Brooke Hogan Answers Your Romance Questions



Ms. Hogan is busy. She’s been down in Miami finalizing the shoots for the second season of her Brooke Knows Best show. The premiere is Sunday, June 7 at 10 pm ET. And she’s also putting the finishing touches on her new album, The Redemption (check the CD cover after the jump). But she definitely has time for her fans. That’s why she’s invited everyone to ask her questions about getting along in the world of romance.

Hit the comments field below, and ask Brooke whatever you’d like about affairs of the heart – even the steamy parts. Having trouble with your honey? Alone and don’t want to be? Got a question about Brooke’s own dating habits? Send ‘em and she’ll wade through them all. Her answers will be delivered in video clips in a few weeks. It’ll be fun to see what she has to say about all this stuff. Don’t delay, start writing now.






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  1. jj says:

    do you know daisy of love ………………………………………………………………. sinster is cool

  2. Dwayne D.C. Tucker II says:

    Hey Brooke,

    I a Dwayne D.C. Tucker II from; you might know me as the photographer for Glenn a few weeks back. Wish we had met.

    I love this girl but the distance is killing. Before we had time to fly and see each other a lot now that is becoming less possible with our work load. At this stage in the relationship a lot of petty fighting is being created. Now we are on a break. I really see things for she and I but what do you think and feel about she and I’s relationship? Should I hold on?

    Dwayne D.C. Tucker II

    P.S. I am in Miami again we should hang out or yall should make time to get to Bahamas this summer lets kick it at Atlantis.

  3. hey says:

    hey i need help this really sexy boy asked me out but it is my friends crush what do i do please help

  4. kathryn says:

    u rock

  5. tito says:

    Go on loveline with dr drew if your a pro. i want to hear you

  6. Gewona Wyman says:

    hey brooke,iam one of your fans and i luv ur shows n your parents, but let me give u some advice with your parents. stuff happens and sometimes people need a break from one another. it doesnt meen that they wont get back together,and as you no they been together for a long time and that meen something right there. so u go ahead with your career and luv both the same no matter what happens even though they will be together again ok so ima end my blog with much luv to u n your parents n hit me back if you get this.

  7. RUSS says:

    Why do woman always come onto a guy that has a g/f or wife?>……and it is NEVER when (we men)>are broken up from them?
    -(sigh)-I’ll never understand this!

  8. Colby O'Donis says:

    After people get over the Jealousy of Hulk Hogan being your father, they will see, what I learned working with you on Your Hey Yo song. That you truly can sing and are in my opinion among one of the most professional, focused girls I ever met, it was truly a special experience working with you on the song Hey Yo and I hope someday we will be able to sing it, the way it’s suppose to be sung in Duet form until then I look forward to our episode on June 28th airing. You truly are a star and a force to be Reckoned with Colby O’Donis

  9. et says:

    What a girl :)

  10. Marissa Berlanga says:

    Hey brooke,
    my name is Marissa i am 15 year’s old and i am so much in love!!were planning to have a baby and everything,but i dont know if we are going to fast,and if we are would it ruin our relationship?weve been together for 6months,we argue ALOT!!his parents dont like me for some odd reason me and his parents never got along and we can only see eachother on saturdays will that ruin our relationshiP??

  11. Jennifer Fatzinger says:

    How will you know when you really love someone you haven’t even met yet?

  12. sally says:

    what the #@_%$#(&_%)#%#&~ is up with that album cover??? its hideous!!!

  13. Michela says:

    Hi Brooke. Since you was a child you are a star of reality show: at first “Hogan knows best” and now “Brooke knows best”. Audience could see you only as a reality star and not as a singer. Are you afraid about this aspect of your pubblic life?

  14. isupportbrooke------>Teeya (me) says:

    Dear Brooke-
    Congrats on your New Season 2, I can’t wait to gather the girls and have a Brooke night at my house.
    I saw the rendition of season two on VH1 and I am dying to know… is there a possible love attraction for the opposite sex? If so I totally support you no matter whom you decide to be in love with.
    Always you’re BFF-
    Isupportbrooke ?Teeya

  15. Greg says:

    Hi Brooke,

    Why does your new album cover look like you had it spray painted on a t-shirt at a county fair? Or on the side of a van that was then time warped here from the mid-70′s?


  16. Gus says:

    Hey brooke, can I get your personal email address…

  17. Leslie says:

    Do you think you and/or your father will ever find true love? I’d really like to see you guys happy again and leading “somewhat” normal lives ;)

  18. KAT says:

    Not to be a cynic, but what do YOU know about love and relationships that would benefit ANYBODY? You are slightly more than a child with little life experience!!!! A word of advice: Live your own life and NEVER let someone else dictate what YOU want!!!! Good luck!!!



  20. Tiffany M says:

    Hey Brooke I was wondering if you have ever contacted your mother ever sense all this media attention has pulled your family apart, and how is Nick doing ever sense he has been out of jail?

  21. Rebekah says:

    I like this boy how can I tell if he likes me back?

  22. De says:

    my friend was hangingout with this guy then they knida got into a fight and havent been talking. I thought that i would be like a mediator and talk to both side. Well it turns out she liked him. He didnt really like her, and me and him started talking. One thing lead to another an i started to hangout with him. Should i tell my friend that ive been hanging out with him, even though she hates him now?

  23. James says:


    For someone coming from money and fame, is it important to you that your boyfriend come from money as well or could you really see yourself settling down with an “Average Joe.” A guy who has to put in 40 hours a week to keep the bills paid, you know, a normal guy. Does money really mean that much?
    I’m sure you hear this a lot, but I’ve been a fan of your Father’s for as long as I can remember. Whenever I see him in the news lately, for all the wrong reasons, it breaks my heart. Please know that there is a lot of us out here who want nothing but the best for you, him & your family. Here’s to smooth waters soon.

  24. claudine jean-baptiste says:

    u look so hot girl

  25. steven simmons says:

    Hi Brooke how you been? Big Fan. My Question is How do you know if a girl is playing game with a guy mind and feeling or she is being real


    hey how bout dinner and a ride i got a pretty sweet harley i think dad will approve hows the fam doing i wach yer show and hhoogan knows best love yous guys humor does dad have a bike and if what? gotta love the puncuation…….

  27. Timmy T says:

    Hi Brooke,

    I’m a big fan. Anyways, I really like this girl that I am friends with, but she also has alot of guy friends. How do I distinguish myself from the rest of them and get her to notice me in that way?

  28. Michelle says:

    Hey brooke, What do you do when you have sex with a guy when your 15 and think your inlove but he has a gf now, and we only been broken up for 1 month we dated for 6months. and hes saying he wants to marry this girl who dont even live in the same state as him, me and him are friends, but i dont knoe what to doo.. what do you think??

  29. Michelle says:

    Hey brooke, What do you do when you have sex with a guy and loose you Virginty to him when your 15 and think your inlove but he has a gf now, and we only been broken up for 1 month we dated for 6months. and hes saying he wants to marry this girl who dont even live in the same state as him, me and him are friends, but i dont knoe what to doo.. what do you think??

  30. JOSEPH says:


  31. DEANNA says:


  32. silvia says:

    brooke when is your cd coming out because I like your song the falling it so nice it keep me nice quiet I like your show and it very good I can wait the new show come out please when get the message plaese write me back bye bye

  33. India says:

    Hey, I been wondering what was it like working with Colby O’Donis and is their anything going on between the two of you?

  34. jessica says:

    Hi brooke my name is jessica from nyc.cant wait for july 21 im get your second album,how exited is that brooke your second album dropping stores…Hey brooke i got a question well,what’s your advice for slim girl’s that wanna look like you and what they need to eat???Another question is how could a fan become one of your friend’s and hang out with you and your friend’s like you and gleen and ashley????? say hi to gleen and ashley they are so cool just like you. well brooke catch you later

  35. Lilly Flores says:

    Hey brooke,

    Your songs are amazing! I always listen to them and everything! ->huge fan<- !!! anyways, i need help. Im so obsessed with my b/f! And i dont think he feels the same way. We been together for 2 years and he just isnt obsessed like he used to be…does that mean he doesnt love me anymore? what should i do or tell him? should i confront him? HELP!

    Love(HUGE FAN!!)

    LiLLY! <<

    P.s – You look freaking amazing! I love everything about you and we are so much alike XD lol much love Brooke <3

  36. Yve says:

    R u serious? Maybe you should advise your mom and dad on romance, then we can watch the results…duh

  37. Yve says:

    You look cross-eyed in your new album cover, i didn’t know angels hung-out at the tanning salon, and your intestines are bulging out of your belly, and this cover is suppose to do what for your career?

  38. robert says:

    hey i want to take my girl friend out on a date and a movie. where would u suggest we go to eat?

  39. patrick says:

    hey brooke

    my name is patrick and i just wanted to say u are really hot

  40. laura says:

    stop kissing every damn guy u meet,they all ugly and it makes u look like a +%*#$$!**%)`_%&)!

  41. laura says:

    do u know london from daisy of love??? well his hot get with him!!!!

  42. mark says:

    Hey Brooke my name is mark and I was wondering if I should go out with this girl i dated like 1 year ago. Should i go out with her agin?

  43. troy says:

    hello brooke this is troy i just want i am your big fan and i love your show.and please tell your friend ashley is cute like you.and please tell all your hot sexy signal friends i am signal and i would like to meet some of theme.

    please write back i hope to hear from you


  44. karla says:

    hi brooke,,, i still weat for u new video came soon ,no 1 but at lot of then ,,,, i like u ,so are so crazi girl,,,, ok kiss bey..

  45. karla says:

    hi brooke,,, i still wait for u new video came soon ,no 1 but at lot of then ,,,, i like u ,so are so crazi girl,,,, ok kiss bey..

  46. MusicLover269 says:

    Hey Brooke I was just wondering if when u dated that boxer where u happy with him and my friends want to know y u dumped him?!!?~!~?!?~!?~!

  47. ANTONIQUE says:


  48. jocelyn garcia says:

    will this guy ask me out?

  49. TittyBear says:

    Hi Brooke, well im here tryin to lose some weight no any good tricks so my boyfriend can see that i am attractive.
    Thank You so much!!

    P.S. I love ur show!! ;)



  51. betty says:

    really what was it like to live or to have a father like yours. i thought it would be cool on one had then on the other side it would drive me crazy

  52. Marcos Milan says:

    Hi Brooke im from Puerto Rico and my island is as hot as you are , you are so sexy and pretty. I die for a kiss also. Its the first time ive seen the show , its great , but you looking for the right affair? Just let it come!XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXXOXOXOXXO

  53. david brumer says:

    i like this girl at school and i don’t know what to do can you help me pleas

  54. david brumer says:

    i like this girl so much but cant ask her out what should i do please help.

  55. leland says:

    my birthday is comming up this month on the 14th and i would love to meet you and your family on my 33rd birthday it would mean so much to me

  56. Dan says:

    Hey Brooke! I like your music and Show/ I’m kinda shy around girls and would like to be able to talk to them easier, what would be your own opinion?

  57. Shannon & Kelsey Combs says:

    Hello Brook,

    Kelsey and I met you in L.A. last year and I gave you one of my daughters CD’S. You and your mom Linda were so good to us and really encouraged Kelsey in her music. She finally released her CD / album “Sweet Reality” 12 songs written /composed by Kelsey Combs. Please check outher songs at or

    Take care,
    Kelsey Combs
    Shannon Combs (Mother)

  58. Kaybee says:

    Hey Brooke, how is it goin, I was watching your program and felt like asking you some question about yourself. What are you goals and plans for your future? Please I will really appreciate this if you can reply my question

  59. Mike says:

    hey i think your show is off the hook its funny and great but the one thing that caught my eyes was Ashley because she is drop dead sexy

  60. kenny says:

    have you ever been took out and treated like a person and not just as a star

  61. kenny says:

    i think your a super hottie i watch your shows all the time i want to no what do you like in guys whats your type

  62. jessica says:

    how can u find the right guy?

  63. kressa says:

    my boyfriend is going into the army, he leaves in october, and i want to be with him, but its hard being away from him for a week, he’ll be gone for months at a time, i dont know what to do. He’s not breaking my heart, but the situation is. I dont want to give up on us, i fought way too hard to be with him to let it slip away, ya know. I hate all those people out there who cant just ask a girl out, yea she might say no, but what if she doesnt.

  64. brandon says:

    how can u get a girl to like you

  65. Karla says:

    Hi Brooke!

    I love your show and watch it all the time!Very excited for June 7th!I have a question that i am hoping you can, i’ve been with this guy for about 6 months and some days.we live together and in the beginning everything seemed to be great but right now not so much.we argue over everything and its to the point where i don’t think i would miss him if he were to leave (well i would a little bit you know but not like OMG) and his plan is to go to the air force and for me my dad is going to open up a restaurant in Clearwater Fl and he wants me to go with him but, i am still back at home (Georgia) because of my boyfriend.but how things are going i don’t even think he loves me at this point idk what to do because he will be leaving me anyways soon and my plan was to move to Fl whenever he goes to the air force but idk if i’m waistin my time trying to make this work because i never get anything back in return from him.We have already broken up once when after a month being together but i gave him a chance and i guess stupid of me to but i really did love him.and i’ve done alot of things just to be with him but … he doesn’t really see it and i am afraid to leave him because he has been my first real relationship i’ve never moved in with someone until he came around.He has met my family and I have met his but idk if i’m doing to please, Help me i really need it.anything would be great!

    Oh yeah about your parents i kinda went threw the exact same thing my parents were together for 16 years and all of the sudden they just decided to get divorced well seperated.They would argue all the time and it was bad real bad!and my mother cheated of my dad with someone very very young so thats why i like this show so much becuase it feels like in a way i can relate with what you are going threw.

  66. katie says:

    hey brrok
    my names katie i watch your show all the time. You are really pretty. I want to grow up to be just like you. Hope life is great.

  67. Ray says:

    Hey brooke i like watching your show and like your music and can’t wait to see you when you come down to corpus christi, Tx for the Opening for Akon . I this girl and we been best friends every since 1st grade but i really don’t know how to tell her how i fill about her please help me out.

  68. Angela says:

    Hey Brooke I just wanted to say I love the show.I know it’s been along time since it has happened but I am glad ur bro is doing well.I am glad ur brother survived the car wreck he had.I sadly lost mine in a 1 car accident.He was 20 yrs.We lost him 2 yrs ago May 16th.But ne way I just wanted to say love the show and I hope things go good for u and ur family.

  69. Lee says:

    Hey Brooke,
    -all the guys at my school hate me because I’m not a $&^)*@$!`@@(@)_~* All they do is date the ugliest, sluttiest girls at my school and pretty much all of them have had sex at least twice. I haven’t had a boyfriend my whole life, I’ve never been kissed, and everyone laughs at me for that. I’m looking for someone who can understand what I’m going through and who will accept me for me.
    Also, my best friend is having a party with all her friends and invited me, but one of her friends, who’s a major slut, found out that I’m going and doesn’t want to go. Because of that, my friend really wants her there and told her that I can’t come!
    Please help me out with these problems, it’s really affecting my life.
    Thanks so much,

  70. Lee says:

    Hey Brooke,
    -all the guys at my school hate me because I’m not a _*_`##+%%)^$_*^%) All they do is date the ugliest, sluttiest girls at my school and pretty much all of them have had sex at least twice. I haven’t had a boyfriend my whole life, I’ve never been kissed, and everyone laughs at me for that. I’m looking for someone who can understand what I’m going through and who will accept me for me.
    Please help me out with this problem, it’s really affecting my life. Thanks so much,

  71. Lee says:

    Hey Brooke,
    -all the guys at my school hate me because I’m not a @`@(%^+++%~~~($#@ All they do is date the ugliest, sluttiest girls at my school and pretty much all of them have had sex at least twice. I haven’t had a boyfriend my whole life, I’ve never been kissed, and everyone laughs at me for that. I’m looking for someone who can understand what I’m going through and who will accept me for me.
    Also, my best friend is having a party with all her friends and invited me, but one of her friends, who’s a major slut, found out that I’m going and doesn’t want to go. Because of that, my friend really wants her there and told her that I can’t come!
    Please help me out with these problems, it’s really affecting my life.
    Thanks so much,

  72. Lee says:

    Hey Brooke,
    -all the guys at my school hate me because I’m not a &~^$()(+^^@@!_~(_ All they do is date the ugliest, sluttiest girls at my school and pretty much all of them have had sex at least twice. I haven’t had a boyfriend my whole life, I’ve never been kissed, and everyone laughs at me for that. I’m looking for someone who can understand what I’m going through and who will accept me for me.
    Also, my best friend is having a party with all her friends and invited me, but one of her friends, who’s a major slut, found out that I’m going and doesn’t want to go. Because of that, my friend really wants her there and told her that I can’t come!
    Please help me out with these problems, it’s really affecting my life.
    Thanks so much,

  73. eric says:

    are u virgen

  74. tucker says:

    hey i like your show. how do i get a girl to notice me

  75. Phaedra says:

    Hi, first of all i love how gorgeous u are and that i love ur show. but my question is that my mom and my aunt this guy that i am absolutly in love with. His name is Harley. He is 17 and he is 1 year and 1 month older than me, but he has a tounge ring and he chews. ya i bet that u saying ew but he brushes his teeth before he kisses me everytime. or if we are to far from home we usually have a bottle of water with us so he can rinse out his mouth. but my mom doesnt like him because he also has a record. he has an M.I.P. and if u dont know what that means it stands for Minor In Possession. and how he got that was because his mom had weed and when the police raided his house he said that it belonged to him. i think that that is really cute. but my question is how can i get my mom to see what i see in him. She has even pulled me out of public school so that i can not see him any more but he comes over every night. but please help me was there any guys that ur dad didnt like that u insisted on dating??? please right me back

  76. kaley says:

    i know you liked the stripper pole, have you tried kick boxing?

  77. Tom says:

    Hey Brooke, I love what your doing…I also love your new site!!!!

  78. aHTown says:

    Brooke you have it going on but I have a total crush on Ashley. How do I get to know her? Seriously. :-)

  79. JOHN ANTHONY G says:

    hi brook i watch your show all the time and i think your so hot im 25 and im cuban american,i was born here in miami beach i have brn hair and brown eyes im 5’7 and i would love to spend a day at the beach with you email me

  80. Kerry Fortune says:

    Hi Brooke, I work with a new healthy energy drink company that just launched in January of this year and is about to launch a major advertising campaign through facebook and we are looking for a small group of celebrities to be strategically placed in order to endorse our product at the most oppertune moment.Not only is this an exellent alturnative to currently available drinks such as red bull and monster but is also a very lucritive money making oppertunity.This new product has no sugar or caffine it is formulated to work with your bodies natural digestive system so that you have energy on demand in fact it is so good that you can drink a can just before bed and sleep like a baby. No gitters or caffine/sugar crashes. If you would be interested you can contact me at

  81. Trace says:

    I’m really fond of Ashley. How does a normal guy get a chance with a total sweetheart she seems to be?

  82. Cady says:

    Hey Brooke. Im just wondering, how can u deal with living ur own life, and having ur dads nose all in your business. I wouldnt be able to keep my cool like you. How do u handle it so well?

  83. C says:

    please help its about tha 1st episode… whats the song playing while ur talkin 2 ur dad at lik 16:10… I LOVE IT but cant find it anywhere… lov ya shoo 2 mama

  84. jonathan says:

    how do you know when someone is in love or likes you. also umm could you tell your friend i think he is hot and we would be great friends

  85. jeraf says:

    Hey Brooke,
    Im a big fan.Could you give me advice on dating? I wanna find that one girl.

  86. toriii :) says:

    hay,brooke! :))
    first,let me start of by sayin im a HUGE fan!…i absoultley love yourr voice,girl! :)

    buh anyway i need advice on guys and love..okay so i’ve basically been getting over and overr agin by guys for a pretty long time seems like whenever i just start talkin to a guy and i think we’re actually gonna be together and i start really liking him it just falls apart and i end up getting’s either that or i find out that all the guy wants is booty and im tired of it. i mean im jus so lonely..why cant i just find that one special guy that makesmy dreams come true. :( it makes me so sad. it breaks my heart seein all my friends with guys and everybody at school walkin down the hallway with their boo. :( im beginning ta think im going to be alone foreverrr :’( buh i hope im majorly wrong lol. brooke pllleeaassee help only a 14 year old chick {soon ta be 15 in less than a month) that wants ta be loved! :(
    i mean im goin into my sophmore year and i still havent had a boyfriend in high school yet..ughh embarrasing.
    again brooke i love youu and please gimme advice on what ta do :(

    xoxoxo miss lonely [[tori]]

    p.s your so frickin beautiful,girl!<33

  87. jose snchez says:

    hey brooke during the song fallin all the work you done with stacks with all the work yall done did you guys felt anything for each other like a little fallin in love or something

  88. Faith says:

    are you a lesbian

  89. Troy says:

    I Think You Are Hot And I Was Wondering What Turns You On The Most.

  90. Troy says:

    I Think You Are Hot And I Was Wondering What Turns You Off The Most.

  91. neil patrick ogle says:

    hi love your show and your body?lol ok brooke call some time sexey do you like the game hhh well youll love me or hbk

  92. taylor says:

    i am going out with this guy and we have for a year and one of my guy best friends is jelous and my boyfriend and i never had sex

  93. royalaangel says:

    Brook why do your mother go what a 19 year old that is so wrong and nicest because he is your age are some thing like that

  94. amy says:

    so ive been with this boy for over a year now and i really do love him, but we’ve been fighting an awful lot. and i think that im starting to have feelings for one of my guy friends. i absolutely hated his last girlfriend and i was really excited when she broke up with him, but now he has a new girlfriend and i cant stand her. im purposely avoiding him now because his new girlfriend makes me so jealous. idk if im just upset from fighting so much with my boyfriend and confusing my friends always being there for me as felings or if i may actually have feelings for him =/ HELP!

  95. amber says:

    hi brooke l was wacthing your show today and l was wondering how did it feel to have a guy that slept on your couch with is baer butt this amber your the best

  96. Christie says:

    Please tell your Dad that I am sorry for him and Linda’s split but he is so good lookin’ for his age that he can train this chubbie momma anytime. Love the show!!

  97. C says:

    Brooke doesn’t like the fact that her Mom is with a way younger guy. And??? Why is it, that in our society, a guy can be in his 60s dating a 22 year old and no one says a thing??? But God forbid she be 40 and he be 30. Then everyone is, “Oh God–its so disgusting!!” To Linda Bollea, I say, you go Girl, and get all you can get. You know Hulk isn’t standing still!! And Brooke–suck it up.

  98. Jeremy says:

    With your whole life being video taped how do you find time to actually go on a date? And if you do how do they feel about the cameras?

  99. Mandy says:

    i think that that’s so good that you have a relationship that good with your dad! and i dont think your mom should put you in that position to accept a 19 year old boy into your fathers home that he worked his whole life to have and then your mom took him for everything he had… are you gonna accept that?

  100. amber says:

    hey brook whats up i know what u are going threw and my mom and my dad deforst like6 years age and he diead like after that
    and love uu brook u fan

  101. Maureen says:

    Brooke, you seem like such a sweet, nice girl! Not to mention being absolutely stunning! I think people can relate to you, you haven’t let Hollywood turn you into a hot mess. You are right for standing your ground with your mother, and you just seem so “normal” to me. Continue to be the genuine person you are, and God will bring you many blessings!

  102. Amanda says:


  103. Ramses says:

    Hei brooke just pasing to say hello i am a big fan of your show. Bye beuty Say hy some day to puerto rico

  104. Alicia says:

    I love the show it is awesome

  105. morgan says:

    whats it like having Glenn as your roommate?

  106. Laura says:

    i have a problem. i have a boyfriend who im happy with sometimes but the again i think that i should break up with him. I have gotten to know this other guy whos super sweet and is really fun to hang out with. my bf and me dont have alot in common in fact nothing. me and this other guy have tons to talk about. what should i do? stay with bf or move on?

  107. kelsea says:

    brook you should feel how you feel at your mother

  108. cathy burton says:

    dear brook do you think your mom and dad ever will be friends? from cathy burton from calif.

  109. Barbara says:

    Where did yuh qet those qlasses that yuh see with from ?

  110. ShaDonne says:

    Love the show, Keep up the Good Work! Stacks is cute BUT the shape of his head! ;-P
    Why didn’t you go with a Major Label this time like Jive, Def Jam, Bad Boy, Columbia, or even Beyonce’s label World Music? I hope you really blow up like beyonce. Love the new song. Please have some hard beat dance songs on the album. I need to dance while working out in the gym.
    I don’t blame you for giving your mom the cold shoulder. Anytime a mother dis owns her flesh n blood son is not in her right mind!!!!!!!!!!

  111. Roxsi says:

    Hi Brooke! I’m a big fan of yours and I love Brooke Knows Best! I was wondering if you still keep in touch with thode two hotties Keith and Damien from season one? And, if being the daughter of Hulk Hogan has put a damper in meeting men for you? I hope everything is well for you, your dad and mom and Nick. God Bless!

  112. montajia says:

    dear brooke,

    1. how hard is it to be far away from your dad?
    2. what advice do you have for me to become a teacher?

  113. Richard says:

    I hope you make it through these difficult times, Brooke. Five years ago, I lost my dad and the woman I loved within six months. And I was only 17. It took along time to get my life going again, but I know that you can do it. Just follow your heart, and you’ll always do what’s right. Shoutouts to you, Glenn, and especially Ashley. I hope she’s single, because if she’s looking for a boyfriend, I’m right here! Hope you are having fun!

  114. frankie says:

    BBBBBooya Brooke I have 2 Questions for you the 1st is did you ever kiss a girl?What was like grow with Your dad Hulk Hogan?

  115. josh says:

    hey brook i am ur biggest fan wat is the most thing u love to do for fun besides singin

  116. josh says:

    hey brook i am ur biggest fan wat is the most thing u love to do for fun besides singin and just being u

  117. Kait says:

    What is the name of the color nail polish were you wearing and brand in your season premiere!? It was an orange/pink and I LOVED it!!

  118. Chaz McCool says:

    How would I go about having a girl likeing me for who I am and not play the ^^^%_&)^`%^!!`% hole card? when thats what girls like, a bad boy. I feel like I dont feel attractive. any advise for me?

  119. allison says:

    Brooke I just want to say that I know what I’s like to be in the middle of a late life parental break up. My parents recently divorved after over 40years of marriage. It’s especially had when you love them both and know that they are both hurting. It gets even worse when you find it difficult to support their decisions. I haven’t been able to speak to my dad for over 6 months because of difficulties with his new younger wife who has a strong dislike for me. From what I have seen you are handeling a difficult situation with grace. I Hope this difficult time gets easier for you as time but be honest with your mom and dad about how their actions make you feel. Best Wishes!

  120. Jason says:

    Hey Brooke love the show, I think your right for giving your mom the cold shoulder I mean people say age is just a number but I mean come on have a little morals!!!! Ughh!! So do you think your going to like women now?? Please say how is your bro doing?? Hope he is keeping his nose clean..Keep up the good work and remember Brooke Knows Best!!!lol

  121. shane says:

    you are so beautiful could you ask stack$ to help with my music plz brooke and your dad is a great wrestler i wish he was still wrestling

  122. mersaides says:

    whats the name of the chick u went out with cause shes hot

  123. Heather Wheeler says:

    Hey Brooke, I have resently lost someone that I love, what do I do for the saddness that I am haveing???

  124. Amber says:

    Brooke i watched your show where you went out with a girl. I was really intrigued by the lady you went on a date with and wish i could date her at least once. I feel like i should get to know her. I feel crazy doing this but I just had to let you know I’m sprung!! Hopefully one day I’ll meet a special woman like her and I pray you meet the man of your dreams and live in love!!!

  125. boyfriend help says:

    i have been likeing this guy ever cents school started and now at the end of the school year he made this poem called i love you and read it to the class and he let me have it also that same day he walked me home and we kissed for the frist then about 4 or 5 weeks later we stated dateing and i ask him on facebook if it was about me (cause he is out of town)and he put no its about this girl i tryed to go with last year should i keep him or dump him????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  126. Todd says:

    hey brooke this is something that has been on my mind for a while… what do i do if the person that i love the most that i have lost the one thing i can only give away once to… what do i do if she treats me badly now? Brooke please get back at me because i really need your advice this would mean the world to me. and i would really like to hear from you for my birthday which is july 1st.
    ps love your music

  127. Tiffany says:

    i love your show when i watch your show i feel apart of you life i love you guys glen keep looking you will find some one brook you can find someone you can spend you life with and im srry about your mom and dad****************************** love you brook ************ ashley you act like sister soo **** come and look for a boyfriend you deserve one

  128. shane spoonhour says:

    hello brooke plz talk to me plz i want to get help on updating my music page plz help me

  129. Diya says:

    I made the mistake of being with a much younger guy when I was recently separated… I didn’t let it turn into a full-blown relationship.. I hope your mom sees that this guy isn’t that into her and is more in it for WHO she is than who she is as a person. My mom was married 9 times, yes 9x.
    I am on marriage number 3. Hope I do not get to 9 but isn’t it better to keep searching and not settle if your love goes sour? That is my question.

  130. jon says:

    hey my name is jonathan and my grandmother had a stroke and she not doing very will and i dont no what to do for her she is a big fan of your show and she hasnt miss one show yet i try to get her to be happy but i dont on what i can do pleases jon

  131. Hannah OLeary says:

    Ms Brooke. I just went threw a really bad divorce. The emotions that are involved can really stress you out. All you can do really is spend time with th epeople you love most and be sure to make sure you are happy. I had to do exactly that especially because i have two beautiful children. but i know you dont want to hear it.. Your pretty bad @)(**##@#+%)#)( and look like a great person to hang out with. I would love to have friends like you. btw just recently started to watch your show. i love it. i love being able to see poeple that are celebrities and are still down to earth.

    much love

  132. Lauren says:

    hey brooke..!!
    i just have one question cause i really dont knw what to do. ive been friends with this guy for some months now and he’s seen that ive made it big in london and i want there to be more between us but im not quite sure if he’s just in it for the fame? just thought u could help me out?
    thankss lots!
    xx lauren

  133. s goodwin says:

    hi how can i write to you or e mail you tell yu dad he still number one in wrestling trying to write him too

  134. derek harris says:

    hey i think your music is amazing

  135. jessica says:

    hi brooke im a huge fan. my uncle said he partied with you in miami he just moved out there. but anyway i was just wondering if you could give me any pointers on modeling?! ive been wanting to do it forever but i dont thinkm im good enough?! -thanks <3

  136. vanessa says:

    dear brooke , i love your music and show . Hope u can answer my question . i have the cutest crush we are just freinds but i want it to be more than just freinds. He already knows i like like him because i told a close freind that i liked him and she decide to tell the whole school even the teachers know.My quesation : how can i get him to know i do not want to be just freinds ? p.s i love your show and your music.

  137. Sky says:

    I don’t blame you for giving your mom the cold shoulder. She should be living in her new boyfriends house instead of your dad’s house. He worked his $(`$#@`*%+$@)%) off to build that, he should be living there and not the pool house. I hope you get extremely famous like Beyonce or Brittany Spears(who’s making a comeback). I love the show.

    ~Sky Uchiha~

  138. samantha says:

    my bf cheated on me what should i do?

  139. Larry Muncy says:

    Okay, there is a terrible stereotype being labeled to everyone who is paralyzed… was just wondering what your __*_@$*%+$#&@$% umption was… if you see someone paralyzed, do you automatically __*_@$*%+$#&@$% ume they could not have sex?

  140. Ray says:

    I’ve been having a hard time finding the right person.Only you can tell me what to do.I,m waiting for a girl who could get along with me.Thanks Brooke for helping your fans out

  141. Ray says:

    Been looking for the right women in my life.Where should i look Brooke.

  142. Clint says:

    Your really in the know and kind of crazy. What do you think about the newest idea for the sexiest, and most functional jeans ever made? The oriental style Jeans by Pheiress. Check them out at or . Now don’t be shocked at what you see. Have an open mind. Do you think these jeans might spice up the sex life? I sewed these jeans so don’t be to criticle about that. It is the idea that I want you comment about. If you like them would you please comment one of the pictures on myspace. It would really be great to have my first real celebrity say something nice about them. I hope to show the good comments to a major jean companie in hopes of one of them manufactoring and test marketing them. You don’t have to endorse them just any comment you make, good comment, would be great. Thanks Brooke.

  143. August says:

    brooke there are somehtings i would lovet to tell you… 1# i am ur biggest fan i love ur music i love ur show and overall u have a good head on ur shoulders! you are amazing but i dont have a few questions…

    1)okay first off between your show n ur music how do u make time to commit to a relatioship? it musst be hard dealing with all the gossip of the family and everything but how do u manage to keep your cool?

    2) also, i know what it feels like ot go through devorce… i have gone through 2. it is hard but there is alwaysz a little at the end of the tunnel dont worry things will get better! i promise! in that situation is it hard for u to watch ur parents date when ur so use to them being married? like it seems like u and jen hit it off on the first episode but is it still really hard to listen to all the gossip spreading around?

    3)also, in ur new music video falling it seems like u and staack$ dating again or is that just a good friendship that we r seeing in the video?

    thanks you for ur time brooke you are amazing n u will go far in life n the music industry!!! i love all ur music it is amazing how u sing frm the heart!! good luck in the future n thanks you for your time!!!

  144. angela says:

    why are guys so secretive and why do they feel they have to protect u by not telling the truth

  145. lauren says:

    hi brooke,

    Would you mind sharing what you do to stay in shape? I mean, what do you normally eat / do to work out? I’ve been having a tough time staying in shape lately and I am always so impressed by you when I see your episodes…

    I know it’s sort of a weird question, but I’d really appreciate your guidance!!!

    Thanks and best of luck to you. So many of us are rooting for you and your family!


  146. olivia says:

    hey brooke one love your show and your question is im 22 almost 23 never been on a date im plus sized i almost had a boyfriend what can i do?

  147. bryan blanchard says:

    what size &&&%%%)~%#!&(`_) do u except

  148. Shelby says:

    hey hey girly luv the show but i got a question. so i like this guy but my dad dosent. and he dosnt like the kid cuz of his older brother and the my dad had to deal with him. btw my dad is a sheriff. so plz give me ur best advice on how to deal with it.


  149. erica says:

    whats it like being a big star because of your dad? what do you think you would be doing with your life if your dad was never a wrestler?

  150. Jonathan says:

    brooke i think ur like the prettiest girl ive ever seen and hopefully one day ill meet u and we’ll hangout…. and im also puertorican soo maybe i can show u a thing or two on salsa dancing =] haha

  151. angelina says:

    hey Brooke i love your songs

  152. Ashley says:

    Hey Brooke I Was Wondering what you do to keep in shape and what work outs u do because im tryin to lose weight and i want my body how yours is and im not sure what to do
    by the way your a great artist and i look up to you so much and i watch ur show brooke knows best awesome show.
    and you need to come to NJ to perform

  153. chelsea says:


    I dated this guy for about a year and a half and things were going great. Then the last few months or so, we started fighting alot. One day just out of the blue, he just stopped calling or even acknowledging me when we’d see one another at church. A friend that I had once been close to, he suddenly started hanging around which I thought was a huge slap to the face. Now we’re friends again and he says he doesn’t know if he wants to get back with me until he tries things with this girl my old friend hooked him up with. Should I even stick around?


  154. Scottie says:

    I dont have a question for you. I just wanted to let you know that I understand everything that you are going through with you family. Im going through almost the same thing with my family. It hurts me to watch your shows knowing exactly how you feel. My mom got remarried and had a new family…dis owned me and wont let me see my sisters. I just wanted to know that I really respect and understand you completely. Thanks!

  155. corina says:

    i have a guy that i have been with for awhile like years even have a baby with. he had a girl call his phne about a couple of weeks ago then hung up on me. he said their was no reason to call back cuz nothin was goin on..ok well last nite one of my old guy friends called my phne then he flipped out on me sayin im not aloud to have dudes call me no matter what…what should i do please help me…

  156. christinamendoza says:

    hey brooke you muisc is really nice.

  157. alli says:

    hey brooke!
    i love your music and i always watch brooke knows best. but i have a question, i really want to get to know this guy. i never talked to him and i never seen him but we are going to meet soon! so i wondered how to approach him! is it good to kiss him if we hit it off the day we meet?? should i wait for him to talk to me, or should i make a conversation myself? please help! idk what to do!!!
    Thanks Alli! :)

  158. alana says:

    heyy brooke okay i have a boyfriend right now(no names mentioned) and i really like him alot but this is the 5th time we have dated and i like this other person that i dated before but only 2 times and i seem to to be falling for him again and i dont kno what to do(meaning who to choose) but my parents like my boy friend who i have now and they dont like the other guy that i like like they really dont they wont let me add him to my myspace or even talk to him on my cell so should i stay with my boy friend or go for the other guy and totally disobey my parents?
    Alana, 13, Florida

  159. valerie leewis says:

    gurl u pic is so pretty who did that for u

  160. kayla says:

    hey brooke,
    i like this one guy and i never get to talk to him and he says he wont date me unless we see eachother. were really young and cant even drive yet so we cant just go to eachothers house. i am so confused about this and other stuff…please answer back and help me through this asap!

  161. alyssa says:

    hey brooke,
    im 14 and my mom said that when im start highschool that im gonna wanna play the fieldand not want a relationship.

    what did yu do?

  162. Alan says:

    for one i love your show but i have a question…
    i am just relizing that i am bi and i have a big crush on this one guy that i met at a local club. but i dont know how to ask him to be my boyfriend… cus i have never had a boyfriend before…
    hope to hear from you

  163. Jo says:

    Brooke, I wish your Mother would come to her senses and get rid of that little boy she’s dating. People can see how much your Father still loves her. He is a good man. Your Mother needs to wake up and go back with your Father. I know it has to be hard for you too. GOOD LUCK

  164. album says:

    What is your favrite song you have ever writen?

  165. mason says:

    hi brook this is me mason i am having trouble with my honey do you have any comments?

  166. Nina says:

    I’ve been having trouble with guys lately. They’ve only been dating me for the physical stuff. I don’t know how to handle this because I’ve been putting up with it for so long. I’m dating someone now, but my friend told me that he was just going to cheat on me like he did to her. So I’m like really confused because I really like this guy and I don’t know who to believe. I just don’t want to get hurt like I have in the past by the other guys who I dated that just wanted to make out with me and get in my pants. Please tell me how I should prevent these things from happening anpled what I should do with the guy I’m currently dating. Please and thank you.
    XOXO -Nina

  167. Karla says:

    hey brooke!
    i love your music and i always watch brooke knows best. but i have a question, i really want to get to know this guy. i never talked to him and i wondered how to approach him! should i wait for him to talk to me, or should i make a conversation myself? please help! idk what to do!!!


  168. lakia says:

    brooke is your dad is a nice person i will love to meet him my dad met him a long time ago.that is my wish i try at summerslam but i did not get the chance.

  169. lakia says:

    hey brooke you are the best so keep up the good work

  170. Marissa! says:

    Hey Brooke, i really need help ha i have a boyfriend i have been dating for 14 months and i’m sixteen and i feel we will not work because i love to have fun and go out but he has srtict rules from his parents so he can’t do anything unless “supervision” which i know im sixteen sounds reasonable but When will they let him grow up and have fun at least sometimes and its soo tempting to cheat so im just sick of being tied down but i don’t want to hurt him and say its over.. any advice??? PLEASE???

  171. mariah says:

    hello..whatss ur favorites song…

    by the way i would love if i could talk to yew.

  172. Shanna Crowe says:

    I am 23, single mom and looking what will draw me attention. I am sick of games and want and need the real thing. How can you tell if a man is real or not. So far obviusly alll I have had is fake men who wont show their true colors till they knck you up and then they all the sudden want to leave. What can I do to find a real man? I am not looking for anyone to commit to be a daddy just want someone to commit to me or atleast be honest 100%… Is there such thing as a real man?

  173. kate says:

    i like the boy how live rigth next door how do i tell me tht i like him

  174. Heather b. says:

    Your new cd is great! I love it! Very cool cd cover.

  175. arthur valencia says:

    are you happy with your show

  176. B says:

    watch ur show luv it….who wuz th egirl that took you on a date-27 yr old rose—-she wuz a dj in miami–how could ppl like us get in contact wit her

  177. c.manness says:

    dear brooke,nick family & roomates………. just watched the episode when nick finally was released from jail and came to see brooke & her room-mates, and nick tried to arrange a ‘reunion’ with linda……..i truly truly truly HATE to say this, but my comment has nothing to do with your show brooke, but rather this…….nick said in this episode that he was dedicated to the ‘john’ foundation……..which i think is amazing…….BUT………let me tell you all about where i work……..i live in canada, and i work at THE main (major) hospital for brain injury…….from car accidents to pedestrians being hit by cars, to stroke victims……and my comment is simply this……nick: if u want to start a foundation, which helps families deal with traumatic brain injuries………then hon……u sooooooooooooo need to come and see my workplace…….my sister suffered a brain injury at the age of 7 ( i was 5 yrs old at the time)… we didn’t even know that this hospital existed!! but then i also found out that at her age, she would never of been accepted ( too young)….so…give it some thought…, brooke, her room-mates, your dad, VERY close friends would be sooooooooo welcome in our home….no publicity…….no paparazzi…… nuthin’…………just you and our family…. i just feel soooooooo strongly about the need for matter what the injury….and maybe since u have a direct link to such a traumatic injury……….we would love to have u and ur family come and stay with us…….but most importantly……..come and visit my facility, speak with the OT’s, PT’s, etc,etc……and then maybe they can guide you into your funding for brain injury… iknow u think about john each and every day hon………hope to talk to u soon…….and no, am sooo NOT a weirdo………but have lived thru what u nick r going thru………i feel for u hon……….thanks for listening

  178. Khel says:


  179. Christina says:

    How do you know if someone really does love u

  180. brunette escorts says:

    Undoubtfully cool article u got here. It would be great to read a bit more concerning this matter. Thnx for giving that information.


  181. jacobie says:

    i just wont to know why you look so dam good and your mom look the same to and i was wondering if i could come down there where you at and holla at you and you gay friend he is so crazy i would have been your roommate

  182. phil says:

    i think you are so attractivedo you gofor bad boys or regular nice guy would you pose for playboy

  183. SHAWN says: