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We’ve yet to wrap our heads around Becky and Frank’s relationship (even though Frank swears it isn’t one and Becky seems completely invested in it). Below is a conversation we had with them backstage of the I Love Money 2 reunion, a sort of spin-off of our reunion recap. Not sure if it sheds any light on the nature of their coupling, but hey, it’s worth a try:

VH1: You showed up, Becky. I’m surprised. You said you didn’t want to in your interview.
Entertainer: I got power.
Buckwild: I just don’t want to hurt anybody. I gotta get to my club appearance [after the taping].
VH1: So don’t.
Buckwild: But I wanna hit 20 Pack in the face. He’s too pretty.
VH1: Have you guys consummated your relationship?
Entertainer: Till I get out of my parents house, I can’t have a relationship.
Buckwild: No, he means did we f***?
Entertainer: Did we f***? Of course we did.
Buckwild: I explain the big words. That’s my part.
VH1: Well, I’m glad that you came.
Buckwild: I came a whole bunch of times.
Entertainer: You’re an idiot.
VH1: What’s up with the Twitter drama between you guys and Leilene?
Buckwild: Frank doesn’t think that Leilene is an appropriate friend for me to have.
VH1: Do you agree?
Buckwild: I mean, she’s not the best influence on my life! I don’t know what positive things she brings into my life.
Entertainer: I don’t care about you talking to the girl, but it’s gonna be on my terms. It has to go through me first. Then she can speak to you.
Buckwild: I don’t defy Frank.
VH1: I thought Buckwild couldn’t be tamed.
Buckwild: I could calm down sometimes. Although, I did throw a TV last night.
Entertainer: At me. She missed. She almost kicked me with my laptop. She burned me with a cigarette.
Buckwild: He was watching the TV instead of me!
VH1: Your hair is different.
Buckwild: Frank dyed it for me! He’s my personal stylist! Don’t I look good? Don’t I look better than you’ve ever seen me look on any reunion show?
VH1: You look great. Why do you carry so much resentment for 20 Pack?
Buckwild: He voided my check! He voided my check! I could have had him eliminated, Saaphyri could have.
Entertainer: I told her to leave him alone. He doesn’t want a problem.
Buckwild: If he didn’t want a problem, he shouldn’t have voided my f***in’ check. So now he has to deal with what I have to say.
Entertainer: If someone doesn’t want a problem, you should just let it be.
VH1: Is it the principle or the fact that you didn’t get the money or what?
Buckwild: All of the above. I had his back always 100 percent. I threw challenges.
VH1: It’s interesting to see how hard you carry this grudge.
Buckwild: It would be interesting to see how hard I would punch him in the face, if I was allowed to.
Entertainer: Why would you want to?
Buckwild: I would feel better.
Entertainer: You didn’t feel better when you punched me in the face last night.
Buckwild: I did a little.
VH1: It’s also interesting, Frank, that you’re so subdued in comparison.
Buckwild: (Laughs) You’re calm and I’m psycho.
Entertainer: This is just how it is. I’m calm most of the time and then there’s that two percent of time when I go insane, and she’s calm when I do.
Buckwild: We’re usually not nuts at the same time. I’ll be punching things and he’ll be laughing.
Entertainer: She cries, I laugh. She just wants attention a lot and she gets mad when I don’t.
Buckwild: You give my vagina a lot of attention.
Entertainer: You say things out in public, but you gotta keep it in the sheets.
Buckwild: There’s none in here. That couch looks kinda dirty.
VH1: I’m sure you’ll do whatever! Becky, be good.

And, for the most part, she was. The end. Keep up with their romance via Buckwild’s Twitter and Frank’s Twitter. And check out additional pictures of the couple in the gallery below.

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