For The Love Of Ray J – Recap – Seven Things We Loved About The Reunion


First of all, before we get to anything, behold Chicago Larry!


Getting to watch him mutter instead of just hearing it wasn’t something we loved per se, but it feels important all the same.

Spoiler alert!

The list of seven things we loved about this rather subdued reunion starts with:

- Danger’s dis

“I’m a huge fan of yours,” she told Unique. “You were in The Wiz, right?”

Now, here’s what she said:


But here’s what we think she meant:


It’s a minor distinction, but an important one. Still: either way it’s bitchy, and we’re sure that that was exactly Danger’s point.

- Ray’s reaction to the pregnancy talk


Even though it was months ago, and even though Danger was explaining how the rumor got started (via a friend, which at the very least was consistent with what she told us when we interviewed her) and the fact that it was just that, a rumor, Ray still looked scared out of his sperm. Some dudes never get over a pregnancy scare, even when they play out in the tabloids.

Oh, and let’s reflect on Danger’s complete and total upgrade, shall we?


She looks kind of like a faded (not as in drunk, but as in toned-down hair and dress colors) Jessica Rabbit, and we mean that in the most complimentary way possible.

- Ray’s reaction to the bisexuality talk


I suppose this proves it: bisexuality in a woman is the antithesis of pregnancy to Ray (and probably plenty of other dudes). Unique denied Cashmere’s accusation, though, so :(

Also hilarious was Ray’s seriousness when Cashmere took the stage, asking if security was going to have to come down.


Naw, Ray. You’re good enough.

- That Danger didn’t stand up when Ray came out, unlike the other girls


Individuality at its stankest. We wouldn’t expect less from Danger!

- Chardonnay’s upgrade

She didn’t change things up as much as Danger, but she looked bangin’!


And, aw, she carries a torch for Ray.


But even better than that was her declaration that, “There were a reason for those splits at that moment in time.” Every last split. I never thought mating dances could be so deep.

- Cocktail’s affection




She couldn’t keep her lips off the man she calls her boyfriend. Who knows what the future holds, but for now we’re calling this a happy ending.

Except, it isn’t over, for, you see, we haven’t talked at all about…

- Stilts


How awesome was she, calling out Ray’s memory when it served faulty, striking insecurity into his heart (“So I was just an experiment to you?”), hitting back at Hot Cocoa when she piped up to throw her judgment at Stilts (“I read your MySpace!” said Stilts, in reference to the reveal that Hot Cocoa had a boyfriend), and finally, hitting back harder at Ray than probably anyone ever expected. As she was being grilled over going on the show while still being married, Stilts stated that she didn’t see how her behavior deviated much from Ray’s: “I mean, Ray, we know how you roll, too.”


That she could crack him up shows just how in check her wit was. Ring or no ring, something tells us that Stilts this show entirely too early. Our loss!

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  1. Stactriana says:

    You made the right choose
    by doing the with **#!@@#*~~(+$+`( tail.

  2. nia linda says:

    Im happy +&!*@$+$#%+(##)$ tail and ray still together…..I dont like unique, and i dont like danger…..i love chardonay, the prettiest and coolest on that show

  3. kia says:

    danger has alot of nerves trying to dis somebody even though she did have a nice dis …lol she is crazy she the look of a killer and as far as )%$^#^&*!$$$_()@ tail is concern i think al that kissing was a act there relationship did not work out at all i have a in side source about the whole ordeal,,,

  4. tiffany says:

    im (@@@*+)_~`)!*)#! in happy has hell that (%+`&((_)#+%(^&^ tail win cuz….cuz hse was the only real gurl in the house…..i love u (%+`&((_)#+%(^&^ tail…only hope u make rayj happy

  5. wow says:

    best. reunion. ever!!!!

  6. TJ says:

    OK Kia I want to know more about what your inside source told you. Tell me more!!!! Do anyone think there will be another show???

  7. shell says:

    I’m happy for _^)#@*^_~(&~)%&( tail, glad he didn’t choose unique. But I WISH he had choose CHARDONNAY she was the most realist ,coolest, and for the Atlanta,Ga

  8. L.I.Chick says:

    The reunion was good but was it jus me or did Lala’s a$$ look huge compared 2 the flat a$$ she use 2 have idk wat she did but she puttin Melo’s money 2 good use I can’t knock her hustle

  9. signatureladyjeff says:

    If you’re happy Ray then great!Though I think that you’ll probably have a season two!Goodluck!

  10. Andy S. aka 'O' says:

    Definitely my favorite reunion next to the FoL 1, NY 1 & FoL Charm School reunions

    the set was gorgeous! and everyone was on POINT! big ups to Stilts!

  11. Lauren says:

    VH1 PLEASE get rid of LaLa. she’s sooo annoying. her voice wants me wanna kill a puppy

  12. tlo says:

    Loved the reunion, despite all the Jerry Springer fans out there looking for violence. It was classy just like Ray said and few clowning arounds. That’s a Reunion for

  13. ashley nulsen says:

    i think uniqe was the biggest fakest bitC . danger was a lil crAZY BUT THATS THE WAY YOU GOT TO BE SOME TIMES. SO SAD RAY COULDNT SEE THAT. @$)`$+#$`(~_#&#! TAIL WAS NOT THE ONE FOR HIM BUT ITS BETTER THAT THAT FRIZZY `~$@$++“^#$`$$`^

  14. mzgrown says:

    Can we say nice save with the make overs. If I had to see Danger one more time with that red lipstick, I think I would have died. Unique’s did not do her well. But I will say that most of the girls looked better today rather than when the show was being filmed. I use to like Unique but I think the realest female on there was Chardonnay, and she looked great. I think between her and Danger VH1 will be giving one of them a show if not both. We all know the men will love to see her do those splits again and of course who won’t watch Danger crazy &%_)!~#)&!)_@%+ Chicago Larry are you serious. Next time VH1 please find a real pimp. I don’t see how any female would work for him and he look broke, so yall ain’t working hard enough. And I don’t think this relationship will last but we will see.

  15. DGyrl says:

    L.I. Chick
    I thought the same thing when I saw Lala…she definitely had some work done on her backside.

  16. Chris says:

    wait is chardonnay a black/asian mix? cause damn that would be really cool

  17. ray says:

    man ray j did NOT seem as smitted with &^)^+)!%!#*&*)+~ tail as he had been. I see cracks in the foundation! it’s all right though, he’s meant to be MY man. If we had one day together he’d see. :)

  18. Reese's says:

    Well I really dont give a damn who he picked this season, I wanna be on the next season cause I love Ray J. I think he is so fine!!!!

  19. tracy says:

    I heard there will be a season 2. !%!^_&%`+_+“(@) tail and ray will not last

  20. Mecia says:

    DANGER IS A LIAR!!! On her myspace blog on January 15, 2009 she said, “I am pregnant…” and something about planning a wedding. Now she is saying a “friend started the rumor.” She just wanted attention because Ray J kicked her out-and it worked. I can’t wait for her 15 minutes to be over!!

  21. realityfn says:

    )%@@^+#^%~*#^^#) tail was definitely the right pick for Ray J and I don’t think that it could have turned out any better because Unique and Danger were certainly there for the wrong reasons the whole time. I think that Unique just wanted some exposure. All the best to Ray J and )%@@^+#^%~*#^^#) tail!!!

  22. Sabrina says:

    Ray You should have pick chardonnay. She was the realest and i honestly think she was there for you not a opportunity like the others.Another person who was there for you i believe was Danger(I know she has issues but i like her, she need to work on some things but she will be alright) Unique- Fake %$#&%^~$$~~)*$#` tail- On the reunion she acts as if she has never had a man, a plus the itch cried a tad bit too much. She’s also there for the fame. You guys will not be in relationship she’s not your type. My opinion is for you to call chardonnay and you guys go back to the strip club and strike something up. This is coming from the realest. Brina

  23. Good Ending says:

    I loved this renunion show it was great, well put together, all the girls looked good except Unique and what a good comparison Danger she definately looked like she walked out of the wiz. Danger looked very relaxed, fresh and alot calmer as seen on the show. *~%*@@!`(`~@%$!( tail and Ray Jay are not going to last, there will be a season 2. I’m from the caribbean and i’m hot, let me know when will be auditions i will definately fly up cause Ray is hot and is definately worth it.

  24. Bre Bre says:

    WTF! I am so damn happy danger crazy +*@$`~*@()*`&)~ didn’t win `)^_`_!!%#%)(+*_#

  25. Mel says:

    Chardonnay look good! i want her bad! she is real and cool and mad sexy! she can take care a men, so one luv to Chardonnay!

  26. milly says:

    i just dont kno y unique looked like dat and chardonnay looked absolutely adorable danger look different in a good way da rest of dem looked iight n sum of dem was just uuugh i say the preetiest of all is stacks n @%@)$!%%*(^~+@+* tail should not push her self to much onto rayj b-cuz i really do not want to see her get hurt in da end and plus ray j is mine lol but she luk like a real sensitive gurl so she shud take her time because u neva kno how things will work out dass it

  27. jontae lattimore says:

    I throught the same thing about her *^~*~*$(~$^%`+$ too because just didnot look real to me she is gettting those *^~*~*$(~$^%`+$ shot too why can we just be happy with our self

  28. Destiny says:

    Ray you should have stuck wit my girl danger. At least you would have known that you could go out in public without a bodygaurd. She got you my man…

  29. ChrissyXOXO says:

    OMG That Unique comparison is the best! Thats what she gets for being such a _ _ _ _!! And I mean the word that starts with a C!! Danger is crazy yet beautiful and the rest of the girls brought something positive and interesting to the show. Thank goodness the beast didnt win! No Lions! LMAO

  30. Latina's Rule says:

    I was so dissapointed! Yes it was classy…but not all the girls got a chance to talk…at least we did not see it…I am so glad he did not choose Danger. She is Bipolar…I so would have been happy with Chardonnay…she was the prettiest of them all. Unique was a classy fake ~+~!+*#%`_*_^#^~! and Coctail…was so fake last night. I am a latin girl bit she looked gross..honestly. Ray J why did you choose her… anyways? I think you know you made a mistake baby… ditch her!

  31. **Reality Check** says:

    Its about time Danger did something with that mustache and put some foundation on her skin because her acne scars are BAD. ~%&~*!)!#@^$~$!* tail is the perfect girl for him right now and I hope they last for a while although I doubt it will be forever.

    Feisty: Its called Alcoholics Anonymous. You should look into it because the whole “drunk bimbo” act is played out. You may be pretty but looks dont last forever.

    Stilts: You are way too tall and ur frame is way to large. You were the worst match for Ray in every way. And ur not sexy…….not even a little bit

  32. Boneski says:

    Chardonnay should have her own show….I would rather see that then Daisy of Love

  33. Summer says:

    I agree with Ray J’s mom NO NO NO. He only chose !`%^&`**!(^%&%$# tail because she looks ‘similiar’ to Kim Kardashian. As well she was a h$% in the shower! It’s pure sexual.

  34. stance says:

    Classiest reunion ever. No Flavor of Love or Rock of Love crazy +%^&&!(!(!%(%^& @`#(!($`^%%`*&`$ happening in this reunion. These women have dignity and class unlike the other of love shows. It’s good to see that they were happy for Ray J. in the end.

  35. dennis says:

    CASHMERE WAS THE BEST..she probably would have won if she didnt DUMP RAY FIRST!

  36. Nikki says:

    I think u are sooo cute Ray

  37. Haley says:

    My cousin Shorty Mac had it right from the start & so did I c o c k t a i l was the real deal! Unique was fake as hell, as far as i hear from my cousin bein rays best friend thats not rays kind of girl! Danger being from the Bay, yeah those beezys are krazy 4 sure but girls got to be on meds or somethin kause shes over the top. I hope rays happy and its works out cause i thin he made the right choice, i worried there for a minute but somethin tells me it aint over. Guess we’ll find out…

  38. Lacy says:

    Why the hek didn’t LALA ask the obvious question of Chicago Larry: Did you or Did you not “hook” the Russian chick up witht the “For the love of RayJ spot” because she was interested in him? or was it for PR? Who gives a darn if she’s dating this ugly dude. She probably using him just like she tried to use Ray J.

  39. doubleA says:

    pretty hillarious that this blog doesnt allow us to right out %(@@(~%`^__++@`@ tail because it says ~)@_*#$((!&$^@`# lol

  40. dia says:

    Best reunion till now on VH1. Girls all awesome. Maybe Ray was a little too cold near ~!^~“$^~_%+$`$! tail. Too much time had passed from Las Vegas episode? ;)
    I’m curios when was filmed/taped the episode from Las Vegas.
    Overall nice show.

  41. Challenged says:

    I like how people say who crazy, fake, or lying. Let me see what YOU look like…let me see how YOU act around girls who get in your face constantly, Danger may be a knock out the park compared to you. You can’t judge nobody, none of you are God, you aren’t perfect.

    Hell neither is Ray J, a want-to-be player and mediocre porn star at best. That is hilarious, because you throw stones at Danger. B i t c h please.

    I’ve read these ‘challenged’ comments and I must say…do any of you know how to spell?

    But…I wouldn’t think so. If you have time to diss someone you don’t know instead of having somewhat of a life, you can’t possibly be smart enough to realize this love crap isn’t real.

  42. Ris says:


  43. Sean B. says:

    Dat Gif …

    right click, save.

  44. ladytaz says:

    danger is kool an a lil crazy! bt she got a gud head on her…unique act like she the %+(`%*$_)+#$*$*& s an she not datz why she didnt get pick an im glad she didnt….cocktail while her name says it all she aint no gud either….@

  45. theresa says:

    I am happy for him he made the rite choice

  46. marcus lee says:

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  47. Bae says:

    This was the most boring reunion show I have ever seen.
    I watched the whole season and was highly disappointed.
    I was ticked off that I wasted an hour watching it.

  48. Marcus Lee says:

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  49. Marcus Lee says:

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  50. shaquetta says:

    you shouldnt have never picked (#(_@`##*&_+^#($ ail!!!!! he should have kept chardanae(sp)? but if he is happy with her then i am glad!!!! love you ray!!!

  51. Aoki22 says:

    Oh plz +*$+$@_#)+`#!%&( tail is far from real. Real wack if u ask me. that B***h was DEF on the Bad Girls Club being the only Goldigger. She jus so happens to be on For The of Ray. J 4 love. Please shes so full of it Ray could do way much better I mean less be honest he got rid of 1 stripper to be wit the next. Ray should keep it real the reason Y he picked +*$+$@_#)+`#!%&( tail cuz shes proved shes a f**kin weak duck, she will let him be wit other woman on her cuz cleraly he slept wit Danger, and she would devote her life 2 his every need which was proven wen he went to her house. Clearly shown that she was taught 2 cater 2 her man. Typical dumb spanish B***h.

  52. vannne says:

    what up thise recape of the reuniun was off the hoook!!! yahyahee espesuly seeing how muchh ray-j actully like coctail

  53. juicy says:

    i don’t think that ray j should have picked @(#&`#`)`%&%$!&_ tail because she’s nothing but a golddigger. don’t you think her family would have been concerned about who she’s dating but they don’t care they are in it 4 the money too. even though her mom can’t speak english her dad could have asked ?’s instead of telling him where he is from. i think he should have kept and picked chardonnay.she is a very sweet nice young lady. but like i said i dont think @(#&`#`)`%&%$!&_ tail really loves you.

  54. Jaymee says:

    SHE COULD F IF +^$#_+`&^*^~`+%!( _(`@_^%#` UNIQUE DIDNT TRICK HER INTO HER !(#+*__~@+_(%+& IN SCAM.RAY J IS GOING TO HAVE A PART TWO !
    AND I GUARENTEE THAT #(%(*^+^%%%&*!~& T.

  55. APP1985 says:


  56. Luv-Lee says:

    I know for sure that NONE of the women there were “FOR THE LOVE OF RAY J”….Ray trust me, you are NOT going to find ‘true love’ on these shows. Take it easy and it will come to you when you least expect it…TRUST

  57. dmonica says:

    I think that Ray should have picked chardonnay to be the reveal on the show. I think she needs her own show next, she deserves it.She really got her heart broke, and now she needs a love of her own.

  58. Freckvanilla says:

    Chicago Larry is a pervert its soooo funny because he gets his pictures developed at Walgreens and he even tried to steal some pics from one of the envelopes before he takes erotic pics of women but ultimately he is a creep that I would def not let take any pics of me!! LOL

  59. naya babe says:

    im glad he picked $+((@!$^&^`$)+_% tail …but i wanted him 2 choose danger she really is the ^%!$~+$#^_^$`$)^ da rest of dem beeothez stay be hatinq on ha !!!..buht wat eva he chose ..who..he chose

  60. Talicia says:

    Well i loved the show, and unfortunatly Danger didnt win, but yet a reality show junkie, stole his heart. Unique was correct when she wanted Ray J to meet her parents as Willie, Willie is who he is, Ray J is what he does for a living. So i dont belive she was trying to change him, just to not act like a star with high expections, just to be himself.
    But )*)&^~`*%%#@@$^) tail, come on she made you eat goat and you couldnt even hold a conversation with her mom, unfortunatly in a serious relationship, talking and mingling with parents is something couples just do. SO good luck with that, i am sure i will see her appear on another reality show soon….
    Danger was real and didnt let anyone bring her down, she should have made it to the top, no one is perfect, at least she had the guts to admit she wasnt perfect, everyone has flaws, except all the other girls thought the were perfect, good choice, looking forward to For the Love of Ray J II…..i will audition…lol

  61. Ashley Taylor says:

    I am glad that he picked @&!!!~_+^`$*^#%& tail. danger was just down right crazy and unique was to much fo him. I hope Chardonnay find some one for her though

  62. NWGEM says:

    First of all, the show was entertaining & that we can all agree on. I had a feeling he would pic %$!)__&*~_^)%$(! tail from the beginning because she is a skinny Kim K. Danger is a sad act. She is far from REAL! She talked the talk & couldn’t walk it. She has no business saying anyone is fat because she is hardly fit to be talkin smack about others that way. Let’s hope her outfits & makeup stay as nice as they were at the reunion. Unique does dress like a frump…the get-ups she had on in the eliminations were just gross. Chardonnay was my VOTE. She is classy, sweet and very real! I hope she finds a man as worthy as she.

  63. LM says:

    Fiesty is a cutie & Chrdonnay is a class act.

  64. brix says:

    Im glad Ray Jay didnt pick Chardonay because that was the hottest and realest choice.Now all im waiting for is her to come out with a show so i can get at that.I really dont have much of an opinion about the other chicks, but Chardonay should’ve won the compatition, hands down.

  65. DAWN says:


  66. t. love says:

    Ray j is a little boy trying to be a man. He don’t even know the meaning of love and is trying to find love in prostitutes and strippers. Be for real. This is his opportunity to get his career back on track. That’s it. Keep it real!!!

  67. NENA says:


    DANgER WAS BETTER THEN %`_$#~@$!&*+#`~( TAIL…

    THE ONLy %`_$#~@$!&*+#`~( TAIL DID IS SNITCH AND WANT THE $^`~%^`@“@$$~$ KEN MONEy

  68. china says:

    ray j i think you and unique made a better couple any reason you choose (&&*#~@!#`@!&!*% tail was because she remind you of your ex… it will never go anywhere

  69. jalissa says:

    you pick the wrong female you said you wanted one that new what she wanted you think *$*%+^#_$^*^`!#+ tail do…..

  70. tcutie says:

    danger u look a hot mess.y did u do that 2 ur looked better natural

  71. chelsea says:

    i love you ray j and you got a big *#(*_%@~_!_&*`^*

  72. chelsea says:

    yah this you girl chelsea and i think ray j should picked danger and i hate cotail because she a $!~$`*~&(&!&`+@*$ and if i ever see her im gone beat her )&))*$_&$@%$^)% and ray j stupid for picking her because she gone take all his money and he gone look stupid and he aint gone have (&$!!#_!()((+_(` with his stupid )&))*$_&$@%$^)% i hate he for that and i dont want him tto be poor

  73. chelsea says:

    i think that ray j isnt going to have no money because he go with cotail and she gone take all his money and he gone look stupid !+++~^+#^@++~(^ hell and i hate that ~@)_&**)^__$`+_)^ cotail why would she do some stuff like that and if i ever see her im gone beat her !+++~^+#^@++~(^ and if you dont like my comment owell kiss my !+++~^+#^@++~(^ wape me down

  74. houstonchick says:

    Ray don’t like %^%%`^%%@&&!(&+# tail like that he HAD to make a decision between unique and %^%%`^%%@&&!(&+# tail. He was really feeling danger but he knows he’s not gonna be able to have a STABLE relationship with her in which the lifestyle he lives. On the real none of those sneaky $*$&%)&+@+`@*#&)^ es had their mind right. Those last three girls weren’t good for him just like his momma said. Really at first, I don’t think ray knew what he wanted in a female but I do believe he knows now what he don’t want. He won’t be with %^%%`^%%@&&!(&+# tail long…

  75. acelise05 says:

    I loved the show!! I don’t think Danger’s crazy she acts like anyone else but the camera portrayed her negativly 85% of the time. Ray and *!*$_~!%+*`*+(*) tail look adorable together but i don’t think he found true love i feel he found a relaionship and will be looking for a much deeper less shallow relationship in the future. I can’t wait to apply to be in For the Love of Ray J2. I want the best for him, i want REAL true love for him not no groupie love

  76. jade of T&T says:

    yeh for rayj his mom told him non is good so what is he doing the that dum )%*^`_`((@#($!` %`&$+$%&)%+$&$@` tail her name is what she is the only like what is in rayj pants and all she can do is use what she has in hers non of them are for him but rayj you will learn the hard way know the family you come from god has you in that place for a reason you did not need a show to find love cause god love you more than any one in this world. u and your new girl has the same in common you need a woman to complete you. you like 3 sums and all that is not good get a grip and look with in and spend time with rayj and see is this is what you want but your mom is not wrong. have a bless week and god love you
    jade in the island of trinidad and tobago

  77. yaya says:

    One of the best reunion shows ever!

  78. Anon says:

    I don’t buy Chardonnay’s drama about still caring for Ray. Come on, she knew that she didn’t have a “romantic” connection with Ray. Let’s not be gullible people! If anyone watched the show, they know that there wasn’t anything beyond a physical connection.

    And as for Ray and ^&^$)^$(_~!`%+)+ tail, I hope she’s been watching his interviews lately…

  79. xxMIZZJACQUETTAxx says:

    Ray J Choose The Wrong Girl $+#&!(_(~^`@*_~) tail But I Still Don’t Like her Always ($_&_&_!@*%(%($* she a gold digger slut He Should Choose Chardonnay But,They right: She The Realest like other Chicks

  80. Jenni Booms says:

    Aoki22.. “Typical dumb spanish b***h??” Really? so all latinas are dumb b***hes.. That’s the most ignorant thing I have ever heard in my life.. Your words clearly show you are ignorant, and you obviously do NOT think before you run your mouth. I’m happy `&)#^@`^(“)~+*+ tail made it to the end.

  81. mowet says:

    everyone has a past so why is everyone hatin on #!~~+)~#(`@~%%(( tail for bein real to him now? but she was the best one for him besides chardione i cant spell her name right.

  82. babygirl says:

    ray j was the main `&_~$_#`~^+$&%$** of the show!!!!!so one `&_~$_#`~^+$&%$** found himself a mexican `&_~$_#`~^+$&%$**

  83. sonya says:

    chardonnay need her own show ray j done her wrong and I think Danger told people that she was pregnant her friend did not do that she did. She’s cute but she is not all that. I don’t know who he should have picked I was with his mom no no and no.

  84. SOUTHERN WOMAN says:

    when did ray j have sex with danger
    does ray j know *%^$_(_^)!!~+&~# tail is a golddigger

  85. imwiththeband says:

    I find it interesting that Danger maintains that Ray J “didn’t deserve to meet her family” because he was having sex with La Latina. Prostitute with a heart of gold, maybe??? Personally, I was disappointed – I was DYING to see the family that spawned her! As for the reunion, my girl Unique kept it classy, including her reaction to her loss and the Queen Skank trying hard to critique her. As for La Latina, Ray better wrap it up two or three times. La Latina’s mom is the youngest of 15 children (15!!!!) and she has already put her daughter on notice that she wants grandbabies…Guard your little swimmers, Ray!

  86. Tequilla Perry says:

    I am so GLAD Ray picked coctail!!!! I think they look so good together… I didn’t like unique, she was TRIFLIN & I don’t like females like that & she says she did that because it was a competition but I say once a triflin female ALWAYS ONE! I feel like if she was a true female than it would shine through & Ray will see it!

  87. Tina says:

    O M G ! ! ! You guys are ALL HATERS!!! How could you even hate on _@~&(@)^)~`_%(%_ tail? She not only played the game right, but she was the most honest one to Ray J on that show (besides Chardonay). When you get past the whole “game” part of the show, you would see that _@~&(@)^)~`_%(%_ tail is a bad )%^(@*_%~_^@%(~ chick and a good balance of everything! I think Ray J made the right decision! I really want it to work out for them!

  88. CHICAGO LARRY Needs his own Reality Show!!! says:

    Check it, He has access to gorgeous females like Caviar (who was the hottest chick on the show). He’s a photographer and manager for celebrities and models. Hot girls + Celebrities + HOT GIRLS = HIT SHOW. (check out Chicago Larry on YouTube, You will laugh your a** off).

  89. kiara says:

    hi ray j this is kiara and i am so happy that you picked _@##@*#&(*$@@&&) tail even if she tells it does not matter.

  90. Essie Rerun Berr y says:

    Unique I feel was playing a good game for the Love of Ray J but she did have gay action such as having another women give you a lap and she enjoyed all of it. She did favor the Lion fron the Wizard of OZ.Mrs Nice Nasty( Rerun Berry

  91. Essie Rerun Berr y says:

    Stilts should have been called slick chick full of `(`_#@+)+)%@((~_ How Disrespectful was that for her to go on a show to find love, and she was married.Be real to your self.But that says a lot about your husband( Rerun Berry

  92. Geri says:

    I turned on the Love of Ray show tonite here in AZ and I cannot understand how you could have such a big nothing man like Ray on the show and coming onto these girls like their pigs. He’s the pig. Such a nothing looking thing and the girls want to be with him. Has any of them got anything going for them to want to be with him. All he wants to do is go to bed with them and that ugly man has nothing that any women would want to be with. Are they that hard up. If your going to have a show like this have a man that really looks like something. When he talks it’s like a 2 year old is talking Ugh!!!!