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  1. kimm says:

    I think that Ricki Lake displayed her racism today when she sent the black girl home for doing the same thing all the other girls were doing.The white girl locked someone in the bathroom and she stayed. GO Ricki with your white power!

  2. juliet says:

    Charmed School, i really think that ricky lake was so so wrong for sending KiKi home when all she did was defend herself two air heads and a drunk. It is a true and pure example of Rac??????… as much as i hate to say the word but that was clearly what it was. Ricky be fare…everyone is there to learn and change not to be judged according to there skin.

  3. CREAM954 says:

    I think Rikki likes those white girls instead of the blacks because she is always giving those blondes a chance when she know they arent going to change they taken baths together rikki must wants to join because as soon as the black girk spoke the blondes and their follower tried to quit so if someone tries to quit let them go she should have sent home Ashley all she want to do is go home and get back to the poll or whatever she has freaky going on in her head to make some money. And Rikki need to wch her back I would’nt be suprise if they try to get her in the shower! Or do you want too.

  4. Clarice says:

    OMG………Bay Bay Bay you need to learn to shut your mouth. Learn to listen. No man is going to want a loud mouth woman. If anything take out your BiBle to read. You took it out on Mif…. I thought that was so funny.
    I will pray. God Bless

  5. charm school 3 says:

    i think ricki played a racist card!!! them girls was wrong yes im black but ke-ke and bay bay bay i hate their mouth its sooo BIG!!! but those other girls should have been sent home. her actions on monday really threw my off from watching this show.

  6. ms. i love me says:

    new york goes to work… I HATE THAT SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pls after doing 6 reality shows she hasnt made enough money to get a better weave job.. OMG!!! she ugly, look like her breath stinks really bad and she should have stayed with talior made if she is broke… DAMN

  7. Bonita says:

    I think rikki made the right decision. But anyways com’on now she is not racist. She sent two rock of love gurls home. So how can she be racist??? She sent kiki home because of her attitude.

  8. ann says:

    I don’t believe Ricki Lake decision to send Kiki home
    was about racist. The girl simply had a bad attitude,
    very difficult to communicate with; so argumentive.
    I’m a young blw woman and I seen other blk women with
    anger issues. They misunderstood the other persons’ words. Ex. Bubbles wanted to express to Kiki and the other girl about how they hurt her feelings. I don’t
    think they even heard her, they just started yelling at
    her and when Marci raised her hand to speak, the girl
    just sounded off. At least Ashley admiitted her error. Surely, they all need some discipline.

  9. k says:

    ashley is the hottest thing alive

  10. stowns says:


  11. Charm Skool Charm says:

    Well, I didn’t think Charm School would be good with Ricki Lake….especially without Sharon in charge…..but the show is a big hit as far as I’m concerned:) Thumbs up VH1

  12. tt2103 says:

    fake &)@~`$&*#&@@~$! tes is NASTY i got real 40 f’s and i only weigh 170

  13. makeko-san says:

    This $`+@@&&#~**#__!@ is da bomb (i blame reality tv shows <3) lmao

  14. Ja'Meice says:

    I think it was really wrong how she had to go home. How is the two girls going to stay when they locked a girl in the bathroom fora hour in a half? But if it was me i would have made sure she went home, because i would not want nobody doing that too me, and even though they said they felt kiki was a threat in the house still u dont think locking somebody in the bathroom come on now.

  15. Anomonous says:

    Farrah Is So Ugly But Ashley Is Fine, Sexy, Cute, Adorable

  16. Bossladi05 says:

    I mean from the get go keke was wrong she always had a bad `*)%~~%___*`~%) attitude and she wasn’t willing to change. She just like me I am always going to be me that professional and hardworking and if a chick don’t like it they can come see me. But for real keke needs to grow because she’s really acting her shoe size right now. But Ricki keep doin your thing you know the business we only see what tv shows us but you are there when the #*)+@)&#!($$~%^^ hit the fan!!