Charm School Recap – Episode 3 – In With The Old


Lala thinks that this is isn’t charming:


I, on the other hand, beg to differ.

Shocks! Explosions! Picking up from exactly where we left off last week, the house is reverberating from Ki Ki’s expulsion. So Hood angrily wrestles her stuff into luggage, cries in an interview while talking about standing up for her beliefs…


…and has an angry conversation with her man that ends with the receiver at the, uh, receiving end of her aggression.


As Risky rants about the unfairness of the situation, Farrah reacts outside…


She says that no matter how much they drink, they’ll never be like the angry girls. It’s true – when it comes to using their mouths, Farrah’s clique is more likely to make love than war. Usually said love is being made to each other. Farrah compares the girls to “chickens squawkin’” in an interview and, shockingly, this isn’t even her most problematic choice of words.

After this season’s 5,000th, “Kiss my black ass!” we see So Hood getting in the shuttle van that connects reality to the real world.


She interviews that her decision is a protest and that she is “like the modern day Martin Luther King.” I think we can all agree that when Martin looked forward to a day where people are not judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character, he was predicting Ki Ki’s elimination and meant “character” in the TV sense of the word. Martin, you see, was like the modern day Nostradamus.

After a flip-off…


…So Hood is off.

We cut back to Farrah saying that she feels that she was dropped off in the ghetto.


This is in reference to all the screaming in the wake of Ki Ki’s departure. I thought screaming was universal. Try, just try, to confine it to the hood. Farrah says that she’s tried to be friends with “them,” and that by remaining here she is torturing herself. So, she too is “out.” She interviews that she isn’t quitting Charm School, she’s dropping out. While I don’t really know what the difference is, I appreciate that Farrah seems to believe there is one. A sense of connotation and general linguistic nuance is hard to come by in these parts. She interviews, “I’m gonna go put my stripper shoes back on and make $100,000 in one year and say f*** that to those bitches.”

That her parting shot is much like So Hood’s…


…just goes to show that there is unity on Charm School. These girls just don’t realize how similar they are.

The next day, Brittaney asseses the situation and gets her …It’s Me, Margaret on:



So cursing during prayer, that’s a thing people do now? Because that’s what VH1 is leading me to believe via Saaphyri and now Brittaney Starr. I guess they figure God has bigger fish to fry than a few F-bombs. Bigger fish like keeping some girls on a reality show over others, duh.

Meanwhile, Ashley and Brittanya lie in bed together and Ashley talks about being sad that Farrah’s gone, but happy about Ki Ki and So Hood. She just doesn’t want any more Rock of Love girls to leave. Referring to Brittaney Starr, Brittanya chimes in:


Ashley asks if Brittanya and Natasha even talk “on this show.” Friendships come and go so quickly here! Brittanya says that Natasha tried but she wasn’t having it for unspecified reasons. She says typical stuff about Natasha being a man. Natasha seems to overhear this:


That’s sad for, like, two seconds because as a result Natasha resolves to “ruin” Brittanya’s life. Thank god reality TV is full of extreme reactions, otherwise I might end up feeling actual sympathy for these people, and I’m not trying to take my work home.

Ricki calls an emergency meeting. Risky interviews that she wonders if they’re going to have a surprise elimination. Um, no. Enough of you guys have left on your own accord. Charm School needs all the students it can hang on to at this point.

The girls convene.


A behatted Ricki tells the girls what happened the night before was unacceptable.


She, however, opens the floor to discuss it. Risky is the first up. She feels that Ricki made the wrong decision, as she booted someone who’s offense was verbal over someone who was physical and throwing stuff.


Ricki reminds Risky (Ricki…Risky. Risky…Ricki.) that it was Farrah who threw the cucumber, and that her decision was influenced by the other girls saying they were scared of Ki Ki. Not to name names or anything, but could the scared girl be the one who looks…


…petrified? Ricki at last addresses the “elephant in the room,” and asks if Risky thinks Farrah and Ashley got a pass because they’re white. Risky does think so, and she says that even people who aren’t black can see it. Lala understands why it appeared that way to Risky, but she assures her that it’s not like that. Ricki stands behind her decision.

Next up is Bay Bay Bay.


She doesn’t appreciate being accused of playing the race card. It’s true, that kind of sucks because it invalidates a concern that is in virtually every situation valid. It’s not that every situation is racist (and, given what we were via the show, I don’t think that this one was), but things being as they are, racism is an enduring threat. Plus, how race relations come into play is at least worth examining in any given situation, even if it turns out that they don’t at all. Nothing wrong with a little dialogue, you know? Bay Bay Bay feels like the white girls are segregating themselves. She claims that Ashley accused her of being ghetto, and she’s never been ghetto, and furthermore could call Ashley ghetto because she’s a stripper and this and that. Bay Bay Bay is extremely passionate as she says this:


I like that. I like a woman who backs up her words with her actions. Especially if those actions are interpretive gestures.

Ashley interrupts saying, “This is not race.” She finishes this thought when it’s her turn to say her peace. As she’s sitting down, she announces that she’s going to say something that may shock the group:


Her son is not white. I’ll give you a minute to pick your jaw up off your desk. “Obviously he’s half. I’m just saying,” she adds. O…K? I guess at the very least, this proves that Ashley isn’t some white supremacist interested in genetic purity, so that’s comforting, I guess. She also talks about being embarrassed by her behavior on Rock of Love. OK, that’s more shocking than the kid thing by far. If she announced that her child was purple, I’d still be more shocked about the Rock of Love shame thing. She apologizes to Brittaney Starr, who’s crying because she gets to, for once, experience that rare phenomenon we call decency…


“She’s a human being, OK? I realize that,” says Ashley. This one, always full of surprises!

And then K.O., goes up and, for no discernible reason blames the problems of the house on Brittaney.


She says that Brittaney plays the victim and is fake. At least this gives Brittaney the opportunity to interview that she is not an instigator, but is, in fact, “a very zen person”:


Brittaney and K.O., continue this conversation later in their bedroom, where Brittaney accuses K.O., of accusing her of being an instigator, and K.O., says she didn’t accuse Brittaney of that, but she did accuse her of starting things.


Words. What are they good for? I honestly don’t know the answer for that between this show and Daisy of Love. And for the record, I don’t condole this behavior.

Early the next morning, Brittanya attends her court date. She says she got out of jail just two days before Charm School started shooting. Natasha takes the opportunity to mock Brittanya in her absence, calling her piercings, tattoos and brass knuckles passe. Be that as it may, a knuckle sandwich is timeless. I certainly wouldn’t want to mess with Brittanya, that’s for sure. Brittanya arrives home and tells Ashley that her lawyer told her she’d get a year in jail minimum if convicted. That sounds serious. Yeah, I really wouldn’t want to mess with Brittanya.

The girls get an announcement that they’ll be hanging out with people unlike them and that they should dress to impress. Today’s commandment is:


The girls are shipped to the site of their challenge, a mixer with the elderly. Natasha calls this “horrible and miserable.” She adds: “I don’t handle death well, and so I don’t like being that closely bonded with people that are elderly.” That’s a lot of words to say, “I’m ageist.” I hope Natasha never ends up falling for someone who’s wary of closely bonding with people that are loquacious.

Luckily for the old people, most of the other girls gleefully jump into the challenge. Ashley is particularly adorable, complimenting one woman’s leopard print and explaining that she often wears it herslef. What she doesn’t add is that she often isn’t wearing a top when doing so.


Bubbles, meanwhile, thinks the challenge will be a snap. She gets along with old people, and to support this statement, she explains, “I take naps with my great grandmother.” That’s pretty much all the rationale I’ll ever need, no matter the situation.

Meanwhile, Brittaney stands in front of the bar with some gentlemen. One suggests that the drink will loosen her up, but Brittaney assures him tha she’s already loose. She adds, “In all the right spots.”


Um, ew? Then, realizing that she hasn’t been graphic enough, she backpedals somewhat to reveal that she’s a “tight young lady in the right areas.”


And so for the millionth time, I’m confronted with more information that is none of my business. Thanks again, VH1!

And then this bit of awesomeness happens:




As stated at the top of this recap, Dean Lala thinks this is charmless, but I think that’s just because Lala isn’t into boobs. Rest assured that to plenty of people, Ashley’s cordial acceptance of such a request is the definition of charm.

Meanwhile, Brittanya figures she’ll win the challege by flirting with the old dudes.



You know, she can stomach it, so why not? Risky tsk-tsks Brittanya in interviews and wonders, “Can they still get hard?” Since Brittanya is as close to human Viagra as one woman can be, I think Risky should ask her directly.

Bubbles talks to a woman who writes murder mysteries.


Bubbles wonders if the woman isn’t too scared to write books about murders. Instead of saying, “No. They’re books,” the woman explains that only men die in her stories (she actually refers to them as “my murders”). These two are well-matched. The woman asks for plot suggestions and Bubbles says that she can write about a two-timing dude she dated. “You could write a book about killing him!” says Bubbles, though I get the feeling that she kind of already has.

K.O., spends quality time with a woman and explains that she has no family and it’s all kinds of sad.


K.O., really, really breaks your heart (if there’s any of it left after VH1 is done with it).

Meanwhile, a dude proves correct the “dirty old man” stereotype by recognizing Brittaney from her past work:




Bay Bay Bay brings in the funk, but for once, not the noise:



And Natasha is completely oblivious to an old man sitting next to her, who slowly spills out of his chair:


It’s evil of me, but I love that screen shot more than any others in this recap.

Bay Bay Bay ends up helping him up…


…and not unconcidentally, wins the challenge (determined by polling the old people on which girl charmed them the most). She’s on the dean’s list, everyone else is in detention. And so, Natasha hatches a plan to get Brittanya out of the house:



She figures that Brittaney and Bubbles will be the lesser of the evils and thus eliminating Brittanya will be a no-brainer. After she’s done attempting to sway everyone to do what she wants, Megan-style, the girls report to detention. Brittaney has decided to wear a pair of pink headphones over her ears. She seems to be making a fashion statement.


Your guess is as good as mine re: exactly what that statement is. She tells Stryker, “I’m just dancing to the rhythm in my head.” At least it’s a song and not voices. This time.

The girls exercise their bitchiness, and by that I mean they vote for whom they think should be put on the carpet tonight. Ashley votes for Brittaney, Marcia votes for Bubbles, Brittanya votes for Brittaney, K.O,, votes for Brittaney, Risky votes for Brittaney, Bubbles votes for Marcia, Brittaney votes for Brittanya and Natasha votes for Bubbles. So there you go, Natasha’s plan worked out for her. And speaking of plans, Ricki’s plan to wear multiple hats this episode…


…also worked out for her.

After a completely inconclusive meeting with Lala and Stryker, it’s time for elimination. Ricki tells the girls that after the tumult of the past few days, it looks like there’s a turning tide. The girls have made progress, but there’s still a show to run so the three girls with the most votes are called down to the carpet:


Brittanya thinks KO is insecure for voting her down as competiton, Bubbles thinks she’s an easy target and Brittaney thinks she’s funny:

And she isn’t wrong, actually.

(Just don’t tell Ricki that.)


Brittaney thinks Bubbles should go home because there’s “nothing wrong” with her. Bubbles doesn’t seem so sure about that.

Stryker thinks Brittaney likes playing the victim. You say victim, I say class clown.

Lala points out that the headphones could be taken as a refusal to listen and thus sign of disrespect, forcing them down on Brittaney’s now shame-filled head.

Ricki doesn’t know if Brittaney’s fake, but she’ll have at least another week to determine that because no one’s going home tonight.

Poor lonely Brittaney enthuses that she wants to run up and hug Ricki in response. Keep off the talent, Britt. Bubbles intervies that she’s “bouncing with joy” for getting to stay another week. I kinda know the feeling.

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  1. Trish says:

    I just have to say that Bay Bay Bay was ghetto, loud, ugly, fake, and the cause of alot of drama when she was on Real Chance of Love and she is exactly the same on Charm School. She will never change. If she is so “passionate” about what she says and thinks then why must she be so ridiculous. There is no need to yell and scream. And how about she shut up for at least a minute and listen to what someone else has to say. She tries to push her opinion down peoples throat. She has built this alliance with with the other hood rats in the house and she thinks they like and respect her but trust me when it gets down to the wire they will turn on her and tell her exactly just how GHETTO she really is. I bet she has no friends in the real world.

  2. tcdegree says:

    what the girls fail to realize is that they all need to be schooled. they in the house judging each other like they dont need it, but then when the money comes up they have all of these problems. also this is not i love money. why are they voting people out for dumb reasons.because natasha overhears brittanya and ashley talking about her she decides brittanya has to go? convincing the others to vote her off for her own personal reasons is not charming sweetie. bottom line is most of them are there for the money, and maybe the ones that are there for change will not be overlooked and sent home for somebody who clearly is not gonna change at all.( for example sapphyri, buckwild,leilene)

  3. Bre says:


  4. Bre says:

    Asley slurs like a drunken man when she is talking, Farrah makes up stupid words and swears that it is cool when it is not. (she has her own dictionary for illiterates)and Brittanya couldn’t even hold a conversation with Bret Micheals on ROLB (she acted like if someome muted her. Why !+)&~$&)@$(“@&*! on the RCOL girls about being “loud”. Even though the RCOL girls speak loudly sometimes they also speak very quickly and fluently. They could talk. Stop being haters

  5. scifiwritir says:

    Am liking Ashley but wishing she wouldn’t use the term “ghetto” so dang often. It just seems the word “ghetto” has a lot of meanings and the word is being used too often and somewhat improperly. Hey, I’m black and many folks in the US of all races — poor whites, poor hispanics, poor Arabs, poor Asians, and poor blacks– live in so-called ghettos or inner cities or urban areas. When the white folks on this show use the word “ghetto” they seem to be talking about black folks and that isn’t necessarily right demographically speaking. A talkative pushy black woman like Baby Bay Bay doesn’t immediately equate with being ghetto. She’s just pushy, that’s all. If Bay Bay Bay were white, Ashley wouldn’t call her ghetto would she? Or are we to understand that pushy and talkative means “ghetto” and “stripper and boozy” means white trash? And is being ghetto somehow lower on the (stripper) pole than being white trash? That said, I’m actually beginning to like Ashley again. She doesn’t seem racist, just way too apt to use the word “ghetto.”

  6. ~Bayou Princess~ says:

    You gotta love Ashley… she’s the girl you wanted to be when you were in high school… the stuff that Mean Girls was written about… oh yeaah!

    People who eat basil are llaammmmeeee!!

  7. Jamie says:

    The producers realized they made a mistake combining girls from the Rock of Love Bus and the Real Chance of Love girls together. They thought it would make an explosive show but it went beyond what they expected. Farrah said she told them that she didn’t want to do the show because she didn’t want to be apart of Real Chance of Love. That statement alone should tell you she had some reservations/judgments about the Real Chance of Love girls going into this thing.

    Ricky sent home Ki Ki because she said people were afraid of her. If you read Ki Ki’s interview on the VH1 blog she said that the producers told her to act how she acted on Real Chance at love and that her and Bubbles had no beef. They actually talked out there differences when they got there the first night with Stryker. However that was never shown. I think VH1 painted Ki Ki as someone out of control and yet they didn’t show the entire picture. If they did it, then people’s opinions may have been a little bit different. It is sad that race has to come into this situation. If the girls took the time to talk to one another and get beyond she is white with big boobs and she is black with a loud mouth they would see they all have a lot in common. Look at Brittayan she has been hanging around a bad crowd and got into a lot of trouble. Did you see her ex boyfriend on Rock of Love? She has angry issues. Just like Ki Ki…they all could relate to one another if they just took the time to relate. Remember how Marcia said she was dirty poor in Brazil and she had to go to the bathroom in a dug up hole out side? How many people could relate to her being dirty poor or being poor period? The majority of those girls are dancers and they are not dancers for the hell of it. They are dancers, porno stars because they need the money or because they never want to be in a situation of not having food, or not having some place to live. This is why they are strippers and more importantly opportunist.

    I mean if they only could past this race issue some of them could walk away best friends. I have to say this. Charmed School has not been the best since Monique stopped hosting. Monique wanted those girls to succeed and she truly cared about them. I think thats why they haven’t had her back. The first thing Monique did was make those girls get rid of those damn names. Monique would have made those girls get rid of those names and she didn’t have liquor in the house. They didn’t like Monique cause she was all about the girls changing and giving them hope. Ricky Lake and Sharon Osbourne are all about getting there name out there again and that’s it. Monique actually cared. They should bring her back but they would never do such a thing because what kind of television would that make; someone actually changing and it’s not about the money; blasphemy.

  8. art says:

    Jamie Darlin…I couldn’t have said it better. In my opinion, ROL charm school was the fakest of the fake. The closest that it got to some good s**t, is Dallas poppin that chic with an apple. Let’s not forget to mention, strippers gettin spit on by porn stars. I’m sorry but, that would not happen in the hood. She would’ve been carried out on a stretcher. But Anyway!!! There were some pretty females on the show, but that’s as far as it went. The FOL girls brought substance and depth to the show. Whether people admit it or not, fake boobs and ditzy attitudes only go so far. Eventually, people are gonna crave some of that Real. I believe that is the reason why they integrated the two into one house. Think about it, who wants to watch an entire season of ROL girls getting drunk, and making complete a****s of themselves. Not me! Admittedly, it is sweet comedy for a Sunday night;other than that: it’s straight up whack. Forgive me if this sounds judgemental, but that type of behavior reinforces shallow attitudes. As a result, realness gets interpreted as ghetto. As if any of them knows what the ghetto is! Black women don’t tolerate nonsense….plain and simple. They are vocal about issues, and know what they will and won’t put up with. Let me just say this, the same people who try to bash the black culture; are the same ones who break their necks trying to mimic what we do. But, that’s another topic.


  9. Madison Reed says:

    Farrah stayed longer than i could have ever lasted in that place!:/

  10. peewee says:

    this show sucks!!

  11. Queen213 says:

    Lovely comment Tina. How do you know who is white and who is black writing the comments? Your _~@!^*&^@$+@(($ umptions show your hatred. Seems like you are the one who needs Charm School.

  12. Zack Attack says:

    Oh wow! DAMN. Lost 2 amazing characters. So Hood and Farrah, you will both be missed.

    Glad no one was eliminated this week- but next week KO needs to GO! I’m so sick of her voice and ugly-ass face. And Bay Bay Bay is really working my nerves too, but she keeps winning these damn challenges!

    Ashley FTW!

  13. Vh1's Gia from rol bus/charm school says:

    I tottaly agree with “Me Duhh!!!” who ever that is and “Magie”!!!

  14. Juristina Rahanian says:

    How the hell do you know what I’m using the money for? My purse cost $6,000. My dad just bought me a $90,000 Porsche. Jealous? Well, you should be.

  15. Jon-nee says says:

    the show is a little boring get a little tough with them show them action and Brittany she needs to go hello wake up ricky lake u make in the wrong decision in stead of not sending nobody home you should send brittany star home with dumb #%&* but why u couldn’t do the same when ki ki when home and Marcia but any way she to go home to cause all she want to do is drink with dumb #&*@ but all am tryna say is the show is boring this goes to ricky lake

  16. Olivv says:

    everyone get over the race thing. what year is this? if you are still talking about race being an issue here then you need to go figure yourself out. And anyway whoever said that farrah doesn’t want to hang out with the RCOL girls is wrong because she hangs out with bubles. no one on the show here was racist. no one even brought up the race thing until kiki got eliminated. They were mad, and needed someway to get attention, and if you read kikis interview, you can see that she says se wan’t there to change so wtf, she was obviously the right choice. It’s really ridiculous that they’re bringing the race thing into the show just because they’re friend got eliminated. it ruins the fun of watching the show. but it’s getting better because the people who were focusing on race are out of the house and people have started to mix together more. and for the record, so hood and kiki were ghetto. And also, why are people going after white people on this. Tina, first of all you dont know peoples race, and second of all, if white people are calling baybaybay ghetto it’s because it’s true, not because she’s black so get over yourself. and who are you to try and de-value what white people say. i think your stupid, and i’m not even white.

  17. Alyssa says:

    I agree Trish. BBB is supposed to be an attorney in her real job. OMG I know her firm (if she is employed) is sooooo embarrassed. She is Nasty and obnoxious. No class and very ghetto.

  18. Nate says:

    Rich, you missed the single best line of the episode. After the message telling them to dress to impress, when Ashley waited for a beat and then just said “I am impressive.” had me laughing hysterically. Ashley is the most reliable celebreality contestant EVER for great quotes.

  19. judy says:

    This WHole Charm School thing is Fake!! Did Ricki go running after So Hood when she got upset…but you want to chase down these nasty girls for a chance to GIVE the BLONDES money?????? If they want to go let them leave. Oh, but that would leave the show without their precious white girls. Please. I dont want to watch anymore.

  20. maidenUSA says:

    The elimination was lame, of course ricki was not going to sent nobody home because 2 girls already quit right after the previous elimination. I found so hood’s comments to be distasteful and a disgrace once again to the black community. How more of an idiot can this girl get by comparing herself to MLK. Hey “so hood” if u wanted to make a difference u should of stayed and change ur negative ways and become a positive role model/motive speaker for the young girls in the urban community to better themselves and be somebody in their livesthe..but unfortunately no because u couldn’t stand the heat and not so much of a strong-person as u seem to be on television…besides from that they should of eliminated Brittaney, she is so annoyin and seeks for attention…it seems like somethin from her past must of affected her to wantin to stand out from the rest of the girls, who knows. If she is just foolin around then its just pathetic and doesn’t deserve to stick around

  21. Kat says:

    I Love Ricki Lake but she lacks the moxie Sharon Osbourne had to deal with such girls. I hope she can get them into control. These women seem rather trashy to me and all have such low self-esteem that it just boggles my mind. The division and constant bickering is a real turn-ff for viewers and frankly, they all need to keep their boob jobs covered and show that they have a bit of intelligence. I think Bubbles deserves a chance b/c she may really benefit from the education. The rest are just on the show for the money.

  22. B says:

    Charm school sucks!!!!!!! Rickie stick with the talk shows!!! Where is monique? If she wasnt avaliable then you should have waited for her cause this season is horrible!!!!

  23. monee says:

    kiki deserved to go home she was ghetto and loud and always attacking someone and then when she left she had an bad attitude she wasn’t trying to change she was just up there for show. So hood is a hot mess pretty but so unclassy, all she said wasn’t called for and she didn’t stand up for )%^(_`(($!&)%%^^ but make her self look like an idiot for leaving the show because she knew she wasn’t going to win anyways. as far as as risky and bay bay bay they need to realize that just because so hood and kiki were there friends those two even bay bay bay were the cause of majority the issues. Bay Bay Bay got mad because she got called ghetto just because you are educated doesn’t mean you are not ghetto its your actions, when three big have to gang up on people and yelling and talking loud all the time you are being ignorant and ghetto. It’s not an race card on this show people just don’t want to take accountadablity for there own actions.

  24. FRED says:


  25. sandy says:

    linda u sound so `_#*^`#~))+$%`^*#^ ed. i think the girls are just good actors. u gotta make the drama the loudness the fight in order for the reality show to succeed. please quit with this black and white thing. the way u think act and talk depend on how and where u were raised. im calm very reserved and had never been into fights. i was raised in a respectable school in the cariibean i always like country music and r&bs. so please stop with this black are loud and white are strippers stuffs.comments like that sound ignorant

  26. Megan says:

    You’re hilarious and I love you.

  27. poisonedginger says:

    I liked the last charm school because Sharon Kept __$##@#*!%`^&&(# in control..Rikki, I like you…but you can’t do this. This show is really disappointing.

  28. ms. lady 1 says:

    I think ricki lake was prejudice to the situation and sent kiki home not knowing the full story. if she felt kiki was threating anyone she should have talk to kiki pryor to elimination and got her side of the story first, before sending her home.she knew first hand that farrah and ashley locked brittanya star in the bathroom witch I think is crul and human torture.But Riki must think it’s charming. and if this is charm school why do they have so much alcohol on the show.So in riki’s world it’s ok to lock someone in a bathroom for over an hour but just don’t talk loud to them. and by the way gehtto is not just a black thing so if that’s what farrah thinks then she is more gettho than any black person could ever be.

  29. Nal says:


  30. chris says:

    good recap

  31. chris says:

    there is so much drama on this show right now but remember that it’s just starting out! this is only episode 3! i personally liked rock of love charm school a lot just because it had all of my favorite stars on it. i think ashley and her rolbus friends are too milked and the don’t have the longlivety of people like heather, megan, brandi c or lacey. they are always fun and ashley is just such trash. when all the trash is gone this show will be fun to watch. i can’t wait till ilm3 and i hope lacey is on it! and although ashley is trashy she would make a fun addition along with bay bay bay, beverly, rabbit and risky. i love rabbit i really hope she comes on ilm3

  32. Karen says:

    I think Bay Bay Bay should go home because I don’t think she will change. On Real Chance of Love she would always attack Bubbles or KO. Now she is attacking Bubbles like she did in the past. She causes drama and tries to blame it on everyone else besides her. I also think Bay Bay Bay like to judge other people but can’t stand to be judged by other people. She is a hypricrit. It’s stupid and she needs to go home. I also think Brittany Star should go home because she is a fake person. SHe also like Bay Bay Bay like to start drama and it’s stupid. I don’t think Brittany Star, Bay Bay BAy, or KiKi will change.

  33. Arian says:

    I really think that Bay Bay Bay should go home because she really is loud, and a distraction to the school. I really think that Brittanya should stay because when she got back from her court date, she specifically said that she was on the show for change, and the possible prison time makes her want to change even more. Also I think that Ashley should stay because at the ceremony when she apologized to Brittany Star really showed that she was here for change and not to get a little more spotlight! GO BRITTANYA!

  34. Namaste says:

    When Farrah said: “This place sounds like being in jail”
    How does she know what jail sounds like? hehe… Unless she has been there already. I do understand her point. The ROL girls can be mean just like the RCOL girls, but they don’t get inches away from your face and scream at the top of their lungs, that is like a provocation to get into a fist fight. Do you see the difference? or Are you stupid?

  35. l.shanks says:

    rickii i love but you are sooooo wronge !!! bubbles needed to go she’s too damned confused she didn’t even know why she was in charm school in the first place. give me a break. bubbles is a bubble head ,she has always been a bubble head, she will die a bubble head!

  36. Lindsey says:

    It’s stupid how VH1 thinks a lot of the time, season 1 of Charm School was the only good one, they say sequels are no good, and this is not only to reffering movies. This semester, they all need some darn change. Both the RCOL girls and ROL girls need help, i know this has already been stated, but this episode showed how truly immature they can be. And Ricky might want to look into that as an influence, re-lapse to them their errors. Really as of right now nothing is realy helping these girls right now. I do love Ashley, Brittanya, Bubbles, and So Hood, but this all needs to be stopped! Brittney Star really needs mental help too, she is not Saaphyri, this proves also how fake Vh1 is at times, well most of the time. No matter what the “changes” may be, or if its on a teleprompter or from their hearts, they need to see how immature and incompitent they are being. I don’t mean to sound snooty or incompulsive, but these girls don’t just need Charm School. The main point is that all these “grown women” need more, they need a physcologist and they need to see their actions in full time, not the 60 second ones from the beginning of the show. If Ricky wants to do them a favor, she needs to revise Vh1′s and her own ideas of “help” and how it will be done.



  37. some old guy says:

    Good post from Jamie. Nicely put, and I agree with most.

    Monique really cared about the girls, so by the end of the show, the audience did, too.

  38. rickie edwards says:

    ^$`&))_!__$&++(% ricki she is for white people only did she go after the black girl when decided to leave thank about it.

  39. sarah says:

    i actually dont mind bay bay bay. i just hate how she always jumps into the drama to try and defend others. but shes obviously doing a great job with being a lawyer

  40. Green_Bird says:


    You totally took the words right out of my mouth. I totally forgot that there was no alcohol on the first Charm School. That should set off the warning bells for people right away. People like Gia were recovering alcoholics, and it sounded like she had been sober for only a short time. You don’t stick alcohol in front of people like that. It sounded like she really was interested in changing to me. And if people really cared about improving the lives of these girls, then you wouldn’t stick Tequila in front of someone like Marcia.

    I was liking how mellow Farrah was in the show so far, and was going to watch it to root for her. Now that she’s gone, I’m just going to stick to the trainwreck that is Daisy of Love.

  41. Lindsey says:

    I think VH1 just needs to introduce a different type of reality program. They have started with New York goes to work and that is kinda interesting but very funny. But maybe something with more punch to it…like the “Odd Couple” with Tailor Made and It. Then they should release a Charm School episode here and there and a “Of Love” show here and there. Maybe introduce programing/another reality type show where there are girls competing to be NewYork’s BFF. Use some of the haters from other shows and new people and other interesting people for the show. I think they need to think of creating a different type of reality show right now. The shows are good, but I think the same o same o is getting old. Another idea is to create an “I love Money Special Edition” (create some special theme) using people like Deelishous, Danger,Unique Caviar, Saaphyri, Buckwild, Boots, Ashley, Brittanya etc whoever else that is mad entertaining ….except make the voting process a bit more fair…still have a twist but fair. Bay, Bay, Bay is very irritating. They should of saved her for the I Love Money Show….she is very stressful and it is hard to watch her on TV because she is always yelling and treating people crappy. I have to turn away from the TV screen when she starts up yelling. She is a pretty lady, but very loud mouth….it makes my stomach cramp when I see her. I would like to see Bubbles, Marcia, or maybe Ashley win it.

  42. lover says:

    For me, Bay Bay Bay is the real trouble maker. KiKi could have been warmed over, but Bay Bay Bay is arrogant and sometimes just clueless. Defending yourself when you are wrong is more pathetic than not standing up for yourself at all. Although Farrah contributed to the drama, she left because she couldn’t handle the verbal abuse going in the house. I don’t blame her.

    I’m addicted to this show.

  43. chinlee3 says:

    This show is flippin’ scripted.

  44. Evangelina lara says:

    I think dat bubbles is da best ($+)!*(_#(&)@%~ all da others…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  45. pdouthitt says:

    It will be hard for Ricky and friends to teach charm to these girls when they talk about the girls behind their backs. Bubbles, for instance, isn’t hurting anyone, but is still talked about like a problem. You can’t act badly and pretend you have anything to teach.

  46. maomolin says:

    “I don’t condole this behavior.” condole or condone?

  47. AmySlays says:

    I love the Daisy of Love recaps just as much as I love the Charm School Recaps!!

    The whole thing made me chuckle but this part was classic

    “Words. What are they good for? I honestly don’t know the answer for that between this show and Daisy of Love. And for the record, I don’t condole this behavior.”

    in reference to K.O. not calling Brit star an instigator but did say she started sh*t. which MEANS THE SAME THING. oh K.O. i think you surpass all the girls in the house with your stupidity. take one too many shots to the head as a boxer?

    but then again this is scripted i think they make people look stupid that aren’t.

    as far as Bay Bay Bay not being ghetto, maybe she isn’t but she needs to learn how to talk properly just like her bff KiKi. They both speak so passionately about how they feel but when their words are filled with we be this and we be that and we is this and we is lacks that passion they so desperately strive for.

    I can’t stand the hollering by these chicks over something that was not a race card move. Farrah was smart but she shouldn’t go back to stripping.

  48. AmySlays says:

    chinlee3 – I am glad that you realize this show is scripted. I don’t think most people know all these shows are scripted. They are staged. Its like a mini series movie on TV. Its a VH1 Soap Opera.

  49. Thomas Spears says:

    I think La La or Lu Lu what ever her name is a boot licker to ricki lake. You know you can voice a little bit on how you really feel on these dscisions without being such a kiss )*~)~~+$!$@^*#^ and agreeing with everything ricki said! I love ricki but I did’nt agree with her elimination of ki ki. I knew she was on her way out really soon, but not that day. Bad call, and deep down you know it. So wipe the )*~)~~+$!$@^*#^ off your lips and be yourself.

  50. M J says:

    aint that a @+`)#*&^_+###(&#_ we go through all this hell with the wild @+`)#*&^_+###(&#_ es gettin even wilder by quitten the show and arguin about racism and what ghetto means and brittany star doesn’t even get eliminated for it. aint that a @+`)#*&^_+###(&#_ and then with farrah and so hood leavin, it just ended up being a waste of time for them not to be five episodes in and then quit and quite frankly people you know all the women on that show NEED that money but they couldn’t get rid of the pornstar, no wait, THE CRAZY PSYCHOTIC EMPTY-HEADED SELF-CENTERED CONIVING MANICURED NICOLE RICHIE WANNA-BE (_#(~^%~~`%#%`%`_ that @+`)#*&^_+###(&#_ gotta go

  51. Christie says:

    Though Bay Bay Bay is a loud-mouthed `$@#)$%$&^+)@~!$% she actually did deserve to win this challenge. She was the only one who helped that old man when he fell.

  52. Ciara says:

    I just want to say that ashley is like the bomb on this show and she is freakin HOT!!!!!! I LUV HER!!!!!! :]

  53. Ciara says:

    I just want to say one more thing i think bubbles should go home the next time because every one thinks she is just stupid and a major BLONDE!!!!!!So if ashley gets put on the floor again i can tell u alot of people are going to be POd!!!!!!

  54. vivian gonzalez says:

    ashley is a sorry as mom how can she strip have some class now ur son is known as the kid with the sluttie as mom lol and she probly did crack when she was pregnet and her son came out a little slow so thats why she knows how it feels to talk to )@~&@~+#&`!~#*)&*$ ed kids!!!!!!!

  55. Kisa09 says:

    You guys are crazy!!!! Ashley rocks!!!! I’m glad Brittany is gone!!!!

  56. Tony614 says:

    Hey i Love Ashley and Bubbles.You guys are the best Natasha looks like a MAN and needs to get a new weve.

  57. seolace says:

    Nice post, thanks for writing!

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