Daisy Of Love Recap – Episode 5 – Caged Heat


Best picture of all time?



Spoiler alert!

As we open, the house is still reverberating from London’s departure. Daisy sulks in bed.


I mean, I think she’s sad about London. It could be that she just found out that the Tooth Fairy isn’t real or that her stuffed bear isn’t really a bear at all or that ice cream isn’t ice or that you can’t wear rainbows in your hair. Always a tough call with her.

The guys, too, are pissy. They all feel second best (or something) after watching how hard Daisy took London’s leave. As they discuss this, Chi Chi complains about the guys’ chatter because he’s trying to sleep. Um, going on reality TV for some rest is about as foolhardy as going on to make friends. Funnily enough, in his quest for rest, Chi Chi ends up making enemies. See what happens when you mess with the reality of reality? Cage bickers with him…


…and then takes the opportunity to get his catharsis on…


It sounds like he’s saying, “Right the f*** now is not the f***in’ time to f*** with me,” as he’s rocking Chi Chi’s cradle of love, but it’s hard to be sure with all the bleeps. He also knocks Chi Chi’s hat off his head…


This is enough to raise a red flag regarding Cage’s stability, but by the time the episode’s over, he’ll practically be leading a color guard.

In gentler news, Big Rig has prepared a breakfast of Fig Newtons for Daisy.


He says he found out that they’re Daisy’s favorite cookie. So when someone says, “Ew, Fig Newtons. Who likes those?” at least now we have an answer.


Daisy notes that Big Rig’s gesture shows her that someone around there besides Riki cares about her. Heh. You know, the best thing about Daisy’s childlike ways are that even if by accident and no matter the inappropriate implications, she tends to end up saying what we’re all thinking.

Challenge! Today, the guys will more or less art direct a photo shoot. Good thing that at this point, they all have a dependence on cosmetics that rivals Jay Manuel’s. They’ll direct and (in some cases) pose with Daisy for a shot for the cover of her single “Pretty Messed Up.” Helping judge things will be this photographer:


Helping color things will be the mentioned (but not present) Tish and Snookie from Manic Panic. With names like those, you’d think that they’d already been through VH1′s televised dating-and-dumping process. They’re here in spirit, certainly.

The first team will consist of Big Rig, Chi Chi, 12 Pack and Cage. The other will include Fox, Flex, Sinister and 6 Gauge. Sinister is particularly excited, because he already did his own album cover with his band and thus is an expert. The show gives him not just his own Fox-like theme in the style of Peter Frampton — it goes one better to hypothesize what his album cover would look like:


Ooh, editors, I love your way.

The exercise calls for one guy to photograph, one guy to style, one guy to art direct (even though, as previously noted, they’re all doing this job for better or orange) and one to model. Unsurprisingly, they all want to model. Watching the disappointment of the six (really five) who won’t get to is pretty much worth the price of a TiVo season pass. Never mind that if you are a TiVo subscriber, that is free.

In an attempt to tailor the look of the shoot to the content of Daisy’s work, Team 1 examines her lyrics.


They apparently contain the line, “Living in the world of a make believe glamorous silver self-deceit.” Didn’t Genesis say that first and more simply via “Land of Confusion?” There’s also a line about “finding love on the silver screen.” 12 Pack says that silver screen is “’50s pin-up doll type.” Chi Chi doesn’t care because his job is wardrobe. Quick, everyone just say words at each other and if they happen to be belligerent: all the better.

Sinister, meanwhile, implores his team to find “the most ’80s spot in the house.” They decide on this:


I would have at least looked at Daisy’s underwear drawer before settling. Fox wants things to be “as dark as possible but as bright as possible.” Quick, everyone just say words at each other…oh wait. That’s what they’re doing. Good work, guys. Carry on.

After they’ve devised, they have an hour to work on Daisy. Group 1′s creation looks like this:


It’s the whole silver-screen thing via Marilyn Monroe. Their shoot ranges in tone from tongue-in-cheek…


…to tongue-in-mouth…


…with the vast emphasis on the latter. It’s to such a degree that Big Rig gets pissed…


…and trucks his ass right off the set, leaving Chi Chi to pick up the slack.


Because, if there’s one thing we’ve learned so far, it’s that when one guy drops out of anything, another will gladly take his place. That’s kind what happens when you have a group competing for a common goal. Big shock, I know.

So that’s done. Next comes Team 2. Fox, the stylist, immediately dismisses the hair dresser since he does that himself. He wants Daisy to have “the heroin look,” which is unfortunate for a variety of reasons. He starts clipping on extensions to hair, hurting Daisy in the process. She asks for retribution in the form of a kiss.


Though you get the feeling that they would have done this either way.


What a hell of a stylist he is.

Meanwhile, 12 Pack gloats about essentially already having had a date with Daisy via the make-out session he turned the photo shoot into. He gloats like he’s doing an impression of John Travolta doing an impression of 12 Pack.


Back at Team 2′s shoot, Daisy looks “rocker” in the same way that Barbie did when she fronted …and the Rockers.


Hardcore! Everything’s going great, as Daisy and Flex pass gum back and forth in the style of, as it’s noted without irony, Lady and the Tramp.


Guess who’s the lady!

But then Fox, who obviously couldn’t stand the fact he wasn’t given the model role (since being named for your supposed good looks must do something to one’s sense of entitlement), begins directing, telling Flex to hold the guitar. “It’s not my album cover,” replies Flex. Wow. Grounded. If only these guys applied humility like they do eyeliner, the house would be a much more pleasant place. But since they don’t, Fox cannot deal any longer and he jumps in the shot:


Flex interviews that Fox jumped in “on my parade.” Oh, so it wasn’t humility; it was Flex confusing album covers with parades. I’ve done that before, too, so I can’t really dis him. They wrap up and it’s photo-selection time. Fox is ticked off a shot of him isn’t chosen. If he realized how unattractive arrogance is would he continue to exhibit it? Does the Pope wear Prada?

The guys present their final shots:



Team 1′s description of their shot naturally leads Fox to ask, “Who’s Marilyn Monroe?” Whatever, if you were that beautiful, you’d spend all your time looking in the mirror instead of watching TV, reading, listening to anything and/or generally absorbing the most surface elements of the past 60 years of American pop culture. Fox also handles the walk through of his group’s photo, and he attempts to sell it by saying, “Everything is in well-proportioned.” Then why does the language seem so lopsided?

Daisy, meanwhile, looks…


…pretty, messed up.

And Flex?


Still hates his dad.

Anyway, Daisy picks Team 2′s shot since Team 1′s is too classy for what she obviously goes for. She also selects Fox as the challenge’s MVP, despite his primary role as a burden in everything he decided to meddle. You know, Daisy can pick whomever she wants to spend time with because, duh, it’s her show, but can she at least pretend to reward on the basis of these ridiculous challenges that are in place to gel her show? The extensions are controlling the weave…or something.

Their immediate one-on-one takes place in Daisy’s room, which is made to look like a very inexpensive episode of Wonder Woman.


During their time sitting in their tent, Fox actually says to Daisy, “I cut hair.” Now, he’s mentioned his career as a hairdresser about a half-dozen times this episode, but most of them were in the context of interviews, so I just figured they were being used and reused to make him seem ridiculously repetitive. Now I’m not so sure.


Fox also says that he wants someone who will go out when he says he’s going out and that makes him say, “Wow,” in the back of his head. The back of my head just shot itself in the head. It picked up the pieces and put itself back together so that I could truly appreciate what Fox says next: “I think we’re a power couple.” Unless he’s suggesting they put their fingers in sockets, logic prevents me from even hypothesizing what he could mean. Fox continues to speak in vague sentence fragments, and this eventually leads to some making out.


At last, a good use for Fox’s tongue.

All along, Cage has been upset about how everything went down. He takes it sort of soulfully, which is better than whine-fully. Bully for him! (I mean that literally, considering what is about to happen.) After her tongue bacchanal with Fox, Daisy approaches Cage for being distant. He’s still distant. Whatever, at least he’s consistent.

Then, she seems to go to bed, and 12 Pack lets us know that the guys were hanging out in the Jacuzzi in their tighty whities with no further explanation. As though that’s not exciting enough, the boys soon receive a visitor that will really give them something to do:


A skunk!


It gets inside and then shows its skunky bits…


Well, when in Rome…

If boredom makes you do dumb things, and fancying yourself as “alpha” makes you do dumber, if you combine the two and multiply it by 8, you get what happens next.


The guys decide to oust the skunk. 12 Pack attempts to enclose it in a trash can, but gets “pissed on,” to hear him tell it.


Thus, Celebreality makes its foray into golden showers. I knew one day it would happen, I just had no idea it would happen like this.

12 begins scrubbing himself…


…and then the smell causes Big Rig to start throwing up…


…and then Flex starts throwing up because Big Rig’s throwing up. And then 12 Pack joins in. Mob mentality, you just got queasy. Also in the process, 12 dumps tomato juice on himself…


Finally, Big Rig and his gigantus (Daisy™) ass crack are able to catch and remove the skunk, thanks to his being Southern and all.


Next week, Big Rig teaches us how to cook up rigor mortis stew! Cage says the skunk was a nice distraction that made him happy again. Like even the most tenacious stench, though, this is bound to pass.

The next day finds Daisy taking her dudes on their date. They go to an indoor skate park. No one is excited, since none of them can skate.


This method is called butt boarding. Surprisingly, it is frowned upon.

Then they eat. Daisy calls out 6 Gauge for being distant. All this talk of distance is making me grow despondent. She and 6 have a one-on-one and he explains that he’s been distant because he spends a lot of time in bartending school. Or something.

On the way home, Flex talks about seeing 6 Gauge’s pierced penis. Oh, OK, then. That must have happened when they were hanging out in the Jacuzzi in their tighty whities, as it does. 6 then shows Daisy and…


…looks like someone could use a little distance right about now. Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you got till it’s gone?

Then, more hanging out, but this time, there’s no underwear involved. Damn it! Cage is drunk enough to pick up the rubber laurel Fox had wore on his one-on-one date with Daisy from the fire Flex just threw it in. When he does this, part of the burning rubber drips off of it onto Flex, burning him. To make it up to Flex, Cage offers:


Yeah, because kicking ass is like Neosporin for the soul. Flex doesn’t take Cage up on this offer, which causes Cage to question his manhood. He’s really invested in making things up to Flex, huh?

The tension rises as the guys sit inside, waiting for elimination to start. Cage heckles 6 Gauge, saying he’s going home tonight. 6 Gauge makes note of Cage’s drunkenness and Cage says, “Watch how sober I get!”


Oh yeah, bar-fight drama is soooooo sober-looking. The two are wrestled apart before any blows are thrown, and Flex ends up grabbing Cage from behind.


This puts Cage in a state that Fox describes as “furiated.” I am ticipating Fox’s inevitable book in the worst way. Those two are quickly wrestled apart, as well.

Daisy meets with Cage before elimination.


Daisy wonders what can be done about this situation of Cage feeling like he needs to pulverize everyone he sees for the most oblique of reasons. The only way that Cage will be at ease is if he gets to finish what started with Flex. He suggests that he and Flex de-mic, walk to the bottom of the hill and see who comes back. That’s how they’ll determine who gets to stay. Um, how ’bout…no?


Even Daisy can grasp how ridiculous this is. She interviews that, “This is called Daisy of Love, not Daisy of Kill.” It’s actually kind of Daisy of Suicide, since the guys are offing themselves. And lo! The chance for it to happen once again: Daisy gives Cage a choice: stay with a vow of nonviolence or leave.


But not hard enough. Cage is going on his own accord:


Daisy gives him some speech about not tolerating violence, though she isn’t exactly what I would call hard-line. This is Cage’s doing, and so, for the fourth week in a row, a guy has effectively dropped out of this competition. Impressive! At least Daisy doesn’t have to make any hard decisions anymore — they’re being made for her. How considerate!

Meanwhile, the other guys are all lined up for elimination. Daisy finally addresses them, explaining that Cage had to go.


“I grew up with violence in my own life, and that’s not something I condole,” she says. She misused the word “condole,” (ironically, it is something she’d condole per the condolences she just gave Cage), but since she seems so upset, I’ll give her a pass this time.

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  1. Julie says:

    This guys are the biggest group of losers! 3 of them have gone home willingly and she sent home 1 that wasnt there for her from the get go! I think chi chi and sinister are pretty good guys but its obvious that their friendship is getting in the way already. I think that it was pretty messed up of daisy though how she just left sinister in the vip room by himself and just totally blew him off. I hope she weeds through these losers and finds a guy who will really be there for her. Hopefully its flex chi chi or sinister.

  2. april k says:

    Anyone see her bad hair extensions!!!! Were they glued in by a 5 year old??? LOL

  3. jess says:

    man these guys really suck.the only ones i liked were london, cage and i also like chio chi and sinister. flex was ok at first but now hes showing himself to be a @!#~_!%_+(__*%*~^ 12 pack is aloser, 6 gauge is weird, fox is hot but wow is he lame and big rig…lets not even get started on him. sorry daisy your show sucks! better luck on season 2!

  4. JustMe219! says:

    I HATE this show…Daisy is so damn ugly! I can see why they picked the guy’s they did..cause who in their right mind would wanna date this loser _$@#`^&~(+@&@#) #(@~!^)+#!%$_!$`* I say Vh1 give me a damn reality show..I’m pretty &_#)@$!+%!$%%)^( ing funny and hot!

  5. selina says:


  6. JustMe219! says:

    I HATE this show!

  7. Laura says:

    I’m old enough to be Daisy’s mother and am thoroughly enjoying the reality show. The problem is that Daisy needs some guidance from Rick. It’s very distasteful for her to be frenching the guys while she is doing a photo shoot. It makes her look slutty. Rick, this kid is very young and is unaware of how she comes across on TV. Can’t you give her some input and tell her to cool it a bit? The show has some funny scenes and can hold it’s own without having to trash the girl.

  8. sara says:

    1.her hair extentions are gross
    2.this show is lame
    3.all the guys are leaving willingly, has she even had a real elimination yet?!

    haha this show is a joke

  9. chain, off the says:

    off the chain.

  10. brr says:

    who writes this? this is so hilarious, i need more blogs from whoever writes these recaps! please let me know

  11. brr says:

    found it, nevermind ;)

  12. Jack says:

    I feel really bad for Daisy. She is losing control of her show like that and it sucks and what she said about growing up around violence is horrible. I would be shocked if there was a walkout among the guys if this keeps up. Then it would be no show and the haters would win. Anyways the Skunk FTW made my day. I can not imagine what Cage had to go through in his life. What did he do as a kid to deserve the hellish life given to him. Same with London. I digress I’m rooting for Sinister to win, but I hope the spoilers are not true on the winner of the show (I saw it on Wikipedia hope it is not true and I won’t reveal that)

  13. Spooma says:

    Hi, nice posts there :-) through’s for the compelling dirt

  14. Beth says:

    Daisy isn’t really looking for love, she is a typical girl that just got dumped (ie Michael) who needs to have some fun by kissing a lot of guys. 6 Guage should be old enuf to know that this is not the kind of girl that you bring home to mother and you hide from your friends, unless you like sharing. I’m waiting for someone to tell us that Sinister is a gay guy pretending to be straight for the show. Cage was obviously molested multiple times when he was a young boy and can’t get over it, he’ll prolly kill himself sometime in the near future. 12 pack is a camera !`(#`^!(`#(_#@^@_ The puking scene was hysterical. Hate to say it but between all the boys putting on make up and Daisy’s dull speeches about looking for supposed love… this show can get pretty boring. Daisy needs to just say it like she means it… she wants a boy toy who can entertain her for a few weeks.

  15. scifiwritir says:

    Oh my, oh my, oh my! There’s something so fascinating about human nature. That’s really all I have to say.

  16. brandi says:

    She’s going to end up with Riki. He obviously wants to bone her, if they aren’t doing it already and using this pathetic show as a fame booster.

  17. chris says:

    wow someone has quit every episode except for the pilot episode. i really feel bad for daisy i hope she can take control again and really get out the guys that are not there for her cause if everyone keeps quitting she won’t be able to chose

  18. Amy says:

    omg she must be a loser if all these guys keep on leaving she might as well skip the elimnation ceremony

  19. Kimmi says:

    Poor Cage… I really liked him!

  20. ohno says:

    There dropping like flies.

  21. Bev Simms says:

    A friend’s daughter went to jr. high or some ‘school of rock’ type camp with Daisy’s best friend, Taylor. Why does VH1 let a 16 year old on this lascivious reality show?
    Aren’t you just a little concerned that having a minor in these sexually fueled conversations and situations may compromise the future existnece of the program? Is her mom a stage mom or something that wants her to be on the camera no matter how it may affect her career in the future? Did she hit it off with nay of these guys, who could be up for statutory rape?
    The successful rocker girls I’ve seen have put their naughtiness on stage and sold records. I doubt if Daisy will EVER be taken seriously as a rock musician with those phony lips, boobs and nose job.
    Best Friend Taylor needs to stay in school, go to college or prove that you got the right s*** and stop dropping your so-called rock dad’s name, WHAT CAN YOU DO except side-kick for an ex-stripper. Even Lyndsey Lohan didn’t start out trashy. Courtney Love is a rebel but look at both these chicks..PROBELMS PROBLEMS PROBLEMS!!!
    We wanna know: Are you, first of all, over 18, (which I know you are NOT), and why your agent is putting other people’s career in jeopardy just to get you visibility on TV?… Where is the child protective services!!!????

  22. Keri says:

    I feel so bad for daisy. I mean all the guys keep leaving and there’s so many fakes. I really thought London could be the one for her. Sinister is really great too. Professor and Cage and so there for you and Big Rig and 6 Guage are super great guys! 12pack is such a camera hog. That’s all he’s there for, is to get tv coverage. He made out with that ^$`#*_+)#+%)@^_`! Heather obviously he can’t be trusted. Fox isn’t there for Daisy either. Chi Chi is a good guy and means well but I think Daisy and him are too much alike and he would let her down and fall when she needed him. Daisy is great though. She deserves the best guy out there. I hope she can get through all what’s happened to her and really find the right guy. She deserves it so much! I hope she has a great life!

  23. Peter From PA says:

    Cage would have wiped the floor with that wack a55 flex dude i am a mma fighter my self he disgust and disrespected a fighter that would beat him in a cage fight you throw on in the next episode WACK SHOW!!!! i lost interest

  24. `bEX says:


  25. Bev Simms says:

    By the way, if Daisy is Taylor’s BFF, then Daisy has participated WILLINGLY in covering up Taylor’s young age of 16. Just called my own girlfriend whose daughter knows her and shares the same birth date as Taylor.
    I’m told the producer who staffed at this rock camp and the personal agent for Taylor has purposely submitted her as over 18 so she could get these jobs and the mother knows about it!!
    Why is Daisy hanging out with 16 year olds?

  26. Show sucks says:


    I’m sorry I tried to give the show a chance….VH1 lost their minds when they thought of giving Daisy a show lol lol….There were so many other girls that would have made this reality show rock the house……and they choose a girl that can’t even host her own show she needs Riki to do all her talking.

    VH1 Thank you for all the other awesome shows you bring us…but this is not one of them:(

  27. Channie says:

    Where was Ricky this entire episode? I don’t really watch it, just read the [HILARIOUS] recaps, but wasn’t he supposed to be helping Daisy?

  28. ilovevh1 says:

    Hey Everyone, her real name is VANESSA MOSSMAN, AND SHE’S NOT RELATED TO OSCAR………. I really hope that she didnt have that abortion either… she actually looks somewhat decent before her plastic surgery….. here is the link for those who doubt, google it and find other sources for yourself….. http://www.chickipedia.com/daisy-de-la-hoya/

  29. ilovevh1 says:

    http://www.chickipedia.com/daisy-de-la-hoya/ Her real name is Vanessa Mossman…… I hope that her abortion is fake also

  30. RWys says:

    april k Says:

    May 24th, 2009 at 10:56 pm
    Anyone see her bad hair extensions!!!! Were they glued in by a 5 year old??? LOL

    I think Fox did it haha, I’m bored of this show already I’m watching it more to see the men start sh** with each other than to really see who Daisy ends up with.

  31. Gretchen says:

    Flex is sooo Hott!!

  32. dodo says:

    i think her and sinister are a perfect match! but she doesn’t even notice him

  33. dawn h says:

    I would really love to meet Cage. From the first time I saw him on the show I have been fascinated with him. He is a beautiful man.

  34. Melody says:

    brr you could also go to fourfour.typepad.com. It’s his personal blog and he also writes recaps there for America’s Next Top Model. =)

  35. jackie steven says:

    these dudes are so retarted i mean they leave daisy hello? shes a hot girl duh when you leave her your now called a idiot that gived up,and also you basicly just whent there for no reason.

  36. Grace says:

    With the exception of the first night, has Daisy actually eliminated anyone? I can’t think of any other show that had so many people leave on their own. I hated seeing Cage go pyscho, because up til now he seemed like someone who’d be fun to hang out with. I wish he’d beaten Fox’s _~_(#~_)@#&__$~ before he left.

  37. Grace says:

    Daisy’s criteria for deciding which team won seems to be that Team A had an attitude problem, and Fox was paying her attention.

  38. Bob says:

    I didn’t think this show was going anywhere when it first started. It has become mildly entertaining with London’s departure and the Cage incident, though.

    I don’t think Daisy has any REAL chemistry with any of the guys (parted, or present) but if pressed for an answer I would say that probably Chi Chi or Flex would be the closest matches for her.

  39. NYCEE says:


  40. didi says:

    justme219 Irealy think your right

  41. mis.new york says:

    12pack is just thir for the money you need to sead him home so you do not get hert

  42. mis.new york says:

    foxx is just thir to look hot . whick he is so not!!! i hope you make the right chose…..and by the way HAY GIRL!!!!!! I LOVE THE SHOW. GIRL!!!!!

  43. Lady Saxon says:

    This show is the most pathetic show VH1 has had, they will give anyone a show. No one wants Daisy, they all keep leaving!

  44. Nicole says:

    Whomever write’s these blogs/recaps needs a damned HUMOR award!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! Cage has issues, and Flex is sexy as hell!!!!!!! i’d SO molest him in a dark alley. :-)

  45. So so Funneh U R says:

    ” A breakfast of Fignewtons ” Lmao

  46. memphis1981 says:

    i think that it is BS that next weeks show is a fighting show and cage went home they should have let flex and cage go at it personally i think flex would have wup the sh-t out of cage i know he took a cheap shot but i still think he could take cage

  47. Ominous says:

    What kind of friend to Chi-Chi is Sinister? He stood by and watched while little guy Chi Chi was bullied by Cage. At least Flex did SOMETHING.

    Waht is Cage, like the 4th or 5th guy to willingly leave? Daisy must smell downstairs.

  48. G says:

    I really felt for Cage in this episode. The guy has a lot of issues from his past that he needs to work on, and unfortunately the only way he knows how to deal with certain things is by fighting.

    I commend him for making the decision to leave. At least he realized what effect his behavior was having on Daisy – and on himself.

  49. AmySlays says:

    I was really draw in by Cage since the first episode. I think it was pretty much a cheap shot by flex to grab him from behind like that. Flex was cool, but i thought it was ridiculous. I don’t even really care about this show, i watch it to make fun of the stupid things that come out of the guys and Daisy’s mouth. It is something to pass the time when there is nothing good on TV. Especially when Fox said “who is Marilyn Monroe?” seriously dude? SERIOUSLY? I wish Cage could have calmed his rage and just sobered up and realized it wasn’t worth it to fight Flex. Though I am glad he left because he can do better than Daisy. None of these guys will win the love of Daisy. If you have to go on TV to find love, then you don’t really care about love. The success rate of these relationships happening is very LOW. It all boils down to the fact that I miss Cage but the cage fighting episode sure looks funny.

  50. Mary says:

    Oh my god when Fox was like, “Who’s Marilyn Monroe?” That killed me. It was pricless.

  51. sholove101 says:

    i loved sinister when he played that farm song thingy (giggles) he was so cute omg but daisy probably didnt want him to get to full of himself just becaus he can play a tune yeah!! and he so smexy!! ^_^

  52. Arian says:

    Well, i really like to watch the show. But, I was voting for Cage the whole time. He shouldn’t be sent home for the arguing with the other guys because, actually, he didn’t really hurt anyone. So, in the end, its Daisy’s choice, I just think she made the wrong one. Best of luck Daisy!

  53. Arian says:

    SEND 12 PACK HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. kgrl* says:

    i miss london! he was the only reason why i actually watched this show!

    i have no idea why i still continue to watch this show though. it’s pointless. reality shows in general are all dumb!!

    why can’t daisy find love like a ‘normal’ civilized human being? i’v never seen so many guys just walk out like that on a reality show!

    but oh well; things obviously didn’t work out for her and brett. maybe she should just go back to the dude she was still living with when she was on rock of love?!

  55. kris girl* (again) says:

    opps. i accidently posted twice – thought my first one didnt go through.

    lol ; my bad!

  56. BongLung says:

    I am the all-seeing “OracleBong”…. I predict that more of the guys will eliminate themselves one-by-one, thus making it easier for Daisy to find her “true love” (until London comes back, anyway) and that in several months from now the skunk will have it’s own series on Vh1 _^~^`@%&#*~@&@( led “The Stench Of Love” which will air 9pm est. on Sundays. Remember, I can can see you all and you ought to be ashamed of yourselves

  57. Sharon says:

    Does anyone else watch this and intentionally look for stuff that Rich is going to call out in his blog? I knew he was going to say something about the “condole”…LMAO!

  58. BongLung says:

    not sure why, but they considred the word “called” on my post to be offensive, my but they are getting picky these days

  59. 4evrblonde says:

    Give me a break!!! Is little Miss Daisy gonna find someone or not? Between her extensions, fake blonde, fake boobs, fake lips…..what is really left? As for , 1/2 oops 12pack…what reality show will you pass up…cuz going from Tiffany “new york” Pollard to this ….and doing the I Love Money….I wonder if you really are ….Gay? It is okay.

  60. plum loco says:

    The most entertaining aspect of this entire Daisy of Love franchise is the sharp wit and writing of the blogger. You’re great!!

    Maybe the problem with the guys not being that into her is that Daisy is really kinda ugly?

  61. Tracy says:

    LOL She doesnt ‘condole’ violence but next week the guys are cage fighting each other… how great is that!

  62. thereader says:

    Daisy and Fox deserve each other. He can “condole” her when she gets “furiated” when London comes back and dumps her for a 2nd time.

  63. Kelly says:

    OOooh…12 Pack is sexy….

  64. Maybe says:

    Oh, girls – get over London! He had that stupid hairstyle to hide his growing forehead. He is going bald, and at only 30. Come on now. Look at the pictures, and see that big M shape on this face. In 3 years he won’t have enought hair to make that dumb lock hanging in his face.
    6 Gauge has really messed his self up too. Nice body, okay face, seems to have a brain, BUT WHY? Too much metal. I just saw Terminator – those magnetic bombs would change 6 Gauge to a size zero in no time.
    12 Pac, and Flex are the best looking, and Big Rig has a great bod – but Big Rig’s face is kind of off the rock star level it seems Daisy wants.
    Think about Daisy’s X. He was kind of small, but a “pretty” guy. She wants pretty, not too big, and maybe can talk like they have a tiny bit of brain power – so sorry, Fox. You don’t make it on the last requirement.
    I say nobody makes it, at least one that works out.
    I think Sinster is okay, but he will loose his long time buddy over a woman? Not!

  65. LPchick says:

    LOL @ the Barbie and the Rockers comment… lol… i had that doll and cassette when i was a kid, lol…

  66. fyrebird says:

    OMG – this “chick” is worse than NY! i can believe she is some kin to oscar de la hoya with those boxing mitts. but why is there more makeup in the guys bathroom than hers?

  67. Maybe says:

    Okay, so in next week’s show – how will they pair the guys off in the cage fights?
    Sinister and ChiChi as shown in the previews, okay about the same size. Maybe 12 Pack and Big Rig, and 6 Gauge and Flex – or those 4 guys could be interchangeable -all about the same size.
    But who with Fox? Maybe the skunk?
    I’m putting money on the skunk!
    Maybe Fox has to fight Ricky or Daisy herself. I’ll bet that Daisy could kick some a**. That b Heather just caught her by surprize.

  68. zach aker says:

    cage is a beast and flex is a big make-up wearing !`+(!&@*))^$~!&*% i wish you would have been in front of him so you would have got knocked out face the facts you would rather hit a state trooper then hit cage.

  69. Nicki says:

    Ok does anyone know who made that jacket that daisy wore in episode 4 during the truth or dare segment? I totally love it and gotta have one!!

  70. germaine says:

    omg am i the only one that see that this dumb ugly blonde is in love with london and why and who let this thing have her own reality show?!?!? who is she?!?!? she’s leading the rest of the guys on just for ratings.the guys should walk and leave her all by herself.she’s UGLY!!!!!! who did she sleep with to get her own show ????come on ppl whats next?? dinky of love 2??????

  71. Gypsy007 says:

    I love Daisy. I think the producers picked a bunch of weak loosers to be on this show and that’s why they’re quitting. That’s what loosers do!

    Poor Daisy;(

  72. Jessica says:

    I agree with Gypsy007. Every time it shows the guys there are at least 2 about to fight. And they are all just ready to leave at the drop of a hat. Where the hell did the producers pick these guys up at??? What’s sad is the 2 people Daisy actually chose to send home were both decent guys! The Professor and the black guy (can’t remember his name). They’re hard to remember because the show didn’t give them much air time because they were so busy covering all the fights.

    Ricky!!! Why does Daisy not listen to a word you say?? Have you noticed how she always does the opposite of what you tell her? Just say the opposite of what you think and maybe she’ll end up with a decent guy. I really liked the professor; I’m biased though because I’m a teacher. If too many guys just leave the show, have an episode where the 2 guys Daisy kicked off both get another shot. That would be awesome!

  73. Sassy says:

    Um yeah interesting show FLEX & BIG RIG & SINISTER are the best Fox is straight stupid makes no freakin sense I don’t even thinks he knows what he saying half the time, there’s something that screams pervert about 12 Pack, 6 gauge is nice guy just not for her, ChiChi looks like a obsessive stalker, FLEX is #1 he’s hot he’s laid back, can hold his own and seems like he’s got a brain. BIG RIG same thing as FLEX at least he was honest from the get go and let everyone know he has a son!!! Those seem to be the most levelheaded and decent guys on the show. :)

  74. Modelislove says:

    Once again, I love this blog. Writer of these fabulous re-caps: you’re great. You make my day.

    (Daisy is not ugly)

    I’m fine with the douche bags leaving. All the better.

    And Big Rig?!?! I really was not interested in him when I first saw him… but… wow. He continues to impress. Except for that naked moment on stage… But still… I’m a bit hopeful for him now.

    Fox needs to leave. Maybe not for a few episodes though… His hilarious comments do make my self esteem just glow.

    One major disappointing thing though. Sinister is getting jipped :( He really did deserve to win the last like two one-on-one dates (you can’t argue that.) And I’m really sad to see he’s not in any of these scenes. Occasionally you’ll see him pop his head out of his room but come on Sinister show more of yourself!!!

  75. Diana says:

    She needs to get rid of Fox.He’s just like a woman, Daisy needs a real man and if she doesnt like Big Rig I’ll gladly take him.

  76. Klynn says:

    i like that moving picture with cage shaking chi-chi and sinisters bunk bed.

    haha i putting that on my myspace ;]

  77. Rae says:

    well, after watching daisy all these weeks, she’s not a very bright individual, maebe her awful lookin’ extensions should be done right so tht she can think straight!whatever she only likes the losers anyway. despite her picks i still get drawn into the show, but I do feel sorry for rikki cuz he has to stand there and watch her make a fool of herself. Daisy is so stupid!

  78. jazz says:

    Daisy is retarted, her lips are too puffy. As a matter of fact the last time I seen a mouth like that, it was dangling from a hook. Rikki i think might be gay, come on buddy lose the leapord stripes. You boyz participating as well, look like punk rock barbie. london was the smart one!

  79. Mike says:

    I think daisy SHOULD pick flex, hes the best looking-educated man in the house, ….fox is cute too, but he is probably BISEXUAL….

  80. Thelma says:

    I think Daisy made the wrong decision in sending Cage home. Flex jumped on him. Flex is a punk to sneak him like that, and should have went home for it. If he was angry because of the burn he should have took care of it them. It was an accident.

  81. doodoodum says:

    all those guys can do better. this $(+`*~!&&“~_#)_% is soo FAKE and FUGLY!!

  82. Courtney Barnhill says:

    I was all for Cage since the beginning. And I totally agree that what Flex did was just a cheap shot. I wish Cage could have sobered up enough to realized that flex wasn’t worth it. I personally think Cage is adorable and hot as hell. I would take him home =) I miss him =/ and he had to leave right before the cage fighting episode too!

  83. COLIN says:

    if cage hadn’t of tried to attack 6-gauge,then flex wouldn’t have had to take him down from behind.in fact had it not been for flex getting involved by taking cage down from behind,then someone would’ve been leaving in either an ambulance or a body-bag and it probably would’ve been 6-gauge.

  84. jimmy says:

    what a punk flex is by attacking a man from behind. he is blessed by god that cage went home because if cage wasnt sent home, him and cage would fight in the cage in the next episode, cage would destroy flex. next time you attack a man flex, make sure u are facing him. sneaking up behind a man while he doesn’t have his guard up is cowardly.

  85. Jen says:

    All I can say is Damn flex is looking extremely sexy. I would mind getting some of that :)

  86. YUNG HASS says:

    bring back londan. THis is YUNG HASS

  87. May says:

    I love Flex! He’s so funny! I liked it when he described the look on Daisy’s face when she saw 6-Gauge’s 6-gauge as if “somebody stepped on a baby rabbit!”

  88. Beth says:

    Cage is hot. I’m sad he went home.
    Flex shouldn’t have grabbed him from behind like that, not cool.

  89. LeDawn08 says:

    man if cage had satyed til the next episode when the challege was cage fighting cage would have whooped some serious `@_!+~~`^*(%_** lol

  90. DirtyBlonde says:

    Oh, God, I love love love Cage. Totally going to miss him.

  91. angel says:

    I don’t understand why these guys keep calling Daisy out, yet no one on Flav’s or New York’s shows called them out. Flav and NY were flakes, too, at times, yet all the contestants put up with it. So why is Daisy getting crap? It’s her show!

    Anyway, I think Daisy is sweet, and who cares if her boobs are fake? That doesn’t make her a bad person. I do think she gets sidetracked by good looks (Fox!) though. I think she should pay more attention to Sinister, Chi Chi, Big Rig, and 6 Gauge. They seem genuine.

  92. k1k1k1k says:

    i think flex is super sexy i hope he wins cuz if not daisy sucks

  93. Derrek says:

    I would love to see flex do that to Cage’s face.

  94. p3@sY says:

    Flex is a liittle $$$)~*%)!)@`^@++$ cage could KILL him!!!That was a cheap shot…I can’t wait to see the reunion.

  95. Deborah says:

    Hey ’12 Pack’,
    If you have to let everyone know you’re an ‘alpha-male’, guess what?
    YOU’RE NOT!!!
    What you appear to be is a bone-head who works out.
    A guy gets either better-looking or worse-looking by his personality and the way he behaves so you’re getting uglier every episode.
    The kind of guy who is so full of himself and insensitive to his girlfriend (when you can keep one).
    I can hear you now, after making sure you’re satisfied, saying to the woman: “Hey baby, wasn’t I great?”

  96. Jess005 says:

    Flex is sooooo hot….BUT…he needs to stop putting make up on..wtf is up with these guys and makeup? it doesnt make you look like a bad-ass or a rockstar, it makes you look gay.
    I died laughing when fox asked who Marilyn Monroe was..OMG can you be serious?

  97. grace says:

    send big rig my way to tennessee

  98. betty1981 says:

    Daisy should get rid of Fox. He is just a dirt ball and a lyer. Plus how can you date a guy who wears more make-up then you and takes longer to get ready? Sinster should be the one! He has the it factor :)

  99. April says:

    i totally think that she needs to get rid of Fox! He doesn’t even have his own idenity he tries tooooooo hard to be like Johnny Depp—Fox is pathetic.

  100. April says:

    i totally think that she needs to get rid of Fox! He doesn’t even have his own idenity he tries tooooooo hard to be like Johnny Depp—Fox is pathetic. If anything he seems like the gay version of Depp.

  101. amber says:

    flex is the best anyway he is soooooo hott!!!!!!!!!

  102. morgan says:

    daisy i think ur really buetiful and i hope the best for u. i think london doesnt deserve your heart at all cuz if he did he wouldnt have left in the first place. i think u should go with flex cuz the way he talks to london u will always be safe. i think 12 pack is good to cuz he will also keep u safe. bothof them i think have earned ur heart. so if i was u i would pick flex, 12 pack, and have london out of my head. so i hope u choose right and ur happy with him.

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