Irv’s Sonny Faces On-Court Adversity



For Sonny Lorenzo, part of Irv Gotti‘s clan that currently can be seen on Gotti’s Way, having a famous father is a gift and a curse even on the basketball court. In a recent interview on b-ball, the 12-year-old broke down the pros and cons of having Irv as his pops:

“One pro is that I have a lot of connections in basketball and life but the con is that all the players want to come after me because he’s my dad and they think I have everything.”

[Basketball Spotlight News]

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  1. samantha says:

    You have a beautiful family,i hope you will realize that those other women dont last, but what you have with you wife will..But only if you let it.

  2. tish says:

    first i would like 2 ask angie y would she listen 2 anything DMX wife have 2 say when her husband got kids all over the world matter fact he got 1 by my pep in buff so she’s the wrong person 2 b gettin advise from…………………..

  3. Lyzzzz says:

    This is for Irv. what up with the double life??you ever hear of karma???maybe that’s why you are still not quite where you should be in your career etc.. you gotta get right dude, simple as that and if you are ever on the West Coast and need a make-up Industry all around professional, holla… other than that God is who you need to be hooking up with, “you dig” good luck and God Bless. Lyzzz

  4. Renee Nash says:

    u r a trip, u think that deb still wont u get over yourself. she don’t wont u no more. y would she wont u and u don’t wont her. just pick up the kids and keep it moving!!! but mem like u just wont to controll someone. what u not man enough to keep the kids by yourself?just like Russell Simmons told u let Deb go to find a REAL MAN. Kick Rocks IRV GOTTI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. rebecca says:

    I was wondering if Debb went to immaculate conception. I remeber a Debbie when I went Immaculate. If it is you look the same and have not aged at all. I respect you so much for being on television and letting people see what many women go through. Your a strong woman and you deserve a good man that will love you the way you love with respect and loyalty. I think he is keeping you there until he is ready to settle down again. He knows you are a good woman and he has dealt with grimmy dirty females. I don’t think you should waste your time any longer. He has women because of his money. You will find real love. You have my respect.