New York’s Hypothetical Resume


Courtesy of our amazing intern, Ben Hosley, who conceived and executed this idea, we can present to you what New York’s resume might look like if she were applying for actual jobs based on her VH1 experience. After a glance, it’s probably for the best that this stuff is being coordinated for her on New York Goes to Work, and that she at least gets the chance to take these jobs, regardless…



(Click the sheets to enlarge)

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  1. CharoogAjram says:

    You guys messed up on the Refrences part.

    You wrote Tailor Made as the winner of FOL 2 not ILNY 2, and Tango as the winner of FOL 1 not ILNY 1.

  2. NYS says:

    So how many C–Ks did N.Y. have to S–K to get this show?

  3. Nikki says:

    Is this woman trying to make all women look stupid and weak? For a grown woman she acts as though she is 5. Why doesn’t she actually do the darn jobs and keep her mouth shut. I would do all of these jobs without peeping a word. I cannot believe she is gonna be paid $10,000 for not really even participating in these jobs! With the economy the way it is, she should be ashamed of herself, making a mockery of REAL jobs that people have to do on a daily basis. Go back to the Hollywood Hills and leave us regular people alone. I cannot believe you would allow someone to act like this on TV. OUTRAGEOUS!!

  4. mj says:


    one word.

    get it right, intern.

  5. Yvonne says:

    This piece of crap of a show is suppose to be called entertainment. 51 Minds or NY don’t care about it being a recession. As long as people watch this show and text in their votes they could care less about how we feel about a recession. I watched the first episode and refuse to watch any others.

    I know 51 Minds could have picked a better subject for a show to put this no talent moron in, that is why I don’t support the show or vote and from what I read on the MB she is not doing all the jobs and still getting 10K.

    I happen to see her twitter and NY said the 10K she get is shoe money. IMO, 51 Minds and NY are both laughing in your faces as you blindly follow this crap of a show and pay money out of your pocket to vote on jobs that are fake, for her, in the first place.

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