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For a long time now, metal mavens and thudmeisters have known that Anvil is one of their music’s best kept secrets. But since the arrival of Anvil! The Story of Anvil, lots of “regular” music fans have also discovered the power of the veteran Canadian rockers. The acclaimed documentary captures the group’s relentless spirit. Nope, the guys in Anvil have never been superstars. But they have carried on in the face of adversity. Turns out some dudes just love to rock. Guess that’s why Rolling Stone says the movie is a “tear-inducing testament to human perseverance.” WATCH CLIPS

The film has garnered all its accolades while being shown in limited release – an even bigger success story. Today, May 15, it opens to a much wider audience (see the list of cities and theaters after the jump), and we’re celebrating with a sweet little sweepstakes.

The guys in Anvil, including founders Steve “Lips” Kudlow and Robb Reiner, will have brunch with the winner and three friends in the winner’s hometown. That’s right, quite soon you just might be enjoying a heavy metal omelette with one of rock’s most ear-shattering bands. The brunch date also includes a car service pick-up and drop-off for the winner and his/her friends. Winner and guests must be 21 or over.

Winners will be chosen in a random drawing, but to enter you must comment on the movie. Watch the trailer above and tell us why you’d like to see this film.

Respond in the “comments” field below, and cross your fingers. You may soon be enjoying brunch with Anvil. Contest ends on June 5. Enter right now.





Angelika, NYC
The Landmark, LA
Fairfax 3, LA
Varsity, Seattle
Kendall, Cambridge, MA
Lumiere, SF, CA
Shattuck, Berkeley, CA
Aquarius, Palo Alto, CA
Ritz Bourse, Philadelphia, PA
Anthony Wayne, Wayne, PA
Main Art, Detroit, MI
Hollywood Twin, Portland, OR
Hillcrest, SD
Edina Minneapolis, MN
Gateway, Columbus, OH
Savoy, Montpelier, VT
Clearview’s 1st & 62nd, NYC
Clairidge, Montclair, NJ
Cinema 100, White Plains, NY
Bronxville, Bronxville, N Y
Roslyn Cinemas, Roslyn, NY
Washington Township Cinema, Washington Township, NJ
Millburn Cinema 4, Millburn, NJ
Cinemart, Forest Hills, NY
Brooklyn Heights Cinema, Brooklyn, NY
Upstate Films, Rhinebeck, NY
E Street, Washington, DC
Pipers Alley, Chicago, IL
Barrnington 30, S. Barrington, IL
Cantera, Warrensville, IL
Vinegar Hill, Charlottesville, VA
Lark Theater, Larkspur, CA

Anvil are seizing the moment, and heading into the studio later this year to record their 14th album, Juggernaut of Justice. They recently cut a song for Sons of Anarchy on the Fox network. They’ll be appearing in the show as well.

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  1. Jeff says:

    I caught Anvil! The Story of Anvil at SXSW and it was really really great. I was one of the many that had never heard of them before but now I can only hope for the best for these guys.

  2. Susan K. says:

    The real reason to see this movie is two-fold. Trent Reznor recommended it on Twitter and secondly, all my friends are in bands and know how hard it is to make it as a musician. That’s why I will see this movie again!

  3. John B says:

    Best movie of the year so far. Totally inspiring.

  4. Tara says:

    I agree with Susan. Being a singer I think I could relate to this movie. The music business is TOUGH!

  5. Shayne Schecht says:

    I went twice to see it at the NuArt in L.A., and both times it was totally sold out. Sucked. Beed a fan since the 80s and most of the people I saw in line were kids who never heard of them before. Glad they are finally getting the recognition the deserve but why do I have to keep missing them?

  6. Jason says:

    This band is METAL!

  7. Matt Ingram says:

    I’ve seen this movie several times.. I always try to think of a movie that I’ve enjoyed more. I can’t think of one. Anvil! The Story of Anvil, is the best movie I’ve ever seen. So inspirational, funny, emotional, action, killer music – it’s everything a movie should be and more. The bonus.. it’s a true story.. about real guys fighting for their dream.

    Aside from the amazing story, the movie is so well edited with amazing cinematography and an amazing score – it’s mind blowing. I’ve never seen another documentary come close to what has been achieved with this movie.

    if you haven’t seen this – you need to make sure you see it, your life will be changed.

  8. Lisa S. says:

    LOVED This movie. I got misty-eyed at the conclusion. Any fan of Rock should see this.

  9. Mauria Ellenson says:

    Muah! <3

  10. Matt says:

    Saw the movie the day after it came out in Royal Oak, MI.
    I absolutely loved it. Surprisingly moving and you can’t help but pull for these guys.
    I’ve recommended it to countless friends.

  11. johnny says:

    I have been an Anvil fan from the 80′s, when ” The Story of Anvil” was released I did not walk, I ran to see it!! It shows the dedication and love that these two musicians (Lips and Robb) have for music. When most would have given up they kept it alive. It is the most heart warming documentary I have ever seen. Young or old, metal head or not it’s a must see for all. Keep it up guys!

  12. John Lavelle says:

    I saw the movie at the blender theater in NYC this spring. It was great and is a testament to perseverance and commitment. Anvil was a great influence on us in the early 80′s and played great live shows with other bands no on hears of anymore. The only downside was not enough songs from the first two albums were played live that night. I’ll have to catch a whole show.

  13. GINA says:

    Looks good,would love to meet the guys!

  14. Hens says:

    Lots of kids want to be superstars in their teens and give up when it doesn’t happen in their twenties. Anvil shows that it’s not about instant stardom but about the lasting love of music.

  15. Alexander R. says:

    I saw this film with my girlfriend at the Nuart Theater in Los Angeles on April 10th. It was a really fun experience. We had a great time watching the film. Our enjoyment of it was heightened due to the fact that Robb and Lips were there with us, and we saw them walking in, so we knew that any response or laughter or applause would be heard by them too. It was a special treat when the filmmakers, and ANVIL got up after the show to answer questions and talk with us. We gave Robb a high five as he was heading back out to the lobby to greet more fans. Truly a fun time.

  16. Jennifer T says:

    I loved this movie. It makes you feel like should never give up on your dreams.


  17. Ariel says:

    Anyone who has ever worked towards a dream needs to see this film. I feel like seeing it changed my life. So touching, so moving, so funny, and so metal! I’ve seen it twice so far. :)

  18. jeff wagner says:

    saw the movie and loved it, i only knew a little about the band beforehand– really inspiring story actually, far different from what i expected..

  19. BigJD (Jeff) says:

    Why see the Anvil movie? Because in this time of economic and other crisis, whether it be job loss or your own frustration from just not getting ahead or where you want to be or imagined yourself at this time in your life, this film will shed new light on your situation, give you new hope and make you realize you are not alone. With passion you can persevere. Anvil is the real deal. Sacha captured that 100%. There’s no way you want to miss this documentary, regardless of your personal music or film tastes.

  20. Sara says:

    saw anvil at angelika in nyc. so so so good. inspiring and heartwarming. *_~#$@!`%!^^$~+~ ing metal!

  21. Angela Tamburro says:

    BRUNCH!!! Anvil Rules!

  22. Mamacita likes Huevos Rancheros says:

    Lips and Robbo feel like my long lost uncles. Saw the movie at a small film festival and had no idea what was in store for us and my senior citizen mom. We thoroughly enjoyed the film and the guys who did Q&A and a live set afterward. My lil ole ma stood up banged her head and gave them the \m/ \m/ (with a little help from me)! Lips and Robbo made a memorable moment I’ll forever cherish–my mom can rock!

  23. Bee Elle Za Bub says:

    Just saw the film!!! Thanks for the wider release and was shocked and amazed at what these guys have been able to endure for their craft. It’s great to see that they are finally being recognized and that someone was there to capture these real life moments on film.

    Michael Schenker can suck it!!! Hope he has fun on his tour with Tiziana…

  24. Rob Ankrom says:

    Watch the trailer?!, hell, I JUST SAW THE FREAKING MOVIE! It was fantastic! All the (`*)%%^!+(^&$)*& that Lips and Robb had to put up with in their lives (and all the people that have to put up with Lip’s and Robb’s (`*)%%^!+(^&$)*& just to try and grab the brass ring just once… freaking poignant and powerful! I was so happy that the ($%@*`(_#$~!(#% anese audience hung around that late at night to be rocked by Anvil– I #^(&@`)$()&()@+! ING LOVE ($%@*`(_#$~!(#% ANESE HEADBANGERS!!!…uh, THE CANUCKS ARE OK TOO, eh?! Some of the scenes involving their misadventures veered a little too close to “Sp?n?al Tap” for my comfort (and I LOVE Sp?n?al Tap), but thankfully things got back on course! If this movie is in your area and you haven’t seen it yet, YOU ARE A #^(&@`)$()&()@+! ING POSEUR!

  25. Brian Zable says:

    Saw the movie about a week a ago and it was amazing. I immediately purchased ‘This is Thirteen’. Cant wait for the blu-ray to come out!

  26. susan varney says:

    i am responding to this contest . would like to be the one

  27. Tom Trakas says:

    This movie is more than just another documentary on music or the business of music. It’s a true story of perseverance and dedication and doing whatever it is that gets you through the day. It’s obviously not about a paycheck or having a Ferrari buying party it’s about the journey of life and those we encounter along the way. It can be absorbed and appreciated by anyone who’s ever dared to dream.

  28. Pete says:

    Just saw the movie and was wondering why this band had be forgotten??? after they release mad dog video (Strength of steel) I didn’t even know they still exist!!!they release great music after that and nobody care.. I hope they come to Montreal to play a show! I was honored to open for them with my band in 2005 montreal metal massacre!!!
    Stay hard n’ heavy Robb and the boys!

  29. PatZ says:

    I would love to win this. Besides, I live real close to the Bronxville Cinema.

  30. jason kritz says:

    great movie ,great band

  31. Katherine D. says:

    I’d like to see the movie simply because Anvil’s story seems unique and interesting – plus they seem like a good group!

  32. Angie Hill says:

    Of coure I would like to win to find out who this band is and how I could have missed them

  33. BrotherDannn says:

    Because they are inspiration to ALL musicians, they were a band that inspiried some of the BEST metal bands out there and they are way overlooked and far too often underated. I hope this film sets the record straight for many and they find there place in more history of metal conversations along side the metallicas, sabbaths, panteras, slayers, and anthraxs of the metal world! ANVIL Rules plain and simple one of the BEST bands and one of the BEST documentarys EVER!

  34. homer allen says:

    Anvil!! rocks

  35. Geoff D. says:

    This was such an amazing film. Really inspiring and shows that you have to go for the dream and keep on going no matter how long it takes. Part of it all is the experience and the people you meet that make it all worth while. I hope these guys do end up making it big, they deserve it!!

  36. Taeko Hayashi says:

    The Anvil movie is very deep,touching.
    Live video of Super Rock Jam 1984 took me back in time.
    It was the very first metal festival in ~%!*&*#+(($&)@( an.
    The show was absolutely awesome.
    Lips, Robb, and Glenn are so dedicated, hard working
    people and great musicians.
    The movie tells so much about them as humble human beings
    I now respect them even more than before.
    Although the movie made me cry at the first time,
    I saw the movie 2 more times.
    Since I’ve been a Anvil fan for 26years, It is delightful to find out that they are still together and getting a recognition they deserve.
    I wish them all the best from my heart.
    God bless Anvil!!

  37. Bill says:

    Drove 3 1/2 hours to see the movie last weekend because it still hasn’t opened in my city. Totally worth the drive – best time I’ve had at the theater in a long time.

  38. Anniewk says:

    The story of Anvil was amazing! The best rockumentary yet!

  39. Rob Bentley says:

    hope i win

  40. Mike Z says:

    Saw the band in Cincinnati, and they freakin’ rocked the house! I’m new to the guys and I have been a fan of bands like Anthrax and Slayer and Metallica since the mid 80s. They never rocked like Anvil though, there’s just something about them that makes them fun and different and balls-to-the-freakin’-wall! Definetly one of a kind, they have a new fan forever!

  41. Paul van der Burght says:

    What a brilliant movie this is! Man, I remember well buying “Hard ‘n Heavy” and “Metal On Metal” back in the day, and it is so inspiring, touching and simply unbelievable to see these guys still living the dream after all these years… pound for pound a most capturing concoction of willpower, friendship and rock ‘n roll, worth the weight in entertainment alone! Awesome!

  42. Angela says:

    Thanks for the most sweet, honest and sincere stories of devotion between friends, family and the bigger family of music listeners.

    I had goose bumps watching the film, and it has inspired me to learn more about metal.


  43. Denise B. says:

    A record company can make or break a band by promoting whoever they want. They didn’t back Anvil like they deserved to be. This was a great band and deserved better.

  44. Renee K says:

    I was a fan of Anvil wwaaaayyyy back and had completely forgotten about them until I heard about this flick…saw the Anvil Experience in Seattle and it was outstanding! Can’t wait for the DVD — so I can pop it in when I need a bit o’ inspiration!

  45. Brendan L. says:

    I’m new to Anvil, but have been listening to metal for many years (early 90s). I learned about Anvil by coincidence about a week before VH1Classics’ “That Metal Show” started getting behind the movie and Band. I went to see the movie last week at the only theater playing it in MN and it was great! It covers a lot more than simply following them on tour, including the recording of “This is Thirteen” and a lot more. I’m going to be purchasing the movie as soon as it’s available. I’ve already gotten a lot of non-metal friends to see the movie (against their better judgment) and all of them have agreed that this movie is great. I hope through the movie the band starts to enjoy some hard earned success!

    Oh, I’m buying an Anvil t-shirt soon (and you will too once you see the movie :) )

  46. Brian Green says:

    These Guys ROCK!!! They deserve everything they are getting!!!! Bring it South…..Birmingham AL.

  47. Nancy Courtright says:

    This looks like a great rockumentary! I’m sorry I missed the event when the movie and the guys were in Pontiac, MI. Being a life-long Detroiter, I’ve had the priveledge of access to many, many live venues and groups throughout the years. I count myself lucky to be friends with some excellent locally-based musicians of various levels of success within the business. The Anvil guys remind me of many of them. It would be fun to brunch with them!

  48. Craig says:

    Just saw the movie, and it was terrific. Like most other metalheads, I had heard of Anvil but never really listened to their music. Robb, Lips and the other guys are keeping it real and keeping the dream alive like 99.9 percent us are not. These guys are the real deal: blood, sweat and tears for their music for 30 years. Long live ANVIL!

  49. Anna Starzyk says:

    I just came back from a screening of Anvil’s movie, and it was one of the most inspirational things I’ve ever seen! These guys have been doing what they love for over 30 years, and they’re obviously doing it for the passion they have for it and not the money. I hope they get all the success they deserve!

  50. Toshya says:

    I saw this movie last night and loved it! Lips is the ultimate optimist. I have never listened to Anvil before seeing the movie, but it’s impossible not to want them to make it big.

  51. Marilyn says:

    I really enjoyed this movie. We had to drive 3.5 hours to see it and it was worth every mile!!!

  52. Inti says:

    My girlfriend and I skipped school and bused 1 hour and half to see this movie and it was awesome!
    It’s a shame though that we were the only one’s in the theater, but I guess people aren’t passionate about Heavy Metal these days.

  53. Kendra Avery says:

    I loved the documentary. You can not help but root for these guys. I know they will make it big. I can’t wait to hear Thumb Hang.

  54. Morgan says:

    awsome movie, I wish these guys would play in Chicago I would love to support them.

  55. Sammi says:

    I love a good comeback story, and these guys deserve it more than most of those other 80s bands who made it! I’d love to see them!

  56. Carl Fortier says:

    Anvil has always been amazing! I’ve seen the movie once and it is GREAT! A real roller coaster of a flick. Best I’ve seen in a LONG time. I’m hoping to get the boys back in town….ANVIL! Come to Thunder Bay!!!

  57. Karen Gonyea says:

    Great movie.

  58. paula says:

    Finally Anvil get the credit that they deserve – rock legends.

  59. tracy davis says:

    Great movie.

  60. cameron says:

    This movie totally goes up to 11. Keep on rockin’

  61. Jay Sosnicki says:

    Lips is the Don Quixote of Metal. ANVIL, THE STORY OF ANVIL, is a testimony to the power of friendship and belief in a dream. GO GUYS!

  62. June & Brian says:

    We only went to see Anvil! The Story of Anvil, because our son was involved in making the film. What an inspirational story it is, a lesson to all those who persevere against the odds.
    It would be a great pleasure to meet the Stars, when they visit the UK.

  63. Lisa Hill says:

    I have been dying to see this movie as I have been a longtime fan of Anvil since high school (mid-eighties)…showing my age!! The movie is not playing anywhere near Myrtle Beach, SC where I live and I work too many hours to drive far to see it.
    The Story of Anvil looks like a very well put together film and I very much look forward to seeing it.

  64. cody says:

    i loved this movie one of the best documeteries ive ever seen . ive gotta be honest with you though before this i dident know much about Anvil but,after seeing this movie and listining to their music i love it . i laughed i cryed and i enjoyed the whole thing

  65. Lisa Novachek says:

    I’ve been a metal head since the 80′s, and for a 36 year old mom of two, I can still shake my ((~^))`!$__&*_` I’d love to have breakfast with the boys in the band!

  66. Sammi says:

    daily enry – I love Anvil, it would be so cool to meet them!

  67. Rick B says:

    Love to see the movie,Saw you guys on That Metal Show and the theatres are within 25 minutes of my house.Lunch with you guys will be awesome.

  68. drdisc says:

    These guys have so much heart! And they’re Canadian as well.

    More power to you, Anvil!! You deserve all the success in the world.

  69. Lyty says:

    good movie

  70. Caesar says:

    The movie was amazing! I had seen ANVIL open for Aerosmith in ’83 at the Spectrum in Philly, and had followed the band through their first few albums ( I still have them on vinyl!). Not only was it great to have the opportunity to see the movie, but also to see the band perform again after the movie was incredible. This is not only a movie for those into metal, but anybody in general, especially if you have ever tried to accomplish anything in the music business.

  71. Kyle says:

    Went to and screener thought it was the only showing of the movie. Found out we were the only ones who paid to get in. They said the next week Anvil would be there. NO WAY had to go. Got to have pictures, autographs and a shirt. I have been listening to the first 3 records since the 80′s. Love it all. Picked up the other cds after I saw the movie. AC/DC is still their best song.

  72. Mitchell says:

    this movie is by far one of the best metal documentary ever made i cant wait for the dvd release and i hope soon anvil will come to indiana its about time some on made a movie about a metal band that deseveres everything they can get it

  73. Tania LoNero says:

    I believe tht this movie has capured the beginning to now of the band of anvil. This is a real story about a bands ups and downs and the journey they went through with traveling and friendships.

  74. Daniel Montanez says:

    I hope that Anvil The story of Anvil finds a way to a Albuquerque theater so I can see some part of a band that I have been a fan of since 1983.

  75. Patty says:

    This film is a must-see for anyone who’s ever been in a band. Any band is an emotional rollercoaster, but to see these guys have been riding it for so long is a testament to them and their love and passion for rock’n’roll. I hope life deals them the happiest of endings. Great film.

  76. Brad Thomas says:

    Enjoyed seeing these guys on That Metal Show and would enjoy an up close and personal. People with that kind of spirit are always a good experience. I’m hoping that whatever they were missing that held them back before is now strong in their hearts and minds. Best of luck guys.

  77. dale fish says:

    are you kidding? what with such a great looking movie, and the awesome metal to go with it!!!

  78. David Tomasello says:

    This band kicks ~*`+`#_#)`$!^#` and so does the movie.I love the metal on metal and pound for pound Lps best.I had the chance to see the band once in my home town of Buffalo N.Y.I Hope they come back soon.You bet your ~*`+`#_#)`$!^#` I like to have brunch with these guys and talk music.

  79. dAVID KoVACS says:

    wOULD LOVE TO HAVE BRUNCH WITH ANVIL. vERY DECIATED TO METAL AND if motorhead and Metalica think they were over looked and great. I want to meet them. I am seeing them at rocklahoma and need to meet them over brunch anywhere

    rock on anvil

    dave kovacs
    502 396-5241

  80. Steve says:

    Just one of those underdog/dreamer/fun/good old rock and roll films you simply have to see in the theater. Then when it comes out on DVD you watch it about once a year just to make you feel good.

  81. crystal says:

    Anvil is such a great band that is so underrated its depressing!! We are going to the premier of the movie as soon as it it is our city. Metal On Metal is such an Anthem that its been used on our local metal show for 25 years!!

  82. Karen Gonyea says:

    Wonderful :)

  83. mike wahl says:

    anvil deserves better than this,i would love the opportunity to let them know i’ve been supporting them since the beginning!!

  84. thomas stirling says:

    would love to go!! northern Ca.

  85. jennifer woosley says:

    I love every song!

  86. dave goray says:

    I’m an Old Rocker and Very Enjoyed the movie I Have been playing music for 20 years and Understand Anvil I want a Second Go Around Long Live the Old Rockers And have not change the strings on My Guitar for 10 Years But it Still Plays Like a Lady

  87. kay vanderbrug says:

    great! I’m hungry when do we eat

  88. konny church says:

    keep rockin

  89. Granville says:

    To try to figure out what happened that changed their outcome compaired to the others.

  90. Arlene Lacour says:

    I’d love to win!

  91. Mike "Bad Boy Daddy" says:

    This a movie about never giving up on your dream even when many have counted you out and it seems your chances have dissapeared. Determination, failure, and success all rolled in to one film and what’s rock without some humor added. The rock just keeps rollin’!

  92. Donna says:

    I am a huge metal fan and very familiar with Anvil.
    They were underated and not acknowledged like some other bands I know of, myself & band included.
    Loved the movie and love that they are getting out there again after so many years.
    And we all need that one friend to stand by you in life through thick & thin.

    Best of luck guys.
    You Rock

  93. evan schwartz says:

    i don’t care about their music; i just wanna win something.

  94. LeifEPA says:

    I’ve been dying to see this since I first read about it before SXSW. Nothing but great reviews for both the movie and the band.

  95. steve says:

    where the hell is the contest??!!!!

  96. Jeneen Gnilka says:

    The story of Anvil gives me hope that it’s never too late to follow your dreams.

  97. Paul says:

    I can’t wait to see Anvil. I’m ready to be pummeled by a Hard and Heavy ANVIL, baby.

  98. Axel says:

    Not only did I get to watch the movie, but watch ‘em rock out afterword at Slim’s SF on Easter Sunday. Doesn’t get any better than that! I wish ‘em all the best and for Lips to pay his Sister back!:)

  99. Dreama says:

    The film looks awesome and can’t wait to see it.

  100. P.J. says:

    This film is at the top of my “must see” list. Saw these guys recently on That Metal Show and the idea of a movie about an “almost made it” 80′s metal band is compelling. I was aware of Anvil’s music when I was a kid, but they weren’t too well known like the other artists in the trailer (Lemmy, Lars, Slash), who have created great music for decades. I love rock and roll documentaries, and this one has a little Spinal Tap thrown in for good measure. The music sound really cool. Can’t wait to see it!

  101. Charles Alexander says:

    I’ve never heard of Rock band “Anvil” and was surprised to find out that the band had toured with quite a few famous rock bands from the 80′s like “The Scorpions’,”Whitesnake” and “Bon-Jovi”. But after seeing the promo for the Anvil documentary I would like to see this documentary about a band that is down on their luck and tasted fame. The bands name “Anvil” is certainly a great band name.

  102. gitanjali bose says:

    The movie looks awesome! I have been somewhat familiar with the band, but I don’t know the whole story. I would love to see the movie!

  103. Jeanine Venson says:

    It is time for an rock and roll dcoumentary that will effect one in so many ways. This trailer really touched me!

    This would be a real treat to win a brunch with Anvril!

  104. Lynister says:

    These guys are AWESOME! I’m a metalhead and love their kind of music. It’s unbelievable that they never made it BIG, BIG, BIG! I hope this is their opportunity finally. I’m a sucker for musicians and love learning their history and how different bands make it. They seem so close and despite all their pitfalls have held on to their true essence it seems – their love of music and playing it – not just for us but for themselves (sign of true musicians in my book!). Rock on!

  105. Heather Macpherson says:

    I want to see this film because I am a METAL chick and shall remain METAL until I am old, Hell! Not just old but DEAD! Just like ANVIL! I also believe in dreams and giving it all ya got cuz ya LOVE it! Money or fame are not the true measures of success in life. Success is measured by the love and strength of one’s relationships and what one does when challenged!

  106. Victor Jobe says:

    I have to see this movie! Unfortunately I will have to drive to Chicago to see it, since it’s not being shown in my state! I myself have been in a band for 15 years. I feel as if I have been in some of the situations from the trailer. This is a movie I can relate to. Not to mention I am a huge metal fan! I had never heard of Anvil until a few months ago. That was on VH1 Classic. I have since tried to locate as many Anvil albums as I can. I have puchased “This is Thirteen” from their website. I dig Anvil and I think that this movie may give Anvil a push to finally breach that point in their career! Carry The Torch for Metal!

  107. Steve Ward says:

    I had watched the movie over and over and wonder, how do musicians like ANVIL! fall through the cracks, without notice? Just one bad management person and the careers of a band can go down the tubes while other lesser talented bands rise to the top. Though the movie was humorous through the antics of the band, nothing is more deserving, fame, fortune and everything that goes with it, for Anvil. I thank you all. Good luck in the future and you will always have one die-hard fan here 4-ever. Thanks for the music and now the movie!

  108. Kurt says:

    Anvil rocks!
    This movie is remarkably compelling. I have seen it twice and the story is so true, and so real, that I feel a sense of compassion and love for these guys.
    I wish them great success, wealth, and happiness.
    If you haven’t seen the movie yet, go now.
    Then, go again tomorrow!

  109. Sherryl says:

    Anvil is at the top of my rock list – I’ve seen a lot of bands but the passion shows through with these guys. They don’t require you to bow down to their metal madness, but you do after seeing the film and seeing them perform! I’m not worthy. Keep rockin’ guys!

  110. chere says:

    I love these guys; I saw them in my home town of San Francisco after the film (saw it twice), and am now a fan for life.
    I’m too old (hippie era girl)to have enjoyed them on their first round,but am delighted to catch them now.
    And, yes, I can’t think of anything more fun than brunch with Anvil.
    I was also at a showing of the film with the director introducing it: this is one fine documentary; it has it all: poignancy, tragedy, joy, and, victory.

  111. DAVID NEEDHAM says:


  112. paul says:

    It will be truly fantastic to finally watch a documentary(movie)that is real and raw! At long last, A movie for people from my generation and from my musical genre. I cannot wait to see this movie !!!!!

  113. Jennifer says:

    I want to win this for my _~@*__~&#_$$+&+ istant, Ryan, who is 21 and totally and completely into metal. I think it would be great for him to meet one of the bands that started all of this. I used to live close to the canadian border and it was always the trilogy – Rush, Triumph and Anvil. This film looks like it is one of the best documentaries you can see about a band who does this out of love for the music. I think that would be amazing for Ryan. I hope this film gives the band huge amounts of support and success. This kind of devotion is what music should be about – not selling candy bars or whatever.

  114. Becky H says:

    This movie was just AWESOME!! I was fortunate enough to not only to see the doc but ANVIL played live afterwards and they rocked the house!! Just the other day I was asking my boyfriend what ever happened to ANVIL and I see now that they really never left. I just don’t understand why they never ‘made it” like those other bands. They were right there with them. This movie really shows the commitment and fortitude that both Rob and Lips and their families have given to thier dream. I believe now that their dreams are on the way to becoming true, and may the band now finally get the respect they are deservedly due! ANVIL ROCKS!!!

  115. Kris Mullins says:

    Dedication is key. I love you guys. Thanks for keeping the fire alive.
    Kris Mullins

  116. brendoman says:

    I had the privilege of seeing the movie at the Nuart last week and it was amazing! I just love the perseverance that the band has despite all the hardships they encounter. It was also pretty damn funny at times and the music was great. The band played after the movie and they totally rocked. I would love to see them again!

  117. MICHAEL MARTINO says:

    I would love to hang out with the boys over food and metal! Been a fan forever. Glad to see there FINALLY getting the attention they deserve.

  118. Greg says:

    Anvil! The story of Anvil is one of the most heart warming, touching movies that has every ‘rocked’ the big screen. I was lucky enough to catch it a few weeks back, and I have to tell you I completely admire these guys and especially “Lips” for his total committment to Rock n’ Roll.

    If you are a Rock fan, or if you just want to see a movie that embodies the ‘Human Spirit’ Anvil! The Story of Anvil is a movie for you. The movie made me smile, laugh and nearly brought this old rocker to tears too. Great movie…great story!

  119. JC says:

    If Rock is just in your blood you can’t help it… I can totally relate!! It’s about time that our addiction was exposed!! I would love to have brunch with you guys! We will be seeing you play Rock on the Range in June, I can’t wait!!

  120. David Schamanski says:

    This movie is a MUST SEE for me, I’m 41 and have been into ANVIL since I was 16. Kept trying to turn my friends on to them and tell others about them, but their CDs are hard to find. I caught a glimpse of a TMZ edition where Mark McGrath was at the premier of the movie and I was like “NO EFFING WAY !!!!!!!!! ANVIL?-Honey?, did they just say ANVIL? Holy $h*t, I love them…….”
    Bring this movie to Denver PLEASE the sooner the better, I’m calling our local hard rock station right now…….maybe they can help to get it here.

  121. birdgherl says:

    I have seen this movie and I loved it! It’s hilarious and touching and tragic and inspiring, A must see!!

  122. kay says:

    great movie, watched it three times so far

  123. BabyfaceFine says:

    The movie+mini concert was the most fantastic event I’ve seen in years. To laugh and cry with these guys on screen and then have them come out and play their &)&*##^^^$_!&+* es off was an unbelievable experience. Hope to seem them back in Chicago soon. Last time was ’82 at Tuts?!?!?

  124. Michael Pataky says:

    I’ve been an Anvil fan since the early 80′s. I was lucky enough to see them in concert, and can’t wait to relive the good times and bad times when the movie opens in Cleveland on June 12.

  125. Toni S says:

    I would definitely love to see this movie. I think that Anvil is a defining group in Rock History. I don’t think that they were ever given the chance they deserved. I think that they have been through alot of ups and downs in their Rock Journey. I think that after all these years, they have finally made it and their movie will show everyone how great they really are.

  126. PABLO says:

    This film is great!!! It is a must see for not only Anvil fans but anyone who has ever been in a band and had a dream. Awesome.

  127. Jedd Jacke says:

    Love the whole attitude! These guys are just inspiring. I wanna see them rock there way to the top! I just love the underdogs! They always seem to have the worst bite! :)

  128. Pete says:

    I went to see The Anvil Experience in San Francisco after seeing a preview for the film a couple months ago. I then took my wife to see the film opening night. I danced, she cried, we laughed. I can’t wait to see it a third time and bring my good buddy and fellow drummer, John, along as a reminder of how powerful friendship, perseverance, and the human spirit can be.
    Brunch with the band? Only if I can buy or at least buy a t-shirt from them. Oh, and I love Cactus too.

    Rock on Anvil, may more follow your lead.

  129. Susan Godino says:

    Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. By far, this is the best movie of the year!

    Why Anvil never made the “big time” still eludes me.

  130. Dave says:

    ANVIL totally rocks….I met Lips & Rob in 2000 when I saw them in AZ.They were way cool and signed my albums & cds.I have been a fan from the start….ROCK ON GUYS!!

  131. sara sweet says:

    Anvil! the story of Anvil! makes the recession seem like no big deal. truly, the most moving tribute to the human spirit ever captured.

  132. RON PETERSEN says:



  133. Bob Triani says:

    I Always Liked ANVIL A lot.
    The METAL ON METAL Album got worn out by us in the 80′s.
    Saw them open for AEROSMITH twice,once being a 65 minute
    I Can’t wait to see the film,not just because I am a fan,
    but for the fact that it looks really interesting even
    if I never heard of the band.I always pull for the
    underdog and the fact that this film was made already
    should put the boys over the top.Was great to see them
    on Kimmel,they really deserved it.Best of luck guys,
    cant wait to see the film and maybe a Bite.KEEP ROCKIN’!!

  134. dario says:

    i love these guys they are the best forged in fire best album ever saw the movie 8 times cant get enogh love the book also GET THE BOOK ITS AWSOME fills all the gaps

  135. Duncan Beach says:

    I’d sure like to see one of their shows…

  136. Grace says:

    It’s playing at Lumiere in San Francisco.

  137. Eli Stamp says:

    Rock on!

  138. Troy Nelson says:

    What an awesome movie- now i even more cannot wait to see these guys live at Rocklahoma this July!

  139. Judy Jones says:

    I know that you have heard from a millon people that it is about time, but most of these people didn’t meet you over twenty years ago, playing back-up, and didn’t meet/greet backstage afterwards. I was and have been impressed ever since then. You really stuck it out there and you have my utmost respect for that. Bravery and committment for what you really want out of life. Thanks, Judy Jones I know that Charlotte, NC is not on your list, but just wanted you to know that I do still listen and pay attention to good music. Good luck in your continuing future. Always, Judy Jones

  140. Alexandra Castillo says:

    I’m dying to watch this film, but it is not showing in Puerto Rico.

  141. Duncan Beach says:

    I’d sure like to see this show.

  142. Karen says:

    I saw the movie last night, cried when Robb was showing us all his Edward Hopper inspired art, and then…THE TOILET. Amazing. ANVIL! ANVIL!

  143. Davey says:

    Best movie I’ve seen about MY LIFE 30… I MEAN 20 YEARS FROM NOW!!!

  144. MJ Z Moscowitz says:

    I saw this film, it was amazing! Anvil really deserves recognition and they are finally getting it after all these years. They influenced Lemmy from Motorhead, Slash from Guns N Roses, and many more very famous metal bands but somehow didn’t make it themselves. I find it very inspiring that they persevered and their families stuck by them through the hard times. Also, inspiring is the friendship between Lips and Robb and how they stuck together when famous bands tried to “steal” them for their own bands…I saw it with some friends and we were all crying and giving each other tissues, it was so touching. We went to see it with a friend who was guitarist for the famous punk band “Sick of it All” who was totally influenced by Anvil. I would LOVE to have brunch with Anvil and bring my friend for his birthday! He is definitely one of their biggest and original fans!

  145. Susan says:

    We saw the movie and the band last night in Atlanta: AWESOME!!!

    You gotta love these guys who rock their hearts out no matter what! Great filmmaking and lovable guys who can ROCK!!!

  146. Rich says:

    I loved this film. Anvil is an inspiration to every metal head in the world. Never give up your dreams!!

  147. Steve Steinberg says:

    I used to listen to Anvil growing up in the 80′s and being a heavy metal fan in high school.

    It is ashame they never made it to the status they deserve like Metallica, Megadeth and Iron Maiden, as well as Slayer and other top bands of 80′s Metal. It is really cool to see they are getting coverage and a tour in the works.

    Anvil is back! Hail True Metal!

  148. Dean Whyte says:

    The first album that I purchased by Anvil was Metal on Metal, and belief or not, I still have that piece of vinyl in my record collection(in good condition). These guys deserve to be recognized by metal society. They deserve their chunk of the pie. If you listen to the sound they created in the early eighties, you really get an understanding where bands like Metallica and Megadeath got their sound from.
    I can’t wait to see the movie. I have just purchased their last album and will support them so they can finally get what is deserved.

  149. Jim Manngard says:

    I loved this film! I thought it was very emotional and yet very thrilling and exciting! It was the best real and not fake Rock n’ Roll story in film I had ever seen. It was 100% real and not a slick hollywood film. It made me cry at times and then at times it made me scream for joy!!! It was real and very heartfeld!!! I really enjoyed it!!! Cheers to the band Anvil and their families and friends!!! It shows you that, Dreams really do come true sometime!!!! Cheers and Hip Hip Hurray! Hip Hip Hurray! to Anvil!!! The film was awesome!!!

  150. Livna X says:

    What kind of Heavy Metal band does brunch?! If I win this contest I’m breakin balls over a western omlette. Then I am going to sing Breaking the Law in a Andy Gibb falsetto while Anvil watches and listens and begs for Metal Mercy!

    Hell Yeah!

  151. CK says:

    What?!? This movie is not playing in Utah? We must be the state that never made it… Looks like it will be a great doc, can’t wait to see it. This needs to make rounds a a double screening with Lemmy the movie.

  152. Mike Milic says:

    WOW! Have every album to date and only one of the biggest ANVIL fans in the world! This is a blessing for ANVIL to FINALLY get the recognition they deserve!!


  153. Janet Kaplan says:

    I already SAW the movie. I feel like I really know them now, and I already know sooo many people like them. I applaud their tenacity and even moreso their friendship that has endured all these years.

  154. Lisa says:


  155. justin lachowicz (froto) says:

    you guys inspier me because you went for wat you wanted you had it lost it and still tried that is commitment that is mother &#^*`$##!!!##*^) ing rock n roll. you guys kick $+#())_$$$**$`( no matter wat anyone says you guys are the defition of a honest man you should come on down to omaha nebraska and top )#@^)&+!%^#!(&@& omahas $+#())_$$$**$`( &#^*`$##!!!##*^) ING ROCK FOREVER MY BROTHERS. you are the ones who deserve it.


  156. Matthew Hoffman says:

    I just saw the movie today and feel as if I’ve known these guys all my life. The struggle, the sorrow, the ecstatic highs and the devastating lows. Any artist knows these are stops along the journey but Lips responds like a philosopher/poet and I would love to break bread (or share an omelette) and share a few moments with a band for whom I wish nothing but success and happiness.

  157. Mike B. says:

    I just saw the film last week and thought it was great. This film has done what no other “rocumentary” film that I have seen has been able to do, and that is make you feel as though you have known these guys personally for years. Sure, Metallica’s “Some Kind of Monster” showed the band’s internal struggles personally and professionally, but nowhere near as up close and personal as Anvil. Most people, both musicians and non musicians can relate to the comrodery that Lips and Rob share, and can marvel at how they have stuck together after all this time. There are so many sucessful bands that haven’t lasted half as long as these guys, and I’m sure many bands in the same boat as Anvil would have called it quits long ago. I hate using terms like “toughing” and “inspiring”, but this film is bothof those. Lip’s attitude is remarkable it seems that even when he is down he is always looking up. Even if it seems like a film you wouldn’t like I’d urge you to give it a chance.

  158. Duncan Beach says:

    I’d sure like to win the chance to have brunch with Anvil…

  159. Elisabeth says:

    We made it through the 70s and 80s……so we would have a lot to talk about. Rock On!

  160. Joe says:

    This would be sweet! Great documentary.

  161. Tim Ahlman says:

    I’m a struggling rock guitarist and this movie looks inspirational and that’s why I would like to see it.

    160 N. Pottebaum rd.
    Casa Grande, Az 85222

  162. Bill A. says:

    The Anvil guys have managed to stay optimistic, despite serious setbacks. They could teach us something.

  163. BlueEyes says:

    Metal Forever!!

  164. Jen says:

    I think that the biggest reason that i would love to see this movie, is because these guys seem like the REAL DEAL!!! They want to make it big, and at the same time have a wonderful relationship with each other. To me they don’t seem as though they think that they are all that and seem very down to earth!! I would feel priviledged to be able to even sit down for 5 minutes with these guys, just because of the hard work and dedication!!! They keep giving it their all. The movie also looks as though it could be intriguing and funny and abit sad all at the same time, while it shows these anvil working so hard to get to where they are now.

  165. Micah P. says:

    The movie is great! Even if it is a bit of a tear jerker at times. I will definitely pick it up when it comes out on dvd. I’m sure Anvil will have great success in the future. Thanks for never giving up on your dreams.

  166. Frank Roberts says:

    Loved this movie! I had heard of the band before and actually had a couple of their cassette tapes. Would love to eat with these guys and talk some metal!

  167. justin says:

    I’d like to know if they ever speak to any members of Bon Jovi, Scorpions or Whitesnake still.

  168. John says:

    I have always wanted to see them in concert and the funny thing about this brunch was the first time I had ever heard the band was on a compilation called “Metal For Breakfest” and it had the song called “Forged In Fire”….kick )%##^+“^%$_@!! song!

  169. Andrew says:

    Wish theyd come to lewiston idaho

  170. Marc says:

    Anvil. The name alone says “power”. And I greatly admire these guys who just refuse to stop to rock! At times my heart bled when I saw what they have to put up with, and smiled with them when things went terribly right for a change!
    What a documentary! And still: what a band! These guys deserve much more. Metallica? Anthrax? Slayer? They listened very well to Anvil. True pioneers. True musicians. Everyone should see this documentary!!

    I should say: Let there be rock. Let there be ANVIL!

  171. byron strickland says:

    i love anvil because i have allways loved the obscure bands that dont sell out by changing thier musical style just to appeal to the masses and stick to thier roots and i am overjoyed to see that it finally paid off for anvil i have alot of thier albums but i had to really search them out since its extremmly har to get them outside of canada and i plan on buying the movie cd combo when that is released

  172. Karen Gonyea says:

    My 5/26 entry :)

  173. Greg Martin says:

    Interesting concept. I am looking forward to seeing the movie.

  174. marisa goodwin says:

    The Story of Anvil brought me to tears. More than a story about rock n’ roll and all its transcendent glory is a story of love and the beauty of human relationships. Thank you Anvil for reminding me that musicians are and can be beautiful, innately human beings.

  175. Shaun says:

    For all the 40 something weekend rockers like myself, this should be a great film!

  176. Scott says:

    I met the band back in ’82 or ’83… it’s been so long. Can’t wait the see the movie. Brunch would be awesome!

  177. Laaz says:

    Great film ! The Winged `*%)*$!`_+%+^+* assins will live forever.

    “The Anvil was Forged In Fire”

  178. kenneth angell says:

    loved the band back in the day…glad to see you guy’s are still rockin…can”t wait to see the movie..the new album…

  179. Jacque Stanley says:

    I already saw the movie & can’t wait to see it again!!!! Met the guys at the venue & they were awesome on stage!!!

  180. Carolyn Hoskins says:

    I already saw this movie at the Charles Theatre in Baltimore. This movie was awesome, I can’t wait until it’s out on DVD. It was very inspiring and it was great watching Lips run around like a kid to meet some of the “rock gods” from the 80s’. His enthusiasm was endearing. (Although Carmine Appice seemed like a jerk when Lips ran up to him.)

  181. Duncan Beach says:

    I’d love the chance to eat brunch with Anvil!

  182. Renee says:

    I was a closet metalhead in the 80′s (not exactly cool being a headbanger in the hood) and I never got to experience Anvil which is why I’d like to see the film (which isn’t playing in ATL).

  183. Richard Rheaume says:

    Anvil are heavy metal gods! From Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada (the only city in the Maritimes to have shown the movie) we salute you! Hails! \m/

    Come have brunch with us and then play us a show!

  184. David Churchill says:


    A story about a band that was “Spinal Tap”, but actually became a real band.

  185. Matt says:

    Just saw the film and really liked it! As a 40 year that’s pretty much given up on the rock and roll dream it made me wish I had the passion to keep at it like those guys. It would be neat to share stories with them in Seattle.

  186. James Jenkins says:

    wow, great contest

  187. M. Rogers says:

    I’d like to see it because I love stories about people who never give up–and that’s Anvil in a nutshell.

  188. Angel Wolpert says:

    I saw the movie & the band when they came to the Crest theater in Sacramento, and they rocked but didn’t really get a chance to talk with them. I loved the movie and the guys are truly an inspiration to those of us who are musicians. I fully plan on adding this movie to my rocker movie collection when it comes out on video and having brunch with the guys would be one of the most awesome moments in my life!

  189. Robert Williams says:

    I’ve been a metal-head all my life and ANVIL just reeks of everything HEAVY!! Of course, I’d love to see this movie!!! The only thing that would make it an even HEAVIER moment in my life, would be to see the band for the first time ever following the movie!!!

  190. RonjahReefer says:

    I saw Anvil in’79 at a roadhouse bar in Bloomfield Newfoundland Ca. I was 15 at the time, and the place was packed.I’m 42 now and Heavymetalrock still rules, even over pancakes!

  191. tracy davis says:

    WOW! Have every album to date and only one of the biggest ANVIL fans in the world! This is a blessing for ANVIL to FINALLY get the recognition they deserve

  192. M. Rogers says:

    Anvil Rocks!

  193. jef says:

    i thought the movie was absolutely amazing. watching it instantly made you a fan of the band and you leave wanting to see these guys succeed. i would like nothing more to see one of the major metal acts featured in the beginning of the film (ahem, metallica…) to step up and bring these dudes on tour and bring all that is ANVIL to an even wider audience.
    id love the oppertunity to sit down with the guys over some pancakes and tell them how much i appreciate what the have done for music and what they continue to do.

  194. Karl Steinkraus says:

    I saw the movie @ the Aquarius Theatre in Palo Alto.
    I have been a fan for a long time. I am a bigger fan now.
    How can you not respect their “Never Say Die” attitude?!
    to coin a phrase: “I laughed, I cried, The movie became a part of me!”
    Much love to Robb & Lips!!!!

    Metal on Metal Baby!!!!

  195. Jim Meyer says:

    I seen the movie and I was very moved by it. i loved Anvil in the 80′s and they were just one of those bands that got lost in the sguffle. The movie touched me in that no matter how hard they tried and no matter how bad things got, they never lost the love for the music. Now, some of these bands that commented on how they loved Anvil should put their money were there mouth is and take them out on the road with them.

  196. Carl Arana says:

    I’ve already seen it twice, with the band performing after each show. It was truly magic, I’m glad I got a chance to rock out with these super cool dudes. Thumb Hang!!!!!!!!

  197. charles watson says:

    The best movie about one of the best bands in heavy metal ,period .

  198. Shirley Stead says:

    Raising generations of metalheads! Sideways walkin’ to “March of the Crabs” all the way to the omelette station \m/ \m/

  199. Victoria Stead says:

    I was at a theatre in Nashville recently and saw a preview of this movie. It looked like a great movie to show people that even though you have talent and have been in the spotlight, it is hard to stay there. Not to sound gay or anything (I am a girl so the whole emotional thing happens alot more for me) but I think that it may be inspirational for those aspiring rock stars out there to see a real life story of tragedy and triumph.

  200. Rickey Lafleur says:

    Heavy metal is what its about

  201. tracy davis says:

    I can’t wait to see it

  202. Ryan says:

    I want to see this film because i have been a fan of Anvil since i was a little rodent. Forged in Fire is the first record i ever bought… a total classic. I want to know why these guys didn’t make it big and what i can do to change that.

  203. Brian Lumsden says:

    This movie was killer made me laugh, cheer, wanna kick someone’s ^`!((*!!^(%&(@! the club owner that wouldn’t pay them),and I almost got teary. After the movie Anvil came out and played a 5 songs,best $8.50 I ever spent.

  204. wendy wallach says:

    I would like to see this movie because they are going to be on Sons of Anarchy and I love that series!

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  205. M. Rogers says:

    Brunch with Anvil? Rock on!

  206. tracy davis says:

    Great music!

  207. antoine poncelet says:

    I’ve seen the film twice and was just blown away by the band’s live performance in NYC. As a life long fan of heavy metal and a musician trying to make it in this world, not a day will go by from now on that i won’t be listening to Anvil for inspiration, hope, and for a smile. I want to see this movie again and again because despite being and amazing band, these gentlemen are proof that life is worth living and dreams are worth dreaming because sometimes they just might come true.


    I have watched a series of trailers so far and will have to get along with those until the movie reaches @&~+~“$&!@)^~+ an (at cinemas or DVD). There are many reasons I could mention for going watching the movie (the story itself, the place Anvil have in my personal education and life, etc.), but I’ll tell you: I absolutely want to watch it, because ANVIL not only are the most representative band on earth as for true METAL and metal dedication, but above all because they have always been “people”, just like their fans, living for what they believe and keeping going onward in the face of everybody. And that’s just what everybody does and want to be recognized for.


    There are many reasons I could mention for going watching the movie (the story itself, the place Anvil have in my personal education and life, etc.). Yet I’ll tell you, I absolutely want to watch it, because ANVIL not only are the most representative band on earth as for true METAL and metal dedication, but above all because they have always been “people”, just like their fans; living for what they believe and going onward in the face of everybody. And that’s just what everybody does and want to be recognized for.

  210. Karen Gonyea says:

    My Thursday 6/4 entry :)

    ktgonyea at

  211. anniewk says:

    Anvil rox!

  212. tracy davis says:

    Anvil rocks!

  213. Kate says:

    I would love to meet ANVIL in NYC or Montclair. Jake has alot of their music and it would be an awesome experience. Thanks for having this contest.

    We are in Northern NJ (Bergen County), but also have access to a coop downtown so we are very accesible and would be glad to meet the guys for brunch anywhere – just pick us as the winner!!!!

  214. Brittany Rebello says:

    I like that it is old school!

  215. Lily Kwan says:

    I would like to see this film because it sounds very interesting!

  216. Dan says:

    Great video, really funny

  217. Renee Weinberg says:

    I can’t think of a more wonderful way to treat my friends that brunch with Anvil. We are a small township, a close community.

  218. Tommy Catlin says:

    I am a huge heavy metal fan and I was in my twentys in the eighties, loved all the concerts I went to and never heard of Anvil till I saw the show on Vh1 (Anvil the story of Anvil), I was so taken by the show that I had to know everything I could about the band, including getting all there music to listen to. I still have to watch the Vh1 special everytime I catch it on, My wife thinks im nuts but she knows how much I wanted to feel the dream these guys have relentlessly pursued when I left high school as a young drummer and chose a safe career and marriage and kids instead. Rock on Anvil, you guys deserve your dream.