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At last, we talk to one of the most controversial Celebreality stars of all time, For the Love of Ray J‘s Danger. We can’t imagine what the show would have been like without her, and while you can say that about many of the people in this universe, it seems particularly apt in Danger’s case. The parts make a whole, but Danger made this show a whole lot of riveting. In our mostly rapid-fire Q&A, we talk about the controversy: the claims that she was pregnant with Ray’s child, the accusations of craziness, the seemingly fatal attraction she had with Ray, the homie-smashing. Nothing’s off limits, so beware: there’s Danger below.

How was this experience for you?

It was very fun. It was exciting, and stressful: a lot of mixed emotions.

Did you feel ostracized?

I did. I feel like I was attacked the most during filming.

Why do you think that was?

I’d chalk it up to jealousy over me and Ray’s connection. I was the biggest threat.

It seemed like you and Ray hit it off from the start, and we didn’t even see it die down after that. Were you surprised that you didn’t end up the winner?

I know if I would have stayed, I would have won, but I wasn’t surprised that I went home by the way things were going.

Tell me how that played out in your mind. I watched the finale, and it seemed that Ray was letting you go.

Yeah, he basically said it was a safety issue and, “She’s crazy,” which is so not true.

When Ray announced that he wanted to meet everyone’s family, you started to have a panic attack…

…I didn’t have a panic attack. That’s what it looked like. I wasn’t nervous about him meeting my family. I was sick. I was throwing up, I was nauseous and I didn’t want to be awake. It was 3 or 4 in the morning, I had been really sick all week, and I didn’t really have the same feelings for him at that point because he was sleeping with Cocktail. I didn’t want to share a man. I don’t have to do that. As gorgeous and intelligent as I am, I can have one man who’s loyal to me.

So, based on what you just said, you were sleeping with him from the start, and then he started sleeping with other girls and that’s when you fell out?

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. I really started to fall for him and have feelings for him and I felt like he was feeling the same way. Then, he started sleeping with Cocktail, I got disgusted with the entire situation.

You go into a show like this understanding it’s more or less a polygamist situation, though.

Yeah, that’s what you sign up for.

So, was this a matter of your feelings getting involved and not being able to take the situation for what it was any longer?

Yeah. It was harder to deal with than I thought. I didn’t think my feelings were going to get involved. I thought I’d be able to separate them. In the end, he didn’t deserve to meet my family. I won’t bring someone home that I’m not dating, who’s sleeping with all these people. He doesn’t deserve to meet my mother and father. I’m not seeing him; I slept with him. And now he’s sleeping with her and her and her and her and her.

Do you feel betrayed?

Yeah. I consider Ray J a friend of mine, and I have love for him, but I would never, ever date him.

You said on the show that you loved him. Did you really?

At one point, yeah.

You said that he loves you. Did he tell you that?

He did. He told me that while we were filming.

Why do you think he refused to answer that during the lie-detector challenge?

He told me that he couldn’t because the other girls would go home if he said he loved me. I just felt like he would tell me one thing and then do another, and I didn’t trust him. And that became more clear as time went on.

So, he comes to your room to let you go, but it sounds like you were ready to go.

I was. I was sick, I wasn’t getting any rest, I wasn’t eating right. I was attacked every single day, and I didn’t feel like it was worth it. I didn’t feel like he was worth it.

There was no desire to stay even for the sake of the competition? So that the other girls didn’t get to win?

No. It wasn’t worth it. I wanted to stay for Ray, but if he didn’t want me there, there was no point in staying.

Do you resent him?


You’re at peace?

Yeah, we’re friends. He’s a good guy. We still have a relationship, it’s just not a romantic one.

He called you “unstable.” What do you think of that?

He doesn’t know me very well.

Can you see how people at home might have that impression?

They don’t see what I’m going through on the show. They don’t see me not being able to sleep. They don’t see me being sick. They just see what they are shown: me freaking out. So if you see an end result and not the cause, of course it’s going to be weird.

It’s a bit of a red flag that you admitted to having murderous fantasies about one of the other girls in the house.

It’s a bit of a red flag? (Laughs) OK. It could be a red flag.

From that, can you see how someone at home might think you’re crazy?

People can think what they want to think. I have no problem with that.

But that’s extreme, right?

It’s not extreme! I didn’t say I was going to cut off her head and bury her in the backyard in little pieces. It was not extreme. A lot of people have a lot of different thoughts from time to time. It’s human nature. We’re animals. If you want to deny that, that’s extreme. Then you’re not being truthful to our existence.

At one point you did admit to being a little crazy.

I mean, it’s America. I’m a free spirit. I’m a free thinker. It’s OK to be different. I don’t think different equals crazy.

You climbed a tree.

I didn’t climb a tree at 4 in the morning. I climbed a tree during the day and was checking out the view. There was a beautiful tree on the property. I was surprised they didn’t make it to the clip show.

What did you think of Ray’s mom’s assessment that no one on the show was right for him?

No one’s ever going to be right for him as far as Ray’s mom is concerned. That’s her baby.

What about the post-show pregnancy thing?

If you watched the reunion, you’d know what happened with that then.

I’m excited to, but reflecting on it, here’s what it seemed like to me: you talked to the National Enquirer, they posted this story and then a few days later, you randomly denied it on your MySpace.

If that’s what you think happened. That’s not what I said happened.

OK, that’s why I’m asking you to clear it up.

Are you saying that I’m a liar?

Not at all. I’m just wondering, because this is what I perceived.

You perceived wrong, and I cleared that up at the reunion.

But you don’t want to talk about it with me now?

What do I have to talk about? I already talked about it. I said a friend of mine that was close to me went to the press with the story, and I recanted the story.

I wasn’t at the reunion, so I didn’t hear you say that.

I thought you said you watched it.

No, I said I watched the finale.


Do you look back on the pregnancy situation negatively? At the very least, it made you seem inconsistent.

I have no regrets. It was out of my control.

Didn’t you feel the need to disclose the whole truth after? You mentioned that you weren’t pregnant on your blog, but you didn’t elaborate.

I felt like at that point, no matter what I said, people were going to be like, “She’s a liar,” so I didn’t say anything and let people draw their own conclusions. I think people have more fun drawing their own conclusions anyway, than if I were to tell them really how it is.

I have to say that the entire ordeal added another dimension to the show. It enhanced the experience.

Ray told me the ratings went up.

Ray must have freaked out when the pregnancy story leaked. Did he get in touch?

Yeah, we talked about it right away. He knows how things happen.

What about the interview that quoted you as saying you were a former prostitute. Was that false, as well?

No, that was not false. You can hear me say it online.

Do you regret being an open book?

No, I think that’s why people respond to me. I’m real and honest and people can be the same way with me. I feel like I can connect with people, and I’m glad that’s part of my personality. I think that’s why Ray and I got along so well. It was obvious that I wasn’t there to date him just because he’s famous. I really took the time to get to know him as a person.

How about the homie-smashing?

(Laughs) I thought it was funny. I did not sleep with Detail. Detail did not say we slept together, either. He said we slept in the same bed before, which is true. We never had sex. I’m an openly sexual person, and there’s nothing wrong with that. So is Ray J. Obviously. That’s what he was looking for in a woman, and probably still is. I know he’s going to find that every other day. (Laughs)

Do you feel like your reputation has taken a hit after some of this stuff?

My reputation? Who am I? I’m just some girl who did a reality show. It’s not like I was Christy Turlington or Jennifer Aniston, with this squeaky clean reputation that could be tarnished. I’m just a girl from the Bay Area. I don’t really have a reputation. I’m building that right now.

Do you look back on this experience with any feelings of regret?

No way. It was great TV. It was funny to watch. It’s very entertaining. I’m an actor. I can appreciate the way things are cut up. I was there. I did those things. I said those things. I knew how it was going to look.

One of my favorite moments of the season was your fight with Unique. Her main point was that you were crazy, but she was the one flipping out while you remained composed. I admire your restraint.

I didn’t know how much restraint and patience I had until I did this show. In any other circumstance, I probably would have been violent after hearing what she said. They made it look nice on TV, but she said way worse things to me. I just don’t tolerate that type of thing. She felt comfortable to say that stuff because she knew that I probably wouldn’t do anything. She was so frightened of me, but she knew that there was security there and that I’d get kicked off.

Is your face tattoo real?


That’s hardcore.

OK. Thanks.

How was the reunion?

I loved it. I was freaking out, but once I got up there on stage and was talking to the fans, I loved it. I felt like what a great way to end this whole thing. I felt like I had closure. People saw me leaving the show in pieces, and then they saw: she’s fine.

In what realm did you need closure? With Ray?

Yeah, with Ray, with the show, with finishing up, with getting my two cents out there. I didn’t have a strong ending on the show with the way I left.

During the time between the Enquirer story and your refutation, I wondered if there would be a Maury-style pregnancy test on the reunion. You know, “IS HE THE FATHER?”

That’s funny. I’m so glad I didn’t have to go through that (laughs).

But you can look back at the pregnancy situation and laugh?

Yeah. I look back at everything and laugh. If you can’t make mistakes and learn or laugh at yourself…I don’t take life too seriously. I just try to enjoy a good time and keep moving forward. I think on the show, they made me look the worst, but it turned out for the best. It’s a bit of a double-edged sword (laughs).

Keep up with Danger via her MySpace and official site.

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