It’s Fighting Time On The Next Daisy of Love!


After last week’s dramatic elimination some of the boys are spoiling for a fight. Watch the sneak peek and tune in Sunday to see what happens.

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  1. BlakeD says:

    I seriously hate this show. Daisy is so lame. Why was she even given a show? Heather deserves one much more.

  2. shayshaycook says:

    they are so ugly you need to send them home

  3. nicolllllleeeee xo says:

    I love chichi, & i love cage.
    they can’t get into a fight :(

  4. Tallon says:

    This @&^$$%$%*%(*@&@@% should of been on celebrity rehab instead.
    Oh wait she isn’t a Celebrity, so lets give her a show, so we can then cast her for (wanna be) Celebrity rehab.

    TMZ reported she OD’d a few nights ago

  5. Show sucks says:

    Thank God for charm School… least that has a thumbs up…….Daisy of Love so totally sucks……they should fire whoever came up with doing a showcase around Daisy…My God she can’t even carry the show by herself and no matter how much drama on the show it’s not going to up the ratings. VH1 you have a loser show in Daisy of Love. Thanks for the other programs that do rock on VH1:)

  6. laura says:

    hey i really hope this works cage u need to get myspace lol actually all of yall need to get myspace cage ur hot and daisy i hope u find wat ur lookin for

  7. bgrunk says:

    So, at elimination, did she actually say “Condole”? What the hell is “Condole”? Hey dip@#*%, I think you mean “Condone”!!! DUH!!

  8. Karissa says:

    ugh i am sorry i just hate her and this show. she is a slut-no offense to the people who do like her, but come on, you have to at least agree with me on that. we all know there is going to be a daisy of love 2. all the guys on the show were just losers and )&_#_*#!*!@__^) s. daisy is not even that pretty, and she is just a tramp. sorry, but it is true. vh1 made a HUGE mistake making this show, it is so stupid.