Vote On A Youssou N’Dour Remix, Bolster African Health



These are the days when we have to solve problems together. Working in the spirit of such notions, the IntraHealth group has brought lots of new ideas about open source medical technologies to the table, and their health care initiatives in Africa are benefiting from them. Like most forward thinking enterprises, they’ve gotten plenty of cooperation from artists.

African bandleader and global superstar Youssou N’Dour is key to this movement, and his “Wake Up – It’s Africa Calling,” is at the center of a fun contest that finds the global music community rocking remixes of the song. Nas, Duncan Sheik and Peter Buck of R.E.M. have already put a spin on it, and after a few weeks worth of entries, lots of others have tried their hands as well, using online collaboration software from Indaba, the social network that has members in over 175 countries.

Now it’s your turn to participate. Head to the site, listen to some great music, and vote on the tracks that you like. After the winning selection is chosen, it will be added to the official OPEN Remix album and will be available for download on both the IntraHealth website and on Rhapsody. The voting ends May 22, so carve out some time to connect with others, hear these fun tracks, and learn more about IntraHealth’s goals.

Listen to the submissions, and learn more more about the IntraHealth initiative.

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