New York Goes To Work Recap – Episode 4 – Tiffany, You In Danger, Girl


In this episode, New York receives her most inhumane punishment thus far:


…the in-your-face, up-the-nose shot. Poor girl!

I’ll start by addressing the viewing public as New York does every five seconds on this show: America, good work! Once again, the choice has been made to inflict New York with the most discomfort possible via her weekly job. And it couldn’t have happened without you!


New York realizes that she’ll be ghost hunting today and rants as she pulls up to the ship on which she’ll complain and convulse (i.e. “work”). She worries about getting a dead ghost inside of her “because they do that. They jump inside of people.” That actually sounds erotic. Here’s hoping that this episode plays out with sexy results.

Newy meets the people she’ll hunt with:


I love that this show seems to be adopting a bear motif (this week takes place on a ship called the Queen Mary, to boot!). I’m just as interested in whether the show can keep it up as what Tiffany’s next job will be.




Newy explains to the group that she doesn’t want to have to do that “catchin’ when they lock up and stuff.”


So far, New York’s knowledge of the paranormal seems to begin at Ghostbusters and end at Ghost. With any luck, we’ll get a scene of her doing pottery using marshmallow as her medium. I mean “medium” in the art way, not in the psychic way, but if she wants to do that, too, it could only help the absurdity at hand on its way.

Speaking of: New York sees movement on the Queen Mary and pitches a fit. It is then explained that the Queen Mary is, in fact, a working hotel featuring the services of people of this world/dimension. New York, it seems, sees live people.


She does again, after actually entering the ship. She also feels a ghostly presence then smells it, and then hears someone say, “Tiffany,” according to her. So she’s got all of her senses in tact. We know this, at least. Hooray for her.

Despite the fact that this job is nebulous by nature (Pat says they’re looking for something that can be explained away or not explained), Newy has actual tasks to whine about. They are:


The first task will take place at the first-class pool:


Here, New York is given dowsing rods to check for contact with a 7-year-old ghost, Jackie, who is suspected to have drowned in this pool. Dowsing rods are soooooo The Wish Giver, btw.


New York calls them “dowsling rods” and Erika says she’s right. Erika, you’re kind but you’re doing her vocabulary no favors. Anyway, the rods wag back and forth and that’s all that seems to need to happen for New York to pass this task.


Then, moving over to the changing room, we get this wonderful shot:



New York screws this task up by dropping the equipment before entering the changing room and just generally clinging to Erika.


She basically enters screaming, which seems to attract a ghost. “It got dark! It got dark! It got dark!” Newy barks as they walk through the narrow hall. They see a man at the end of it, and that’s when New York hightails it.




For the next task, they go further down…


This time, they’re after a nasty ghost named Henry, who was boiled alive by a steam pipe. Steve, Erika and New York look up through a hole in the boiler room’s ceiling, and Steve suggests Henry might be up on the catwalk. “Who? Who him what?” says New York in response. No matter how confusingly forms her questions, the answer for this episode is always, “A ghost!”

Newy says she feels someone pushing up on her, so Erika and Steve decide to leave her in a room by herself. You can tell that this is a moment she’ll treasure for the rest of her life. She actually does OK with this and her “dowsling” rods…


She apparently gets some sort of data that can be used for…something, so she passes.


Finally, it’s time for the seance. When the idea is presented to her, New York lightly protests by saying, “Do you know I’m a Christian?”


Could she really hold it against anyone for just assuming that she is just nominally so?

The seance requires them to go even further down…


Closer to hell! Bwah ha ha!

New York reports that the cargo hold smells of “copper and old people.” Well, you know how old people love pennies. Two great tastes, that’s what I say. The seance starts.


And so does knocking. Erika tells New York to talk to the knocking ghost and New York says, “What the f*** do you want?” “Well, that’s one way,” says Erika, who’s so unflappable she should look into applying to be New York’s on-screen assistant if the psychic thing doesn’t work out. The temperature drops, New York hears a breath…


…and more and more, it’s clear that she just cannot hang.


She quits and, thus, fails once again.


And she, in fact, fails period.


She broke equipment, she quit tasks and even though she faced her fears, it wasn’t good enough.

Her check gets ripped up and she gets pissed off, ranting about the experience of doing this show and not getting her money.


“Get your camera shot I really don’t give a damn I’m not coming back here,” says Newy, threatening to quit the show. The following promo to vote for next week’s episode suggests, however, that she doesn’t have a choice and will be back next week. Ha ha!

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  1. jey says:

    she was always saying I SMELL SOMETHING!!
    I SEE SOMETHING!! I FEEL ENERGY HERE!! ahahahah NY is hilarious

  2. anna says:

    New York reports that the cargo hold smells of “copper and old people.” Well, you know how old people love pennies.

    I LOL’D, Rich!

  3. Mike says:

    I love New york so much, but THis new show, oh God, she is so fake!!! This you see the last week’s show when she was working at this nude place? The people there were not even naked, you could see their underwear….Fake, fake ,fake

  4. MR. BNYL says:

    girl I have to say you did a great job even though this was hard dealing with the ghost

  5. john says:


  6. caroline says:

    the truth that lady is ugly like a program of mtv tila tequila, as you can go through that old TV prieta ugly that he is doing his ridiculeses offered a cheap hooker like tila tequila truth are stupid programs
    the truth does not serve

  7. chanel says:

    I was hoping she probably would have fell over board…

  8. angeline says:

    This show is the worst. I’m surprised its still on the air. Vh1 needs to pull this show, because NY loses loyal fans with every episode. It is not at all believable.

  9. Andy S. aka 'O' says:

    I felt SO bad for her! This isn’t like a normal job, where she was just lazy, she really tried and got scared out paranormal stuff. I mean, who wouldn’t freak out about some presence pulling their shoulder or breathing on them. I think that this week, she should’ve gotten her check.

  10. Leo says:

    Aw man, she was really scared throughout this whole thing, and really susceptible to all the paranormal s*** going on. I feel bad for her in that aspect, but still, this was the most hilarious show to date. I seriously love this series, I’m gonna keep watching every insane spin-off VH1 does with NY in it.

  11. Angela77 says:

    Tiffany I know people are giving you a hard time and I happened to be one of them. However, I was a huge fan of yours during the time you were on Flavor of
    Love and when you did I Love New York. I even cheered for you when you did your last show hoping you would find work as an actress. But this show here is not for you. I was hoping to see you in a funny movie or a drama. Nope, none of the above. I just wish you could understand where some of these people are coming from when they bad mouth you over this show your doing now. There are many people in this country without work and are doing their best to take care of their families. It”s not easy for me or others to see you get 10,000 for a days work in which you don’t complete or are screaming and acting a fool when those men tell you to do something.
    I have to %#`+!~^!@+_~^&^ ume that your life has always been great and that you have never had to go without. I will try my best Tiffany to support you but keep in mind that half of us are struggling to make it in this world and without us fans, you wouldn’t be who you are today. I wish the best for you Tiffany or until you give me a reason to jump back on here and keep it real!

  12. Brad says:

    New York is the worst actress ever!!! She is terrible and this new show is terrible!!! I have never seen a show so fake and I have watched the Real Worlds… that must be saying something. She is a terrible actress and I will be surprised if this show lasts. Don’t be so fake!!!

  13. Dee says:

    new york got heart 4 doin that i think she shuld get half of that money..she really has heart i kuldnt eva do it…ghost huntin smfh

  14. danitra says:

    i commend u for having to face some freaky scary $@!*)&^($*#$!_$# like that,the cast members sucked for not even appreciating the fact that u stepped onto that ship…but dont give up maybe u will run into something better and worth the money next time…keep ya head up

  15. smh says:

    look i aint gonna front..NY is funny but she is too much sometimes.. if it wasnt 4 flav, NY would b a wash-up..and datz real talk..if u notice, NY’s mansion was FLAV’S tv house!!!!on her new show, the things she do is new experiences but she is such a DRAMA QUEEN!!! like come on, making a bed is a punishment?!!!she can get away with the ghost hunter job cause dat $@)~)%(%_^$)!)%~ is scary!!!

  16. bebe says:

    I felt New York should’ve gotten this check. she seemed to be bothered by a lot of things they asked her to do. only the woman had any sensitivity at all. no one else among the ghost hunters knew what doing something like this would be like for a person who really, really didn’t want to do it. people have varying levels of sensitivity. electromagnetic fields are real and, as they said, some people can feel sick. besides, even if she was totalling hamming it up… well, it made a decent episode. pay her.

  17. ryan says:

    what the hell is wrong with america? why does everyone vote for the hardest jobs? id like to see one of them haters who voted for the hard job try and do it themselfs.

    And it seems like your hair is invincible! ive never seen her hair messed up or ruined..! fabulos!

  18. bebe says:

    I think on this show they have new york do the funniest !^*&_@^&$_$@%)$ ignments so her days often have an unrealitic combination of things. the same person who does customer service at a hotel doesn’t usually clean the rooms, for example.

    although, if you really work at a hotel, and a guest wants a room and all you need to do is clean… well, I did that. why would I want my hotel to lose money? but that wasn’t on my first day either.

    the guy training tiffany let that one guy be so nasty about “the floaties” and it was clear she didn’t hear him the first time (another guest was talking), then she had no idea what or where “the floaties” might be. I would have told her about the floaties a lot quicker or just answered the guy since I could clearly see tiffany was helping someone else.

    I don’t know… on one hand, most of us must work a lot harder for much, much less money. but, OTOH, we’re trying to do a good job, not make for an interesting tv episode.

    I don’t think ghost hunting was chosen because it was bad. I think a lot of people thought it would be interesting. but she was so afraid. copper = blood, btw. it’s probably just wiring, but still… frightened people usually don’t think that way.

    I think she’s really sensitive whether to actual ghosts or just electromagnetic waves, who knows. she believed there were ghosts. so…

    she did half the !^*&_@^&$_$@%)$ ignments. yeah, she broke equipment. who, in their right mind, was dumb enough to hand a hysterical woman something breakable?

  19. Regina Hanesworth says:

    Hey new york,
    Girl I have to say that you did do or at least tried to do all that they asked of you but girl you did a hell of a lot of screaming and I dont think thats quite what they were looking for although I would have been screaming my +%@^%#`&^@&#*~_ off too but keep up the good work you’ll get it

  20. s.j. says:

    The girl Erika (psychic) is soooo beautiful. Does anyone know her last name and if she can be ‘contacted’ on the net somehow? I just pretty much watched the show for her.

  21. sue-ann boothe says:

    girl what are you getin upset for let the #^+`(_~$(~(~*_%~_ them talk, girl you know you are beautiful + you get your money these hater are brok no money so that is what they do all day is hat on poeple like you strong beautiful woman who get off there butt and do somthing for them self god love you and the more them hat is the more money you make,love sue-ann boothe from jamaica. a just the blessing god is givin big up your self

  22. jazzy bell says:

    well i would like to say that i have watched a few 2 or 3 episodes of new york goes to work and yes it does seem fake..for one the whole nudist resort, come on those seemed like actors..and this ghost thing please ur not landing acting gigs cause ur noo good..oh and if u notice new york is always wearing the same shirt for her confessional, if the show was based on people calling in to vote every wk for different jobs,,how come she wears the same white shirt for each different work week???
    HMM it just doesnt make any sense

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