din’t
    call mindy

  70. amy says:

    i honestly was hoping mindy was the one. but i think she deserves sooooo much better. i have loved bret and poison since i was like 5 but he made the wrong choice and he only picked her because of her “job” maybe he needs a girl like taya mindy is toooo good for him and he new it. if theres is another rock of love i can promise i wont watch it and i know plenty of other people who feel the same. and also that kiss was real that mindy and bret shared ont he reuion and taya was just so worried bout looking “perfect”. man i hate that girl and her voice ha

  71. Heather says:

    I just want to say that good luck with everything as far as choosing Taya, she is a good liar, and she poses really well… I think that with Taya’s career with penthouse and your career with singing you two will never work out… I think Taya was just on there to expose her self and to promote singing and penthouse… When you asked her if she was there just to expose herself of course she is going to tell you she wasn’t there to exspose herself. She isn’t going to admit that she was because in the end she is going to tell you what you want to here so that she ends up with you in the end… I think that you were totally blinded to who is real and who isn’t real but once again you are going to end up with a girl you are not happy with… I would have gone with team Mindy…

  72. Sara says:

    I see every one here on the blog keeps talking mess about taya what with you people its called brets rock of love not every ones choice of love!! I don’t think Mindy can handel the whole bret thing.. I mean hes a rock star and will always have grils running after him. I don’t think mindy can take it. she is to senceative about every thing, Every time I would see the girl she had a stream of tears. GET OVER IT ALL READY!! She won because she new what to do, and that was geting brets attion at all times. Mindy couldent do that because shes to busy being a cry baby. So good luck taya and bret! Have fun Mindy at Old Navy!!!! Hahhaaha

  73. kstarrbabymama says:

    bret should of pick mindy not taya because mindy would be the best house wife and taya is still posing for penthouse.

  74. barbara says:

    i agree with all the others on this blog, YOU SHOULD’VE PICKED MINDY – I can’t stand taya, she’s too fake and you’ll be sorry in the long run. may take a few months or a year but it’ll happen.

  75. Luciana says:

    Taya is the best, she rocks!!!!! Actually, she is even too much for him!

    Mindy is a freaking jealous person, she doenst have her own personality. She wasnt the one for him… she cant stop complaining about everything!!!!

  76. Bev says:

    From the first show I picked Taya and also liked Mindy, as the shows went on, they were still my top 2 picks. but i don’t agree with all the other blogs. I think you choose the right girl, i think Taya can handle the ups and downs of the road, where Mindy proved her funks when things didn’t go the way she expects and I can see this being a problem for you (even though her heart is hurting) I can’t see that relationship lasting. Hope the best for you and Taya.

  77. Theresa says:

    It is Mindy’s fault that she did not end up being Bret’s Rock of Love. She wasted her last few days throwing Teya under the bus when she should have been talking about herself and how she and Bret would make it work. What a dumb $$`@#*%_!`#&$(@ She made herself look insecure, and that she was not a real friend. I have never respected strippers, or nude models, but I have to give it up to Teya. She not only acted classy, she treated people with respect and kindness. Hats of (even cowboy hats on your cover) to you Teya. You deserve Bret!

  78. Roberta says:

    bret i think you made a better choice with taya… i didn’t like mindy.. she just tried to act the innocent one.. she was just a hater.. that (@$!@(~))@))+$)#^ mindy needs a nose job.. one of the prettiest girls were brittanya, ashley and farrah… but taya was better than mindy.. hope it works out for you two..good luck bret and taya

    bret your so hot!!!

  79. Roberta says:

    bret i think you made a better choice with taya… i didn’t like mindy.. she just tried to act the innocent one.. she was just a hater.. that +!+&)#))!#&^%+&(+ mindy needs a nose job.. the prettiest girls were brittanya, ashley and farrah… but taya was better than mindy.. hope it works out for you two..good luck bret and taya

    bret your so hot!!!

  80. big ray says:

    Everyone that reads this we the reviews should protest and for vh1 to consider having a gay of love or bisexual of love but use a man instead of a woman. Not only would that be amazing, but it would be a first on cable television and it would stir up some real controvesy and would have millions of views because the only people that watch these vh1 shows are straight mostly gltb friendly girls and gay men. It would be a huge hit and there would be plenty of drama and sas and this needs to be done. Vh1 producers please consider it- get chantum tatum or that hot guy from mean girls who dated lindsay and regina in the film it would be great. DO ITTTTT

  81. jr scirocco says:

    bret you blew it man, mindy was the one. go to her before its to late. if you want love go find mindy!!!!!!!!

  82. jr says:

    late year when you were in oregon at the horse show we meet. dude go get mindy she the girl. Taya is only out for herself, watch the footage you can see it in her face. mindy mindy mindy mindy

  83. Debbie says:

    I have been watching the Rock of Love Bus since day one. First I want to say that Bret is extremely hot and very sexy!!! It’s his choice who he chooses to be his Rock of Love. However, by watching the show, I see a real connection between him and Mindy. Just my thought..

  84. amanda says:

    OMG! i cant believe he picked taya i was so positive that he was going to pick Mindy but whatever if he felt that Taya was the right choice then that’s fine for me!

  85. Laura says:


  86. michelle says:

    You let the good one get away, mindy was the woman for you bret

  87. Vikiblueyes says:

    There was a flashback to the reunion when Bret was with Ambre, and the difference in how he looked from then to now is like day and night. The Bret with Taya looked like something the cat dragged in, and the one with Ambre looked like a very hot Prince charming. You could see Bret and Ambre couldn’t get close enough and they looked at each other like newlyweds. With Taya, there was enough space between them another person could have fit in. Her “Am I perfect now?” to Rikki’s remark about lipstick on her teeth was not what she wanted to hear, but I found it amusing and I think most of the audience did too. Although IMO Ambre has the looks, the body and the intelligence of any woman that has been on Rock of Love. Mindy seems to care the most out of this bunch, I think she would be a little too needy for his lifestyle,and get hurt if he feels the need to have sex with all of those nasty drunk ho’s that will screw any dude with a guitar and his groupies too!! I just have to wonder what these nasty looking chicks say to their kids when they see mommy doing stuff like that on national TV? I got picked to be in a local car show catalog and it was just bikini shots, nothing like pet Taya’s nude shots. What kind of pets are these girls supposed to be anyway? Well when I told my 11 and 13 yr old sons what I was going to do, you would have thought I had just announced I was going to be doing a porn movie!! They said they could never go to school again because what if some of their friends saw it? It was in Spokane and I didn’t think that many would be sold. (I was wrong, they sold them out) In fact I was thinking they would be proud of me. What a joke! Needless to say I turned it down because I didn’t want to move back to Sweden just to be in a They didn’t mind looking at other kids mothers, but they didn’t want anyone ogling their mom. After I thought about it awhile I decided I wouldn’t have wanted my mom half naked in a book or calender either. All children want to be proud of their parents and I can’t think of anyway to tell your children to be proud of mom or dad being naked in a sex magazine. You can put all the perfume you want on a pig but it will still stink. Having the respect and love of your children is the best gifts you can receive and they last forever. People admiring or just plain lusting over your naked body lasts only til you start to get older and time does fly. When you are 30 and climbing, the 17 and 18 yr olds make your age show. Make-up can only cover so long. Bret, for you I wish for you to find someone to stay with you and that you will be not ashamed to help you raise the little girls you love so much. From what I have seen so far, Ambre is the only one you wouldn’t have to worry about being ashamed of in any situation. Mindy is sweet but your girls may be comforting her.

  88. Cassandra Richardson says:

    COngradulations!2 u bret and taya yall r a great couple and u pickied the right gurl b cus i cannot stand that mean quiet !*%!(^$%(@%#@#@+% mindy.

  89. Emmy says:

    Bret and Taya deserve each other. The are both D-list press hounds. Bret would just find another excuse to break Mindy’s heart anyway. She is better off without him.

  90. jen says:

    i completly agree because taya is full of it you need to dump her and go for mindy she still loves you and i’m sure if you apoligze and talk to her she’ll take you back because trust me taya is going to f*** you over

  91. rednate707 says:

    Anyone that is unsure whether that chick on the Rock of love was a man or not, here’s your answer. this is a link to a site that is for; men seeking transvestites…. Not only is she a prostitute but also a transvestite;

  92. Kathy says:

    I do belive that Brett picked the wrong girl. Brett needs a real down to earth girl. Nothing fake.

  93. Kathy says:

    I do belive that Brett picked the wrong girl. Brett needs a real down to earth girl. Nothing fake.Taya is so fake and pretty at all.

  94. siscnskt says:

    why did bret keep his eyes down while ricky was telling him he chose the wrong one? and why did he look like he felt like he made the wrong decision after hearing mindy confess her love for him? there was obvious chemistry with her more than there was with taya.

  95. mari says:

    you really made a mistake. that girl is in love with you. you need to call her up and make it right

  96. Misty says:

    Since Mindy’s heart was toren out stepped on and tossed back, maybe she will be on Rock of Love 4. Hooker girl is out for the money and fame. There was passion in that kiss with Bret and Mindy, passion that that Taya never showed. When Brets done “Nailing the Hooker”, he should only hope that Mindy gives him the chance.

  97. dale "chip" kessler says:

    hey brett, are you crazy or still in a drunkin state from the 80′s? i have grown up listening to all your music and will continue but i really think that you screwed up by your decision!!! mindy poured out her heart and soul and it is pretty obvious to a lot of people that she was and still is there for you! i honestly wish you the best of luck with taya and hope that it all goes the way you want. i’m going to try and get tickets to see your show this summer here in iowa at the state fair. good luck in the future and keep on rockin!!!!!!

  98. mshonzell says:

    i think u made the wrong chose Bret, I think Mindy was the one u should of pick she was in it for love all the way. I dont think Taya was

  99. Ann says:

    I think you made the right decision. They both seemed good for you but Taya is more mature and less caty. At least you will have alot less drama and funk attitude.

  100. Kat says:

    Bret when are you going to take off that bandana and wig and show us what you really look like? That wig looks as fake as all the boobs!

  101. Diane Naughton says:

    Mindy hands down shd. of been the one for Brett. I’D LOVE TO KNOW WHERE MINDY GOT HER NICE BLACK RING ON HER LEFT HAND? I LOVE THAT RING! The next VH1 Bret Michael Rock of Love shd. be (like Donald Trump’s Apprentice)a CELEBRITY single woman show for Brett that are willing to come on the show and are into rockers like Brett and into his lifestyle say maybe somebody like – Terry Thatcher-Desperate Housewife lady, Maria Osmond, Ele McPhearson, Allysa Milano – old Whos the Boss girl,

  102. brandi says:

    are taya and brett still together? or did he realize that mindy is truly his rock of love! i hope so!!

  103. Sandra says:

    I thougth Bert had a brain, but w/ his choose he showed he didn’t have one.

  104. jodee says:

    hummm… what a stupid decision!! This made me loose a lot of respect for Brett, I have watched ever rock of love and out of all the girls that have ever been on the show mindy is definately the one who loved him the most

  105. shawna says:

    bret u are *)@*_`^~`@&))#(^&) ed..why would u want someone that shows her nasty *##&@**++@)+&@^~) to the world..uhh ewww… mindy was awesome!and she was true as hell!!

  106. belle23 says:





  108. Natalyiee says:

    why dont you have any pictures of when that chick pushed that other chick off the stage! that was funny! next time maybe kelsey will know when to shut up.

  109. Diana says:

    I’ll be straight to the point Mindy made a mistake and sleep with Brett during the show twice that we saw were as Taya wouldn’t give him any that last night before elimanation Brett wasn’t thinkin about love he was thinking about o.k. if I pick Mindy then I don’t get to screw Taya because he told Mindy I love everything about you, but the rings not for you and told Taya I love 99% of you the other 1% I don’t trust, It came down to gettin some and Mindy gave it up to soon, sorry girl I was pulling for you.

  110. Emily says:

    Bret, I hate to tell you bud, but as long as you keep going for that kind of girl, you are going to keep getting your heart broken. I think you are a cool guy and it sucks that you picked the trashy one instead of the classy one. Taya puts on a classy front, but I’m pretty sure they don’t teach you to spread eagle for the camera in etiquette class. How real can you be when you have to pump yourself full of silicone and wear 85 pounds of make-up everyday? Bret, Mindy was there for you and you really passed up a good thing. When Taya has used you for what she needs and moves on to the next thing that can promote her, (Penthouse tank top hello??) you will realize it.

  111. Jen says:

    There is no doubt about it that Taya really had it for Bret. She has a higher maturity levfel than Mindy–that was obvious; I see alot of people disagree with Bret’s decision, but I

  112. Jen says:

    Taya’s maturity level was definitly higher than Mindy’s, that was obvious in many situations. I know alot of people disagree with Bret’s decision, but I feel it was thr right one between the two. Taya and Bret might not make it, either, but the chances of keeping it with Mindy aren’t realistic, either, and I’m sure that occurred to Bret when he made his decision. Taya is beautiful, I don’t know why that is never said, because you are lying to yourself if you say she isn’t. She might pose, dance, whatever–but everyone does something, if not worse than that or would do it if they could. I am not a concieted person, but I have had problems similar to Tayas with jealousy, and i am at a point in my life where i do get along with everyone, but i didn’t start out that way from bad judgements…people thought i was stuck up…now i get told on a regular basis how beautiful i am, because i do look good, but i am not what a jealous person might think i am…and i am always real, and like it or not, so was Taya. I will say Mindy is also a great person and very pretty, but she didn’t have the maturity, the confidence, and the intelligence that Taya does, and that is another whole level of sexiness for a man like Bret–he has been around many many women in his life and he needs someone that has all that, and maybe more.

  113. purplej1 says:

    Mindy sure has alot of people fooled! If she really loved Bret she would not have talked about him and put him down at the end of the show. You may say well she was hurt. I don’t care if you’re hurt. You wouldn’t have said what she did if you had true love. I Know. I have been in love and been hurt and I did not want to hurt him or say anything about him still. Especially if I thought there could still be a chance. She was just after fame. She has been on reality tv before. She is trying to do appearances now. She is a loser!!

  114. stormie says:

    i think you made the right chose i hope it last long your friend stormie

  115. karin Ochs says:

    Bret you are a looker love your show, But honey I think you picked the wrong girl Mindy is a cutie and would do you right she loved you just didn’t know how to express herself but you could see in her eyes that she loved you..Give her a chance man..

  116. pacman2326 says:

    Those blonde skanks were entertaining.LOL Who would want to be with that type of girl though? They are good for one thing. I would of took Mindy hands down.

  117. JAMIE says:


  118. AmandaPanda says:

    i think bret you made the wrong decision

    i think mindy was the girl
    for you she was truly outta the
    whole rock of love season besides
    heather and ambre she was honest wit
    you about everything

    mindy was the one

  119. JAMIE says:


  120. tiff says:


  121. NEW YORK says:

    BRET!!! I hope you read these comments because Mindy is absolutely the one for you- dump stupid ))((+!$&#@`&*#& Taya and see if Mindy will be your rock of love OR YOU’LL LOSE ALOT OF FANS

  122. Marika says:

    Rock of Love Season 3 proved to not be a learning lesson
    for Bret since he was played by Taya Big Time right to
    the Reunion. Taya plays to win no matter who it would
    have been….maybe it’s because she has made it to Penthouse and thinks that is her biggest and only credit.
    Mindy would have been the right choice! It’s never to
    late Bet Michaels, DUMP TAYA! She is self centered and
    wants the publicity for her own gain. That was obivious
    from her body language on the Reunion….The win was not about BRET!! It’s so clear!!

  123. justme says:

    I’m tired of reading all these comments about how he should have chosen the psychotic obsessed Mindy! Mindy is a dumb skank… just like all those dumb blonde bimbos he had on the show. Taya was the best choice, she’s more mature and knows exactly what and where she is going in life.

  124. dianne says:

    i really liked minday..but she was a bit of a child..he took advanntage of her at least 2 of the episodes you can tell he slept with know it was not right that he did that. you can tell mindy was the type of person that falls for who she sleeps with..taya is the one who doesn’t..god forbid you can tell she does with whomever. i saw her on the penthouse pages she is on..what a should have never slept with mindy if he was not going to take her all the way home..he used her..and mindy..i grew up listening to his music..he wears way too much make up. and he is a good guy but too old for you honey..he is like 5 yrs older than me..

  125. michelle O. says:

    I think bret should of picked farrah i mean gotten to know here i liked her the best out of every one but her personality would of been better if she didnt like girls

  126. Babigirl7707 says:

    Brett said this was real, yet he picked a stripper who poses nude. Playboy has class, penthouse is trash. Mindy showed her heart on the reunion show. If taya loved Brett and would have married him the final night, she would have married him 3 months later. Mindy would not have had to think about it. Love does not go away like that.

  127. nicole says:


  128. nicole says:


  129. Tina says:

    I always wondered how the girls looked so good all the time; their makeup “perfect”. Now I see they had makeup artists every day….how fun!! I agree that I think Bret should have picked Mindy; she was much better suited for him, seemed more real and genuine. Bret’s an awesom person. He has such a kind and giving heart, a very genuine man. I can’t figure out how he hasn’t found the love of his life, so I wish him the best of luck with Taya. I will say this though, I think his problem has been that he’s always dating strippers, playmates, exotic dancers with “baggage” LOTS of baggage….he’s definitely been looking in the wrong direction. I think that’s obvious..

  130. miranda says:

    mindy went freaking nuts at the end of the show. brett doesnt need that crap. Taya was obviously the only choice. and shes the prettiest!

  131. Judala says:

    Taya, you look even more beautiful in these pics than during the show taping, I wish you well. You are all class!
    Ashley, you are an incredibly intelligent, enjoyable women, hope you chose the right path because it was clear that Bret was falling hard for you even though you lacked certain other qualities (as seen by your immature and spitefull salsa pour, tendancy to drink too hard, and being way to easy for Bret to ‘Pull’). Seeing how wonderful you were during the children at the pool show was refreshing and encouraging! Wish you well.
    For the others, lots of luck!

  132. lena says:

    cant believe he didnt pick mindy. biggest mistake of his life.

  133. Samantha says:


  134. kylie says:

    @)*!“$*#$`$~$$_ taya shaes a )&*~`~^*&#)$@*(!` pick mindy! o wait he didnt listen to god he listen to taya the burning devil in hell. wonder what tayas gonna do now make everyone perfect since she is! ” i dont have insecurities!” everyone has @)*!“$*#$`$~$$_ in insecurities )&*~`~^*&#)$@*(!`

  135. Rose says:

    Bret you are so stupid for not picking mindy…. It was so sad that mindy was hurt…. I cant believe that u didnt see taya was only there for tv…. U made a huge mistake…. I think everyone who watched was very disappointed when bret picked taya…. I hope mindy and bret eventually becomes an item….

  136. Cheryl says:

    I can’t believe he didn’t pick Mindy.She was nice, Taya was a fake @+~&^#~++&*`%(!&^ can’t even use her real name. I wonder if he hooked up with mindy. He seemed to to care about what Mindy’s had to say on the reuinion show. He’s to old for any of them. I wonder why he hasn’t hooked up with his babies mama’s, maybe they are his age……

  137. linda H says:

    is bret still with taya? An if not maybe next rock of love should be with a normal looking group of girl. stop looking at the outside start from the inside. cause what you same to do doing now is not working

  138. Wanda says:

    Hey Bret I LOVE the way you are!!! MY chose of the Woman I was hoping for u Was Beverly (Boots)She didnt’ get wild she maintained her pose through the entire program. She a down home girl someone you take home to meet your Mother not a Penthouse pimp

  139. Tina says:

    Bret, I think you should be with me!!! But Mindy was great for you and not Taya. I was rooting for her the whole time. Love ya.

  140. pile says:

    who was it that brett picked,Ive watched the last couple seasons .But i never got too see who he pick Taya

  141. Kelly Ransome says:

    If this doesn’t work out with Taya….maybe have the people choose who stays and who goes…he could have a save card if there is someone that he feels connected to. Bret appears to need some real guidance and support. I love “almost” all of the Vh1 shows of looking for love in all the wrong places!!LOL!!

  142. misty p says:

    mindy was the one bret, now theres going to be another rock of love show. starr is so crazy she scares me

  143. Stasha says:

    Where are the pics of Natasha????

  144. Ninoschka says:

    Bret this is from a long way from Puerto Rico and I gotta say that u maid a huge mistake. U had to pick Mindy she was sincere, natural, honest and great for u if u wanted a real girl u should’ve picked her but you just like sluts and Taya just wanted to get up in her Penthouse career but thats ur decision so good luck and if it doesnt works everyone told u so…

  145. casey says:

    Bret You SUCK! Why would you do that to daisy? U R AN `%`*+&***#@&@$)

  146. marie says: know that half of the U.S. is unhappy with your chocie… but that is the thing it was your chocie.. taya is okay.. but mindy had that look in her eye you know when you love someone and the world does not counts. taya loved you also.. i liked taya and mindy. if they are friends WHY are they let a guy come between them.. ya mindy heart was broke..i understand mindy.. i love you guys..

  147. sheenna says:

    taya has a boyfriend that works at a strip club “columbus gold” she only went on the show for fame her boyfriend told her to go bret asked her to marry him she said no because she wants to stay with her broke _&`#^“~~@&)@@^ DJ boyfriend !&_!&+&`+~`&`%!* you `@`(__%&~#+%+*@@% i hate `@`(__%&~#+%+*@@% es like you and play with people

  148. sapienza says:

    I wish I could watch a reality show wit someone pounding on Big John. It could be men or women. I’d love to expose ‘Big John’s’ passed then all of america would take a swings at the fat fake.

  149. haylee says:

    thiz stuff iz stupid

  150. m says:

    When are they going to break up? I think Taya is full of crap!

  151. Avery says:

    stop lying sheena

  152. Evyy says:

    i agree with marie half of the us wanted mindy! your loss :]

  153. Lori-Ann says:

    I LOVE GOOD music!!!!!! and thats always been the reason why I’ve tuned in VH1 & other music stations, TV &/or of the best memories I have of raising my two young sons, in the early ninties, was taking them to a picnic in the park, to Hollman stadium , up hear in Nashua, New Hampshire, when my then young son was going around the house singing “Aruba, Jamaca , ooo I wanna take ya, ” … so we took them to Hollman ,to see the beach boys perform live It was really so sereal I was remembering listening to My mother’s beach boys records,as a very young girl,When I was 5 as I watched the beach boys perform that day, And what a day I remember having with my own Kids !! But what ‘s more I really do think Bret Michaels is ONE of the more talented musical ARTISTS of our generation I went to the Bret MIcheals show at the casino ballroom, Up hear at Hampton beach New Hampshire, And Like Bon Jovi, HELL Arrowsmith!!1 ,amond others He’s still got it goin on!!…… So just what the hell is he wasting his time on this ….. “show” These staged “REALITY” shows like Rock of love are just plane , Uh …. ANYWAYS!! Women competing to fight, or is that fighting to compete to get laid by a “Rock Star”} My own personal observation, is that , oh my gosh even “sweet Mindy” was just on a beach witha “rock star”. Not Bret the man, the person, the human being who worked so damm hard to be a rock star { and good heavens I would NEVER treat MY dolls that way, !! so I hope Vh1 & other music venues take this note and take this to heart, BRING BACK the music!!!! VAN HALENS back on TOUR!!!!Do some “feature artist weekends,!! the videos, concerts, when u do “countdowns show the song in it’s entirety, show the artists new work as well as the vintage, listing of concerts, apperance that’s why I’ tune in,to MUSIC stations!! Love ya all Lori-Ann Hayes of New Hampshire

  154. tabitha says:

    taya waz the rite choice and if hes happy then just get OVER IT!!

  155. debbie says:

    …I think Bret likes UGLY fake girls…maybe he should try a REAL womon, for a change..After they take off all that make-up, fake hair, nails etc.. he might want to get drunk again

  156. kRistin says:

    hE maDe a WRoNG CHOicee hE SHOuLD have pICKED MINDy Taya iS Okay BuhT Mindyy mUCH BETTer…!

  157. LORI says:


  158. nicole says:

    You should have picked mindy i think she would have made you complete… if nothing else if things dont work out with taya hopefully they wont i think if you do decide to do another show bring mindy back and see if something is still there.if so youll know for a fact you got the perfect girl for you

  159. wiinni says:

    Although Mindy may not have been cut out for his lifestyle…I still think she should have been the “One”. You can just see it in her eyes. I saw Hope,Love,disappointment, and hurt all from the same set of eyes. Better yet…I agree with one of the other comments….” BRING THE MUSIC BACK!!!” I grew up with Vh1 and miss the old Vh1. The reality shows are interesting,…but not so interesting anymore when the whole world pretty much gets disappointed with the finale. That’s when you sit there since the beginning of the entire season just to say WTF??? in the end…

  160. envy says:

    that is so ^($++_^)@_(*+%%# ing true! it does suck that people actually sit threw every episode week to wee watching these reality shows on vh1 and every time on the finale evryone is disapointed it does matter wat the show is whether tis daisy of love rock of love i love new york every ^($++_^)@_(*+%%# ing one of them disappoint us! fricken stop it you washed up celebrities the whole world is already over you why would you ^($++_^)@_(*+%%# it up a second time!?

  161. Lisa says:

    I have a question? Are Bret and Taya still together?

  162. BettyD says:

    Looking great I guess, but I’m like just saying hi.

  163. kelly merritt says:

    She is way to pretty for Brett michaels. Sorry brett but i used to like you. watched you at the great mississippi valley fair. But you are a womanizer. you will never settle down. these girls you ave on your shows are nasty except for a few of them.

  164. Romona H. says:

    Hey omg i love this show bret is soooooooooo hott i love ashley and farah and brittiny star is a dumb ((%`$@^*@&!+&)_ %#_)+$(%(!)`@`%`( soooo dumb:)