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“I think he made the right decision. I think I’m a little too strong for him,” says Unique on her one-time potential suitor, Ray J. So don’t cry for her, OK? She’s doing just fine, thank you. Below, the abnormally well-spoken VH1 personality talks about her “role” as the show’s villain, her beef with Stacks and Cashmere, whether she thinks Cocktail and Ray have a future together and, of course, her rivalry with Danger.

How was your time on the show?

Crazy and intense. It was OK…no, it was a great time. I always have a great time (cackles).

Were you heartbroken after going as far as you did and not being the one to end up with Ray?

Heartbreak? No. Not at all. I was sad, but I wasn’t heartbroken. I wasn’t in love. I really cared for him, but it wasn’t love.

Were you disappointed?

I was disappointed that he wasn’t wiser and that he couldn’t see what was better for him, that I was the stronger one. I was more wifey, she was more hoochie (laughs).

He said to you, “I would rather you be with a man who is what you want, not who could be what you want.” What did you think of that?

Did he say that? I couldn’t really hear, because the wind was blowing. I think a lot of what Ray said was shocking. Even when he came to visit my family and said he felt like he had to front. I thought that was him. I thought he left Ray J at the door and was actually bringing William. I was surprised, but I could only respect it because we weren’t meant for each other. I’m a realist.

How much of a divide between Ray J and William did you see?

I think more than any other girl in the house, I was aware of it. Every time he was around only me, he was William. If it was me and a bunch of other girls, then it was Ray J. He never disrespected me, that’s the one thing I give him. When he was around every other girl, he was, “Let me feel your booty,” or, “Get in the Jacuzzi, take your shirt off.” When it came to me, he didn’t feel like I needed to always impress him. I figured that’s the real him, and that Ray J is more like, “Show me what you’re working with.” He knew not to walk past me and grab my booty.

You made sure he knew from the beginning that you wouldn’t tolerate that.

He’s very successful, but just like a beautiful girl with a bangin’ body comes a dime a dozen nowadays, a dude with a lot of money that has a great personality comes a dime a dozen, too. I think he understood that. I always used to joke with him: “You mess up in a heartbeat, I’ll call Tyrone.” I was always real with him, from Day 1: this is not hit it and quit it, like my mother said.

I love your mother.

She’s the spitting image of me. (Laughs)

She wasn’t star-struck by him, but neither were you. Is that because of your job? You’re a music journalist, right?

I’ve interviewed enough celebrities and my ex-boyfriend was a baseball player. I’ve interviewed Spike Lee. How could I go from Spike Lee to Ray J and be intimidated?

Are you still actively doing that?

Since I did the show, I’ve been doing so many appearances. Eighteen as of now, and I’m on my way to my 19th. Where I’m headed right now, I see myself ideally hosting a show on HGTV or the Style Network. I’ll host Clean House for God’s sake.

You prided yourself on being classy than the rest of your peers.

(Laugh) As I’m sitting in an airport, guzzling a glass of wine.

It’s all relative. That said, do you regret getting into it with Danger? I’d say you lost your cool.

I really did. I don’t regret it, because I think you can be a lady and do that, to a certain extent. You do not let anyone walk all over you, and you do not let anyone disrespect you. A lot of people ask me about the boxing thing. At that point, I didn’t know Ray well, so in my head, it was, “I’m not gonna box for this dude I don’t really know, and he might not even pick me in the end!” When it came to the kitchen moment, when I snapped, Danger had disrespected me, so I exploded. I wasn’t having it. You have to snap sometimes. If I’m at the mall and someone crosses me more says something slick, I’m gonna snap. Who says a lady can’t defend herself? I know my mom’s a lady all day, but you bump into her in Macy’s and she’s gonna cuss your ass out.

What was it about Danger? Do you hate her?

I don’t hate the girl. I don’t know the girl enough to hate her.

What was it about her that got under your skin?

I knew she and Ray had chemistry, but…I don’t know. She was threatened. One time, coming out of the Jacuzzi, she told me, “Yo, Unique. I don’t want you to think I’m a bitch, but I think you’re competition.” I didn’t get it. Anyway, I would never befriend a person like that in real life, so why fake it on the show? In my eyes, we had different qualities. I was the girl who’d stay home with the kids and be successful behind the scenes; she was the girl who would try to sleep with my husband. She’s jump-off material.

What did you think about her confession about having murderous thoughts about you?

(Laughs) I was surprised. It never gets that serious. I can’t stand that girl, but I would never wish death upon her. That’s when I knew that girl needed to be in a padded room. I can’t stand her. We were just in Pittsburgh together. We didn’t speak. We didn’t look at each other. She needs help.

Is it fair to say that you employed a strategy on the show? Was there a game component there to you?

When I first walked in the house, I had no strategy. I had no ideas. I just wanted to go with the flow. Until I watched the show, I didn’t realized I was being portrayed like that. I didn’t think I was a manipulator, I didn’t think I was anything. I did not have a strategy. I think it was all within editing (laughs).

What about the notion that you used Cashmere as a puppet?

I didn’t. I was actually talking about Chardonnay at the time. I interviewed the day after she was doing all the dancing: “Well, I’ll just use Chardonnay as my puppet,” because we were talking about an alliance that night. I feel like they made me look like a huge manipulator when I wasn’t.

Yeah, but using anyone as a puppet, Chardonnay or Cashmere, you’re still manipulating.

(Laughs) OK, OK. You do what you have to do. But my intentions were not to hurt any of my close friends. I did what I needed to do, like with Feisty. She’s a drinker. OK, let’s showcase that. I guess my strategy was like: you say it, why can’t I? You joke like you’re an alchie, let me throw it out there. I never threw out anything that wasn’t already said. I mean, the thing is that I’m always on my game. I’m a drinker, for instance, but I never drank in the house. I never wanted to be off my s***.

Have you patched things up with Cashmere?

Hell no. She’s the person I have the biggest beef with.

Cashmere? Why?

She tried to throw me under the bus at the reunion. I didn’t even want to go to that. I had to be convinced.

Why didn’t you want to go?

I was aggravated to have been made into this crazy character, this villain. Like, “Muah-ha-ha-ha-ha!” I mean, I got a crazy laugh, but damn.

Do you feel misunderstood?

Yes. That’s not my character. I’m very loyal, I’m very trustworthy, I’m not a manipulator. My friends laugh at the show, because they know what they’re watching isn’t me.

Regardless of what came before it, you proved yourself to be a good sport. You hugged Cocktail after you were eliminated. Most people just storm off.

I never had an issue with Cocktail. We were both in it to win it. We were both there for him. She wasn’t my best friend by far, but we were able to be cordial. I thought that’s what the rest of the cast was going to be like, but instead we had killers. Hella crazy cast.

Can you appreciate Danger from a good-TV, entertainment perspective at all?

No. Can’t roll with you on that one, Rich. I was offended that VH1 played the part where she said she wanted to kill me. That is not entertaining. That s*** is psycho. Calling me fat when she’s fatter than me, that was funny. This girl got way more cellulite.

It sounds like a stressful situation.

It was. That’s why Cashmere left, that’s why Stacks left. She blamed a lot of stuff on her father. No. Everyone let her go so smoothly, when she was there for so much exposure. I never got it. I don’t talk to her anymore. I was like, “How am I being turned into the manipulator, when she just wants to come on and get magazine spreads after the show?” I felt for her father’s illness, but that’s not how it was on the show. She said, “I’m not feelin’ him. I’m not gonna stay here.”

In the finale, it’s sort of implied that Cocktail slept with Ray, but you didn’t.


What’s your take on that?

What am I supposed to say?

Did you?

I can’t tell you that, Rich! No comment.

You told Ray you’ll always be there for him. Has it been like that since the show wrapped?

We talk all the time. Me and him are so cool. He’s wanted to see me after the show a whole lot, but I’ve been so busy with work and stuff that I can’t jump at his every move.

Do you carry a torch? Do you wish things went the other way?

I think he made the right decision. I think I’m a little too strong for him. Watching the show along with America, I think I’m too much for him. Not just in height. In everything. He’s like a cute, little puppy. I’ve dated big, old strong guys in the past. Ray was a sensitive, little doggy.

Do you think it’ll last between him and Cocktail?

Hell no. That’s why her name is Cocktail: you slurp her down like a drink, and then you go on to the next one.

Keep up with Unique via her MySpace.

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