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For the second time in a row, Gia’s drunken behavior got her bounced from a reality show on its first episode. But she’s learned from the experience! Below, she talks about how horrifying it was to watch herself in such an out-of-control state, the changes she’s made in her life since, and why she wants another crack at reality TV.

What are your thoughts on what happened?

I think it was terrible. It was awful. At least this time, I wasn’t the very first person to go. I hadn’t drank for four months prior to that. I was completely sober. A little bit after Rock of Love, I quit drinking completely. Then I went on Charm School and they were expecting the wild Gia and I hadn’t eaten that much that day. I just kept drinking and drinking.

Yeah, you said that you weren’t planning on drinking.

Yeah. You go to Charm School to change and be a better person and act like a lady. And I just ended up drinking and it ruined everything once again.

Was it tough to watch?

It really was. I was in tears after I watched it.

Did you remember a lot of what happened?

No, not until I saw it on TV. I was in a blackout, and I didn’t have a recollection of pretty much 89 percent of what happened.

Do you regret specific incidents? Pulling Ashley down to the carpet, for example?

Yeah. I completely regret that. That was so stupid. It’s so embarrassing. If I was in my right mind, I would have known. When I put her name down, I thought it meant something completely different.

I could kind of see your drunk logic, though: you wanted a friend.

I didn’t know what was going on. It made me look horrible. I talked to Ashley about that after I watched it, and she said, “Don’t worry about it, girl. I still love you.”

What about your post-elimination tantrum?

I didn’t remember that, either. I was so sloppy. It was so upsetting. It made me break down just watching that. I don’t want anyone to see me like that and doing it on television just made it worse. Nothing I said made sense.

You said, “I’m prettier than all those other f***ing bitches.”

I think I said that because I came back all this way out to do another show, I had pulled myself together, I had some sobriety time under my belt, and I just felt so well put together. I couldn’t believe it was happening, and I just said whatever mean comment I could say.

It seems like it was out of frustration, which was understandable.

I felt set up, too. They send the ladies to Charm School. They want to curtail their drinking. They want to stop this and that, and yet there’s a full bar poolside. It doesn’t make much sense to me. I could see if it happened one night and they kept you around to let you reflect on what happened, but it didn’t make sense to me to kick me off there just like that. Fans have written to me, like, “That’s bulls***. That’s why they’re sending you there.” Also, people were confused because they saw me say I stopped drinking on the Rock of Love Bus reunion, and then this aired after, even though it was shot before. There’s so much more to me than drinking and I’m mad that I fed into it, that I let this happen. I feel like I could have stayed on there if I’d written Brittaney Starr’s name down. Something.

So even reflecting on this while sober, you think Brittaney should have gone before you?

Hell yeah. Eliminating me broke the Blondourage up and it didn’t give me the chance to change or show my true colors. I’m really capable of being a nice young lady instead of a drunken hot mess.

Yeah, once again, you only got one episode to rep for the Blondourage.

We all party it up, but it’s always too much for one episode. You get so excited and caught up in the moment. I’m so little, I’m the tiniest one out of everyone there. I’m like 4’11″, 100 lbs., and putting away all those shots just doesn’t mesh well with me. It completely ruined everything. I regret it and I wish I could go back.

I thought it was clever when you referred to you guys as the “rubbing alcoholics.”

Yes! I did have my moments where I wasn’t completely sloshed, where maybe a few things made sense.

The sugar daddies thing was also amusing.

But see, that’s another thing. It’s like, OK, I’m no longer stripping, so now there’s sugar daddies, but I would have wanted to change that, too. I wanted to learn how to be a better person. But trust me, I have become a better person since Charm School.

If you got sober based on what happened on Rock of Love, and then you did it again based on Charm School, that’s a huge thing to take from reality TV, right?

When I was watching it, I just told myself, “Look at this as a positive experience to help you stay sober and to keep those changes in your life.” It’s something to reflect on. I do not ever want to be that person again. I’m a mess when I drink like that.

Dr. Drew and I have talked about how showing addicts their inebriated behavior can be quite helpful.

A lot of people don’t change because what happens is you forget about what happened or you drink even more to forget. You don’t get to reflect on it or even see it.

Ironically, you could be one of the girls to benefit the most from Charm School.

I’m assuming that most of the girls didn’t change. I assume, also, that they can keep a handle on the alcohol and know when to party and when not to.

So based on these two experiences, do you still want to do more reality TV?

I would love to do more now that I have a better handle on my life and don’t drink anymore. I’m really sad that a lot of my fans that have faith in me becoming a better person had to see me like that. And people who were just seeing me for the first time and who were like, “Goodness. Who is this girl?” I’m really not a mess. I would love the chance to shine through as the good person that I am, and not just an alcoholic.

Keep up with Gia via her MySpace.

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  1. bob says:


    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! This girl has only been on 2 episodes!! So for the people who like her, they like her for being such a sad, sloppy, _&~!#!^)!##^~*~&* drunken mess. Poor thing. “Fans” hahahahaha!!!

  2. tara says:

    I LOVE YOU GIA!! i’m so glad to hear that you’ve changed some of your ways, but you live and you learn. you seem like a strong (+_+)^)**)&@!$( woman! i really hope to see you on tv again real soon! if VH1 knows whats good for them they’ll definatly have you’ve got quite the fanbase going and you’re #(^@!_%`)##$)+`* ing adorable<3

  3. sergio says:

    you rocks gia, i love you, i hope to seeya maybe in i love money 3 or 4 or 5. good luck!

  4. john says:

    gia your #~~_**^@#!%`@%&# ing hot when ur sober and drunk holllaaaa

  5. Bruce says:

    Gia is the (@)++^#^+#`&#+)~ ing best!!! deff the hottest one on that show

  6. Derp says:

    bob: It may sound pretty stupid that she says she has fans, but that’s how it really goes on these reality shows. People like Myammee and New York and Buckwild gain fans by simply being stupid and obnoxious as hell. You can gain any amount of fans just by simply having your face in front of the camera on these shows.

  7. Kandis says:

    Wow. I never watched Rock of love, it always seemed stupid to me, but I love Charm School and when I saw the way Gia acted on the very first day I was like, “Oh my god, this girl is such a reject tard!” I really didn’t quite understand how you could go on a show to change,but act like a drunken sleeze bag! I have to say, after reading this, I sorta feel sorry for her tho because she made quite a good point! Vh1 is just trying to make ratings off these girls, they don’t care about change! The alchohal in all it’s variety was placed out there to tept them and lead them into wanting to have fun. Only the scheaming $&&~~+%%!+(&~@~(# es didn’t drink and I think that the girls smart enough to not drink like Bay Bay Bay’s $&&~~+%%!+(&~@~(# _(`(%_*&^ should never win Charm school just for being a better player! It’s suppossed to be about change, not how well you can play the game and Gia should have been allowed to stay over the nasty porn star!

  8. Sophie says:

    I think it is hilarious that Lala is a Dean at Charm School were she will judging the behavior of these young lady’s. She showed poor judgment when she couldn’t even control her behavior at a Mavericks VS Nuggets game when a fan made a racial remark and she was thrown out of the stadium for attacking the fan.

  9. Rachel says:

    Anyone that goes on reality tv should be smart enough to know that the living arrangements, the introduction and/or supply of aclohol, and conflicting personalities are all factors which are INTENTIONALLY set up by VH1 producers to result in the most dysfunctional and humiliating display young adults can possibly make themselves to be. I thought everyone knew this – even the people on reality tv. It’s just sad to think that you’ve accomplished anything when really your being kicked off a dumb reality tv show . . . There’s your 15 minutes.

  10. chase617 says:

    GIA! i love you! your hot, idc what anyone says. you’re the best.

  11. John2k9 says:

    yeah i was hopeing Gia wouldn’t leave i was really liking that girl but yeah you know it’s your fault so you live off decisions in your life and she made a wrong one there

  12. Mia says:

    I don’t think anyone has any right to judge Gia or anyone of these girls. They have no clue what it’s like to be on a reality show, have cameras in your face 24/7, etc. I think people need to keep their negative comments to theirselves.

  13. dt says:

    That sucks Gia got booted, just for getting to messed up one night, it happens to all of us. I also think it was BS hat Bev got sent home. Brittney star is a serious @#@#^)$!(!$#~*++( Ashley will get her (^)(`_~%+_`$_@+ though, unless she goes and cries again

  14. Christian Cota says:

    hahahaha gia i said in my other comment that u wud get sent home 1st and watta u no i was hahahahah ~!^`(~+#*~@#+%#%!

  15. Dummm says:

    I think the LaLa situation was a bit different….not that simple. They threated her small son….how would you feel if that happened to you….I dunno….don’t be so quick to point your finger at LaLa….you smell a bit like a HATER!?!

  16. Dre says:

    Hey Gia babes your fuqqin hawt! Stay sober babes and I love the fact that your Bi. Means I have 1/2 a chance if I ever meet you in Hollyhood I’ll def step to you.

    Much Love
    Quiet Storm

  17. businator says:

    good for gia. i never thought about that, they know some of the people there have problems with drinking, so why try to sabotage them? i think vh1 should give her another chance.

  18. dennis says:

    GIA is a hott mess…drinking or not she did this to herself…she didnt deserve to be in charm school and blaming it on vh1 for providing alcohol is a copout..just because it is there doesnt mean you have to drink it to an excess that you make a sloppy idiot out of yourself…i dont think she changed at all and im sure she still drinks..even MARCIA could control herself enough to know what the hell was going on! im glad GIA got expelled…

  19. hellfusionx says:

    :) :) I LOVE GIA, She’s the most cute girl on the both show and the best of the Blondourage, also GIA don’t believe in the _!$`)+~`*~($)!#) ing haters you’re great person and have a great personality LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Mia Primo says:

    heyy Gia you are kool but the way you acted in both reality shows was crazy but i will always believe in you and you farrah and ashley are all kool. your my bestest friend ? you rock GIA your my favorite person on tv, you,ashley,farrah, are all kool. Also, i’m glad all of you are trying to change expecially you. you are the best GIA. GIA IS AWESOME N YOU KNOW WATS KOOL YOUR NAME RYMES WITH MINE ?

  21. marie27 says:

    I think you are fun and extremely beautiful and I “party” with you if your would “party” with me! I think you should have been given another chance b/c you needed some help and that was what you were there for! Love you girl! Keep your head up!

  22. Naiya says:

    Gia should GO HOME!!! She got drunk and so did Marcia!!!

  23. lina says:

    i really like gia she da most pretty girl in there we got alot in common thats what i lke her and she is pretty crazy like me….^^

  24. Bo0 says:

    i really like gia cuz she is crazy and pretty too..dont hate cuz she is pretty `*)$#&&@_*+_^*$@` ez…and i think she is da most hot girl there ..i dont who like who u dont like a wanna kno that too..but i love u GIA im ur #1 fan and u rock and crazy `*)$#&&@_*+_^*$@` luv u!!!

  25. nikki says:

    even though this girl has been a drunken mess, i still want to see more of her. she seems cool and smart despite drunken rages and shots in her vajayjay

  26. suja22 says:

    poor Gia..Your such a cute girl. You need to get yourself together I would think after rock of love you would have wanted to come redeem yourself..instead you come infront of millions of views and made an )~@*&!%!!@)(&#~ out of yourself should be embarressed

  27. mkelli says:

    Awww Gia!! i was really hoping all the “BLONDE-TOURAGE” chicks were gonna rock charm school… but its all good as long as Ashley is around blonde-tourage is gonna rock!!

  28. emily says:

    That is why they have all of the drinks there to tempt everyone and get them drunk and make them look like fools on national tv.

  29. selina says:

    Your sexy Gia and Hope the best for you.. F***k that grandma Porn Star lol

  30. scifiwritir says:

    Plain and simple: self-control, women. Just because alcohol is there doesn’t mean you have to drink it. Just because your worst enemy is being an idiot doesn’t mean you have to pull her hair out or argument. Just because some hot guy is in a room doesn’t mean one has to rip one’s clothes off. There’s such a thing as being mindful and carrying one’s self carefully instead of the alcohol carrying you. Heck, we aren’t mindless buttons sitting around waiting to be pushed. We have minds of our own. Hopefully, the charm school girls will learn this. KO, I’m rooting for you.

  31. patricia says:

    I think she’s a very nice, hot, caring and intelligent person but sometimes temptations can get to you specially if they’re right in your face. I think she’ll be ok. I love her!!

  32. Jim says:

    just wish you could have stayed a little longer. i liked the hat you wore on the show! maybe next season.

  33. Jeniii says:

    I thnk she is one of the best girls @ reality tv
    the should totally take her back
    or put her in another show ;

  34. aleah says:

    GIA IM SO MAD YUR GONE, i hope to see yu back on tv soon

  35. eso says:

    Gia is adorable. I really wish she hadn’t been kicked off!

    And I’d like to point out that I am definitely one of her fans. She does have them!

  36. IWantedGiaToStay says:

    Gia needed help but the phoney, formerly morbid obese Ricki kept Natasha?!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why does Charm School use morbidly obese or former morbidly obese women as leader? Natasha should have been sent !*#%&#&^&%)^_%*$! ng for the way she acted. That was disgraceful. Instead they send Gia home which was biased.

  37. diamond johnson says:

    hi charm school hi ur yall doing
    when is yall coming down here luv luv yall

    luv luv luv luv luv luv charm school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. jess_luvs_gia9 says:

    i love gia cuz she so hott and i would love to see more of ha on tv cuz without gia, tv is sooo lame for me!!!!!
    ~love ya gia~
    muah!!!! ~kisses~