Will Tiffany Get Naked on the Next New York Goes to Work?


Find out if New York ends up working as a casting director, a cafeteria worker or as an employee at a nudist resort on the next episode of New York Goes to Work.

Click here to see next week’s job sites and watch some of the show’s funniest moments so far.

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  1. Yvonne says:

    I don’t know why that should be a problem. She always have those overblown fake boobs hanging out anyway. This should be right up her alley.

  2. Prettybaby says:

    “I have to agree with Yvonne, and not because its my name too, but because shes right New York is always flashing, shes always half naked anyway, never did really leave too much to the imagination anyhow, and I ain’t hatin, if thats what floats her boat, then so be it, but what I really wanna know is when are you all gonna have a real reality show, whereas the big and beautiful gets hooked up and a chance to find love?
    “I’m sure I have some to agree with me,(Big girlz need Luv 2)starring PRETTYBABY! “Feel me? Now contact me…..

  3. Precious T says:

    Will she or not, who cares, but she do need some acting classes if shes wants to go hollywood, but if being a b???? gets her paid, then she better stay hollyhood, and if that means getting naked, then hey, and whos paying for it, cause they can keep their monies, cause if they want to see her naked, all they have to do is pop in a dvd, of flava of love 1 and 2, and picture her without the few strings she did wear,
    “New York I gotta give ot 2 u, u get on my nerves with that fake !@@@%*+`!$@&#%# reality, you can’t even act like you for real but its getting you paid, so get your’s feel me?
    “C how I mixed it up wit some hood scriptin, now thats real, its called shorthand or text writing, now practice, oh nand don’t let me comment on college hill, even though I know thats not yall VH1, but that Kyle, somebody gotta give it to him 2!”

  4. nawgust says:

    Why are nudists always the people you don’t want to see nude?

  5. kelsy.j says:

    this show is horrible who the heck thought about this. I am a vh1 reality show junky and this crap just makes me turn the channel. new york needs to stick to dating, she is obviously to dumb to do anything else.

  6. brianna says:

    i really like new york i hope she wins all the money

  7. Margie Robbis says:

    I hope to hell she doesn’t appear naked!They’re teenagers watching.We don’t need to give them that message!

  8. alex lyrics says:


  9. sisi says:

    has anyone noticed that in the corner of the smiley face when they “covered” their nude parts you can see a bit of clothing .. I doubt the nudest !!(!)*~#(~!~&#@*

  10. kiki says:

    I dont think she is that sluty she is a gorgeous girl and yall are just jealous she should of chose chance tho that man is fine DAMN!!!!! YOU GO NEW YORK

  11. diva says:

    Tiffany is a hard working sometimes and nice sometime She was scared of some things and I also would be scared,too.