Charm School Recap – Episode 2 – Snapping Bubbles


Of all the ridiculous things to happen in this series of ridiculous things, one moment shines just slightly brighter than the rest:


But there’s much, much more where that came from. Believe it!


Good morning!


We’re still early enough in this go ’round of Charm School that it’s OK for the girls to act as recklessly as possible. This is essentially the morning of our semester. Forget what I said in my Daisy of Love recap this week: the best part of waking up is not penis in your cup; it’s bitching in your brew.

Not that you could sleep if you wanted to, for you see:


…the screaming match would prevent that. In footage that seems to have happened when the girls moved into the house (they’re all wearing their pre-uniform outfits), So Hood and Bubbles bicker about rooming together. Well, it’s more like Bubbles exists and So Hood rants at her. Things escalate to the point of So Hood saying, “Shut the f*** up talkin’ to me!” Bay Bay Bay hears this from what seems to be another room, says “Uh oh,” jumps up…


…and proceeds to snap into a Slim Jim (Heather Chadwell™).


Hilariously, Farrah can be spotted in the background finding this, well, hilarious.


Bay Bay Bay essentially backs Bubbles against the wall…


…and soon, there forms a line of girls screaming at Bubbles.


It’s unclear what Bubbles did to drum up such ire. It couldn’t have been worse than a bit of soft shoe or the Cabbage Patch or perhaps rhapsodizing dolphins. But then you know one of the girls would have been like, “I’m not here to make animal friends, be they surf or turf!” Whatever. The point is that even with editing being as confusing as it is in this case, it’s really hard to believe that the girls’ reaction isn’t 10,000 times beyond what Bubbles’ perceived indiscretion called for.


Great question, Brittanya. I’m watching this show and even I couldn’t tell you.

It kind of cools off after Risky announces, “With these three right here, you not gon’ win!”


It’s not right, nor is it OK, but at least it’s over.

It’s almost time for the day’s lesson, but first a mimosa.


I’m so impressed that she chose an appropriate beverage for morning instead of just pounding tequila like you know she wants to. Such a lady, this one!

Today’s commandment is:


The girls convene in the classroom…room, where Lala introduces them to:


Today, they’re focusing on social responsibility.


Social responsibility comes in many forms. Curious wording aside, Bubbles gives a relatively salient lesson in global warming. Not that Ashley cares — she is bored and will continue using aerosol hairspray, anyway. Far be it from anyone to cut her off from the diversion that aerosol provides, ozone be damned. Having a hole on the floor as her toilet while growing up in Brazil traumatized Marcia. That’s fair. Bubbles thinks that poverty isn’t necessarily condemnation to an unhappy existence — she knows people who eat only what they grow and take baths in rivers and “they could be the happiest people.” And I could be a clown with balloons as my man hooters, but I’m not. Just saying. Brittaney Starr once took a stand regarding women’s voting, and look at what a great president we have! I like to think that Brittaney Starr likes to think that she had a major part in Obama’s election.

So that’s the lesson, basically. What I’m taking away from it is that each of these girls is stranger than the last. They’re told to report to their lockers to find their materials for the day. Once up there, they find jumpsuits.


They’re not all this flattering, though. So Hood is just so pretty. Anyway, there are three different colored jumpsuits spread (not so) randomly across the lockers. This effectively splits the girls into three teams of four. On the Green Team is Bay Bay Bay, Farrah, Bubbles and Natasha. On Blue is Risky, Brittanya, Ki Ki and Marcia. Pink is So Hood, Ashley, K.O., and Brittaney Starr.

The girls board the bus, where So Hood takes the opportunity to make a joke about requesting, “Do not resuscitate” if Bubbles were her doctor. Not to further Bubbles’ ridicule, but a more biting joke would have been that if Bubbles were her doctor, she wouldn’t even need to make such a request. Sorry, it’s just that convoluted nastiness is kind of a pet peeve of mine.


They arrive at the site of their challenge, and here’s what they’re faced with:


Sitting amongst the trash are…


…Ricki Lakey, Lala and…


This challenge, plain and simple, is an L.A. River cleanup. The team who does the best per Ricki Lake’s sense (i.e. subjectively) wins and gets put on the Dean’s List. The girls have 15 minutes. And go!


Risky interviews that her strategy is to get lawn chairs, car doors and “all kinds of big things.” I like how she thinks! Ashley, meanwhile, meanders and tries her best to look busy without actually doing anything. She interviews that picking up garbage is worse than giving a lap dance to a fat man. For its striking imagery and its ripped-from-real-life nature, I give this metaphor two nips up! While Ashley complains about the smell, her partner in blondeness, Farrah, steps it up and puts more effort into this challenge than anyone ever would have predicted.

As it winds down, many of the Real Chance girls can be heard complaining about their hair and nails getting messed up. Someone (I think Bay Bay Bay) says, “I think I smell like piss.” That seems like something you’d want to be sure about. And look, regarding this complaining, I’m positive that concern about such issues aren’t just confined to this group. It’s not like there was something in Real and/or Chance’s saliva that made them more sensitive to aesthetic disarray. It’s clear that no matter what the end result looks like, such matters are important in the Rock of Love girls’ lives as well. It’s just that the Real Chance girls are the girls that we hear complaining at this time.


The trash is collected and in the bins:


It looks like a draw, but it turns out that the Green Team are named winners:


And if you’ve tuned in to watch gracious defeat, you’ve come to the wrong network:





Those last words come from Marcia, who interviews that she’s happy with her accomplishments, but “the Real Chance of Girls are complaining about it!” Real Chance of Girls. Now that is the transsexual dating show that I want to see. There’s a lot you could do with that title — I’d take whatever interpretation.

On the bus, Ki Ki complains about pulling out the braids underneath her weave as a result of this challenge. Real girls on real issues, that’s why this show is awesome. K.O., seemingly snitches that Marcia wondered aloud why everyone was complaining. Marcia jumps in and explains that they were there for a reason…


Ki Ki flies into a conniption that is confusing and loud, not to mention amazing. In other words, Ki Ki opens her mouth and the usual comes out.


And if you think she’s getting tired, well, she’s just waking up.

At home by the pool, Bubbles is vexed about being such a target.


With tears in her voice, she says that the Real Chance girls really hurt her with all their comments regarding her intelligence.


Bay Bay Bay does what looks like very arduous interpretive dance in Bubbles’ face and calls her “passive aggressive.” Bay Bay Bay thinks anything that doesn’t involve aggressive jumping jacks and mouth foam is “passive.” Ki Ki interviews that Bubbles’ self-defense annoyed her. Of course it did.


So now Ki Ki’s in there, screaming in Bubbles’ face things like, “You ain’t gon’ out-talk me, bitch. I got a big-ass mouth. My s***’s surround-sound in this motherf***er.


Well, at least she’s aware of it.

Meanwhile, Marcia has her hair in spikes for no good reason. And you can’t even blame it on tequila, because it seems that she put her hair in spikes to prepare for it, not as a result of it.


At some point, she spills some and then so as not to waste it, rubs it in her leg:


It’s like Leaving Las Vegas, but less hilarious.

Then outside, something kind of terrible happens. Marcia and Farrah sit around a table and So Hood walks by. Marcia calls out to her by saying…


She doesn’t mean it as an insult. I don’t even think she means it as a reference to the place(s) SoHo, because I’m willing to be that Marcia has no idea what that is. So Hood is not in the mood to be called a ho, and so she responds…


Marcia’s excuse is, “I’m bad with names!” She should cut the crap and say, “I’m bad with people!” She continues her bickering with So Hood from across the pool…


…and then from the balcony…


If you haven’t seen this episode, I’m sure you can still imagine how Shakespearean the whole setting is. Wasn’t it William S., himself who first uttered the words said by Marcia as she stumbles into the house: “Why everybody so for real dude?” Yes, indeed. I think it was.

Not to be outdone in the realm of bitchiness, Ashley interviews about what fun it is to tease Brittaney Starr, the craziest person she’s ever met. And as a stripper in Vegas, I get the feeling that Ashley’s brushed up on her share of crazies. Farrah and Ashley laugh about this, and she suggests they both go punch Brittaney in the ass. A cheek for each fist, just like grandma used to do!

We see footage of Brittaney entering the bathroom with some…contraption.


The extras suggest that this is an enema. I cannot confirm either way, I’m happy to report.

Ashley and Farrah mess with B.S. for a while…


And then they notice that there is a lock on the outside of the bathroom door. There it is, just sitting there, waiting to oppress someone. And who are Ashley and Farrah to pass up an opportunity? They lock her in and wait for her to freak out.


It doesn’t take long. Brittaney kicks on the door and pleads to be let out. She gets to the point of begging to be slipped a magazine under the door. Whoa, submission. That’s pathetic enough to really make me feel for her.

Ashley and Farrah continue to torment her, at one point, sliding a hot dog under the door…


The hot dog becomes somewhat skinned by the door in the process, making it even more disgusting than I ever thought a hot dog could be. These girls are so full of surprises! And here’s another one:


Well, excuse me!

Just kidding. It’s a fire extinguisher that Brit has sprayed to…I don’t know why. Because it would be dramatic is always a good default explanation for any of these girls’ behavior, so I’m gonna go with that.

Now that that’s over, it’s time for Farrah and her exposed ass to get some sleep.


Except, there’s a problem:


A bug and some crumbs have been planted in her bed! Woe is Farrah’s exposed ass. She approaches Brittaney to hand her hers.


It’s not a scorpion or even a plastic scorpion, even, but whatever. Brittaney admits to it and says Farrah can remedy the situation by just shaking out her sheets. Well, Brittaney is an expert on eating in bed, so she’d know. Farrah tosses at her what looks like a cucumber with a weave track wrapped around it:


Aw, cute. Farrah starts threatening Brittaney, and so Brittaney pulls out the big guns, if you will:


I love that her bed hoarding has now expanded to include hardware. Do not be surprised if we find out in a later episode that Brittaney Starr is using a table saw as a pillow.


Everyone’s threats turn out to be as empty as an expired fire extinguisher.

The next day, Bay Bay Bay tells Brittaney they want to put her through “the initiation process.” The Real Chance girls are essentially taking her under her wing. Since detention requires voting, this show is something of a numbers game. And what better place to practice for future I Love Money seasons than Charm School? That’s what I always say, anyway. So Hood tells Brittaney: “Next time they say something to you, just say, ‘Kiss my black ass.’ Even though you white, just say, ‘Kiss my black ass.’” That ought to get people nice and confused! Confusing people seems to be what the Real Chance girls are all about.

Brittaney takes this lesson extremely seriously, jotting down various hilarity:



Ki Ki strategizes about splitting her clique’s vote between Ashley and Marcia. Brittaney approves saying that she wants all of the Rock of Love bitches out of there except for herself. I never would have gotten that if she hadn’t qualified. Thanks, Brit!

Brittaney, awesomely, leans off the balcony and screams at Ashley, Marcia and Brittanya, “KISS MY BLACK ASS!


Shockingly, no one takes her up on this command.

Elimination looms, but before that, Ricki wants to talk with some of the girls.


Brittaney tells Ricki of the bathroom incident, and that it involved the girls calling her fat. Whether she knows that this will appeal to Ricki’s sympathy on a very basic level is too hard to call. I wouldn’t put conniving past any of these girls at any point, though.

Marcia interviews again about her clashing with the “Real Chance of Girls.” That’s never not going to be funny. She also cries about her dealings with Ki Ki.


Ricki can’t help but wonder if Marcia’s drinking is adding to her problems.

Bubbles talks about being terrorized, but she’s afraid to name names. She won’t reveal anything until Ricki pinky swears that Bubbles’ name will not be mentioned.


Ricki seems to decline. Maybe because she’s not bound to any dean-student confidentiality, maybe because pinky-swearing is ridiculous. Hard to say.

Risky talks about the stuff that went down without incriminating herself. “I’m always right there,” is how she puts it. Risky is tricky!

Then, detention:


The girls vote for whom they think should hit the carpet. Brittaney Starr gets the ball rolling in the least surprising of places:


Those exclamation points are extremely effective. Then it goes like this: K.O. votes for Marcia, Brittanya votes for Ki Ki, and so on, with each Real Chance girl voting for Marcia and each Rock of Love girl voting for Ki Ki.

Back in the room, Ki Ki rants. Again, it falls on confused ears.




The girls up for expulsion are:


At last, something that isn’t confusing. When Ashley’s asked why she’s there she cites the Brittaney-bathroom incident. Correct! Marcia says that there’s a division between the Rock of Love and Real Chance girls. She says the Rock of Love girls try to get along with everyone, but they’re always getting yelled at. She’s so right. If you put a water gun to my head and told me to name the first two words that came to mind regarding the Rock of Love Bus girls, “hospitable” and “meek” would be the two. Totally. Kiki says she’s on the carpet because she embraced someone the Rock of Love girls hate (i.e. Brittany Starr). You say “embraced,” I say, “adopted as a pawn,” whatever! Anyway, this is at least plausible.

As Ki Ki is explaining herself, Marcia raises her hand. Without raising her voice, Ki Ki firmly asks Marcia to let her talk. Farrah takes exception to this.


Marcia uses Ki Ki’s reaction to her attempt at interruption as evidence of her point. “This is what I’m talking about!” she says. So Hood starts talking about how the Rock of Love girls just want to drink. Farrah interrupts her and then they bicker a little and Farrah says, “I’m done with this! I’m out!” Ashley agrees and follows her.


And then so does Marcia!


Ricki is left speechless…


And Ki Ki’s all…


“Told ya so.”

Then Brittanya takes the Real Chance girls to task, saying they’re just as wrong as Ashley, Farrah and Marcia are for leaving.


Basically, everybody hates everybody and no one’s ashamed to admit it. Ah, open communication lines. Such a gift. Such a curse.

In her room, Farrah and Ashley packs up. Ashley says that this show has become Real Chance of Love, and she didn’t sign up for Real Chance of Love. To be fair, the hair here isn’t silky enough for this to be Real Chance of Love. Ricki comes in and Farrah tells her she’s losing her mind.



With her soothing words, Ricki seems to convince everyone to stay.

Meanwhile, Lala talks to the others in the detention hall.


Lala worries about the divide in the house becoming a black/white thing. That’s especially problematic now that Brittaney Starr’s ass is black. So Hood says something about the Rock of Love girls taking showers together. Really, if they didn’t invite you, that’s kinda none of your business. Unless their activity is clogging up the drain.

Eventually, everyone reconvenes in the elimination room…


Ricki’s quick about things. Because she’s hindering the girls’ learning and “driving groups apart,” Ki Ki is leaving. So Hood and Bay Bay Bay look shocked.


Ki Ki talks major crap on her way out.


Hey, at least she’s true to herself.

After that, we see So Hood crying and changing and threatening to leave.


Between the last three episodes of Daisy of Love and all these girls threatening to drop out of Charm School, it’s clear that on VH1, leaving is soooooooooo this season.

Before we get anything conclusive re: this, we’re told:


It’s funny when they see fit to tell us this because when are these shows not to be continued? Even their finales promise as much!

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  1. prosperousnhim says:

    After watching tonights show, I’ve determined with out a shadow of a doubt Rikki Lake is a racist. For her to send Kiki home, she bought into the little white girl feeling intimidated by a black girl. I’m very disappointed in Rikki Lake I thought she was bigger than that.

  2. THE D A says:

    How and the hell did Ricki send KIKI Home?

    She must be a racist!!!!

    Ricki loves Blonds!!!!

  3. Duane says:

    Bad Choice Ricki!!!!!!!

    Since Kiki was the only one that didnt walk away, I guess Ricki had to send her home. NOT!!!!

    I guess since Obabma won – we cant win them all huh?

  4. nikki says:

    that was so racist to kick kiki off this was so wrong

  5. Amanda says:

    I think VH1 is a RACIST television station. It always pin Black girls against White girls and shows Favoritism for the White girls. I will be encouraging all my friends and family to stop watching ALL of your RACIST SHOWS!!!!!!!

  6. Dee says:

    This show is getting stupid! If I was a rock of love girl I would want to leave also. The other girls are loud and rude. Rock girls just want to drink and party. They have a reason not to like Brittaney Starr. No, it wasn’t cool what they did, but the other girls are just as bad to bubbles. And the only reason they are being nice to Brittaney Starr is to have better odds at voting. They have her looking real stupid saying “kiss her black !^#!“~#(&^$#$` not cute! They are going to make it into a racial thing!

  7. black man says:

    What can I say about this show? I watched this show for the first time today. I cannot understand why black woman would allow themselves to go on national T.V. and disgrace black woman. Bay Bay Bay, kiki, and so hood gave the stereotype and image that many persevere of most black woman. Demonstrating such loud, ignorant behavior black women then wonder why black men treat them with no respect and go after other Ethnicity woman. They show that black woman is not educated when they are. I can’t understand why black woman let them show the world the wrong side of them.

  8. COLORblind says:

    After watching this last episode with Kiki eliminated I may not watch again. I feel if someone is willing to walk off the show to get a point across just shows that they can not change. It is easy to change someones attitude, but to cure an alcoholic you need medical attention! It is evident that the R.O.L girls got a pass. Now, I am a fan of Ricki so I’m not gonna pull the “race-card” but I feel Kiki stood on the carpet and was able to accept her being there while the other girls kinda threw a “show-tantrum” to get their way. Right is right and all were wrong..if anything I feel all should have been given another chance except for the two who locked Brandi in the restroom. In the real world that is against the law! Hope the writers are reading these blogs. I never blog about anything but after viewing the show I was outraged. I am an African American female and very aware of how to adapt to all situations. Although I never would carry myself in the manner in which some of the R.C.O.L girls have, I am able to understand that they have come through a different path I have. I respect all people because I’m not sure where they had to come from or what they had to do to get here. However, if this show is truly about change Kiki should have stayed because she does need help with accepting other peoples opinions and handling stressful situations. If she is yelling out the most then she is probably the one who needs the most help. But I don’t see change anytime you hold someone against there will, call them fat or any other degrading name-calling, then throw a tantrum to get your way. I truly know now this show is for ratings and truthfully you will get them. Unfortunately this show has proven CHANGE hasn’t and probably wont come in our lifetime.

  9. Lace says:

    Riki is NOT racist at all. The whole episode KiKi was being an obnoxious out of line $+_~(#))&(_@@&)#* Bubbles is so sweet and all KiKi did was disrespect her. She was never going to change. Ashley is a $+_~(#))&(_@@&)#* too, but she has more of a chance of changing that KiKi. Don’t pull the racist card you ignorant blind @~~~`@~%@^~@@_+ people.

  10. Rhiana says:

    Ricki Lake showed her true self tonight. She should’ve talked with all the girls and no just the blonde girld and drunk girl. When heard that Ricki Lake was going to host this show I knew there would be problems.

  11. Marquel says:

    I feel that Kiki was only elimnated to ensure the “Blondturage” would continue to participate with the show. In no way am I stating that Kiki is right, but I am saying out of the three on the carpet she did not deserve to go home. Locking someone in a bathroom is a cruel and harsh punishment. I think placing the two shows together was a receipe for a disater. Moreover, I feel that the Head Mistress and Deans are trying to make the situation to be racial more than the contestants.

  12. Rachell says:

    Kiki needed to go, she was a loud mouth and she was cruel to others for no reason. Ashley and Farrah acted childish but they weren’t violent like Kiki. Rikki made the right call on this one. Kiki was a ring leader and if she had kept her in the house, she would have just intimidated the others.

  13. jewsus says:

    Kiki deserved to leave. Clearly she didn’t care about changing or trying to get along with anyone.
    and Bubbles is so sweet… I wish they would stop being mean to her :(

  14. SHAYLEE says:

    Oh please ppl…i dont think she did the wrong thing at all…she was the most threat to everyone besides all her loud ++#%*~~*#*(&$$% friends…kiki would defiantly throw down before Ashley or Marcia regardless of her color…thats just who she is…no matter where kiki was in the house she was always starting +$++&%@^&(@**^@( with everyone…change, please!!!! All this talk about racist is bull +$++&%@^&(@**^@( what about Syafari who won a couple years ago when Monique was in charge…should we say she did that because they were both black? THINK ABOUT IT….THIS SHOW IS ABOUT CHANGE AND I DIDNT SEE HER CHANGING…RIKKI STAND STRONG ABOUT YOUR CHOICES!!!!

  15. WOWOWOWOW says:

    Kiki deserved to go home and big mouth Bay Bay Bay should have to. They are both so rude and disrespectful to Bubbles. Bubbles doesn’t say a word and Kiki gets right up in her face and start to shout.
    I’m glad that ^*#$)^~%_(#^!^^_) is gone. Ricki is not racist. Quit pulling excuses out of your @(~#!^_#()$`(!+ Marcia and Ashley didn’t even do anything. You should even be paying attention to their race.

    People who do pay attention to race are the true racists…

  16. Tara says:

    I just want to say,as a black woman, that i am THOUROUGHLY embarrased by Bay Bay BAy, KiKi, and So Hood’s behavior on Charm School. The way you 3 ladies are treating Bubbles and the Rock of Love girls is the reason people in society have the negative opinion of black women that they have!! You are being rude ,loud,and trying to intimidate those that you perceive as being weaker than you. And the way it looks on tv is that you feel superior and stronger than the white women. I am really disappointed to see Risky following suit becuase she was not acting like that on Real Chance at Love. Never be a follower,always be the leader. Bubbles has done nothing to you girls and one day you ladies are gonna cross the wrong one that you THINK is weak and she’s gonna tapp that a$$. I just want it to be known, all black women ARE NOT like that. You girls(and I say girls purposely because if you were secure women,you would not feel the need to tear down or intimidate others!!)should be ashamed of yourselves for goin on national tv acting like ghetto a$$ hood rats!!

  17. Swim2Win says:

    Im glad that KiKi went home cuz she lied by saying that she never threatend anyone, BS! I like the rock of love girls so much better since they are funnier and don’t yell so loud and as much. However my fav from the real chance girls is Risky cuz she is real!

  18. linda says:

    Doesn’t anyone else see how fake and phony baybaybay is? She is obviously wanting as much camera time as possible and is trying to have the loudest mouth there. The $$!@__~@%(!(%_@! won’t have anything to do with her and her she comes mouth first.

  19. Amy says:

    sorry but Kiki was mean and Bubbles didn’t do crap to her
    wtf was there problem? there was no race card here the real chance of love girls are loud and obxious (minus Bubbles and KO)

  20. chuck says:

    to nikki…… you’re black right… its not that serious.. to take it there.. it not color that is the issue, it’s behavior.

  21. Dana says:

    This show is a hot mess and reading peoples responses reminds me of how ignorant people are.I am a black female and Kiki is a ignorant hood rat.To even justify her behavior lets me know how ignorant yall are.making this into a racial thing is dumb.The other girls might have been wrong for over drinking and acting childish by locking the girl in the bathroom, but Kiki, Bay Bay Bay and So Hood’s ignorant a$$es are trying to intimidate others.Bubbles might not be the brightest star in the room, but she hasnt done anything to anyone.I am disappointed in Risky because i wanted her to win Real Chance of Love, she potrayed herself as a good person, but then she is folloiwing behind these ignorant bit(he$ and making excuses.The race card is a cop out and all off yall will be ignorant black as$$ hood rats when the show is over.They need to make a reality show when yall run into the wrong chick and she beats yall a$$, because i would been the one.You chicks are a good campaign add for condoms.Your parenst shoukd b ashamed.

  22. Tom says:

    Kiki did not deserve to go home.

    Yes she did have issues, but she wasnt the worst in the house. The Rock of love girls are drunk #$+!+^+)~)_~!_(`^ s and just want to be famous.

    Kiki seemed like she really wanted help.

    Riki made a bad mistake-

    Racist? not sure. – Stupid? yes

  23. Monica says:

    There ain’t no kinda racist shhh going on at all for KiKi’s loud dumb as* being sent home! The whole damn episode was her dumb as* yelling. Black Man is right, those 3 sure preserved the whole loud mouth, obnoxious black girl stereotype. The blondes were wrong for locking psychopath in the bathroom but that was just a small part of some bad behavior, KiKi and chickenhead, grasshoper body BayBayBay are shown acting like morons during the whole episode. Bye Bye KiKi!!!!

  24. kim says:

    Ok, seriously, how the (^&^_@$%!*~~$~+_ is Ricki Lake racist?! It’s not a black or white thing…Kiki was a loud-mouth )~~$#@@&~##$`(&`& And Ricki sent home Beverley and Gia, so how the hell does sending Kiki racist? People are so small-minded today! They hear and see the slightest wrong thing, and they’ll complain it’s racist. But since everyone is SOOOOOO upset that Kiki was sent home, most likely she’s gonna bring that fraction of a real woman back to charm school

  25. Dana says:

    This is a hot mess.I cant believe people are puling the race card.I am a black female and the show is embarassing.Kiki, Bay Bay Bay, and So Hood are a stereo typical image of black women.They are ignorant and although the rock girls may drink too much and played a bad prank by locking the girl in the bathroom, that has nothing on the way the 3 ignorant hood rats treated bubbles.I am really shocked at the fact that Risky ()&$&^`(#`~%%(_ ociates with those chicks and even had the nerve to pull the race card, i guess the person she portayed on Real Chance of Love wasnt genuine.These 3 chicks are an ideal add for condoms because their parents have got to be embarrassed by thier ignorant behavior.The next reality show should be “When You Try The Wrong One” and that show should show the 3 chicks getting their ()&$&^`(#`~%%(_ whooped when they try the wrong.I really want to be on the show just tp defend Bubbles.She isnt the brightest star but she hasnt done anythign to anyone.And for the people on here calling this racist and find no wrong in their action……………….you must be a ghetto hood rat mess just like the ((%#)#$#)%%#*&@*$ e$.People are commenting about Obama and no change… dumb ()&$&^`(#`~%%(_ es this a reality show with some hood rats, you think this will mark any change?….all i can say is wow…our race has a long way to go.Didnt a black girl win the last one?MARINATE ON THAT DUMB ()&$&^`(#`~%%(_ ES.

  26. Johnny says:

    Kiki should not have been sent home!! She stood their while the rest of those dumb `)_^%*&`+@`**@@!$ es walked out!!!! Farrah and Ashley were very mean to Brittaney.

  27. Johnny says:

    Risky is actually still calm like her pervious show.

  28. Kelly says:

    She’s not racist, don’t be stupid. I think she’s the best dean yet, because she’s able to step outside and actually look at thing in a smart manner rather then just going crazy like Sharon did. She sent KiKi home because KiKi screams in people’s faces, and she’s crazy. She doesn’t let anyone else speak AT ALL, and Ashley may be +^#~`~“#)_!!_$@! y, and Marcia may be a drunk, but neither of them are as stupid as KiKi. Riki made the right decision.

  29. jamie says:

    Oh my God… shut up she is not racist. yall sound crazy. stop throwing that word around.. Kiki deserved to go home.. she would NOT stop screaming. She has too much anger and wouldnt have changed. She needs anger mamagement

  30. tfactor44 says:

    I can’t believe people are calling racism.It sounds about right for a people who always makes excuses.Listen up black folk,you have just as many rights and priviledges as anyone.No one under 60 has ever felt the effects of slavery.Everytime there is an argument,instead of rationally discussing,blacks wanna get loud,because they think its intimidating.I for one think its a joke….The biggest jerk on that show is Bay Bay Bay..if thats your definition of a stong black woman,you are in trouble.

  31. Blah says:

    Ok…this is ridiculous.
    Ricki lake is not a racist for kicking Kiki out. The two girls already asked to leave were Gia and Beverly, who are both white…

    Kiki would scream and yell and it was pretty apparant that she didn’t think treating Bubbles like complete crap was even a problem. She was too loud and obnoxious to let anyone get a word in, how was she ever going to learn anything?
    At least Farah and Ashley know that picking on Britney is wrong. Kiki thinks the way she treats Bubbles is right. You can’t fix a problem you don’t think you have.

    It seemed the major reason Kiki was eliminated is that Bubbles felt threatened, and she was the ring leader instigating the division between the groups.
    NOT because of race.

    *I apologize in advance if I spelt their names wrong.

  32. Tiffany says:

    Somebody tell me what is worse…pulling silly childish pranks (locking someone in the bathroom, putting crumbs on someones bed, ect) or verbally and mentally abusing..yes i said it..ABUSING an individual to the point where they are in tears(yelling in there face, backing them against the wall, ect)? Anyone who tries and justifys the action displayed by KiKI on tonights episode should be ashamed. How would you feel if somone were to treat your daughter, sister, friend the way that KIki, Bay bay bay, and So Hood treated them? And to try to pull the race card is just dumb. Rikki sent home who desereved to be sent home.

  33. Brit says:

    I’m disappointed in Ricki, that was such a wrong decision! How is yelling and arguing worse then locking someone in the bathroom for a hour and half and stuffing food under the door? Ashley is the one that should have went home. They should have gotten Monique to do this show, I don’t like Ricki.

  34. M0bt0wn D!va! says:

    Riki caters too much to the ROL girls than to the RCOL girls she is stupid and racist she didnt give KIKI a chance like she did the bleach blonde nappy dollar tree bootleg weave extensions wearin ROL girls all the ROL girls are racist except Brittney Star and Natasha LaLa needs to step to the plate these ROL B’S don’t need Charm School they need AA and communtiy service & probation tHEY SHOULD HAVE DONE 2 DIFFERENT SHOWS FOR THE TO DIFFERENT SHOWS THEY KNEW THEY WERE GOING TO BE GROUPISH! Luv Mobtown Diva! You Suck Riki!

  35. Tiffany says:

    I love Ricki but she was !_+`@$(~~&&@)`%( ed up for her decision. Funny how she chased them blonde hoes and talked them into staying but I didn’t see anyone running behind So Hood!!!! Kiki may be able to go from 0-60 in a fourth of a second but that is why she was there for charm school. Bubbles is !_+`@$(~~&&@)`%( ing `$!+#+#%@`~~)`^)#~ ed and she needs to grow up and find a backbone. Brittney Star should of spray that hoe with the whole can.

  36. Tiffany says:

    I believe that Ricki is not racist but she was foul for sending Kiki home. Kiki stay strong! And So Hood, I hope you return, I was looking forward to you being on the show with Risky, Bay, Kiki and K.O. Tou all my $`&+!_+(+%`)#!~*$ es

  37. TJ says:

    I don’t think Ricki is a rascist and I feel she made the right decision sending KiKi home. Ashley and Marcia will be sent home eventually along with Bay Bay Bay and and So Hood. Bubbles, KO, Risky, Natasha and Farrah appear to be the only girls that have the potential to change for the better. I’m still on the fence about Brittania and Brittany Star.

  38. Becky says:

    I can’t believe what i just saw. Did rikki fall for there lies and send kiki home. I think rikki need to be a part of charm school and let La la be in charge. Yes Rikki is a racist i know her personally…..I thought she change by now.

  39. Dominican man says:

    after watching this show ricky made the right thing those black women Bay Bay Bay, kiki, and so hood gave the stereotype and image that many persevere of most black woman. Demonstrating such loud, ignorant behavior black women then wonder why black men treat them with no respect and go after white and spanish women

  40. MLK says:

    You people plying the race card are idiots. did you not even watch the show. The girl”Ki KI” and “bay bay” would not even let that one girl speak.

    I believe the 1st two girls sent home were white.

    As far as VH1 shows being racist. Who won the I Love Money shows……..2 black women! Stop it w/ the race cards, it’s 2009.

  41. Takiah says:

    Why is it that everytime an African-American person brings something upon themselves, we as black people always pull the race-card and never take responsibility for what happened? I am an African-American FEMALE and I am HAPPY that KiKi was sent home. She is a complete and total embarrassment to us.

    Sure, Ashley and Farrah locked Brittaney up in the bathroom, but at least they had a reason: Brittaney had been talking major #_!%%)&@~+&%@`%% KiKi yells at Bubbles because she knows Bubbles wouldn’t harm anyone. Bubbles, who has never done ANYTHING to KiKi. Why can’t KiKi grow a pair and step up to someone who will beat her a$s. She could of stepped up to Brittanya. I’m sure Brittanya wouldn’t have just sat there and taken it.

    Stop being so ignorant. This move was in no way, shape or form racist. And if you’re going to call it racist, then you’re an idiot.

  42. aku says:

    i agree with dee and lace..
    who the hell would withstand another day with kikis mouth
    blaring the whole time? geez. that was a good decision.

  43. Seriously says:

    I cant believe what i’m reading in some of these comments!!! How exactly was Riki racist for sending Kiki home??? Kiki was a loud mouth bully who was shown literally shouting and berating people the ENTIRE episode; she was a rude b!tch to Bubbles after Bubbles just tried to go up and say how they hurt her feelings! Yeah, Ashley and Marcia were wild but seriously?!!!??? All Marcia did that was bad was drink too much (omg…the horror) and say So Hood’s name wrong (which…HELLO not even her real name!!!) And yeah Ashley was being a bully to Brittany but she didn’t hurt her. Not that wild. It’s racist to automatically $+#“)$+@`%&+)$ ume because the black girl got sent home that race was even involved. Kiki was a mean BULLY and needed to go home!!!!

  44. kate says:

    I just want to say Ricki did the right thing… I’m sorry but I wouldn’t continue to watch the show if Kikki did not go home— She is the most obnoxious, out of line contestant there- she needs more than charm school she needs a prozac- And for all of you pulling the racial card- give me a break- You couldn’t even have a conversation with that girl. Ricki you did the right thing and now I won’t have to change the channel to watch the show cause I’ll be able to listen to what the girls are saying= not screaming… Contestants that are constantly screaming belligerently need more than charm school they need mental help- with that mentality don’t ask me how they were allowed to go on the show. And sending someone home cause she drinks is something you can improve- you can’t change arrogance period.

  45. can we all just get along says:

    I must say that this season of charm school will be dealing with one of the controversial issue judging from different “race cards.” Plus Rikki isn’t racist for that fact that Kiki is still being who she is instead of how to control her temper. The “slutorage” is the main problem for the fact that there not committing to change. They just still wanted to be a hot mess. As far for the elimination, I hella don’t want kiki to go home or down on the carpet at all. Also, not to mention of the next episode preview where Rikki ask Risky is the elimination unfair because of the raced. What can I say, this is one of the controversial issue regarding from charm school 3. Say what you feel like everybody, just tired of the whole Raced issue. This is not the pre MLK jr era.

  46. Jana D says:

    I keep hearing everyone say how mean Bay Bay Bay and Kiki is to Bubbles which is true But yall seem to be overlooking the fact that Ashely’s Boy Geroge looking &_$_^+@`$~_@&^# and Farrah’s man-face &_$_^+@`$~_@&^# are mean to Brittany for no reason as well so its the same thing. I do think Ashley deserved to go home more though. Kiki got a lot of mouth but she never got physical with anyone on these shows. Most people with a lot of mouth will only just talk anyway. That drunk *(++$_$%)~`@~+^@~ Ashley locked someone in a bathroom but get to stay. Bottom line, if Kiki was sent home Ashely should have been sent home as well. Brittany shouldn’t feel safe in the house with them crazy, drunk Rock of Love *(++$_$%)~`@~+^@~ es. I mean she got her hair pulled, something thrown at her, and locked a the bathroom.

  47. CMO says:

    REALLY? What is wrong with you people. Being a minority myself and fighting against discrimination my whole life, I know that Riki isn’t a racist and made the right decision. Kiki was never going to change. She was cold hearted, mean spirited, and in the wrong. The way she treated Bubbles was inhumane and sickening. Sure Ashley did deserve to be punished for what she did. But the difference was Ashley’s mistake was childish and she didn’t end up hurting anyone, it just shows she never quite grew up and she needs to be taught how to be an adult. Kiki, on the other hand, was verbally abusive without cause, and probably has caused Bubbles tremendous emotional and mental issues. Kiki needs to take a real hard look at herself and realize that she’s not so innocent.

  48. Jana J says:

    I keep hearing everyone say how mean Bay Bay Bay and Kiki is to Bubbles which is true But yall seem to be overlooking the fact that Ashely’s Boy Geroge looking ~&*!@`&*^(&!!(@ and Farrah’s man-face ~&*!@`&*^(&!!(@ are mean to Brittany for no reason as well so its the same thing. I do think Ashley deserved to go home more though. Kiki got a lot of mouth but she never got physical with anyone on these shows. Most people with a lot of mouth will only just talk anyway. That drunk (`#&)@%!(^^%+^`+` Ashley locked someone in a bathroom but get to stay. Bottom line, if Kiki was sent home Ashely should have been sent home as well. Brittany shouldn’t feel safe in the house with them crazy, drunk Rock of Love (`#&)@%!(^^%+^`+` es. I mean she got her hair pulled, something thrown at her, and locked a the bathroom.

  49. kate says:

    Ricki made the correct decision- I’m sorry but Kikki, BeBeBe, and so Hood are so belligerent they need more than charm school. They need a serious mental health and a bag of vicodin- period. You can not even have a normal conversation with those characters- I am far from racist & all whom are pulling out that card- give me a break and find something else to use-it’s 2009. I wasn’t going to watch the show anymore if that Kikki didn’t go home- it just sets a bad stereotype for African American Women period- That act of ignorance is out of control and embarrasing. I would’ve walked off the show as well having to deal with it; it would’ve allowed me to even had a chance of becoming a better person having to battle that everyday.

  50. Blk_gurl says:

    I have some major problems with tonights show. Yes you all had a vaild point about Bay Bay Bay, So Hood, and KiKi. Ladies you should know better about your behavior. I am not going to preach because you all should have known better. To go at Bubbles the way ya’ll did was just to much. Risky like everyone else I thought better of you. Now I believe that Ricki made the wrong choice. To lock someone in a bathroom and keep them in there for over an hour is worst that the loud mouth. That was just plain cruelty to a human that I feel should have been looked at more closely. I also feel that Ricky should have seen thatthese girls only played her to get their way in te house and she should have been fair to KiKi by talking to her like she did the other girls. The last thing that I have to say is that the last winner of charm scool was a white girl from the Rock of love and that Sapphari was the 1st winner not the last.

  51. Shane says:

    This show was put together with this sorta thing happening in mind because all VH1 cares about is views on their network.. The biggest slogan that sleezy shows use is that controversy creates cash and it’s true. Look how many people came on here to comment about a show that is probably scripted yet they call it “reality” TV.

  52. Labrow01 says:

    Whatever with the stupid racist remarks. KiKi was a big mouth pain in the butt is why she went home ! All she ever did was &$@%((#*@_&!&*#!+ so why keep her? what was she learning ? nothing !

  53. Dat Dude says:

    I’m not sure why African-Americans even participate in these type of shows. It’s truly a waste of their time. Let me clue you on how Hollywood wants you to act like……Natasha. That’s the personality they can deal with. People like KiKi make them nervous. That’s blackness on a level they can’t EVEN begin to understand, so they terminate it.

    And if you thought Ricki was honest? get real, she showed the world what she’s about. Monique would have read those CA garden tools. Natasha is typical Cali. KiKi is that around the way type of girl! you do the math.

  54. maidenUSA says:

    i can’t stand fools like kiki, bay bay bay and so hood. They are bullies who picks on the ones they find weak and at the same time they are a big disgrace to the black community..its a fact that not all black women are like this but guess what VH1 tends to pick these stereotypes as to keep the shows entertaining. As for bubblez, i like her she seems like a sweetheart and i applaud her for not stoopin down to those girls’ levels. She may be ditsy at times but she is more of a mature woman than kiki, bay bay bay, and so hood..For kiki bein eliminated, as the old saying goes..”good riddance to bad rubbish” lol

  55. Shantel says:

    Everyone keeps saying what a loudmouth KiKi was, so doesn’t that mean that she needs to stick around to improve? I am furious after this episode. Ricki Lake can never redeem herself to me. For one, she needs to understand the cultural difference. I am sure she saw the shows that these women came from and this is why they all needed to be there. Second, she needs to understand KiKi’s background. At what point did she talk with KiKi to get her side of the story? She didn’t!

    Let’s reflect back to the charm school when Monique was hosting. Wasn’t Larissa a loudmouth on there? But she wasn’t sent home right away, she was given ample chance to change, and it was revealed later that she deserved to go home. Also, didn’t Safarri have issues? But Monique asked questions and found out the reason why she behaved as she did. And whenever someone accused another of something, Monique and even Sharon on Charm2 called in all parties to get both sides of the story! This was totally slanted, and I’m done with VHI!

    I feel sorry for LaLa being in the middle.

    Duane’s right-since Obama won, we can’t win them all. But from the looks of it with the Charm school mess and the couple of incidents that happened on America’s Next Top Model, white folks are making us pay for having a black president!

  56. bigwurm says:

    I am black and I am ashamed at all the other people on here saying this was racist. I thought we were passed that but some of our people will throw the “because I’m black” out there for any situation where something doesn’t go there way. When the terrorist attacks happened in New York was that because we were black? I recall white and black people dying from that and that brought us all closer but now I see we are back to the way things used to be. God help us all.

  57. Jana J says:

    Stop making excuses for Ashley’s behavior! Shes a bully just like Kiki! One is no better than the other. If Kiki was sent home Ashley should have went too. Shes not trying to change either. Her and Farrh are constantly starting (_@@%%%`!@%+~!$@ with Brittany for no reason but you all don’t want to see that. Farrah and Ashley drunken a$$es need Rehab along with most of the Rock of Love cast. Charm school is not going to help them either. Btw, I don’t think Ricki Lake is racist but she should have listened to all sides.

  58. Blk_gurl says:

    Nobody is talking about how when they went to do their service for charm school Ashley did not help but instead just walked around. At least KiKi got out their and did her job. So I can see why some people would say that the race care was played. For I see that if charm school is about doing what they tell you the service that need o be done. Then that alone should have send Ashley home tonight but we see that was not the case. For all of KiKi loud mouth she still got out there and worked.

  59. Unity316 says:

    Listen up all you morons who think its a racial thing.Like Chris Rock said….I love black people,but I hate n******! Kiki is a loud mouth idiot.Ashley and Farrah locked someone in a bathroom….its called a prank.I saw next week Bay Bay Bay thinks that is horrible.Whats horrible is women raising their voices and shaking their heads to come off as intimidating and intelligent.It sickens me.Bay Bay Bay?New York?….strong african american women?…PLEASE!..Its just a testament to how screwed up our society is.I guarantee you,Bubbles would outscore Bay Bay Bay in a an IQ test.Its not a black white thing because there are plenty of intelligent blacks.Its a dumb smart thing….and the black girls like So Hood,Bay Bay Bay ,Kiki are Ghetto….Get real folks.

  60. Tricia says:

    Wow does the whole ghetto watch this show or what? Kiki was starting fights the entire episode and yet if a black woman gets voted off, you gotta pull the race card. Stop the @%++(`$$@(^_)%() she was a bi*ch and deserved to be put down.

  61. Christina says:

    Kiki needed to go home. Her big mouth was annoying and +%(&_^_@#!!%~@@( ing everyone up. If i were on that show i’d put kiki’s “badass” persona to the test and +%(&_^_@#!!%~@@( ing grab her nasty fake hair and send her big $#))&$~^$+@`~_` head flying towards my knee/ Thats stupid ^$`&!@#~_^~$~$*$! is nothing but a piece of +#*~#$!+~(_&_~_* for real. baybaybay and so hood are +%(&_^_@#!!%~@@( ing annoying too and maybe its cause they are black and that’s how they grew up, in LOUD $#))&$~^$+@`~_` homes. They yell cause they cant articulate. They’re )`&~&`!_(@*!#%+_$! s who dont deserve to be on tv. no one wants to listen to people scream, that’s what Jerry Springer is for.. seriously +%(&_^_@#!!%~@@( ing ^$`&!@#~_^~$~$*$! es need to learn to shut the +%(&_^_@#!!%~@@( up. that’s all the charm they need.

  62. lala14 says:

    I agree with tarra and black man There is no racist ^^(^@~^%+)`@)`%@ going on here get over it.

  63. Christina says:

    Kiki went home cause people were afraid of her. the only reason the white people were afraid was because she only picked on them duh.. ricki isnt gonna let people be bullied. which is good bubbles was scared truly scared thats not cool and how could she talk to kiki about it, that &@+`!#@`$_#**)_@~ kiki only knows how to scream and fight. let her go home and ruin peoples life i dont want to see that ~_%__#+~$&%$^*+* on tv.

  64. BlackHeart says:

    This whole episode made me want to punch just about everyone in the mouth at least once. First, the Real/Chance girls are wolf-packing on Bubbles because they can. No other reason. They like to be bullies, evidenced by every single one of them running in and SCREAMING in poor Bubbles face…You notice that didn’t happen with Marcia by the pool, because So Hood knew that Marcia wouldn’t let her pull that same ~*^$_+#`^+!!)@_( with her. Furthermore, while I agree, Bubbles may not be the brightest bulb, but BayBayBay shouldn’t open her mouth about things she obviously doesn’t know anything about: BayBayBay, passive-aggressive was a psychiatric disorder that was REMOVED from the DSM, thus making it a no longer recognized disorder. Who’s stupid now? You.
    And why oh why do the Real/Chance girls feel the need to scream incessantly? Don’t they realize that NO ONE listens to anything they say when they do that? Even if they had a valid point, we’ll never know…And each one seems to need to be louder than the last. And KiKi was SURPRISED her loud mouth bull ~*^$_+#`^+!!)@_( sent her home? Hooker please.

  65. lala14 says:

    kikki acting like she was an angel at least ashly and marcia admitted what they did

  66. justme says:

    It don’t matter what anyone thinks about the girls. This show is about change. That’s kiki’s personality she’s loud and people might feel threatened by her but that’s why she was there, that’s what she came to work on. and the only person who can say she felt threatened is bubbles. the other girls just lied on her. so far none of the girls are changing or ready to change. the reason why i’m defending kiki is because she didn’t get a chance ricki never heard her side of the story as soon as she started to talk the ROL girls was ready to quit.

  67. ieshaboo01 says:

    i dont think they should have kicked kiki off they should have kicked ashleys childish &(^`%#_&)&%)_++ off or marcias alcholic &(^`%#_&)&%)_++ because themm +%&_$!)%`&$#$@(+% es been ~`+%$%`_!~^^`_)% ing wit peolpe since day one but they know not to ~`+%$%`_!~^^`_)% wit the rcol girls cause they will get they &(^`%#_&)&%)_++ beat they shouldn’t keep ~`+%$%`_!~^^`_)% ing with brittaney like that ashley is a grown &(^`%#_&)&%)_++ woman wit a child she need to grow the ~`+%$%`_!~^^`_)% up and set a good example for her son

  68. BlackHeart says:

    This whole episode made me want to punch just about everyone in the mouth at least once. First, the Real/Chance girls are wolf-packing on Bubbles because they can. No other reason. They like to be bullies, evidenced by every single one of them running in and SCREAMING in poor Bubbles face…You notice that didn’t happen with Marcia by the pool, because So Hood knew that Marcia wouldn’t let her pull that same +$~(~+_(%^^_%$+& with her. Furthermore, while I agree, Bubbles may not be the brightest bulb, but BayBayBay shouldn’t open her mouth about things she obviously doesn’t know anything about: BayBayBay, passive-aggressive was a psychiatric disorder that was REMOVED from the DSM, thus making it a no longer recognized disorder. Who’s stupid now? You.
    And why oh why do the Real/Chance girls feel the need to scream incessantly? Don’t they realize that NO ONE listens to anything they say when they do that? Even if they had a valid point, we’ll never know…And each one seems to need to be louder than the last. And KiKi was SURPRISED her loud mouth bull +$~(~+_(%^^_%$+& sent her home? Hooker please.

  69. Sara says:

    “Lala worries about the divide in the house becoming a black/white thing. That’s especially problematic now that Brittaney Starr’s @_)%`@)$#~#)`%( is black.”

    hahahahaha! Lala is such a dumbass

  70. whiteguy says:

    the black girls from real chance of love need to go
    this show is pissing people off and making me become racist

    kiki bay bay bay nd so hood are just a bunch of low lifes they need to go to hell

  71. whiteguy says:

    `#)@#)!*!__&#@^% %)()$@&^%#@`*)(@(_ s

  72. mr. oly awesome says:

    kiki is really really messed up inside….the things she said about that girls mother on real chance at love and on the reunion show …she still didnt seem to be sorry,or see how messed up it was…..she’s gonna get some bad karma for that….pray for her!!!

  73. gee says:

    LOL kiki ugly a$$ got sent home quick. RealChance girls just learned the show is about the rock of love girls. Only one their with any appeal is risky, but she lets those buzzards drag her down. Britney Star is stealing the show that &`%&+^%+`^*@+$%~@ is crazy. Ashley shalowness and farrahs hot. Britanya is hot and will bust a &`%&+^%+`^*@+$%~@ _+(!*@ and marcia is the chick you wanna meet at spring break. Only chance girls with appeal is risky, bubbles cause shes dizzy but sweet, and so hood is good to look at but tries so hard to be ghetto its a turnoff. And Bay bay is boring but dont know it. I love Money 3 please dont put no chance girls but bubbles and risky on, the other chicks are dull and lame. Thanks 4 cutting kiki ricky that wig and ugly face was killing me

  74. NUNA says:


  75. d.j. says:

    kiki you need too grow the !*~%#^~@)~+!*`%% up. your a little insecure of yourself!! stop hating on the white folk. you play the blame game and you pull the white card out. !_+&~_+!%$^%$^($ tts done changed. raise up!! obama!!!

  76. Lily says:

    I feel so sorry for ashley, marcia, britania, and ferrah that they had to deal with ignorant loud mouths like kiki # 1, Bay bay bay, so hood, and risky. they are a bunch of loud B#$%es and they need a good beat down so they can get put in there place. They have no class at all yes ashley may have locked brittany in the bathroom but that kook deserves it, look what she did to farrah bed before being locked in the bathroom. I would have banned the show if the rock of love girls would have left.. so hood or so ho as my girl marcia says… good bye dont let the door hit you in the butt on the way!!!! Blondtourage is the only reason I watch the show!!!! to hell with the real chane of love girls they suck!!!!

  77. d.j. says:

    kiki you showed out where ya from,, but ill still hit it and pick the cotton out your %*+)~“^#)$&&#@ from the backside! dont hate, we are one!!

  78. Drayke says:

    C’mon now. There’s no realistic evidence that Ricki’s decision to get rid of KiKi was racist. That’s a REALLY serious accusation to make and to do so just because you disagreed with her decision is just wrong. Look at who is in this season of Charm School. At some point Ricki was bound to eliminate a loud-mouth who happened to be African American. Why? Because nearly ever girl in Charm School is a loud mouth and she gotta eliminate someone! The first episode it was two white girls. I do think Ashley deserved to go home (based on what was aired, but keep in mind we see about 2% of what actually happens) but I guarantee you Ricki was under pressure from the producers not to get rid of Ashley too early on since she’s one of the most popular “characters” on the show right now. The next logical person to eliminate out of the three on the carpet was KiKi. No need to try and ruin Ricki’s career by labelling her a racist.

  79. Angel says:

    Amen, Ms. Schnadenfrude!!! Good points and well said!!!

  80. WKCnLV says:

    Dude whether they realize it or not…..that Ashley and baybaybay are just alike. and their cliques are similar, if they were smart they would have intergrated and preyed upon the stupid (*@~((@*#!@^+!^+# es. Sad thing is they seem(so far) all like degenerate trash. Morally, Rikki should have sent both bullys home and the drunk to detox.

  81. d.j. says:


  82. xxMizzJacquettaxx says:

    Kiki stop act like a silly ho like that & bay bay bay to!!!!

  83. lissa says:

    As a black woman I am ashamed to be represented but girls like this. They trying to pull the race card when truth is they all ganged up on bubbles and others in the house. I mean go back and look at urself on tape. I can’t believe the stuff they did to her. She don’t even say nothing or do anything. Get over yourselves and grow up. Damn ya older then me.

  84. ohforshow says:

    BayBayBay, Brittaney Star, and So Hood need to get the @_&#*_(`^%(@!&)( out. What the @_&#*_(`^%(@!&)( is wrong with them? They just start #)!+`&*`$*$+#+(# for no reason and then turn around and say that everyone else is incapable of being reformed. Shut the @_&#*_(`^%(@!&)( up, ugly `_~_~+%~!!(+$#% ^!+$!&)%!)(+@@*&~ es. They’re only on the show because they’re too poor and stupid to get money the legitimate way.

    Karma, ^!+$!&)%!)(+@@*&~ es. Karma.

  85. C.Hill says:

    I think that this show is stupid & The women that participate are clueless. Why degrade yourself on national television once again. I think tonight episode was very unfair because, I think all three needed to go home. Why keep a drunk, ghetto chick,and childish chick around the house? I don’t know any of them are learning anything. This is a waste of money & It shouldn’t be a Charm school season…. The racist comments need to be kept to urselves THIS IS 2009 not 1800′s. Why call the girls on charm school stupid, when your making ignorant comments. PPL grow up please & Stop hating on others just because, YOu didn’t get a chance to be on the show.

  86. E.K.J. says:

    WOW Ricki Lake messed up. There is no way Kiki should have been sent home. Ashley is way worse.
    Yes Kiki has a big mouth and was shouting at bubbles. But Ashley has a big mouth, is a drunk and physically abusive to B. Star. Yeah she is entertaining, but there is no way you can say that she is less disruptive than Kiki.
    There is no comparison. Being loud is all they have on Kiki.
    Ricki might not be racist, but definitely showed prejudice and an unconscious fear. Being threatened by someone because you think they are loud is holding them to a standard without taking an account of their background. That is like eliminating one of the other girls because they are a stripper. Who chases after girls who threaten to leave because their drinking habits are exposed? Ricki was clearly begging the rock of love girls to stay. It will be interesting to see if she does the same for so hood.

    Real Chance girls are a mess, but the rock of love girls are way worse.

    If Ricki really wanted to make a real impact and send a message, she would have sent Ashley and Kiki Home.
    If you had to choose one person to go home Ashley is definitely the most deserving.

  87. Mrs Young says:

    I think Ricki should have sent either both KiKi and Ashley home or not send anyone home. Both sets of girls were doing the same thing, they were ganging up on Brittaney and Bubbles. But Ricki see Brittaney as a “drama queen” even though she was locked in a bathroom for over an hour but she listened to Marcia who was drunk while she was talking to her … Ricki should have actually listened to both sides instead of just talking to Ashley, Farrah, and Marcia. But the show is doing what it was meant to do, divide the house racially. If you’re gonna have Rock of Love and Real Chance girls on at the same time, they should have hired another dean along with Ricki — come on, her only real experience with a black person was on her show — which was baby momma drama at its best.

  88. scifiwritir says:

    Ooh, this show’ll be intense. Am really liking it. It’s been a while since we had pop culture meeting high school integration. VH1′s contribution to the larger culture’s discussion on race relations. Charm School 3 is a program for the beginning of the Obama years.

  89. scifiwritir says:

    Now that I’ve read the other comments, I gotta add that I don’t think Ricki is racist. And she’s not as clueless as Sharon Osbourne was about racism. Kiki and Ashley are both bullies and are both leaders. They both were cruel, they both should’ve been sent home. I must say, though, that when I saw the white girls walking out of elimination simply because a black woman was attempting to defend herself I couldn’t help but think that there was an element there of racial entitlement. They we so used to seeing things from their white worldview and so not used to hearing the perspective of a black person that they simply could not abide staying there anymore. I was liking Farrah before that but after that move. . . well, no more. Am wishing KO, Brittaney Star, Risky, and Bubbles the best. They aren’t perfect but they’re better than the rest.

  90. Jeremy says:

    Well the 3 loud mouth amigos learned a lesson….Getting up in people’s faces aint gonna teach u a damn thing! Thats why So hood is leaving because why? She cant take the heat! But hey its a crazy combo. And its kinda feels like alliances are just beginning to form…

  91. Layla says:

    Why does everytime something happens everyone makes it out to be a racial issue??? ALL the girls on here are pretty ghetto or they wouldn’t feel the need to be on reality tv and acting like a bunch of loud mouth fools. If you can’t find love in real life and need to go on some VH1 dating show then you are probably pretty pathetic anyways.

  92. vet says:

    I am an AA and I cannot stand Ki-Ki and Bay bay bay I wish these dumb women would leave Bubbles alone. I do not like Farrah or ashley either ignorance is stupidity.

  93. janine says:

    This is only a black/white thing if Brittanya (sp?) and Natasha have magically become white. Frankly, it looks like a tone thing to me. I enjoyed FoL and RoL but NOT Real Chance, because they’re so… well, yell-y. The speakers on my TV are too nice for that to be sustainable. As a Black woman, let me tell you that Ki Ki is no example of Blackness. She’s an example of, “when keeping it real goes wrong.”

  94. mamabearmorgan says:

    YAY KI KIs GONE!! Now you can go and terrorize yourself for being so rude! It must suck living life like you do, you deserve what you got by makeing eveyone(who arent as ignorant as you!) miserable. BYE BYE with your scary looking face!!

  95. mamabearmorgan says:

    I see alot of jealousy, some ppl say its a black and white thing but the only ppl who are even making color an issue are the ignorant black girls! Stop acting like somebody owes you something because nobody does! Race will only be an issue as long as you make it, Open up your closed mind and mayb you will be happier in life then having others to blame your unhappiness on.

  96. kels says:

    I was hoping kiki’s braces would get stuck together so she could shut the f*** up!!! Bay Bay Bay or shall I say mule face is loud and she can’t stand on her own. I hope she will quiet down now that train tracks is gone. Ashley and Farrah will get expelled pretty soon b/c they are dumb strippers who are content with how they live. I hope risky wins!

  97. QueenMaryJane says:

    I personally think that KiKi was the right person to go home. That B***H alwayz in someone’s face talkin !@_@`_%))!`++`~& with her can opener mouth. I don’t think nothing is racial about this show. It just da real chance of love girls lame and stupid. I think that So Hood and Bay Bay are some dumb loud mouth hoes that don’t shut up and try to listen what others have to say. I think K.O. will win. *TEAM K.O.* The soultion is gettin rid of them loud mouth hoes and get the show rollin……

  98. Priscila says:

    I am so sick and tired of people using ” OBAMA” as a trophy of some kind of acheivement. Wake up call there was white people that voted for him to, and in my opinion he was lucky he was on a democrate side b/c everybody was tired of republicans. NE way back to the show… Bay Bay Bay and her overgrown lip should of been eliminated… oh and people talking about sterotypes on blacks and white. but damn did u see the comment Marcia made about brazil, I am brazilian and yea there are alot of poverty in my country but damn Marcia represent… please believe BR girls are not like thats… Even thou I’m Brazilian I would love 2 see Marcia go home..

  99. vet says:

    To WHITEMAN who gives a care if you become racist because of this show you were obviously racist from the beginning. I am personally glad they sent KIKI home I do not like her attitude. I especially do not like the way bay bay bay and her was picking on bubbles and if they would have sent home another rock of love girl that would have been kind of messed up because they already sent home two of them already.

  100. Jay says:

    ALL OF THESE WOMEN ARE TRASH, BLACK, WHITE, BROWN WHATEVER. And this show is for entertainment, you’re all getting so fired up over a reality show that is being manipulated and probably scripted. Why aren’t people ashamed by all of the women? not just the black girls. Every single woman on this show is a disgrace to human kind! We need to stop seeing black and white folks and stop talking about this and that community come together. We should be concerned that shows like this are a disgrace to all our communities. Kiki should signs of aggression, and she didn’t see it, and she didn’t thint she did any thing wrong, that is why she went home over Ashley. Ashley new what she had done was wrong, and still wanted to change thats the big difference folks. Stop being so damned color blind!

  101. Drea says:

    I think that them bi$#($*) from real chance of love need to shut the hell up. Im sick of hearing their mouths. Hell yea Ki Ki should of went home, nobody wants to ehar that bickering all the time. Bay Bay Bay should be next to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. Janice Reaves says:

    First! I’m tired of people using race to divide one another, there is only one race of people and that is the human race. Every human being DNA traces back to Africa so like it or not “we are one.” In my opinion every woman on this show needs help! They’re immature, sluttish, and lack morals. I’m tired of hearing Ashley and Marcia calling the Chance of Love girls loud and ghetto have they listened to themselves lately? You’re all ghetto! And what you call a prank isn’t because it’s at the expense of someone else. You throw stones, and sooner or later you will get back what you dish out. I don’t agree with Ricki’s decision to remove KiKi she should have sent all three girls home but she decided to save the drunk and the slut. Ricki the reason these girls are on your show is to learn and change there negative behavior and every girl you brought down on the carpet last night displayed the same behavior they came to the show with. Kikki has as a temper, Marcia is an alcoholic and Ashley is hateful and mean spirited. You’re wrong for just penalizing one girl, because they all should have been removed.

  103. dt says:

    So now Riki is racist, give me a break. She eliminated two white girls last week, KiKi is just a mean spirited &^`&~)()!&#$__+&% who instigates ^@+@^@&++)_^%#$& for no reason, same with Bay Bay Bay. Bubbles is a sweet girl and they just want to pick on her. Ever think maybe they (BBB and KIKI) are the racist ones????

  104. Lisa says:

    Last night Charm School was a whole bunch of crap. To me it was all about race. Yes, Ricky did make the wrong decision. Ashley should have went home. If the girl at Charm School learn nothing else, 1) they need to stop all of that drinking they are talking about their children, well that is not setting an example and 2) they need to learn how to get along with people of the opposite race, it is time for us as people to get along as one. Last night the show was a mess.

  105. xxMIZZJACQUETTAxx says:


  106. Hottie says:

    I think Riki made the RIGHT decesion. Kiki’s loud,ugly ghetto @~~+&~$($_+__$) was not ready for charm school. I find it hard to believe Bay Bay’s ugly @~~+&~$($_+__$) is ready for a change. The only reason why Bay Bay gets loud , is so she can fit in w/Kiki, and So Hood.Bay Bay is a follower! So the next girl who should be sent home is Bay Bay. I cannot believe some guy would want Bay Bay as his wife.
    On this show there is only 3 girls who are ready to better themselves, and to me that is Riski,Kyo, and Britanya.
    Marcia’s drunk @~~+&~$($_+__$) needs REHAB not Charm School.

  107. Sita says:

    Leaving out race, this show has several logistical problems. The rule changes from the last season to this one have created this situation. First, the designation of immunity is done far enough in advance to allow for someone with immunity to take advantage of that to engage in bad behavior. Second, the girls now vote on who goes on the carpet, which allows for more strategizing. Another thing that doesn’t help is the elimination structure, which is very predictable after the first few eliminations.

    In my opinion both Ashley and Kiki should have gone home. Both Kiki and Ashley abused a fellow contestant and the only shade of difference I can see in them is that Ashley could admit that what she did was wrong. But with all of the above, all you’ve got to be in this case is not as wrong as the most wrong person, and the most wrong person actually eligible for elimination is Kiki. In a just world Farrah, Bay Bay Bay, and So Hood would also be on the carpet for their behavior this week. They were full participants, but they weren’t in the right position to get called out.

    As to the long-term prognosis of the characters, I don’t think Ashley (inherently mean) and Bay Bay Bay (preachy, not reflective, a bully) are salvageable. I would suspect Farrah will do fine if she’s split from Ashley — her problem is resistance to peer pressure. And I honestly don’t know about So Hood — like Brittanya and Natasha, her major challenge is self-control. Eventually Brittaney Star will do something stupid and get tossed. Most likely KO and Marcia and Bubbles will get tossed for failing to “grow,” which is Charm School speak for “not actually having anything seriously wrong with them to begin with.” So I’m guessing the final showdown will be between Risky and Farrah.

  108. tru26 says:

    I am so happy that ghetto B***H kiki went home. I hate her and baybaybay and so hood and I’m black. Its black woman like that, that make it so hard for black woman like me and I’m sick of it.I hope vh1 never allows any of these woman back on reality tv. I’m not a blogger at all but after seeing these ghetto a** woman behave with no class I had to say something. I have a daughter and I would feel like an absolute failure if my daughter turned out to be like either of these three woman. All three of these woman need to learn how to act, and maybe some very intense counseling might teach them how to act like woman and not low class, low budget, illiterate ghetto woman. It should be against the law to allow these woman to have children. These woman are a complete waste of skin, and air. They should do the world a favor and just disappear.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. Whatever! says:

    Whatever u people say who are on Ricki KKK Lake’s side, SHE WAS WRONG! And y’all know it. I bet u on anything a BLACK girl is not going to win this whole thing. So far Natasha or Risky should be the winners. KO just donated all those clothes on purpose to make it look like she’s soooooo poor and has nothing. I could be wrong, but that was the same thing Sapphyri put in moe’s head, and she won. Whatever y’all say who’s on Ricki’s side, WHATEVER! RICKI KKK LAKE was wrong!

    Now I can’t wait to see next monday’s episode to see if RICKI KKK LAKE is going to run behind So hood when she tries to leave. We’ll See!

    I’M OUT!

  110. Lotsof love says:

    bay bay bay is a &(!*$@`!^%##)&!$~ ki ki and so hood are &(!*$@`!^%##)&!$~ es too. they all should get eliminated

  111. mollination says:

    Rich, if you notice the editing between chonology/timeline, then please tell me you noticed that Brittaney Starr was NOT actually leaning out the window!?

    That’s the only reason I checked this post, beccause the second I saw it I about died laughing. The photoshop is miserable. It’s from the shot of her in the bathroom with baybaybay, then absolutely hilariously photoshopped over a balcony scene, where even the background is fake looking.

    This show, with the “phone call placed in the bus” by that blonde girl from Rock of Love Bus, to this–takes the most liberty with the word “Reality”. They’re faking plotlines now?

  112. SMH says:

    Oh Please people! Stop defending RICKI KKK LAKE! I need for all black people to wake up and realize that no matter what in this world, we will always be looked down on from the white person’s eyes. I wasn’t surprised when RICKI KKK LAKE sent home ki ki, b/c no black person is going to win it all. Everyone knows that Ashley was wrong, but the ones who don’t want a black person to suceed, is stating that “Oh it was all fun and games, it was joke what ashley did” YEAH RIGHT! GET OUTTA HERE!Okay so if ashley kicked Brittany storr in the butt, will it still be fun and games? And also i’m so disgusted w/ La La b/c she is just such a poor dean to me. She is suppose to be sticking up for her people and she’s letting RICKI KKK LAKE call the shots. WHAT-EVER!

  113. napes says:

    Is it just me, or did it seem like the part where Brittany Star leaned out and said “kiss my black a$$” wasnt real… that she was like transposed onto the balcony background…

    am i crazy? rich can u shed any light?

  114. Trump7 says:

    Sorry folks, KIKI has been bad however the blonde click walked off the show after locking someone in the bath room. Ricki talked them back and then the black girl ( KIKI )got kicked off. That is crazy, come on folks there is racism here. I think all of the Black girls should have walked out after Ricki’s decision. That is a portrait of American, whites can but blacks can’t. All though in this case blacks should not want too. And please white people stop commenting and saying you are black we know better.

  115. MyOpinion! says:

    This Charm School they could have kept it and left it with the way Monique did it!!!(There can be but one!) The girls on this show is not focus at the task at hand!! And that is to win the MONEY! $100,000….. They want to come on the show.. Yelling, Screaming, Fighting , Cursing, Drinking,and making Friends!! And on the real tip I’m glad KiKi is gone and I want BayBayBay to get her A$$ out too!!, and the Ones that drinking all the time need to hit the door too!! I’m going for Risky or KO to win!!! Way to go Ricki get all those crazy B!TC#ES OUT OF THERE!!!! One by one or Two by two!!!

  116. BTARK says:

    I am definitely going to find better things to do with my time then watch this show. I really enjoyed the first season – I felt like Monique really wanted to see the girls change and understand their self-destructive behavior. I was disappointed when she wasn’t back for the second season. I didn’t care for last year’s season and this year is starting off just as bad. Black/white, it doesn’t matter – everything is tooooo extreme, the yelling, the drinking…. (Is it just me, or do the girls not appear to be staying as busy as they did in the first season. I agree with another poster that the rule changes have made caused too many changes to how someone is sent home.)

    I decided not to watch the show again the minute Ricky brought the members of the “Blondetourage” back. They have signed a contract – they walk out – sue their @$$. Don’t beg them to come back. They made a decision that said “I would rather continue to be a broke stupid fake blonde than a rich one.” Besides they had walked out before the decision was made. I understand, the show is set to run so many weeks and if you lose 3 in one night, than you have to find filler. VH1 should have let the 3 leave, Ricki could have announced, “well all you ladies are saved tonight” and then when the season was over and the show ran short – VH1 could have played music – hmmm that is an original idea.

    I was glad to see Kiki go – lord, I was hitting the mute button every time she opened her mouth – all that yelling wasn’t necessary. But I don’t intend to watch next week – I don’t have any interest in seeing all the rant and raving over it being a racist thing – it wasn’t. What Ashley did was stupid and mean but at least she is not constantly trying to start a fight or instigate trouble like Kiki was doing. (Least we forget that other members of the “blondetourage” have already been sent home.

    No I don’t care anything about watching “BayBayBay” trying to convince everyone that it is a racist thing. She is just angry because she now doesn’t have anyone’s coat tail to hang on to.

    Great time of year to be outside instead of inside watching the crap that VH1 calls “reality”.

  117. Selina says:

    first of all im soooo glad that big a** mouth kiki went home and hopefully that loud mouth bay bay bay does to..they just need to shut the F**K up!!!

    Ashely and Ferreh.. that was mean and if they really want to change they should have not done that to the x porn star. Just leaver her alone til she gets in your face.. and

    marcia is cutting down on the drinkin so ppl need to lay off cause she was pickin up gross stuff when she was wasted( least shes helpin still drunk), Bubbles is not so bright but why do ppl have to make fun of already know that shes not that smart so if ppl keep making fun of her thats sad cause its like making fun at a 1 yr old….just let her be herself and ignore her… SHe wont just smie and wave. Damn britanya is hot

  118. missboss says:

    PEACE OUT LOUD MOUTH $^@^!_~!$#^(_“#) I HOPE ALL THREE OF THOSE BIG MOUTH HOOD RATES GO. BAY BAY BAY; SO HOOD; KIKI. All three of you look like men, you have horse shaped mouths. They think they are the next New York.. NOT.. I cannot not wait for those other two to kick rocks. Bay Bay Bay’s Husband needs to stick something in her big mouth shut her up for a while always in someone elses mess. So Hood well your name speaks for itself. Bay Bay Bay looks like a giraff and she looks starved for food. So hood, added some weave but didnt change her mouth, she should of got a grill maybe she wouldnt be able to talk as much, and poor kiki she needs reality shows to help pay to get rid of her man face. BOTTOM LINE JUST SHUT THE HELL UP. THE VIEWERS DONT EVEN WANT TO HEAR IT.

  119. Bullets says:

    Kiki totally deserved to go home. What all the Real Chance of Love girls fail to realize is their mistakes. At least Ashley could admit that locking Brittaney Starr in the bathroom was totally wrong. Kiki, Bay Bay Bay, and So Hood all fail miserably at admitting their wrongs. Kiki being unable to see what she did wrong, is exactly why she deserved to go home. It has nothing to do with race. Stop using it as an excuse for everything.

  120. Flash&Trash says:

    tisk tisk…always with the race card. Yes what ashley and farrah did was wrong. However, when bubbles went to ricki terrified of retalitation from kiki that was a huge red flag. Kiki was more than proud of her behavior, the first part of changing is admitting you have a problem. “you aint gon out talk me, I got a big as$ mouth,” then you watch her laugh after saying some people might confuse her “strong personality” as intimidation. That girl was a bully who prayed on the weak notice how nothing happend when marcia called so hood “soho”. Speaking of marcia I like how everyone says she has a horrible drinking problem blah blah blah but yet no one noticed that KO was drinking mamosas with her?? We all see what we wanna see I guess. Ricki said from the start that she would not tolerate disruptive behavior and that was exactly was Kiki was. And to all of you who have obviously never heard the term reverse racism, get a damn clue and realize that the world is not against you. What is sad is that people would not laugh at you when you use race as a defence if you didn’t constantly use it at the drop of a pin. Make a difference and portray yourself like the proud black women you want to be seen as and stop supporting these bullys and poor displays of human beings.

  121. Breezy's Mom says:

    It’s funny how the Real Chance of love girls get slammed for yelling but no one acknowledges the fact that the Rock of Love girls bicker and do mean things to each other the just don’t yell when they are doing it. How soon we forget Brittany Star’s hair being pulled, or the fact that the Rock of Love girls have been drunk almost every minute they have been there. Yes, the Real Chance of Love girls are wrong but the ROck of Love girls are no angels either. So there are either alot of racist on this blog or alot of blind people…I don’t know!!!

  122. UMMMMOK says:

    So if the RCOL girls were so disgusted by brittany being locked in the bathroom, why didn’t any of them let her out of the bathroom? Cause with all the yelling she was doing I’m sure someone heard her. Also it showed risky and KO standing there laughing with alshey and farah.

  123. luthor says:

    Kiki is a low class loud mouth monster!

  124. texashotgurl05 says:

    First of all anyone who thinks someone who talks loud deserve to go home over someone who has a drinking problem, and another person who locked someone in the bathroom is about dat bull. number 1 it was ok for ashley and farrah and to lock brittany in the bathroom but they had something to say when the sisters was in bubbles face.its just like hwo people do the bible they take what they want from it and keep it ok and other parts are sacred.they are just as bad as them. and when brittany and so hood walked out ricki didnt chase after them and why was ricki rolling her neck. the rock gurls be talkin mess on the side bar but i bet you they wont step to them like women and say what they got to say…this show is messed up and when the rock gurls left she should have sent them home cause they didnt want to be there so now they wasting everybody time…i dont know about yall but this reunion will be crazy and i cant wait cause ray j reunuion sucked!!!

  125. mz.sexC24 says:

    KiKi deserves to get kicked off the show, because she cries too damn much. She is always yelling and can’t fight worth (#_“+)&`_$#)($& And to all the other girls they need to grow the hell up yelling at bubbles, and she dont do anything to them. They just pick on her because they know that she wont say anything which make them look stupid.I will just put it this way (“They know who to get stupid with”)

  126. NYC says:

    I still don’t understand why the Trifecta (bay bay bay, ki ki, and so hood) kept ganging up on Bubbles. SHe is obviously weaker than them yet for some reason whenever one grown woman feels the need to pop off on that poor girl, the other two gotta come co-sign it?

    You can tell they come from loud, disruptive households where everyone yells and gets up in each other faces. Ki-Ki looked like a d***** heathen doing all the yelling by the pool. Seriously–what was the point of all that? We get, you’re a loud a** b****. Thank God that heffa is off the show.

    And to those of you that can’t see the difference–physically and verbally abusing/intimidating someone constantly is just as bad as hitting them. Ya, Ashley and Farrah locked ole girl in the bathroom and that was wrong, but the way the Trifecta treats Bubbles is much, much worse.

  127. Elle says:

    This was the funniest recap I have ever read, even funnier than the show!

  128. Raee says:

    I think all the girls were wrong .. but kiki bay bay bay and so hood had no reason to gang up on bubbles. Like she didnt even do anything to them, bay bay bay is a sorry excuse for a woman .. she runs her mouth WAY to much and she doesnt even realize how DUMB she looks on national tv. && Brittany Star is so fake like could she begg any harder for attention. Anyways i really do think that bay bay bay is two faced and needs to grow up cause there is no reason to have a screaming match with everybody . But i do think it was smart of risky ko natasha and all the others to avoid the drama . Ricki should really open her eyes .

  129. Raee says:

    to be honest SHUT UP .. i honestly think it was a good choice to send kiki home . i dont think Ricki is a racist . Kiki was obviously a problem . If yu had a girl like Kiki in your face you would want her to go home to . She should be ashamed of herself and then she wanted to play innocent . im GLAD she went home

  130. Nikki B says:

    I was so irratated after watching this episode. I )#&*~!#%!`&@%_`! ing hate Bay Bay Bay. I think that she will be the reason that every one will stop watching charm school. I hated her on real chance, and i hate her more on charm school. She pumped up ke ke and so hood to act crazy. she knew what she was doing. she is getting every one all crazy so she can look better and win. that *#%~!~)%@)#`*#(&) and now every body wants to pull the race card….bull #+((&^$&%`_!(%$! that dumb *#%~!~)%@)#`*#(&) ki ki got booted because she really sucked. i hope bay bay bay is next.
    p.s Writen by a black women….

  131. Renee Andrea says:

    The ROL girls are acting like their crazy, mean, selves…Even as a white woman, I think I would feel more comfortable around the Real Chance girls……

  132. noree919 says:

    let me point out a couple of things to my fella bloggers,in this episode you notice that all my sistas are attacking bubbles for what yall know ole girl don’t have it all sooooooo why the fu*k yall still on the girl back!!!
    First of all bay bay bay and kiki both are on there for what (exposure) not to change,kiki you pertray to be sooooo
    nice and innocent,you are only lookin like a damn fool mami
    you are cruel and should’nt no man or woman hire u for sh**
    You see something very horrible had to happen to woman growin up cause ain’t nobody that fu**ing angry.You were either bullied or alot individuals didn’t like u mami..take some of that advice Ricky gave u and run wit it cause it can do u some good in the future.Ain’t nothin racist going on bout that show vh1 these are the poeple you all choose for these shows and ain’t none of them there for change…come to the hood and pick up some these broads who genuinely want to change…This is not what I was lookin forward to when waiting for it aire on my t.v. vh1 now Sucks!!!!!!!

  133. Rachell says:

    I also think it is worth noting that when Ashley and Marcia were called down to the carpet, they understood WHY they were supposed to be there whereas Kiki felt she didn’t deserve to be there and had no earthly idea of WHY she should be called down. In fact, she felt she was entitled to be safe and was seemingly oblivious to her own abusive nature. How can she change if she isn’t even aware of what a ***** she is? At least the other 2 were aware that they had problems.

    And people, please don’t slap the “racist” label on Rikki simply becuse she sent home a black woman. I will be the first to call it that, if that’s what it is, but Kiki was a poison in the house.

    Don’t worry black folks on the message board who think that these women are making a fool out of black women everywhere. If people were to judge a race or gender based on what they saw on a VH1 reality show, I think we’d all be scr*wed. I’m white, but I don’t get drunk and I don’t have my t*ts hanging out for the world to see. Don’t worry about it.

    Bay Bay Bay is also irritating the he** out of me on this show as well. I was getting ready for her to bust out with her Bible and start preaching to Bubbles about her passive aggressiveness.

    Bubbles, keep your head up, don’t let these women walk all over you. You’re not a loud, obnoxious girl and you stood up for yourself despite their yelling and you should be proud of yourself.

  134. kalilah says:

    To baybaybay, kiki, so hood: you’re only as strong as your weakest opponent. You %%@~@`+@^~!&!_*&_ es ain’t crazy, you know who to step to. Bubbles, you don’t have to change because ignorant sluts are stupid. Bubbles, you ain’t that bright, but I like you anyway. You proved though, you didn’t have to stoop to their level, they are just some ghetto hoodrats who will find the weakest person to pick on because they know they’d get punched in the face by a chick like me, who would have punched that hoe kiki in her temple. I would have just mushed baybaybay’s duckface azz

  135. Biff01 says:

    I don’t think it is a black & white issue. It’s just they have their clicks from thier previous shows and it just happens that one show their were a majority of black women and the other white. Regardless of the race I beleive it would’ve been split that way….

  136. Dat Dude says:

    “Saltines” make me laugh. You notice how when they can’t control things, they want to get the hell out. That’s their nature. But guess what? No one in this day and age really gives a #&@( about you on that level. VH1 saw a problem when the ROL garden tools wanted to bolt. They knew ratings would drop because not many in America will support a show where the % of an AA winning has just been upped two fold. RL is a joke, and should be more concerned with Milo. She’s out of her league here.

    Don’t listen to these so-called “I’m black” or the Saltine brigade. I feel sorry for minorites in Cali, I’ve seen what you guys have to go through first hand, I don’t know how you do it, but kudos. If you have kids interested in the Arts, keep them in Theatre, if not they’ll be paraded on “t.v.” in the likes of images they are not. It will always be about the $$ to the “steins”, your image is the least of their concerns.

    Sniff, sniff, from what I’ve been reading smells like it’s time for “Bamboozled” to be re-aired in it’s entirety, commercial free! Thank you Spike, ain’t chit changed.

  137. brandon says:

    first off, to the people saying Ricky should have talked to KiKi like she did with the other girls, watch the full trailer. KiKi is shown crying and saying she’s learned things about herself she never knew. remember this is a 40 minute show out of the hundreds of hours of tape.

    second, how is Ricky racist for sending home a black girl after two white girls on the first episode??

    third, K.O is from my city in Oxnard and she always goes into my work. the girl is such a @!!++_^!!&!@*&%*$ she always has an attitude and everyone at my work hates her. i can’t believe she plays so nice on T.V.

  138. Bonita says:

    I believe that if some of the gurls dnt want to change,then they should leave! Some of these gurls dnt want to change at all. They do the same damn things over and over again. Starting off with bullying, then tryin to yell over each other. That ain’t charm at all. Its just crazy. I think that Ricky made the right decision by sending home kiki. Her attitude proved that when she started mouthing off at bubbles. And whats with all the complaing anyways? Its about charm.

  139. fatima says:

    i think the wrong lady was sent home. i do feel like its a black and white thing.

  140. Faith says:

    why should ashley have left? no one is scared to the point that they wont say her name to Ricki. KiKi was activley participating in the terrorizing of other girls. Get over it.

    Of course the girls from each show would be cliquey, they only know each other. They are just meeting these other girls, its like being the new kid in school.

    Im going Brittanya for the win, unless she beats a *~$!(_+&(*#@_!$!^ up.

  141. Zay says:

    Why do Bay bay bay and Kiki pick on Bubbles???? Uh …. How about, because that is the only one they can pick on without getting their LOSER As*es kicked.

    Ricki Lake was so right to get rid of that Garbage and anyone with half a brain can see Baybaybay should be next because she is doing her loud mouth bS to show off. She aint @)%~+$*~!&#`+*)` and Ashley or Ko or Risky or Farrah should Whoop her AS$!!

  142. Anonymous :O says:

    I hope that K.O., Brittanya, or Risky wins. s long as it’s not Bay Bay Bay or Ashley, I would be fine.

  143. BIGBURGE says:

    WOW. YAl r crazy.. there is no racism involved here… PLAIN AND SIMPLE: ALL THE LOUD MOUF )%@*@@&&@&!@__(_~ ES GOTS TO BOUNCE. and that ghetto )*^@&`^^^+++~)(# is annoying.

  144. PahNicky B. says:

    clearly this season is a black /white thing and thats crazy to , and the fact that Farrah and Ashley act like they don’t understand it when Black girls yell , but they scream at Brittney Star every chance they get , I mean I don’t get it ..they was like “Ricki I don’t understand if their talking or fighting because they’re so loud..”at least when we call each other ~$!`&(#_#+_^@@%_` es and spit in each other’s face and pull each other hair we’re not as and then Ricki responds with ” I understand” U understand what Ricki , I know you understand black girls when they scream you had a show for 10 years with all races screaming and you did a whole movie with black chicks back when you was a fat chick. sad to say maybe vh1 needs to keep black girs on a black show with a black judge and the white chicks on their own show to make it far because what happened last night was clearly “I can’t have all the white girls walk out , what kinda show would this be!!!!

  145. kren says:

    nothing of this show should be used to mirror any problems in society. the people on these shows are used to create drama and are for entertainment purposes. if you really think that these people are here to change or are functional adults in society you are crazy. all of them are !*@(()!&%^&$($&#() ed black or white it doesnt matter. they arent worth arguing about especially for such an intense topic such as racism.

  146. Kitty says:

    I so agree with dave, I’m so sick of Bay Bay and KIKI running their mouths. Honestly I couldn’t understand a word they were saying. Speak English! But YAY! KIKI is gone. It was not a race thing to have her elminted and not Ashley or Marcia. KIKI was a serious threat to the girls and they felt their lives would be in danger if she stayed. As for Britney Star grow up already. Quit being such a drama queen.

  147. deric dicamillo says:

    all @*~@~_)*~!~+%)@(* es…. all of them… except for bubbles.

  148. Helen says:

    vh1 is racist they cater to the white women. can’t you see that why they mix rock of love bus with real and chance girls charm and not flavor of love 3 girls.

  149. honeylene says:

    I don’t think race was an issue with Ricki Lake sending KiKi home. Ki ki has been starting s…, with people since Real Chance of Love. Remeber when she said to Lusty about her mom.Well that was wrong and that’s why Real sent her home. I’m black myself and it’s sad to hear peolpe say that race was an issue. All of that racial mess was a long time ago. People need to grow the hell up. There are other issues out there going on in the world than these sluts calling Ricki Lake a racist. I watched her show alot. And she had all types of race on there. So for you ignorant people thinking Ricki Lake is racist. Put yourself in her shoes. When it comes to these nasty women.

  150. korolenko says:

    i can see many guys falling in love with this sweetest creature – Bubbles.

  151. korolenko says:

    And btw, Bubbles dances salsa – the sexiest dance u can imagine, truly. Pa’lante, chica. I wish they had some dance for charity competition on the show…the rest of ‘em can only pole-dance, Bay Bay Bay can’t even do that, all she can do is to fall flat on her a$$.

  152. Wayne says:






  153. BAGI says:

    Kiki went how because she was a ~)!&$`&+($&&+&&(! not because she is black….you all saw it. The ROL girls were not hurting anyone by drinking (expect for the ones that locked BS in the bathroom) , so hood, bay bay bay and kiki were just mean and trying to hurt anyone that got in their way, they are very destructive people and I could see that if kiki would have stayed she would have kept her mouth running and running, and who want to see a show only about kiki? I doubt many people. She deserved what she got and not because she is black….

  154. stephanie says:

    all that bickering is so stupid they all act like little girls that dont know what to do with themselves i have a 3 year old that doesnt even act like that and thats sad cuz shes more mature than all these hoes on this show grow the (`)(`&%$@#^~!@)@ up dumbasses

  155. Rickie Hardin says:

    They always say to be continued… BUT they don’t never show the rest of that episode.

    I think Ashley or Farrah should had went home locking someone in the bathroom!!!!! Them 2 aren’t going to change as long as their together on the show.

    I honestly think KIKI got sent home because she was black !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s messed up!!!!!!!!!!

  156. RIckie says:


  157. lover man says:

    responding to kokolenko… you are sooo right in fact ive aleady fallen in love with her,shes so damn cute!!!!!

  158. john says:

    bubbles is a fine ^^&^#@`&*&)+^)$ woman lover man i fell ya.

  159. kevin says:

    doesnt any one know how to spell any more????

  160. john says:

    hey uh lover man its korolenko learn how how to write …. but i gotta agree with ya bubbles is pretty fine and what they do to her is pretty messed up.

  161. marleena says:

    I don’t know who writes these blogs…but I think I love whoever he or she is!

  162. Ms Chula says:

    You know what I thought was HILLARIOUS? The fact that when Marcia and So Hood were fighting in the back, So Hood walked away. Hmmm, that’s funny becasue I bet if Bay Bay Bay and KiKi were there it would have been on. I’m glad Kiki’s gone, and I’m glad So Hood might be leaving. They’re &*#!@!()@!~!%!%! en lemmings. No one can back their own @*)&)$~_$))`_&+_ they need their girls to back them up!! &*#!@!()@!~!%!%! en loosers. And to think, I liked Bay Bay Bay on Real Chance of Love. When I read she was comming on, I was all like “I want her to win”. &*#!@!()@!~!%!%! her and all her nonsence talking. She’s interviewing all high and mighty about how messed up it was to lock B.S in the bathroom, but her and her flock of loud mouths are constantly bashing at Bubbles, who lord forbid she defend herself!! Please!! Get these @+~@!@+*$^*%$((!( es out of here.

  163. bigman says:

    i think that ricki was wrong for sending kiki home, she should have sent the two lady that lock the one lady in the bathroom for over an hour. as i watch the show kiki was defending herself and she never put her hands or lock anyone in a room. ricki you fail on this decision. hope you do better on the next one. because your two trouble ones are still on the show. this has nothing to do with race, it have to do with people willing to make a change and the two that drink all the time are not willing.

  164. tan says:

    Some of the flavor of love 3 girls were on I Love Money 2. And too much time has passed since Flavor of Love 3. The girls on fol3 lost their 15 minutes of fame, now it’s these girls.

  165. Jane Doe says:

    Rikki is not a racist, this is just a show so everyone should just relax. I agree with her decesion AND no I am not black. The way KiKi responds to people is plain rude and it is intimidating. For instance, bubbles getting bullied and ganged up for a comment not even worth the screams she recieved from the R.C.O.L trio is stupid. Why scream and why have other girls scream as well. IF you want to confront someone do IT LIKE AN ADULT “CIVILIZED” Although it was an extremly suprising decision it was a good one. Hopefully this will be an eyeopener to the R.O.L girls. and lemme just say this if Rikki is a racist than why the hell did Gia get sent home with the first episode?!
    YES, Ashley and Farrah locked brittney in the bathroom but it was only for that moment not an everyday thing like kiki screaming at bubbles..

  166. bre says:

    edm dame gurlz iz sooo `!~~%_))^!~+~~$^ n studpid dey ack like some dumb azz kidz

  167. momo says:

    i think that Ricki took the rock of love girls side because they were leaving the show and she was trying to save her show!! I think she should have went to detention room and talk to the other ladies before she made her decision. She made it look racist, when she didn’t look at the whole picture and took one side. I agree that Kiki is loud and obnoxious, but she should have been given another chance. Marcia is still a drunk and needs AA. and Ashley and Farrah need to grow up Ricki wrong decisions!

  168. Casey says:

    Helen- How are they racist?? The Flavor of Love 3 girls were to dumb to function, let alone be good to watch on a show. Don’t be so hypocritical.

  169. micheal says:

    kiki was always fighting so she should of gone home i think brittanya will win

  170. Jeremy says:

    on charm school the hottest girl that needs to win is BRITTANYA so so kind and man i was so mad that bret got to kiss her

  171. bere says:

    The girls from real chance of love are just annoyin well exept for bubbles and k.o….
    The rest just need 2 get the f**k out of there… Especially bay bay bay. Shes the most annoyin screaming all the damn time like shut the f**k up already b**ch && stop getting in the *`+`%*`^+&^)%&%` that has nothing to do with you, for reals.I hope Brittanya wins…I love her!!!Shes the best from all of them *&^!$_!#!)~)`%)&# es && the rock of love girls too well just Farrah && Ashley && the little drunken 1 Macia lol… The rest vallanse a la verga… hahahahaha

  172. TOMMY says:


  173. Ms. Mocha says:

    MAyn shut up with all of that racist mess. I am a black woman and i LOVE vH1. They dont cater to whites, Kiki just needs to learn to grow the heck up and quit picking on Bubbles. Actually all of them do, including bay bay bay. They pop off at the mouth just to be loud. Nothing that they say makes since and they yell just to hear their own voice. When Bubbles tried to defend herself, Bay Bay Bay ran from a whole ‘nother room and start running her mouth without even knowing what was going on. There is only one word for them type of people I-G-N-O-R-A-N-T!!! Thats just foolishness and they make black females look horrible

  174. Angela says:

    Me personally I sick with all these reality shows coming up with ways to change people who really don’t want to change. These women 1st have to want to do something with theirs lives besides head moving, finger pointing, drinking, partying, yelling and thinking they are better than anyone else whose there to try and make a real effort. I think you should cancel the show and send everyone own their merry way!!! These _)$$~$#^)^!^#^~^* es don’t want to change they are to full of $+&$^$%&`$#*_`@@ to even try!!!

  175. anna says:

    Thissul not of been to be continued!! I wan to see thers!!!

  176. la baby says:

    i think that kiki is a _@@!$@@~*)#(`~!(* and all the she want to do is be agressive with the poor bublle.But i like more the rock of love girls because they are more funny and i think they can change but the real chanceof love girls they never are gonna change because they’re _@@!$@@~*)#(`~!(* es and they are to loud.and all girls are cute but kiki is a nasty _@@!$@@~*)#(`~!(*

  177. JASMiNE says:

    My FaVORitE qirLS iN tHE HOUSE aRE bRitaNya FaRRah aSHLEy && MARCia! i <33 tHEM!

  178. xo says:


  179. G says:

    Lol @ the people making this out to be a race, black/white issue.

    From what I remember (unless I was hallucinating) the three girls at the end were: Ashley, Marcia, and Ki Ki. Ashley = Caucasian, Marcia = Brazilian, Ki Ki = African American.

    If Marcia had been eliminated, would these “Real Chance of girls” (thanks, Marcia!) still be playing the race card? Hell no! Only when a black girl (especially one from their clique)is eliminated, is it a racial issue. Never you mind the Brazillians or Hispanics!

    It’s easy to pull the race card when you’ve got nothing else to back you up.

  180. Lexfefe says:

    I’m an African American woman and I agree 100% with Ricki Lake’s decision to send KiKi home. This young girl must be hard of hearing or something because what other reason would she need to be so loud. What man would want all that noise around them. She is a very beautiful girl, but her big mouth makes her look extremely unattractive. She did need Charm School because she has to learn how to be a lady, but the chaos she brings with her is just intolerable. Bay Bay Bay has a big mouth too, and she appears to be educated, but needs to learn how to get her point across without all the screaming and yelling. When a woman speaks in an intelligent, polite, and calm manner more people are apt to listen.

  181. maria says:

    i feel sooooo bad for bubbles.
    all she said was “it hurts my feelings wen people call me stupid”
    then so hood starts screaming and saying “shut up”
    then baybaybay comes in and says “how dare you defend yourself! (so its ok wen baybaybay defends herself) wat did u do now bubbles shut up!”
    then all the real chance girls attack bubbles.
    They think that its always bubbles’ fault and they scream, (sarcastic)–>”how dare you think that u could defend yourself”

    so to summarize – Bubbles cries and the real chance girls get angry at her for it

    the real chance girls remind me of the taliban “how dare u women cry and defend yourselves”
    “how dare u bubbles cry and defend yourself”

    the stupid ones are actually the real chance girls

    since wen was it offensive to defend yourself?

  182. So Hott For Ashley says:

    I am a female and sorry but loved Ashley from day one since Brett Micheals Rock of Love and Brittney Star what a (@`~*%`(((@_@+#)$+ REALLY. I love Ashley and Brittanya they both are there for certain reasons and bubbles is a fricken (@`~*%`(((@_@+#)$+

  183. I can stand bubbles says:

    Bubbles is +~+*#)`!~&“_^&(&! ed. Y does she think she know everything when she is so stupid. I hate how she just keeps talking.. on, and on. and on. Shut the f*** up!

  184. Agetbague says:

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  185. Sahra44 says:

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  186. AssofCrok says:

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  187. Skerrydok says:

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    PS: Sorry if this was posted in the wrong section. I could not find the right one!

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