For The Love Of Ray J – Recap – Seven Things We Loved About The Reunion


First of all, before we get to anything, behold Chicago Larry!


Getting to watch him mutter instead of just hearing it wasn’t something we loved per se, but it feels important all the same.

Spoiler alert!

The list of seven things we loved about this rather subdued reunion starts with:

- Danger’s dis

“I’m a huge fan of yours,” she told Unique. “You were in The Wiz, right?”

Now, here’s what she said:


But here’s what we think she meant:


It’s a minor distinction, but an important one. Still: either way it’s bitchy, and we’re sure that that was exactly Danger’s point.

Ray’s reaction to the pregnancy talk


Even though it was months ago, and even though Danger was explaining how the rumor got started (via a friend, which at the very least was consistent with what she told us when we interviewed her) and the fact that it was just that, a rumor, Ray still looked scared out of his sperm. Some dudes never get over a pregnancy scare, even when they play out in the tabloids.

Oh, and let’s reflect on Danger’s complete and total upgrade, shall we?


She looks kind of like a faded (not as in drunk, but as in toned-down hair and dress colors) Jessica Rabbit, and we mean that in the most complimentary way possible.

- Ray’s reaction to the bisexuality talk


I suppose this proves it: bisexuality in a woman is the antithesis of pregnancy to Ray (and probably plenty of other dudes). Unique denied Cashmere’s accusation, though, so :(

Also hilarious was Ray’s seriousness when Cashmere took the stage, asking if security was going to have to come down.


Naw, Ray. You’re good enough.

- That Danger didn’t stand up when Ray came out, unlike the other girls


Individuality at its stankest. We wouldn’t expect less from Danger!

- Chardonnay’s upgrade

She didn’t change things up as much as Danger, but she looked bangin’!


And, aw, she carries a torch for Ray.


But even better than that was her declaration that, “There were a reason for those splits at that moment in time.” Every last split. I never thought mating dances could be so deep.

- Cocktail’s affection




She couldn’t keep her lips off the man she calls her boyfriend. Who knows what the future holds, but for now we’re calling this a happy ending.

Except, it isn’t over, for, you see, we haven’t talked at all about…

- Stilts


How awesome was she, calling out Ray’s memory when it served faulty, striking insecurity into his heart (“So I was just an experiment to you?”), hitting back at Hot Cocoa when she piped up to throw her judgment at Stilts (“I read your MySpace!” said Stilts, in reference to the reveal that Hot Cocoa had a boyfriend), and finally, hitting back harder at Ray than probably anyone ever expected. As she was being grilled over going on the show while still being married, Stilts stated that she didn’t see how her behavior deviated much from Ray’s: “I mean, Ray, we know how you roll, too.”


That she could crack him up shows just how in check her wit was. Ring or no ring, something tells us that Stilts this show entirely too early. Our loss!

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