The Celebreality Interview – Daisy De La Hoya


Daisy De La Hoya recently stopped by the VH1 Digital offices during her recent press tour for Daisy of Love, and we were able to snag some camera time to discuss her life and (almost polygamous) loves. Above is some introductory talk about her show, including the story of how she was tricked into thinking she was cast for Rock of Love Charm School.

Below, however, is when things really get good. Though this clip happened later in the interview, we want to highlight it up front because it was the emotional high point of our talk. In it, Daisy talks about being led by her emotions (“I would much rather feel than never feel at all”) and admirably calls herself a “hot mess all the time.” Most poignantly, she talks about how much Internet nastiness can sting, without seeming at all bitter about it:

More topics are covered below, including Bret, Heather, Megan, 12 Pack and plenty other relevant Celebreality topics:

In this clip, Daisy talks about heading a house full of men, including 12 Pack:

In the next, Daisy talks about her lack of entitlement when it came to getting her own show, and her off-air relationships with Megan, Jessica, Kristy Joe and Lacey:

Below, Daisy talks about Rock of Love Bus, reflects on her affair with Bret and responds to his recent claim to us that she was his “heroin” and that he was “sexually addicted” to her. She also talks about reconciling with Heather and the family mentality she has about her fellow Celebreality stars:

And finally, in our last clip with Daisy, she talks about the future. A Celebreality star looking beyond the show that’s airing now? Whoever would have thought such a thing existed?!

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  1. the real cam says:

    daisy you steriod looking ugly girl please I hope you dont have another season of this crap and like i said before you will never and i mean never be new york and i want to start a mission to have cute mindy,heather,or kristy joe get a show even if i know they cant beat new york love show ratings because plain and simple new york is a vh1 girl icon like i said before even if i know her new york goes to work show is a flop if she ever has i love new york 3 it over and i mean over for you daisy and by the way theres only one big rick and stop making the guy on the show name almost like big ricks stop the biting

  2. the more real cam says:

    the (less) real cam, people can’t help if they’re named rick ok? just like how i can’t help that i’m cam & you’re cam (but way less real).

  3. No 'Real' people here says:

    Rich, the fact people actually think either Daisy or New York for that matter is an ‘icon’, is speaking volumes at society’s current brain function, VH1 is a virus of the brain…and it makes people stupid. For crying out loud, Daisy herself said she was a hot mess. WTF.

    I want theses shows to end period. No more Daisy, New York or anything else.

    I would say bring music back but…that sucks ))$`##!&$#+*%!& too.

    Man…the new millennium sucks balls. I want the 90′s back.

  4. Amy says:

    loved the interview very candid and real
    she’s not like New York who is sort of fake I can feel the real her in this I hope she finds love but hopefully that she got Charles out of her house I hope

  5. the real cam says:

    just like my favorite rapper eminem said will the real slim shady please stand up well im saying will the real cam please speak up I dont care what the more real cam says but to end all these internet bitters first I was cam then someone came and bite my name and people who read all the blogs check the first cam entry and thats me and i talked about her show being garbage then I changed it to the real cam saying the same thing about her garbage show and now some one is saying that the name big rick doesnt sound like the same name she gave one of the guys please give me a break and if any one wants to stop me from speaking my mind then I will destroy them like new york would destroy daisy in love show ratings I will be all over the vh1 blogs as the real cam talking about daisy and if she wants to respond to me I destroy her like new york will destroy her and any shows i blog on here will be a differrence for people could know im the real cam that was oringinally cam until some one stole that but I will stay the real cam and by the way daisys sidekick you know you liked megan dont try to act like you didnt because you finallly found out that she just a jump and you wanted to redeem yourself cut it out but before i leave every episode i will write and comment on the garbage im looking at and yall all who are reading those is probably thinking why are you writing so much if the show is garbage because i want new york to have season 3 bad to save vh1 reality tv flavor flav thats my dogg but he couldnt do it with a thrid one but new york is different I really want see if see could break her own record but people will see me on web cam and about a couple of weeks because I know everybodys wondering who is the real cam but until then catch me bloging when charm school 3 comes out and real chance of love 2. I love new york but i cant watch her doing the work crap i want i love new york 3 the whole world wants to see and you will here from me soon if some one trys to be the real cam if not you will her from me after garbage episode 2 or i might blog somewhere else on vh1 reality blogs peace to all my fake name peeps im the real cam

  6. Jean says:

    My favorite part is how you are trying to keep a straight face while she is talking about how much she ‘feels’.

  7. Rachell says:

    I love Daisy, she seems like a sweet, cute lady. :) I know a lot of people can’t stand her, but she’s adorable. <3 You can tell she has a good heart and a good head on her shoulders.

  8. M says:

    yayyy Rich! … and Daisy!
    so that’s why the ANTM recap was late, huh?

  9. scott says:

    daisy comes off as faker than her boobs in this

  10. JEN says:

    I can’t watch her, it literally hurts my eyes and ears to watch these clips. I think I only saw the first 2 minutes of the first one before I had to shut it off. Next time do a reguler interview because I do want to know what she says but she is just so bad and awkward at speaking.

  11. SJA says:

    Everything she says make no sense at all, sounds like shes lost in time, she is not hot at all, shes just a blond girl with fake boobs (nothing against that I myself have fakes as well)… Vh1 should make a show with Heather which is fun, she has a strong personality and she is smart, or even Asheley or Farrah (they are not smart but they are funny) Dayse is not smart, not funny not hot, is just a waist of time her show!!!

  12. dude79 says:

    Goodness gracious she’s ugly as hell!!!
    I bet she banged every single guy on that retarted show.
    Sorry but i certainly would not touch that trash with a 10 foot pole.My thing would go down in a heartbeat if i would have to look at such a disgusting person if i would go down with trash like that.I wouldn’t touch that if somebody would pay me.Than again,i could always put a bag over that ugly unnatural looking face.She is starting to look like a freak with all them surgeries she’s had on that face.She looks like that lion women on crack!!!Sorry daisy,you are ugly!!!!
    I guess all them surgeries done that to you,Freak!!!!!!!

  13. dude79 says:

    Goodness gracious she’s ugly as hell!!!
    I bet she banged every single guy on that retarted show.
    Sorry but i certainly would not touch that trash with a 10 foot pole.My thing would go down in a heartbeat if i would have to look at such a disgusting person if i would go down with trash like that.I wouldn’t touch that if somebody would pay me.Than again,i could always put a bag over that unnatural looking face.She is starting to look like a freak with all them surgeries she’s had on that face.She looks like that lion woman on crack!!!Sorry daisy,you are ugly!!!!
    I guess all them surgeries done that to you,Freak!!!!!!!

  14. stasi says:

    All of you negative people are being absolutely ridiculous…calm down its just an damn interview…DAISY is a very pretty girl and hopefully the single she plans to drop wont suck lol…cant wait till MEGAN’S show!

  15. lmao 121 says:

    i would &+%&!(%`*&^*$+$_ the ~`#^^^(@#_+~!%*& out of daisy shes a hot )^#%%!`*_^~(*$# chick

  16. Gretchen says:

    Daisy, You are such a cute – sweet person. Don’t listen to the haters, they just don’t have a life. Go Girl!!

  17. Dave says:

    Your fans Love you Daisy! keep up the good work! btw, you look Hot!!

  18. Amanda C. says:

    Awww i love Daisy ! She is so sweet ! I neverr kneww thatss he hadd such a big heart ! I Love ya girll and dont let haterss bring you down . =)

  19. Mallory says:

    A 6 gauge piercing, daisy babe lol, you can not put your thumb thru would be lucky to fit a no. 2 pencil
    Sorry to say but whoever got you a music contract should no longer be in that industry. I think you’re a beautiful girl but you should stop at that. also i pretty sure 12 pack is just a reality show junky

  20. Gerae says:

    Once again, I love Daisy! I say that all the time on this website lol but people need to shut up about Daisy. They obviously dont know her well cause they say the meanest things to bring her down but shes awesome and no one could ever do that. Theres nothing wrong with her, Her show is the best thing to ever happen to VH1 she has alot of charm and charisma..and shes a real person. Shes not a MADE celebrity or an actress {newyork}..and I think thats great, I mean people want to see REAL PEOPLE. I get tired of watching crazy, unrealistic,psycho,I live in another world personality. I mean those people are so off its sick.

    Daisy is real, shes her own person. She created herself, her personality,her look is all her. Like shes her own celebrity and it works for her. Shes a star cause shes not afraid to be who she is and thats what makes her so diffrent.

    You people know nothing about her, you probly all look the same, act the same, obviosly ignurant, thats why they get obssesed with these shows like literally.

    Daisy of love was the best thing to ever happen to Vh1 and Im really excited about another good show called trophy wife with a similar attractive person Megan Hauserman.

    So complain all you want but those other shows are over so get with the new ones or get out.

  21. ATHENA says:

    this show is entertainment just like the other VH1 dating shows. If someone is so upset about VH1 not playing music anymore then why don’t you just write to VH1 about that instead of blogging crap here. Daisy seems to be a genuinely nice girl. Don’t be jealous because she got a show and you didn’t. Leave her alone already, its extremely pathetic how someone can sit and blog and talk about how ugly someone is. Get a life!

  22. Liz says:

    Daisy is a pretty girl. If you hate her so much don’t come on here and give her attention. Weirdos.

  23. ViViAN says:

    FOr real!!! i always like watching VH1 .. but now there is nothing fresh to watch! dazy for love?? you kidden me??

    why does everything have to do with people looking for love on national t.v.! and why should people belive that its real, no wonder they say all Reality shows are fake! i just think you guys need to come out with something better. you guys get a lot of views but its only cuz there is really nothing else to watch! ..

    im 20 years old and i should always find love shows interasting but its over done like everyone now is looking for love, we get it. i think you guys could do better!! at least i hope!!

  24. Rachell says:

    You know, I love VH1 programming and I wouldn’t say I’m really a fan of anyone except Daisy :) I don’t know what it is about her; she seems really genuine and I just want to see her succeed and find happiness. It’s really weird how polarizing she seems to be though, people either love her or hate her. I’m in the love column! You go girl! =) /hugs!

  25. c says:

    poor thing.. in about 10 years she’s gonna look exactly like angelique.

  26. Patrick says:

    Pick me. I think you are the Bommmbbbbbb.
    We would be perfect together. I am a real funny gentleman, & would love to meet you. & I’m single……………..
    Brett didn’t pick you, but I thought were the most sexy and the coolest on the show.. ….a Daisy is a beautiful
    flower God has made , you are his & my,
    “flower of Love.”

  27. AJC_ 87 says:

    To the real cam:
    This is why she does not read the comments here. and do not say cause she is a coward. Daisy does not have to answer to the likes of you. You are just an internet troll going around blogs spewing the same crap. You are an f*ing hypocrite. It sounds like you do not like reality shows at all from reading your comments, and yet you would go for another season of I Love New York. Do you wanna be with her or something? Does this give you a right to tear down Daisy when she did nothing to you. You are acting like a child. A Mindy, Heather, or a Kristy Joe spin off would not be bad at all, your right about that. also for dude79 Do you even like women? Do you have a girlfriend? Is your girlfriend hotter than Daisy? If you said yes to all 3 questions I’ll leave ya alone. If no to all 3 questions please stop trolling the blog comments.

  28. marcy says:

    daisy lets make a show together :)

  29. mollination says:

    That’s funny, “feel the need to protect her” is the exact thing to say. That sums up why I like her. I feel protective (though I don’t know/see her obviously, and I’m like 105 lbs. myself so that probably wouldn’t work anyway, but you know what I mean).

    But unfortunately, I think the fame-disease is seeping in. We saw her in L.A. and she wasn’t this sweet or nice. :( Makes me sad.

  30. Maya says:

    Why does everyone hate on daisy?
    yes she’s got fake boobs, can be a little ditzy but so what!?
    she seems like a nice person, not hurting anyone. why all the hate?

  31. skarlitchilz says:

    This is the most tragic thing I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe the poor girl actually paid for her face to look like that.

  32. Keshi says:

    u guys r really mean to that girl. she never did a Thing to u ppl and u diss her like that. ok to u she mite not look so pretty bcuz she chose to make herself look like that and so what its her body. but i dont see that she did anything to u ppl. she obviously isnt like New York bcuz Daisy is pretty and isnt so mean and self-centered, but the way they got discovered is somewhat the same except the fact that Daisy isnt desperate enuff to be on *3* seasons of that show. so u guys need to stop talking about her…pleeze

  33. Reality7Junkee says:

    I really enjoyed this show, but I think Daisy only picked London to be sure that she got a 2nd season of Daisy of Love. If she were really looking for a REAL MAN, she would of selected Flex. He actually was too good looking, and hot as hell.