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Master Matchmaker and VH1 Tough Love commander Steve Ward‘s blog commentary comes to a temporary close. Below, Steve gives his last impressions of each of the Tough Love girls, talks about what he learned in the process and gives us a little taste of what to expect from Season 2.

To wrap things up, let’s go through the girls, one-by-one. Give me your final thoughts and tell me what you know about their current situations.

OK, we’ll do it the same way I’ve always done it: alphabetically. Abiola’s first. I talk to her still. She’s dating and she’s happier than ever. She’s happy with herself, she’s happy with others, she’s open-minded, she’s not as emotionally guarded as she once was. I think she’s really poised for a healthy love life. She’s so selfless right now and trying to get the word out to empower other women. I don’t want to see her neglect herself, though. She’s young, so if she wants to settle down anytime soon, I’m sure she could.


I can see that Arian hasn’t been doing the work because she continues to put the blame for her situation in life on others. I wish her the best. I hope she finds the help that she’s searching for, but I don’t think it’s very likely.

It’s ironic that she ended up with a bartender from the friends-and-family mixer, no?

They met vicariously through me. Though it should be noted they didn’t stay together very long either.


She’s pretty optimistic about the road ahead. If I had a chance to continue working with Jacklyn, I think I could have made either relationship work out for her. It could have worked with Brock, it could have worked with Greg. They’re both great guys and they’re both great matches. Just because she found someone who wanted to be with her, it doesn’t mean that she ever really got over her phobia of ending up alone and not having kids after 30. She still has her insecurities. I’m not one to trounce on anyone’s tradition, but I don’t think Jacklyn has a healthy outlook on the way to achieving that goal.


Jessa’s a hard-head. She doesn’t like criticism. But I think once she realized how emotionally invested my mother and I were in this process, how much we cared about the outcome and how much we desired success on their behalf, she knew we were coming from a good place.


I love Jody. It was great to work with her and see her grow. I was disappointed about she and Shane not working out. I think what ended up happening was once Jody left boot camp, there was miscommunication, which led to mistrust, which led to a lack of respect. And that deteriorated their connection. I think Jody learned a lot at boot camp and she’s expanded her dating horizons dramatically, so Jody being in a happy healthy relationship is just a matter of time.


When I met Natasha’s boyfriend last night (at a party), I felt like it was a match that I made because boot camp got her in the right frame of mind. He’s handsome, successful, intelligent, well-dressed, and an overall nice guy. And they’re in love. I’m really happy for her. And she’s been so appreciative of this experience. Just to know that these women were impacted from the experience is the whole point. The reason you should work with me, why it makes sense to hire a matchmaker is that even if you don’t come out with the love of your life, you’re going to end up changed from the experience. You’ll come out fit, trained and conditioned for battle. Love is as battlefield.


The only communication I’ve had with her was over Facebook. She sent me photos of her and Arian topless and drinking champagne off each other in Vegas. I just thought to myself, “You’re not helping!” It’s great that she’s happy and celebrating and all, but she’s not helping.


Love her. She’s awesome. She’s my protégé. She knows right from wrong and she’s wicked smart. She’ll play you. She’ll make you think that she’s dumb or an airhead or aloof or out of touch and then you realize she’s calculating. And I don’t mean that in a negative way, I mean that she can get what she wants. And I think she wants to be a role model and a contributing member of society. Don’t get me wrong, she still has her vices. Pretty, sparkly things still make her smile.

What about her deciding she’s not ready for a relationship after all this?

I believe that she realized that she has a lot of work to do before she can be in a committed relationship. Right now, she’s committed to rebuilding her relationship with her family. She realized how important it is for her family to be completely involved in her life, and she’s going to want them to know who she’s with.

Any final thoughts on how the show affected you?

I learned a lot from this experience. It changed me forever. I knew beforehand what the commitments of a relationship were, but I never knew so much about myself. From this experience, I feel better prepared to someday commit to my life partner, as my mom has to my dad. I’m pretty excited because we’re going to be filming Season 2 this summer. I feel like this is my year to truly define who I am, and what I do.

I know it hasn’t even been cast, but what can we expect from Season 2?

I’d like to work with maybe a single mom. I’d like to represent other cultures that weren’t represented this season. I really enjoy working with desirable, tragically single women that could be doing things a little differently to find love in their lives. I enjoy being a catalyst for that success, and bringing love to people’s lives.

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