Daisy Of Love Recap – Episode 4 – Daisy Of Leave







You can see why she’s able to make out with so many guys. What’s there not to love?

You know what I like? The idea of living in a house where, “Good morning,” isn’t said with words, but penis.


It’s just like that jingle: “The best part of waking up is penis is your cup.” After all these years, Folgers’ promise is realized.

There’s some drama between “bromates” (Daisy™) Chi Chi and Sinister that doesn’t play out this episode, but that I have a feeling is not going away anytime soon.




Catty, right?

Daisy gathers the guys to announce the challenge. Today is all about separating the guys who rock from the ones who are all talk. Well, in that case, show’s over everyone!

Just kidding. Today’s challnege will require the men to play music in groups. At just the suggestion of it, Cage is uncomfortable.


And also kinda Verne Troyer-esque via that expression/angle. Anyone else see that?

Daisy explains that she thought it would be fun if the guys took the nursery rhymes she enjoyed as a child (and as recently as 10 minutes ago, when she was hanging out in her room before this scene) and transformed them into “bad-ass rock and roll songs.” In addition to being fun, they’d also be free since all that crap is so old that it wouldn’t have to be licensed. I mean, cute idea I guess, but Daisy really shouldn’t bulls*** a bulls***ter, you know?

The men will separate into three teams of three. Sinister, London and Six Gauge will be captains, since they’re they guys who are in actual bands and having them on the same team would provide an unfair advantage. They pick, dodge-ball style. I love that every episode has a little taste of gym class. I guess if you include Big Rig’s showering freedom, this counts as the second taste, and we aren’t even five minutes in yet! You can almost smell the jockstraps.

Anyway, the teams end up like this:

6 Gauge, Big Rig and Flex
London, Cage and Chi Chi
Sinister, 12 Pack and Fox

Some might say that it was low that Sinister didn’t draft Chi Chi, but those people care a lot more than I do. The guys get two hours to prepare. Sinister’s team will play “Old MacDonald Had a Farm.” London’s team will rockify “Row Row Row Your Boat.” Six Gauge’s team will play “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” The guys begin arranging, and this time I’m not referring to activity in the crotch region. Well, that’s for most of them. 6 Gauge’s team feels that they are the underdogs — I guess 6 isn’t as into music as the other captains. He’s the biggest dilettante? Whatever. Basically, they know they need a gimmick and Big Rig offers, “I’ll go nekkid.”


I’m starting to think that Big Rig is a nudist. And if he’s not, I wonder if he’s at least looked into the lifestyle.

Anyway, the guys arrive at the Knitting Factory, where they’ll be playing for Daisy.


Daisy interviews that she thought they’d be wimps about this challenge, but they actually all seem pretty “gun ho” about it. I’m gun ho about listening to Daisy say things wrong. It’s just one of those things that makes my day go by quicker.


In addition to doing the naked thing, 6 Gauge’s team has also drawn tatoos on themselves (and, presumably, each other) and made the most interesting makeup choices we’ve seen yet.




I love the Egyptian eye on 6 Gauge. It’s very Xerxes. I wonder if he’ll sic his giant rhino on Daisy as his grand finale.

In addition to Riki, Daisy’s friend will help judge this competition:


In addition to being Daisy’s BFF, her dad is the guitarist in Steve Miller Band, so she’s the perfect judge — being from a music family, rock music is more apt to reach out and grab her.

6 Gauge’s band will be the first to play. When it’s mentioned that they’ll be performing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” Daisy looks thrilled:


I think she’s been dying to hear it live after listening to it for all these years on her iPod.

12 Pack notes that these guys are making him feel like he’s in a “transsexual biker bar.” Yeah, ’cause they have those. Or maybe 12 Pack knows of something I’m not familiar with? Not yet familiar with, anyway.

I’m not sure if they say it before they play and I just missed it or what, but we’ll come to find out that the name of this band is “Chippendaisy.” I assume that this is because Big Rig plays totally nude:


We hear a report that his ballsac can be spotted peaking out from beneath the guitar.


As ballsacs go, that’s pretty impressive. Daisy seems to think so, too.


She recaps that, “Big Rig has a guitar in front of his big rig,” which is interesting news, but not particularly surprising. It wouldn’t shock me if parading his large endowment in front of the other guys is strategy, a scare tactic.

Speaking of, to punctuate this performace, 6 Gauge rips off his pants and thrusts what Daisy refers to as his “banana hammock.”


Was large penis side part of the criteria for casting this thing?

Next up is London’s band:


For reasons best left to Daisy’s…unique brain, she takes offense to this name. Their performance is as messy as the last one, but without the added benefit of schlong. London also does some putzy move where he gets up on the drum kit but kind of stumbles off it. It is not very rock and roll. It isn’t even Rock of Love.

Finally, Sinister’s group, Daisy Train, goes. They are the only ones whose song is identifiable. Besides that, the most notable thing about it is 12 Pack’s glamor.


And then it’s over.


Daisy evaluates what she just heard. She’s no Lester Bangs. She isn’t even Sexman.


She thinks Chippendaisy (which I can’t even type without thinking of Shedaisy, which: LOL because that’s the stupidest name for a band in the history of stupid names for bands, and yes, I’ve heard of Rese’s Feces even) was unique for getting naked. If Daisy ever visited a nudist colony she’d go into shock in the face of all the individuality. Daisy eventually picks London’s team to win, despite Riki very vocally disagreeing with her. He practically pleads with her to reconsider. Riki, she just thinks they’re hot and you’re never going to understand how important that is if you aren’t a fan of the penis. Sorry, it’s true. The worth of so many bands is determined by the teen girls (and teen girls at heart) that swoon at them. Sinister says that if he knew the challenge was about looking like an idiot, he would have done that. Well, welcome to reality TV! You just learned the medium’s most important lesson.

The Daisy Blades and their Daisy bride immediately begin their date.



Someone asks where they are and Daisy reports “Beverly Hillsish.” She should lend her voice to a car GPS system. No one would get anywhere, but at least they’d be lost and amused!

London begins talking about his situation — he’s currently couch surfing since his pill-addict father threw him out. It’s a rough story. Police were called. Forceful ejection was employed. Despite the fact that it’s interesting on even a voyeuristic level, Daisy can’t be bothered to pay attention. She gets up in the middle of the story and says, “LOOK AT THAT!”


I think she literally was distracted by something shiny.

They arrive at their destination: the Gibson show room, where the guys are presented guitars for being such awesome rockers.


This makes London emotional, since he had to sell his guitar.


Being that there are instruments around, London decides to play one, while Chi Chi gives Daisy a rhaposdy in raspberry:



And then Daisy says:


And then Chi Chi says:


And then I says: ew.

And then London says:


They all sit down for dinner, but it’s interrupted. For once, it’s not a shiny thing that’s stealing Daisy’s attention, but Cage. They scuttle off for a one-on-one.


Cage tells Daisy about his hard life. His father threw him against a wall when he was 9-months-old because he was crying. Now I’m going to cry. His mom had a drinking problem and she went through a windshield and a car flipped over on her. He doesn’t say if she survived that, but I guess he doesn’t have to. Then, he lived on the streets for a while, “in and out of trashcans,” he puts it. As someone who gets paid to mock things, the phrase “in and out of trashcans” is extremely tempting. I’ll refrain, though. Cage’s life seems hard enough as it is. Poor guy. Kind of crazy that all these dudes are willing to throw up their woeful stories all over Daisy, though. I guess she just brings out the innnnnteresting of people.

Anyway, from his trashcan-hopping days (which make London’s couch-surfing tenure seem cushy in comparison), Cage began fighting in allies for money, which is so superhero of him. He now gets paid to do so. It’s like a triumph of the human spirit and bare fist in one fell swoop! Cage ends up crying and Daisy, who has a turbulent past of her own, consoles him.


The date is over, but the drama is just beginning. On the way back to the house, London takes Daisy to task…


He says that everyone noticed her attitude. That seems like a weird thing for the other guys to admit. London tells Daisy that if she doesn’t like him she should send him home. Daisy whines, “I’m so f***ing sick of guys deciding they don’t want to be here!” As though calculated to drive her as crazy as possible, London flips things up and starts acting too cool for this when he was just agitated a few minutes ago that Daisy didn’t pay full attention to his sob story.


At home, London begins packing his bags, while Daisy sulks.


London is ranting mad at this point, going as far as yelling at the camera guys. He’s not here to make TV…apparently? “I’m a f***ing puppet!” he says, dancing around.


The other guys watch in amazement. As they do, it becomes apparent that Flex is still rocking glitter eye shadow, even though the challenge ended hours ago.


Who’s mad at his father now, Flex?

Back to London. He points at the camera and says…


“I’m Joshua Lee. I’m a real f***ing person, man.” Good thing he reminded me because he was starting to look kind of like a cartoon character. I’m thinking Taz specifically.

Daisy interviews that there’s something there between London and her, because they wouldn’t be having this drama otherwise. She sits him down and they talk it out:


There are tears:


There are declarations of like:


It is here that Daisy talks about kissing all the guys in the house, as posted as the intro to this recap. Go back up to the top and look at that again, because it is truly awesome. Don’t worry, the rest of the recap will be waiting when you return. Look, I’ll put a message in bold so you don’t miss it:


Anyway, there’s this tenderness, which is sadly, just for show ultimately:



Daisy tells London not to break her heart. London steps on something and is all, “Did I do thaaaaat?”

The next day, Daisy announces that Chippendaisy needs a rock and roll makeover.


Sometimes Daisy’s ideas are worse than a potato with Egyptian eyes. So while they’re out getting that, Daisy’s going to play Truth or Dare with the other guys.


Chi Chi reveals that he thinks he’d go home over Sinister during a truth round. This is well-played. 12 Pack beats Cage in arm wrestling during a dare.


I feel like dares that don’t involve tongue kissing aren’t really dares. Try harder, guys! When London says he wants a “truth,” Daisy asks him why his dad kicked him out of the house, which is not only inappropriately heavy for a game like this, but inappropriate, period, since he already told her the answer. Damn shiny thing has a supporting role this episode! Wait for the spin-off. Shiny Thing of Love promises to be the most personality-led dating show yet!

Anyway, the question leaves London despondent.


He doesn’t want to answer.

Riki calls a pre-elimination meeting with Daisy. He says, “I see a lot of guys that are bending over,” and immediately, I’m like, HA! But unfortunately, he continues: “…backwards to spend any time with you at all.” His point is that if London wants to leave, she should let him go since there are plenty of guys who are still into her. Yeah, wait till next episode when America’s Next Top Guy Who Wants To Leave Daisy of Love rears his head. Riki basically pleads with Daisy to get rid of London. “The first night! The first night, Daisy!” he says, reminding her of London’s drunken stupor. She wants to keep London. This meeting ends badly.


She has yet another pre-elimination meeting, this time with London.


He tells her he’s not a liar and he’s not fake. She tells him flat out that she’s giving him a chain tonight and hopes that he’ll accept it.

Elimination finds the made over guys returning.





They look like G.L.O.W. It’s seriously sub-Halloween. It seems that in 6 Gauge’s case, they’ve confused rock and roll with the Folsom Street Fair. Pixelate Big Rig and he’d be a Mike Tyson’s Punch Out! reject. (Fox actually offers something funny, when he describes Rig’s hair as “spicy.” I’m not saying it makes sense, and I get the feeling that “spicy” is a euphemism for something much more derogatory, but whatever: funny all the same.) And I’m not even going to talk about the travesty that is Flex’s reduced beauty. Not even gonna talk about it.

Daisy gives them appropriate kudos for being such good sports.


And then: chain distribution. Cage gets his first. Then Chi Chi, 12 Pack, Flex and Big Rig. The next chain is London’s.


London tells her straight-up that he can’t take it. Flex is in disbelief.


Really, Flex? You’re just catching up?

Daisy pleads with him, saying that she wants him to stay. But he doesn’t want to stay. She throws his chain on the floor and, just like last week, storms out of the elimination ceremony.



London interviews that he’s “95 percent sure” that leaving is the right choice. Yeah, she just threw something at you. I think it’s a safe bet. You can’t really tell in the screen shot, although this one’s slightly better…


…but it’s pouring behind him as he signs off and it feels so hair-metal tragic that it makes me want to destroy a neon phone just out of sheer grief.

Daisy, meanwhile, is a wreck. For the third week in a row, a dude has left her show on his own accord.



Riki offers her a pat on the shoulder in consolation.


His attitude is basically, “Whatever. You’ll get over it.” Can’t really blame him for his exasperation.

Anyway, this leaves Sinister, Fox and 6 Gauge in limbo because none of them have gotten their chains yet…


But whatever. One of these guys is just going to end up running away next week and the week after and the week after and then at that point no one will be left. They deserve the limbo in advance.

Oh, and by the way: least uplifting ending to a reality show ever, y/y?

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  1. Masha says:

    Lol this episode was priceless. This show is getting even more ridiculous, I love it.

    I wonder who she originally planned on eliminating?

  2. Shayla says:

    I think Daisy brought this on herself. She’s insincere, speaks like a baby stripper, and degrades women everywhere with her actions. And when a man finally is opening up to her, she just up and leaves, on top of ditching Sinister earlier.

    Daisy is completely unlikeable and does not deserve any of these men until she determines that she’s looking for love, and not just a hot, shallow one-night stand.

  3. Rachell says:

    It would have been fun to see the girls on ROL doing this lol. Just leaving of their own volition, one right after the other lol.

  4. Bia says:

    This just proves that any ugly &_^(“*&#!#__!`!_( can get their oun show!!! Dear god!!!!

  5. Jess says:

    Honestly, I am sad that London is gone! He was the hottest one. I don’t know if this show is worth watching now!

  6. bad booty pirate says:

    Honestly-DAISY is a true person trying to find what we all are looking for in life-TRUE LOVE! Seriously don’t hate on her-she’s beautiful and talented and a nice girl-How would you feel to be dumped every week by one dude after another? PLUS you already got dumped by a dude w/bad extensions pushing 50? I hope that DasiY can be happy in the end-b/c like you me & the next b we’re all just trying to find the 1. Lord knows we all put ourselves out there anyway we can. DASY is just braver than the rest of us. Good luck miss.daisy luffs ya!

  7. valerie says:


  8. Shelly says:

    I understand letting Brett Michaels have a show. His stupidity can’t touch him because (even though he’s little more than a wash-up with his only pop-frat boy drunken night single sing-a-long) he has the immunity of celebrity and that magical and completely removed atmosphere of LA to retreat back to. But Daisy has… Motley Crue… and when was the last time they weren’t the butt of the joke. I, personally, think that it’s just downright cruel to put someone that blatantly stupid on television. She’s not going to catch on how dumb she is. But we are. And for her sake, stop parading it around like a damned circus poodle. C’mon Vh1. I know you’re in the music industy but… jesus .. keep whoring yourself out like this and well… hey when you wake up with the media version of the clap, don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

  9. Shelly says:

    I understand letting Brett Michaels have a show. His stupidity can’t touch him because (even though he’s little more than washed up with his only pop-frat boy drunken night single sing-a-long) he has the immunity of celebrity and that magical and completely removed atmosphere of LA to retreat back to. But Daisy has… Motley Crue… and when was the last time they weren’t the butt of the joke. I, personally, think that it’s just downright cruel to put someone that blatantly stupid on television. She’s not going to catch on how dumb she is. But we are. And for her sake, stop parading it around like a circus poodle. C’mon Vh1. I know you’re in the music industy but… jesus .. keep whoring yourself out like this and well… hey when you wake up with the media version of the clap, don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

  10. Rachel says:

    MY GOD, JOSHUA is much too, MUCH too good for that show. I would fall for him anytime under any condition! if he reads this: HIT ME UP. http://www.myspace.com/jesebelle999. he can come live with me anytime.

  11. Shelby says:

    JOSHUA LEE- Post a comment for me in which I have a way to contact you. Your adorable. Would love to talk and meet up if possibe.

    Thinking of you. Shelby

  12. Carol says:

    When 12 pack was playing drums dosen’t he look just like Ice from Top Gun ? Honestly Val Kilmer was Hot in that movie. A hot body isn’t everthing. Make a good choice Daisy !

  13. stichin says:

    Is it me or dose 12pack look just like Val Kilmer(aka Ice) from Top Gun. When 12 pack puts on the mirrored glasses and sits behind the drums. Not to say its a bad thing . Big Rig way to go Dude!What a bod!

  14. tony dimez says:

    wow i cant believe london bounced like that, but i also can’t believe that daisy immediately thought it was because she wasn’t good enough – when in fact i know as a guy, it was because london truely felt he wasn;t good enough for her. it sucks tho because i think london was “the one”. and for the record, chi chi is a herb, and riki walks around like this dude is daisy’s pimp or something. as much as i love daisy, that’s not jelousy speaking. i don’t think “t.v. host” qualifies someone to be the epitomy of jelousy, but i do however think daisy needs to bring london back!

  15. scifiwritir says:

    Why the heck did she let London go? I just cringed when I saw a misunderstanding coming and stuff rolling out of control. Well, I like Daisy but I’ll just say that London’ll find someone better for HIM. And he deserves it. -C

  16. michele says:

    yeah pretty funny

    maybe vh1 can help me find a new guy too

    dating in la..sigh.

  17. Zoe says:

    This show boasts epically successful contestant casting. However, it is marred by Daisy’s participation. I mean, out of all the many and varied VH1 celebrealists, why select Daisy to star on her own show? She’s so… blah.

  18. chris says:

    wow when i said someone was going to quit every week i was just joking but it actually seems like that might happen :P. poor daisy but she really isn’t the type of person anyone in their right mind would consider falling in love with. she’s just such a joke. i wish she had gone to rol charm school instead of raven. it might have taught her something and then she could have been a little more prepared for this situation other than that all i can say is WHY THE *@$&~%_$^%+^~_&~ DID THEY GIVE DAISY OF ALL PEOPLE A SHOW!!!? why not heather? heather would have been great. i wouldn’t quit out on heater she seems cool and like someone u could actually get a connection with.

  19. michelle says:


    after watching the first four episodes, I really think that Ricky is the perfect Rock Star for you! It’s so cute how he protects your heart… and it’s not just for the show!


  20. Selene says:

    I don’t blame Joshua (London) one bit. Who wants to be sloppy 8th’s with a miniature blow up doll? Smart move leaving. He is one very sexy guy with some actual musical talent, and if he stuck around too long he’d just be London from Daisy of Love. Now he can walk away with style and still manage to have a career and, I am sure, MUCH hotter ladies! NYC will keep an eye and an ear out for Joshua Lee.

  21. NINA says:

    What a bummer :(. Joshua, the reason I watched the show, is gone. He was the yummiest one there. I really hated to see him go.

  22. Melissa Rose says:

    Dear VH1,

    Daisy’s show is a disaster and sometimes she’s hard to look at (her makeup is awful and her big lips and jerky motions make me ill). Please give the Blondourage (Farrah and Ashley) their own show a la Real Chance of Love.

    Melissa Rose

  23. Kate says:

    Finally! I am soo happy that London went home, maybe now she’ll start treating everyone in the house fairly and stop chasing after someone that has nothing to offer. This was the second episode in a row that she has completely screwed over Sinister because of London! She is not giving everyone a fair chance.

  24. Ida Campbell says:

    daisy of love show needs to do what they can to get Joshua Lee (London) back on this show!!!! Daisy was right, he was the only “real & honest” man on this show. I dont even want to watch it. I almost thought she would at least say “im falling for you” but she didnt! it might have stopped him. What a bummer. it will be a boring show now

  25. Shell says:

    Wow, I’m sad to see Joshua go. I’m not a fan of reality tv AT ALL, I know they are all fake but I watched this one because of him. I definitely thought he was gonna win. I wish there was a way to get in touch with him!!!!!

  26. Cosey says:

    Wow, I’m surprised that you didn’t touch more on London’s (excuse me JOSHUA LEE’S) existential crisis, because he’s a real `_*_^#_!%!#%+$+& ing person, you know. Seriously, it was gripping watching him struggle with prostituting himself on reality TV and, Luke Skywalker-like, decide not to play for the dark side.

    I am, however, hoping his perfectly made up and endearingly ferrety face pops up again in a “surprise” twist as they run out of guys on Daisy of love and he discovers how much it sucks to have a job.

  27. clexus says:

    Anyone who thinks that London was a good dude listen to what he says… makes up stories about living on couches seriously dude cry me a river, shouldnt there be some qualifications to get on this show.. Oh wait its Vh1 they have no morals, they just enjoy parading around disgusting human waste!! Daisy looks like a baby camel.

  28. Lizzie says:

    London was my favorite but I cant blame him for bouncing. Daisy is just totally self-involved and cant deal when its not all about her. It was really rude the way she treated London, and I think his reaction was appropriate. Daisy needs to work on her insides – it seems like she bases a lot of her self worth on her hotness, and when she cant manipulate someone with sex she freaks out.

  29. Ashley H says:

    Ok Daisy brought this upon herself. He opened his heart to her about his situation and she didnt pay attention. Then he tried playiong something for her on the piano and she didnt pay attention. I felt bad for him. He’s going through such a hard time and then to have to be treated the way she treated him…. Sry Daisy but this is all ur doing. I hope you treat the rest of the guys better

  30. Amy says:

    I think Daisy was sooo rude to London
    he was talking about something important and she just blew him off no wonder he left he didn’t want to be around a girl who couldn’t take him seriously

  31. Karen says:

    two words… stu and pid

  32. Liz says:

    Ricki is a such a dbag….. He obviously wants Daisy to end up with a good guy, which won’t end up fitting her. She needs to end up with a loser who will treat her like crap and keep her coming back for more. And more on Ricki, he is such a loser, he shouldn’t even be on this show, go get a real job.

  33. Daizy says:

    I like Daisy, and I don’t think she should be hurt. I’m glad London is gone..He didn’t look like he took a shower anyways..so he really did stink..hahaha…Riki is right and Daisy should listen to him. That is what Riki is there for… Next week is going to be interesting..

  34. cutetoya says:

    partially agree with you shayla bt i luv daisy bt i dont think that she is truely ready for luv r she wud have seen that in sinister

  35. Maria says:

    It’s almost not worth even watching anymore now that London’s gone. The rest of the show is going to be a disaster here on out . . . She’ll realize later that she screwed up.

    I wish they’d bring him back! :-(

  36. anye says:

    i honestly thinks daisy needs a makeover her hair never looks good yet and her makeup good god she jus needs to fix up herself wat the hell is goin on with her and look more attractive to the guys her bff looks way hotter than her and is not even her show

  37. LEGALLYBLONDE39 says:

    I’m surpised VH1 even put this on the air. The guys elimimate themselves…get a clue daisy—not even losers want you..What a hot mess you are!

  38. Winnie says:

    Joshua Lee is welcome to sleep on my couch or bed anytime he pleases.

  39. Johnny Goo says:

    I agree Liz, Ricki is a dbag fo sho. Fox is foxy, we need to see more of him and less of ricki.

  40. Valerie says:

    Sad to see London go???? Are you kidding me!!! Daisy needs to start listening to Riki. To have picked Londons song performance over Sinisters was just a slap in their faces. My advice. Open your eyes Daisy, Stop being so driven by “hotness” and actually listen to what these guys have to say and pay attention to their BEHAVIOR!!!! You’ve got some real awesome men remaining in the house!

  41. Bruce Duff says:

    Whoever wrote this should get a byline. Well done. Maybe he/she should narrate the show. A dose of reality wouldn’t hurt this reality show.

  42. PayRoll says:

    Daisy does need a makeover…she’s looks drag.

    She’s gonna get hurt no matter who she picks, these guys are not guys you bring home to meet your parents. She’s not a girl I’d bring home to my parents either.

  43. jacqueline says:

    well this episode was ver interesting i honestly feel that the nusery rhyme challenge was cute but i feel like sinisters band did so much better but then again i can understand why she picked london and cage and chi chi because she definatly needed to get to know cage and he is really there for daisy because he completly opened up to her and if you can open up to the one person you care about then thats great and the whole thing with london what was his problem i mean im glad hes gone because he didnt know what he wanted and daisy doesnt need that everyone deserves to find love and i know that daisy will find it i cant wait for the next episode and p.s rick your doing a great job !!!!

  44. The Viv says:

    Ok..i have to put my 2 cents in..This girl is pathetic.. It’s not “Daisy of Love” its “Daisy of Lust”…Evidently she wants a guy to treat her like crap..She keeps the jerks and gets rid of good ones.. Good thing London was the smart one and got out..
    And the way she dissed Sinister was just sinister….He’s friggin the best one in the house..Good looking, smart, sincere and friggin the only talented one…Why does he stick around…?
    He can come see me anytime…I know how to appreciate a guy like him…

  45. kidd says:

    this just proves that this show is effin crazy!
    even the guys dont wanna be there damn lol
    just get with 12 pack already daisy,leave us the humiliation. lol

  46. kenya says:

    oommgg….this wuz the MOST hilarous clip of ALL!!! wow..that is all i can say..!

  47. joshua lee says:

    guys please, i made my own decision to leave daisy of love. its not daisys fault! and yes i do love her and i miss her like crazy, but i left and i cant go back! just lay off! if you dont like the show then dont watch it because she allready has millions watching! and thanks to everyone who likes me and all… but right now just isnt the time to have any one else… but thanks for the offers! lol
    love to you daisy, london!

  48. joshua lee says:

    guys please dont blame daisy for my mistake! it was my dicision and i left!!! and if i could go back then yes i would still leave! i love her and everything… but its 2 late! and i dont feel good enough 4 her and she will find some one better!….. ohh and thanks to every one who likes me! lol but STOP DISHING DAISY!!! and right now isnt the best time to have a girl in my life! but for now its goodbye!
    love to daisy, london!

  49. Reasoning says:

    Joshua was opening himself up to her, and I guess because she liked him so much she kinda played a little hard or standoffish. Well, that doesn’t work for everyone, and it certainly didn’t work for him! Even in their private talk together he was still trying to open up to her and she started kissing him. He is real. He is not like the rest of those guys who are there for TV play (12 pack for instance appearing on all these shows). He could have stayed and took advantage that she liked him, but he did the honorable and honest thing he felt at the time and left because as he understood it she didn’t care enough for him to even listen to him. that’s where the disconnection was made..I hope he finds happiness b/c he seems like a good guy. The show won’t be the same without him. I just hope he doesn’t continue on a self destructive path (drinking so much)…Daisy seems to be a nice girl too, and I do think she still has feelings for London. Who knows what can happen in the future?

  50. Shay says:

    Well kudos to you Joshua for coming on here and giving some insight to the situation. I think you should have stayed. You were the best for Daisy out of the bunch, but you made the decision to leave, and no one has to right to cast judgements. Anywho, too bad you’re gone, you were the hottest one on the show. Hope to see ya at the reunion show if ya go.


  51. lovestoblog says:

    London was the best looking and sounded the most intelligent of all them besides Sinister. ChiChi is creepy.

  52. AngelFaith says:

    I feel that Joshua had a point. He explained it all to her on the bus, and then later that night she like blow him off proving to her that she wasnt paying any attention. Joshua seems like a great person, they all do, but these shows bring out the worst in them. Like Daisy seems really nice, but the show makes her seem stupid. And her changing the other guys looks i think was wrong, if she couldn’t deal with there true selfs, then get rid of them. This show i think is going to be over really quick, and the relationship she is in, will not last.

  53. nini says:

    london shouldnt never left at all!! he is damn cute and hot!! daisy and him make a grate couple i mean you could how daisy was so into him!! he has something that somehow attract girlss!! and it atracted daisy rite away!!
    london come plzzz!!!! ur finee the show will never be the same without you or at least make one called LONDON OF LOVE i defenitly go!

  54. VH1's 12 Pack says:

    Man the guy was fake any way daisy had nothing to worry about i’m saying because duhh she has me every day im in the house i’m drawn to her more and more i love you babe it will work out between us if i’m chosen at the end…

    Watch me evry Sunday at 9:00pm

  55. BlackHeart says:

    OMG, I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, Joshua was the HOTTEST boy on this channel! Yummy!! I don’t understand why I watch this show…she has my horrible relationship/men decision making skills so in a way it’s like watching my past (sigh…yes, I’m older than her). It didn’t work for me then I doubt it’s going to work for her now…Quit this ^*!~(^(%!%!&*&%*$ now Daisy!

  56. Valerie Rivera Mejia says:

    I understand both… she really liked him, and he felt like she was not giving him enough time, plus the guy must have been warned that show like these about “love”… are not long term… they break up… and make other seasons.. you know… I feel bad for daisy.. cuz she was crying for this guy so much.. but things happen and there are plenty of more guys out there who want her… as for London.. the guy seems cool.. and he most likely will be on another reality t.v show… most likely to hook up with another pretty girl… Thats what reality t.v is all about.. making the good looking special… hahaha… I LOVE MY HUSBAND HECTOR BY THE WAY… HE’S MY HOT ROCKSTAR… hehehe

  57. KAT says:

    OK i am a pretty reserved person but if vh1 has a love show for london I will dress up like a *)^^$_`^_@_@##$(` 2 be on that show that man is so FINE LONDON YOUR HOT omg and i told myself that i would never date a guy who smokes but on the last episode there was this scene were hes smoking while hes by the pool my gosh i wish i was the cigarette!!

  58. Green_Bird says:

    It never ceases to amaze me the kind of gutter trash VH1 picks up. I haven’t seen this episode, but the recap has me a bit disgusted at Daisy. While I would have been annoyed at all of the guys throwing their sob stories at me, I would have made an effort to listen to all of them. She blew off Josh, I’m not surprised in the slightest that he left. She saw him as a screw toy, and I think he realized that.

  59. CL1MACT1C says:

    i’m sorry, but the moment that Daisy got up in the middle of London’s story shouting “LOOK AT THAT!” was just too comedic. Rich’s comment in the blog about the “shiny objects” made that about ten times funnier. Love it :)

    what a shame to see London go…he was gorgeous!

    At this point, everyone knows that Daisy is not going to find “love” on this show, but hell…at least she’ll entertain us trying!

  60. Liz says:

    Joshua, I think your not only hott but an awesome person as well. I think it’s sooo sweet how nice you speak of Daisy even though she was a little rude to you on the show. It’s sounds like your going through rough time’s right now. I really hope everything works out for you and that you find love in the future. :)

  61. Rachel says:

    I love Joshua Lee! He is my favorite on the whole show. I think Daisy is a nice girl but to be honest I think that if they were to get into a relationship he would be talking over her head most of the time. Eventually he will find a girl to understand his “starving artist” type.

  62. lizellie says:

    Just channel surfing & stopped due to the pretty face of Daisy. After watching show for a few minutes, found that this chick is truly a GLUTEN FOR PUNISHMENT and is a ditsy daisy.

  63. Sapphire85 says:

    True Love is beautiful, yet tragic…

  64. MUSBENECEE says:

    Daisy, Baby Everything That Shines Isn’t Gold Baby If That Man Was Ready To Leave And His Heart Wasn’t There Then Let Him Go. Besides You Have Plenty Of Great Guy There That Is Looking For Love And U Just Might Lose Him Running Behind Someone Who Don’t Won’t To B There! U Shoulod Have Went To Tough Love School Instead Of I Love Daisy! GET IT TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Me says:

    London was HOTT! (Does anyone know what band he’s in…??) Daisy is a trasin wreck and the only reason I watched the show was to see him and Big Rig..

  66. bree says:

    flex is so damm fine

  67. CW says:

    I was crushed…fighting tears…over their ‘fight’. I really wanted them together in the end. There’s just something about Daisy and Joshua too.


  68. CW says:

    “Rather ‘fail’ with honor than succeed by fraud.”

  69. Daisy-Fan says:


    12-pack calling anyone out as fake? LMAO. Please, look up “phony” and see his mug.

    Daisy, you must send him ~+&&%&^#&(_&^!_~& ng soon!

  70. nycgal says:

    Someone wanted to know what band he’s in…it is the Party Death. They are on myspace http://www.myspace.com/thepartydeath
    They are playing out this weekend if you live in NY

  71. topaz10 says:

    i am very disturbed by how much make up these guys wear! does anyone really know a guy who wears make up? not me.

    I appreicate london/joshua pointing out that he is actually a real person as these shows completely turn people into cartoon characthers. I like Daisy, but i don’t think i can keep watching this.

  72. Jean says:

    “It seems that in 6 Gauge’s case, they’ve confused rock and roll with the Folsom Street Fair”.

    Except the Folsom Street Fair is WAY butcher. He looks like a straight guy trying to queer it up for the FSF.

  73. Princess says:

    Daisy you need new hot men ! The only ones you should keep are big rig , and 12 pack. Now they are real hot big good looking men ! You need a man not a boy like the rest. If Josh left the show , It should only prove to you he gives up easily, which is no good.

  74. KATHERINE says:


  75. KATHY says:


  76. modelislove says:

    First: I love the show
    and these blogs are genius.

    I heart Sinister.
    Daisy should have picked Sinister’s team. I’m not bias. We all know they deserved to win.
    God finally.
    We all knew what was going on. Daisy wanted him because he wasn’t showing her how in love he was like all the rest of the guys. She wanted the challenge. Come on, Daisy. That’s so high school.
    I’m going to die by the next episode.
    It’s too much…

  77. Cosey says:

    Can we return for a second to lizellie’s (*+^!_((+&*&&@^ essment that Daisy is a “GLUTEN FOR PUNISHMENT”? Because I’m envisioning her morphing into a giant ball of dough that devours everything in its wake now.

  78. skye coolidge says:

    hey wtas up what are you up 2 i hope u find love and i was mad that london went home u 2 make a good couple

  79. sandie says:

    Daisy Did you know how embarrased you made London about being homeless he has his pride you should try to get him back on the show he is very deep and seemed the most sincere and he is pretty hot

  80. crazystar says:

    I was just listing to “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming” by Judas Priest and it syncs up perfectly with London’s puppet dance.

  81. C says:

    This and similar shows are only for the ‘wannabe famous’, those who are real just can’t last in such a situation. I will miss Joshua (“London”) and probably won’t even watch anymore, but he is truly better off.

  82. lisa says:

    yep, i agree with pretty much everyone else, london was the sexiest guy on the show and i wanted him to win. i’m sure i’ll still watch cause i gotta see what happens now, but honestly, when he left my first thought was not to watch anymore. chi chi seems like a nice guy and sinister is cool too i guess, so i’ll stick it out.

    london’s band plays some good tunes too. someone listed their myspace in another post on here if you’re interested.

  83. Karen M. Sheppard says:

    Greetings, the show is over for me now that London has left – I would love to meet and chat with him.

    Daisy, I know this was a heartbreaker for you but it all happens for a reason. Also, why so much alcohol? These guys get trashed and I end up turning the show off. It is not entertaining,.
    Thanks for letting me write my note.
    Burlington, Vermont

  84. betty says:

    Dear Joshua Lee,

    I am in complete love with you. Marry Me.


  85. Ellie says:

    I LOVE JOSHUE LEE!!!!!!! gosh i was soo disapointed when he left. Daisy and London really hit it off frrom the beginning, they made the best couple. I hope that he comes back (as a surprise). If that doesnt happen, I will be okay with any ending as long as that creep of ’12 Pack’ doesnt win.

  86. shaweezy says:

    i think london had a very good point. i would of left if i was him too. daisy totally blew him off when he was trying to tell her about his life, and then later acted like she didnt hear a word of it during truth or dare. i think that shows a total lack of respect on her part. i find it amusing that on every single episode, someone has left on their own accord. that’s gotta make daisy feel pretty stupid. does anyone know if london has a myspace?

  87. Kiki says:

    The guys that have left really should not have been there to begin with with the exception of London. It’s my opinion that he left because he felt he was being taken for granted and he wasn’t feeling all the drama that goes on in reality shows. Daisy actually had a couple of perfect opportunities when he opened up to her to make a lasting inpression on him of “this chick really cares”, but she blew it and was insensitive as well as dismissive of his situation. As far as the other guys that are still left in the house there are still some guys which seem genuily nice, so we’ll see if she messes that up too!

  88. Sara says:

    Why does anyone even watch this show? Does anyone watch this show? Daisy looks like a freaking tranny, she’s about as dumb as a hammer, and every time she talks it’s just embarrassing! HOW is it that she got her own show? WHO at VH1 thought THAT was a fine idea! I’ve only seen one episode, but that was enough. Someone has got to put a stop to these idiotic shows- isn’t it enough to have “Charm School”. “I Love Money”, and the other stuff? Is it really necessary to torture us with Daisy?

  89. Yessy says:

    LONDON YOU F***** UP!!!! Daisy is so cool and HOTTTTT. I think they would of made a great couple, she really loved him. !*$~*)#__!*@%(() I’ll Take her :)

  90. Maybe says:

    Funny, funny, so very funny!
    Love the spin-off idea for Shiny Thing Of Love.
    But…thanks to Cosey and the great comment….
    even better show – Gluten For Punshment!
    Ha! I also caught that, but your “giant ball of dough” idea is perfect!

    A note on the guys: Hard to believe that a guy that looks like 12 Pack could also be sensitive and looking for real love, but maybe, just maybe???? I also find Sinister strangely attractive, and you can tell he has a sharp wit.
    I’m glad London is gone. Whine, drink, and whine some more.

  91. Kyana says:

    How do I get in touch with London? I just had a roommate by that name. All I need to know. :) ;) 24/f

  92. Kyana says:

    “I’ll stop at nothing to get in touch with this superstar!!”

    Joshua Lee, KyanaJR@gmail.com

  93. ashley says:

    i hope daisy pick 12 pack

  94. Ariel and Sara says:

    Joshua and Daisy obviosly care about eachother and like eachother. If circumstances would allow for a romance to blossom (for real), then we feel they were meant to be. Although reality tv is usually not so “realistic”, we felt their connection was real. Actually, we are pretty crushed that “London” left her all alone to deal with a house of wack guys, when obviously she really just like him. Also, some of the sesitivity (London) and intense situations(Daisy)seemed to deflect from the truth; the fact that the two of them truly cared about eachother. We wish the best for both of them. We will stay tuned only in hopes of seeing the two reunite in the end…it would be a very romantic, and lucrative ending for VH! and the two of them.
    We love you Daisy, represent!

  95. Geo says:

    OH hell NO!!! London and Daisy would NOT had made a good match,I’ am sorry to say that i actually felt sorry for her on Rock Of Love but,now that i see her on this her own show.Makes me sick.Her tears are as FAKE as her breast are and i’ am so happy London left when he did.She is not even taking this serious cause,if she was she would not be ignoring London when he was saying about his reason for being homeless!All she seems to care about is the fame she thinks she is getting from this.And it is sad very sad!!!She will NEVER find true love like that! Love comes to you at the right time and and when is the right time in your life.At least for it to mean anything worth meaning!

    I leave Daisy with some of this lyrics from one of my favorite bands The Church!

    And I’m asking you
    If you think that success is its own reward.
    Now then go and see what your persistence has scored.
    The voice is a ‘calling and it can’t be ignored.
    You might be underground but you’re over insured.
    You used to be unknown now you’re mapped and explored.
    You like to be untouched now you’re handled and pawed.
    And it’s never gonna end!

    I do hope London finds what he is looking for too!He seemed like a nice,caring and honest man…

  96. cynthia19 says:

    i love you london!!!!!!!!!!!! you are f@#*@%g HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  97. Jaz says:

    Well, Josh was HOT!! Great smile…yum…and I don’t usually even like guy-liner but damn he pulled it off :)

  98. Lalaine says:

    I don’t think London is the hottest guy on the show. But that’s my opinion. I think Sinister is.
    But, I think London had a reason to leave because Daisy wasn’t listening to him when he was trying to explain about why his dad kicked him out of the house, and I’d get mad too if I was trying to explain something, and somebody ignored me, then they asked me later because they weren’t listening.
    Oh, well Daisy. . .You should have listened.

  99. mary says:

    they should have a show around Joshua fn Lee aka London. they’d have girls lining up to get with him and more importantly tunning in to watch him. the show kinda sucks now that he’s gone. but daisy is so cute i keep watching

  100. skunky fan says:

    i thought skunky was so cute and funny,was that part of the show or did he really wonder in there?

  101. Paige says:

    There was NO reason for chi chi to be elimanated.Cause like he was the only man in there who did’nt have any nervouse breakdowns.lol.unlike the other guys who just threw things around,thats messed up. Oh and WTF!!!!Why the hell would ricky bring London back in? Hes a big Jackass for doing that.lol Made No sence what so ever! Why did’nt he just bring the other people that left back in?

  102. elizabeth says:

    daisy looks like a *#%!*&%$~_~_`&^@$ I can’t belive she cried about london leaving. she want’s all the attention. so thats why i think she is a *#%!*&%$~_~_`&^@$ hor and a slut……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  103. BLUEEYEDANGEL32 says:


  104. elissa says:

    i like the photos

  105. 904014 says:

    What a lovely day for a 904014! SCK was here