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Oh boy. Ki Ki has a lot to say about what went down on this week’s Charm School with Ricki Lake, and when Ki Ki has a lot to say, you’re gonna hear it. Below, she talks about her short time on the show, her beef with Bubbles, her controversial elimination, why she thinks it was unfair and what she thinks of the Real Chance/Rock of Love divide in the house. The discussion below is as epic as it needs to be, given what all went down (and what’s about to go down next week).

How are you feeling right now about the show?

Pissed off.

What are you pissed off about the most?

How everything went down, and how they made it seem like we were all ganging up on Bubbles. They didn’t show what Bubbles did to provoke that situation. None of us were buddy-buddy with Bubbles on Real Chance of Love. She was making comments and I don’t know if she was playing or not, but if she was playing, it was like, you’re not even cool with us like that. Like Lala said, Bubbles do s*** and try to play victim in the end. I think that VH1 really played on the fact that she’s slow, and oh she can do no wrong, she doesn’t know any better. They turned that around and made us look like the bad guys.

What comments was she making?

She basically called us stupid in so many words. She’s the last person that should be calling anybody stupid.

Part of the reason that confrontation was hard to watch is that even if Bubbles was talking s***, she doesn’t have the aggressive, in-your-face personality that you, So Hood and Bay Bay Bay do.

Had she not provoked the situation, it never would have went there. They made it seem like we were yelling at her for no reason. And in actuality, that was the very first argument that went down in the house, before even Brittaney and Natasha. Before Brittaney and Beverly. Ours was the first argument that went down and it lasted for 15 minutes. On the show, they stretched it out for a whole episode to make it seem like we were constantly at her. Another thing they didn’t show was that when some of the girls were doing their admissions interviews with Ricki, me and Bubbles did one-on-one time with Bubbles and Styker, and it was squashed.

I did notice that you were wearing the same clothes during that argument that you wore on the first day.

Of course. And I came with plenty of clothes, so I would have had no reason to put on the same s*** I did the day before.

That said, Bubbles did tell Ricki that you were “the meanest person.”

I don’t know what for. She tried to bring that incident up on the bus and it was like, why bring it up? It’s over with. It’s squashed. I think she was trying to resurrect the problem by bringing it up again. It’s like, let it go.

Do you see how she felt bullied, though?

No! She start the s***, how you gonna feel bullied in the situation you started? It’s like, you know how I am, you know how Bay Bay Bay is, you know how So Hood is. Why would you present a problem that you can’t handle?

Besides that I’m assuming you’re also pissed off about elimination.

Of course. It seemed like Ricki wanted to keep the drunk bitches around, and since my argument was the first that happened in the house, why not eliminate me on the first night and let Gia stay? If the elimination process wasn’t racially motivated, and my argument was the first, why not send me home on the first night? They try to make the show look like it’s not segregated, and yet, they only focus on one group of girls on each episode. On the first episode, their main focus point was the Rock of Love girls. Now on the second episode, it’s the Real Chance of Love girls. Everybody was acting a fool on the first day. Nobody was angels.

So you’re saying that it you think it was racially motivated?

I do. Most definitely.

From a common-sense perspective, it seems odd that they would invite you on the show only to discriminate against you. Do you have any theories on that?

I don’t know, but the s*** that pissed me off was that also on the second episode, Ricki tried to say, “You think these girls would have learned from Beverly getting sent home last night that fighting isn’t tolerated, this, this and that.” My argument happened before that, so how the f*** can she sit up there and say, “I thought they would have learned?” On the first episode, I didn’t do anything I wasn’t told to do. I was told to go on there with the same attitude I had on Real Chance of Love. I do it and then it turns around and bites me in the ass.

So who’s the racist then? The producers? Ricki?

I don’t know who it was. They all have their conversations about who they want to go home. Ooh this s*** pisses me the f*** off. I get so f***ing frustrated thinking of this s***. The thing is that I don’t even like pulling the race card, but sometimes you have to f***ing go there to make people see s*** from a different light. The white girls, they get on there, they get drunk, they act a fool, they pull hair, they throw cucumbers, they lock each other in the bathroom, and it’s, “Ha, ha, ha, they’re so funny. That s*** is hilarious. I laugh so hard my stomach hurt.” But then the black girls get loud and yell and scream and it’s, “Oh my god, they’re so f***ing ghetto! Oh my gosh! Loud-ass bitches!” It’s like what the f*** are you? You doin’ the same goddamn thing we doin’, but it make us ghetto ’cause we black?

Who’s saying this, though? Who’s laughing at the Rock of Love girls and scorning the Real Chance girls?

I’m just saying it’s a perception that can be perceived from it.

Because I think everybody’s funny. You, Bay Bay Bay, So Hood, you all make me laugh.

It’s just the perception they’re making this s*** out to be. Another reason why I don’t feel like I should have been eliminated is because, OK, so what I f***ing yell? In an argument, no one’s whispering. Your voice is gonna escalate. Everyone wants to get their point across, everyone wants to be heard. Whether it’s on TV or the street. Those bitches was doing s*** that was illegal, if you want to get technical about it. They locked her in the bathroom. That’s false imprisonment. You can’t hold somebody against their own will. And motherf***ers, that s*** went on for an hour and a half. People were watching that s*** on monitors, camera crew was there filming that s***. Why didn’t nobody come out and help that girl? Did anybody know if she had any type of medical problems or anything like that? She was in the bathroom for an hour and a half because these dumb sluts wanna play.

Why didn’t you help her then?

I was on the phone. I had no clue that the s*** was going on. The majority of the time all the drama and bulls*** was going on, I was on the phone talking to my man. I wasn’t in the middle of that s*** at all. The only thing they could show I did was a 15-minute argument that happened on the first day with Bubbles.

Yeah, and the bus.

Well as far as that, for one, we were in that nasty-ass water for an hour. It was not 15 f***in’ minutes. Even though we had on rain boots, our feet were getting wet, our clothes were getting wet, our hair was getting messed up. It was just hella nasty. Maybe in that third-world country Marcia’s from, filth and dirt is acceptable, but where I’m from, that s*** ain’t acceptable. I don’t play that s***. Of course I’m gonna f***in’ complain. And then after, I had already taken my clothes off to get on the bus and they called me over to do an interview. So now I gotta put these nasty-ass clothes on again. Who wants to put on nasty-ass clothes that you just was diggin’ in the f***in’ nasty-ass f***in’ river in? Anybody in their right mind know black women do not play when it comes to their damn hair.

VH1 taught me that!

Anybody who has a problem with me complaining about getting my damn wet hair can kiss my motherf***in’ ass. Weaves are not f***in’ cheap and it takes time to put that s*** in. My s*** is sewn in.

Not to belabor the race discussion, but I think it’s important to mention the fact that Ricki wasn’t in a bubble – in addition to Bubbles, she had Marcia and K.O., telling her that you were a problem.

OK, but my thing is when Brittaney came to her ass with a problem about Beverly, you seen she pulled both parties in, so why not pull me in to get my side? That makes me think she had it out for me from jump. She didn’t give a f*** what I said to say. She just went off what the hell they had to say.

She didn’t meet with you?

Hell no she didn’t meet with me. That’s why I say it was racially motivated. And in actuality, they knew the Rock of Love hoes was wildin’ out, and all them bitches deserved to go home. But to look like they were evening the score, since they had already send two white girls home on the previous episode and they were both from Rock of Love, it was, “OK, let’s send a black girl home from Real Chance of Love.” People have the nerve to say that I couldn’t admit I was wrong. Admit to it? I admitted to it when I squashed the beef with that bitch. I’m thinking that the s*** is over, but obviously she’s carrying this s*** on. The bitches who voted me on the carpet, I didn’t get into it with them at all. Not one argument, none of that.

I have to say that to your credit, you were calm when Marcia interrupted you on the carpet. A lot calmer than I would have expected from you.

That’s the way that I am, Rich. I’m calm in a situation until someone keeps poking at me. I’m gonna eventually blow the f*** up. But like I said, they never showed how altercations progress. They just show us in the heat of the moment.

You should have expected that considering your portrayal on Real Chance and the fact that you were dissatisfied with it.

This is a show about change. They didn’t even give me a chance to f***in’ do that.

What did you want to change, though? You seemed conflicted because you did admit to being “outspoken” but then you interviewed that if you didn’t speak your mind, you wouldn’t be yourself?

In all actuality, I wanted to win the f***in’ money, and I was gonna do it by any means necessary.

There’s an honest answer!

I didn’t give a f***. If they wanted me to play like I’m gonna change, OK, I’m gonna f***in’ change to win this $100,000.

So are you carrying resentment around because someone got in the way of your money?

I’m not mad at it, because it wasn’t mine to begin with. It wasn’t taken from my hands. But I was mad that I didn’t get a fair chance to win it. When the bitch told me I was expelled, I said, “For what?” She stuttered and couldn’t even tell me why. She didn’t even know. She knew I hadn’t did s***.

Was there anything good you got from the experience?

I got to kick it with my bitches. That’s about it. I didn’t want to be there. That’s why I spent my time on the damn phone. I knew it was going to come down to some f***in’ bulls***. But I’m like let me get on there, get this little exposure. They usin’ me, why not use they asses?

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