Sneak Peek Gotti’s Way 2: Episode 5!


Preview all the happenings next episode as Irv mentors Newz and starts talking college with Angie.

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  1. Seva says:

    I just wanted to congratulations to Deb. You truly inspired me to make the same decision, that you had to make. Looking at you was like looking at myself. I have been in the same identical situation for 10 years, and it hurts me to my soul that I waited so long to realize that I deserved better too,and my daughter deserved better. Step out into life. In order to get something you never had, you have to do something you never did. I applaud you. I will keep watching the show, your success seem to be mine too! much luck to you and the kids!

  2. tanya says:

    Ivr is the most ignorant (rich) person i have ever heard speak…How can you tell your children not to get an education…Let your wife have her life and Ivr grow up..maybe u need to go to college…Ignorant ~+@$^$`(&%##(*~ I hope your boys is the opposite of you..Then again this is tv you could just be a big ~+@$^$`(&%##(*~ clown.

  3. tanya says:

    Deb stay strong…Irv got the game )_#_$!)$^~&_!$@% ed up…if hey can not do right by you, let him go..i know there is a strong brother out there for you…words of advice..happy hour with the suit and ties…a professional brother with brains.

  4. tanya says:

    Deb stay strong…Irv got the game ^_^^#*~@@@^*#@(% ed up…if hey can not do right by you, let him go..i know there is a strong brother out there for you…words of advice..happy hour with the suit and ties…a professional brother with brains.

  5. Ash says:

    Irv Gotti is one of the most ignorant people on t.v. For every Irv Gotti who makes it up from the street, thousands don’t. College gives you the tools to find your way in the world and to quote Russell, teaches you how to learn, which is what all successful people need. Look at the Forbes 500 list, over 80% of them have degrees.

    If Irv Gotti had gone to school maybe he would have learned that the real John Gotti hated his kind and wouldn’t have chosen to idolize someone who hated blacks.

  6. aggie says:

    ok… this is the MOST STUPID SHOW on vh1. every time it comes on i change the channel. please stop it! take it off!!! this show shows how desperate how the vh1 crew is. Its like watchin people read a book. its dumb!!! i feel like i just have to tell everyone,its my duty

  7. rizl says:

    I am loving Gotti’s way 2 I only wish we had some kind of realtime update with Gotti for each episode. I know all these episodes have already been taped so it would be nice if each week Gotti could update us on what is going on currently with murder inc.

  8. Teela says:

    I was on Deb’s side until the end of this episode today. As a parent, I don’t think how she carried herself with handling Irv in asking him to leave the house was 100% correct, did she have rights yes she did, did she carry herself correctly in the situation no she didn’t. Just because you gave Irv his children does not in )“%`_!+#%^)!)* le you to make an $%_~%_&`$*@+!@+ of him in the home(The FAMILY Home). The home is for the children and outta love for Deb and that’s the reason why Irv does what he does financially for them, it’s his FAM!!!!! You as a woman keep your disrespect for the father and what you have going on with him behind close doors or in private when no children can be present at all to hear nor witness the harshness of the reality of what the two of you happen to be going through.
    Their are many people who go through seperations and divorce, but being in that situation doesnt grant you a FREE PASS to act an $%_~%_&`$*@+!@+ towards someone, when you know your children are present at home. I think Irv was the bigger person in this episode at the end, due to him biting his tongue and keeping it cool versus reacting to her nasty $%_~%_&`$*@+!@+ way of communicating her point to him. Most men would have blew!!!! Much respect to Irv on keeping your cool!!! Deb, continue to move forward in positive ways, but don’t let that anger control you, you control it so that you can be the better person for your kids and in front of your children at all times, it’s not their battle!!!

  9. Nic says:

    Gotti in a way I feel you when you were saying a wife need to hold down the household if you are bring in the cash. If my husband wanted me to be a ~)@_(`$^+@!@#!_%+ in the bedroom then that’s what it is. My thing is if I don’t want my husband to cheat then I’m going to do everything possible to prevent that. I will keep his stomach full, house well kept and on my knees as much as he wanted but at the same time if I am giving my all I expect the same in return. Marriage is all about compromising, it’s a give a take situation at all times.

  10. CC says:

    Deb you need to leave his immature, ignorant, immoral behind alone. You already have two little boys, you do not need a third. He is such nerd trying to be hard, boy trying to be a man. It’s sad. He’d rather throw a family away for cheap sex and a hit. One day he’ll realize God didn’t put him on earth so he could record “Down _+~^#^)(^!+!^+* Chick.” When he finally grows up enough to realize what’s important, it’ll be too late. Again I say, God ain’t gonna bless junk when you throw treasure in the trash. Keep it pushin’ Deb, show him what kind of man a “real” woman can get.

  11. Debra Young says:

    Deb you need to leavr Irv alone he is a great provider he dont want you anymore you curse like a sailor in front of the kids,the house belongs to the kids get a job and you try to pay all the bills get a divorce and leave him alone. He told you what he likes and youre not IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Chantill says:

    Deb I really applaude you for finally taking a stand for you and your kids. You are a beautiful woman and you deserve to be happy. Irv really needs to grow up. Please don’t spend another minute waiting for him to be your husband. There is someone that will give you the happiness you truly deserve.

  13. khani says:

    did gotti’s way end? i didn’t see a final show and it is not on the program on cable