I Love Money 2 – Sneak Peek the Season Finale!


See what happens when the final five face their toughest challenge yet and tune-in Monday night to see the final episode and find out who wins!

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  1. Channie says:

    I’m excited for the finale, but PLEASE tell me that Angelique did an interview!!

  2. For Sho says:

    PLEASE bring back I Love Money for additional seasons! This is the best show on VH1 by far.

    Since season 1 aired last August, and season 2 aired in February….any chance we will see ILM3 at the end of this summer? :-)

    Oh, and the Entertainer needs to come back too!

  3. Netta says:

    I cant believe this I knew “IT” was playing everybody I seen his myspace and youtube video of him and he doesn’t even act like that or talk like that!!! I definately think he is strong and smart and is probably gonna win…plus he is gettin his own improv show thats crazy who do yall think is gonna win?????

  4. nellie says:

    i hope taylor made wins it…he palyed a good game and only person whose check never made it in the box….cause whenever u think u have him boxed in the snake slithe right pass….

    he was my favorite player, frenchy second cause she made me laugh like hell and sorry but saaphirly mercy:)

  5. Dana says:

    It is soo funny and he clever too. I read that he went to a performing arts school and even been in a movie! I guess he’s been PLAYIN us this whole time, he aint dumb, get this, he is a martial artist too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CRAZY go check out his myspace

  6. benji says:

    I want I LOVE MONEY 3 after this

    It would be awesome if you brought season 1 & 2 cast members.. like 40 people. haha.

    but anyways

    I wanna see.


    and SCHATAR

    and BOOTZ and BUCKEYE

    for I LOVE MONEY 3

  7. program says:

    If IT wins, I believe it would be good for the show. The underdog concept at its best. Depending on how everything plays out, people would be talking about that for a while. IT seems confident, keeps a smile on his face and doesn’t seem to panic easily. Does he really lack the knowledge and the skill set or is all that pretend city? The man has been in the box more than most plus everyone knows how he communicates. My thoughts are that either Prancer or Taylor-made will win. But wouldn’t it be interesting/funny to see IT when it all:)

  8. pisces says:

    This was an entertaining season of ILM….lets hope that IT is the last man standing with the big check!

  9. sasha says:

    I am extremely disappointed in this season of I Love Money. The most sneaky and conniving people made it to the end, Prancer, Tailor Made, and the most evil one of all, Myammee. She has turned her back on those closest to her, and showed how low she is by the way she spoke to Saaphyri. When you think about it, Saaphyri shouldn’t even be on the show because she got a large sum of money on Charm School, someone else should’ve gotten the opportunity. Even though Tailor Made is sneaky he has my respects for wanting to keep his word to 20 Pack and acting intelligently, plus he remained loyal to the original members of his alliance. I really hope that It wins.

  10. penny says:

    “it” needs his own shows

  11. nobody says:

    probably my favorite vh1 show. this is great, although i really wanted bonez to win (mostly because he seemed to get into the least amount of stupid drama) but i’ll settle for someone who i don’t really mind so much like saaphyri or tailor made. as long as myammee doesn’t win i’m good-besides, after the way she talked to saaphyri, i’m surprised that she’s not dead by now…

  12. Lizzy says:

    I wish they weren’t making you think it was IT (like in the previews) cuz now you know its not gonna be him who wins :o(

  13. nicole says:

    hey i dont mean no harm but i hope maymee dont win she need to fall she know that her fat azz shouldnt when cross that thing in 43 sec i hope her ^#~$$%`&)`_^~@& fall down so bad i hope that it win that money cause he need it to help his family and percined should began went home after she fall talmaid need to stop trying to wimn cause he a looser and everybody else maymee need to die and i will laugh the hole day long that will be so funny and i will be very happy

  14. prettipink4u says:


  15. Katelyn says:

    I am soo happy that myammee won! I would have been so dissappointed if the “snake” Tailor Made won! It made me laugh the whole season he was just too funny! I think there should be an i love money 3 and the entertainr should be back on there because he just made everything so much better! I love this show nd i hope there is going to be another season. This also goes to show that the girls rock at this +)%$_+#@@*(!#~!) tt! First hoopz wins the first i love money and now myammee! I’m ready to see another round of I LOVE MONEY!!

  16. katelyn says:

    I am sooooo happy that myammee won! I wanted the entertain to win but she was my second choice. I hope there is another season of i love money and the entertainer should be in it again! and feisty from for the love of ray j and also chardonnay. Girls deffinately can win that money. First it was hoopz and now myammee Im ready to see another season!! wooo!

  17. ~Sunshine~ says:

    This season finale wasn’t as good as the first … WHAT happen to the jury?!? D*** that sucked.It was stupid I thought to have 3 finalist even though It had me cracken up and it basically was Myammme and Taylor Made competing.Congrats to Myammme for winning the money even though i was all for the other alliance they keep turning on each other and thats what happens so… Taylor Made and Myammme stuck it out with each other and they made it to the finale TWO!!

  18. lowve says:

    The Entertainer needs he’s own show!!!!

  19. sophie says:

    I’m a big fan of I Love Money, but this season sucked. Myammee didn’t deserve to win, based on her evilness and how she treated and spoke about and to others, she also lacks humility. The Entertainer and 20 Pack deserved to be in the top 5, the Entertainer should’ve won that money, he worked hard for it and needs it. Well, now Myammee could buy all the hair she wants, way to help yourself and what a great cause.

  20. Jay says:


  21. taliba says:

    I really wanted It to win

  22. DDDDDD says:


  23. *Criista says:

    IT is sooo funny!! x]
    I agree with “Jay”,
    He NEEDS to have his OWN show!!!! Man i would watch that!!
    Also IT totally shoulda won I love money 2!! Not that betch myammee.!

  24. Sarah Dacey says:

    I Would love to see Taylor Made on I Love Money 3 he should have won the last one hes amazing

  25. SunnyD says:

    I Love Talor Made he should Have his own show

  26. alijah says:

    I hate that Ryan kid off of Megan Wants a Millionaire. Because he went and murdered his wife, Megan Wants a Millionaire and I Love Money 3 have both been canceled. Thanks alot jack #@`!+$`%*%`$@~)