The Celebreality Interview – Daisy De La Hoya


Daisy De La Hoya recently stopped by the VH1 Digital offices during her recent press tour for Daisy of Love, and we were able to snag some camera time to discuss her life and (almost polygamous) loves. Above is some introductory talk about her show, including the story of how she was tricked into thinking she was cast for Rock of Love Charm School.

Below, however, is when things really get good. Though this clip happened later in the interview, we want to highlight it up front because it was the emotional high point of our talk. In it, Daisy talks about being led by her emotions (“I would much rather feel than never feel at all”) and admirably calls herself a “hot mess all the time.” Most poignantly, she talks about how much Internet nastiness can sting, without seeming at all bitter about it:

More topics are covered below, including Bret, Heather, Megan, 12 Pack and plenty other relevant Celebreality topics:

In this clip, Daisy talks about heading a house full of men, including 12 Pack:

In the next, Daisy talks about her lack of entitlement when it came to getting her own show, and her off-air relationships with Megan, Jessica, Kristy Joe and Lacey:

Below, Daisy talks about Rock of Love Bus, reflects on her affair with Bret and responds to his recent claim to us that she was his “heroin” and that he was “sexually addicted” to her. She also talks about reconciling with Heather and the family mentality she has about her fellow Celebreality stars:

And finally, in our last clip with Daisy, she talks about the future. A Celebreality star looking beyond the show that’s airing now? Whoever would have thought such a thing existed?!

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