Preview Monday’s New Episode of Gotti’s Way 2!


Catch a sneak peek of Monday’s new episode as Irv tries to sign a hot young MC and Deb keeps moving further away from him.

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  1. KIM says:


  2. Lyz Mendoza says:

    Deb, what is up with you? you are a beautiful lady inside and out and you deserve a man that adores you, and trust me you have all the qualities to attract a one woman man. I think Irv is a great dad, never the less, you are in a tough position. I don’t think I could handle what you have in your hands, stay strong and trust me it’s obvious why you do what you do and the children are very luck to have you. Stay strong my friend. God Bless Lyz

  3. Lyzzz says:

    Hey Deb, it’s me again, why do you wear a ring? you are giving this man way to much power, look I am far from being a man basher or a hater of any sort, however I have watch for some time and trust me, as a woman we allow the man to either treat us with respect or not, so yes, it is on you. Make that move girl or stop your crying, you make your bed so choose and do what you got to do. Hit me back if you dare. I’m in Los Angeles and we don’t play that out here. God Bless

  4. mishelle says:

    Deb, hi my name is mishelle and i am in the same position as you currently are in. I have four boys with my husband and for two years we haven’t been together but he feels that because he helps pay the bills while i am in medical school that he can come and go as he pleases. He has also cheated on me several times. But i have let this situation go on because of the kids. because they hurt in this nobody else. I cried when i saw last week’s episode. It really hit the spot and you are beautiful and still full of life. Look into going back to school. See the bigger pictureof life. He might change but not now. He will get older and this young honeys wont even notice himanymore. Karma is real. He loves you but not enough to stop cheating like he said in season one. And these chick munchers don’t make it any easier. you deserve alot. But start doing you. Going back to school has really help me out alot it is hard but let’sme know that ican make my own money and struggle alone with my four boys without disrespecting myself in this so calles relationship. I really love the show and i watch because of you. You really are true anot phony and fake. And you really opened up to let us see that star status isn’t always glamourous. I hope you find love. mishelle

  5. kcrawford says:

    I have comments for both Irv and Deb and I am a . First….. IRV, I-for one-appreciate your honesty. You’ve been nothing but honest since day one and it’s best that you do that rather than sneek and lie easily to her knowing you could do that. You’re passionate about your kids and your music and I can appreciate that. You’re not like plenty of other men that say forget the mother of my kids, I’ll just take care of my kids. You not only take care of the mother of your kids, you take care of a child that you know is not biologically yours ( in my eyes, she is yours for all that you do) faithfully. I never thought I’d use the word faithful in the same PARAGRAPH with your name but I just did!!!LOL People think you are an ~)+^+~_`_)^(*_$ hole and dirty for what you do but I can appreciate that you consistently inform her to find her happiness. Although, I think if she does, you wouldn’t like it too tough… On the business side, thank you soooo much for dropping Ashanti, that was very much needed. She was a liability to Murder,Inc. for a while now. You are a really good businessman and you know talent. You know you and you know how you are. Only thing you need to understand is that after while Irv, the curtain will close and you will just wanna sit at home, watching tv with someone you love and that loves you back. You’ve got it made now because sadly enough, Deb still loves your dirty drawers no matter how bad you’ve done her. Will you find that anywhere else, especially 20 years from now… See broads throw themselves at you because unfortunately, just like you have a plan, so do they. They see money and clothes and shopping sprees, while all you see is A$$. And to you, that maybe an even exchange but YOU won’t have all that money forever (you make money to spend it) and she won’t have that body forever. Then, what will have left to remember? What kind of GENUINE life experiences will you be able to tell your grandchildren. Overall Irv, I think that your relationship with Deb is fine because the way I see it….”IF SHE LIKES IT, (and apparently she does, she’s still there) YOU SHOULD LOVE IT” ( AND YOU DO-I CAN TELL)!!!!!

  6. shonda says:

    I just watched the show and honestly I’m tired of watching it. I watched it last season and the same mess is still happening. Deb, I really wish you would get a back bone and some dignity and respect for yourself and leave Irv. Watching the show is painful because I hate to see a women especially a black women staying with someone that dogs them out like your suppose to be husband does you. No he doesn’t literally call you out your name, but abuse is abuse and I wouldn’t want someone walking all over me and telling me how much they want other women instead of me. You always make the statement that you’re doing it for your kids, but I really think that you’re lazy and got so use to the lifestyle that you’re not willing to leave not even for your children. Your daughter thinks that you are stupid for staying it’s all over her face. I really feel for her and hopes she understands that is not the type of life you’re suppose to live. I’m so sorry if this sounds harsh but I feel like if someone don’t tell you the truth, you’ll never know how weak and pathetic you’re looking on national television. I know this makes good TV for Irvs’ show but he is looking normal and you’re looking like a bad parent. I really hope you find happiness because we hardly ever see you smile on the show and if the viewers noticed, I’m sure your kids have to.

  7. Robin says:

    Your “baby steps” are significant steps. Keep judgmental people OUT your ear and those who talk down about your husband. He got his trails he must go through on his own. And guess what, you can’t jump in and pull him up “everytime”. Just on the outside looking in, you’ve pulled him up more times than you should have. It’s understandable, you felt sorry for him so you did what a wife/friend would normally do, help a brotha out. Well, if you are always there rescuing him (hear me on this….I’m not talking bout material things) he’ll never get the lesson God intended for him to get. Pray for him and let that be your way of being there for him. Yea it is the norm for one to say “pray for him”, but it is what it is. Prayer doesn’t take the pain and hurt away immediately, but it can give you a peace within that surpasses all understanding (trust me on that). Irv is not happy with the way things are (or were) with his family. He knows you got his back and on the real … he got to be f#$% up on the inside when he commits acts that goes against the grand of ya’ll friendship/marriage. He (as we all) got some issues that got to be dealt with. It’s up to him when he plans to deal with them. You are dealing with yours by taking significant steps. ? I hope this comment reaches you in spirit. Peace!! Praying for the both of you. I’ve been there….

  8. JUDY43 says:


  9. Robin says:

    I ment to say “grain” in my comment below.

  10. cherrywood says:

    I feel so sorry for Deb because she appear to be a nice woman and deserves a life. gotti want to do is keep her stuck and alone he seems to be okay coming to her house and infading her privacy and go enjoy his life do what ever but she just sitting around doing herself. He don’t want her to have anybody so he continue coming around. I bet anything that if she found someone he would be mad and jealous. She really need to put her foot down.

  11. I LOVE ME says:


  12. jonisha from Detroit says:

    Deb don’t listen to people who are not married.I am a married women and understand what your doing for you and your family.Listen everyone.1st do you have God in your life or marriage,that is one reason things don’t go right.Deb and Irv never mention him.You need to start going to church so that your children can get to know him.If Irv had god in his life his marriage will never break apart(God will bless your marriage).Deb only you know when it’s time to move on and you’re not stupid.You just love the man you married and it hard to let go especially when you love someone to death do you apart. That why marriages you see last,but you’re on the right path move on and find happiness. J.B.

  13. reacy says:

    I think Russell Simmons said it best a few episodes ago. He basically told him to kick rocks and let her do her thang! Irv is selfish. He don’t want her and he doesn’t want anyone else to have her. Before she finds another man she needs to find God. He will send her a man. I understand she wants the kids to have a family but honestly, what kind of family is this? Move on and get yourself together is my advice.

  14. cinnamonfox says:

    Gotti, I watched June 8th episode, Big ups to DEB! Your a piece of work. Your alright looking, but your attitude sucks, it’s one thing to be confident, your down right errogant )+%&(%&_#_*_`#) hole! I could have you, I know I’m a catch. But your nothing to have, so you have murder inc, that’s it! I will pray for you, because you need Jesus.
    Please let know Deb is cool, and she has mad supporters all around the world, BIG UPS TO DEB!
    You’s a sucka with money, you creep! Man down. Holla at your girl?

  15. RighteousEarth says:

    LOl….I’m try to find Deb on myspace, she got 2 b 1 of my top friends, she put Gotti out…lol…That right paid in full, birth your children!…not even that birth your son & daughter you still own me! I would get him better then Micheal Jorden wife got him!…And your right there a differnce between WIFE & wify!…And your his WIFE….Gotti, i like the respect you gave Deb when she shut you down, that right, you put your tail between your legs and kept it moving! Much respect 4 that…

  16. Debra Young says:

    Deb the way you acted against my man Irv was the reason why he is not there he dont want you anymore get a clue ,get out of my house that is his kids house you dont pay ANYTHING i wish i had it that good.If a man sees the show and the way you acted against IRV no man wants to hear all of that loud arguing they want peacefulness and not someone that curse like a sailor and your kids were listening they dont need that negativity woman get a divorce and move on by yourself you are noy going to find anyone you are MEAN!!!!!!!