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This season of Charm School has packed in more drama in three episodes than most series do over their entire run. And the drama keeps on rolling! Below, Farrah talks about what pushed her to make the decision to “drop out,” reflects on locking Brittaney Starr in the bathroom and lets us know where she is with her stripping. Most revealing, though, are her comments regarding her calling other girls on the show “ghetto.” The race dialogue has yet to cease, and from where we’re sitting, it’s only getting more interesting.

I didn’t really understand why you were getting so upset at the elimination that led to your dropping out.

I was so pissed, I was actually pacing back and forth. Whenever they were up there, the girls from Real Chance of Love were standing there acting like they were total angels, and that’s fine. When I do stuff that’s wrong, like locking Brittaney Starr in the bathroom, I try to act like an angel, too. But they were making little comments. I don’t remember what they were, but it was just pissing me off. They were that mad that one of the Real Chance of Love girls was up there. Two of the Rock of Love girls were up there. Hello? Two Rock of Love girls already got sent home. It was hard to stand there and listen to all their comments, and it was frustrating that Ricki couldn’t hear them.

So it was just comments that bothered you enough to want to leave?

I knew that as soon as one of the Real Chance of Love girls was sent home, the rest were going to explode, because that’s what they do. It was never-ending. They were yelling the whole time, and when I say “they,” I mean Bay Bay Bay, So Hood, Ki Ki, Risky, K.O and Brittaney Starr. All that yelling was hard to deal with. I had to drink a lot to tolerate it.

So, you walk off and then Ashley follows you and then Marcia follows her…

It was so funny, because we didn’t have that planned. We were just in sync.

Did Ricki momentarily convince you to stay after that?

I felt sorry for Ricki at that point. I know she didn’t want us to leave, but I was thinking at that point that she didn’t know what she was getting herself into. Neither did we, and I’m sure the Real Chance of Love girls felt the same way, because they didn’t want to be around us, either. Ricki didn’t know what to do, and I felt sorry for her because she’s a really sweet person.

But regardless, you decided to leave anyway after elimination.

After Ricki eliminated Ki Ki, a bomb exploded. There was screaming and yelling, but this time they weren’t just communicating as usual — they were pissed off. They thought we should have gone home for locking Brittaney Starr in the bathroom, but the thing is that we didn’t harm her. She’s mentally unstable, anyway. We could have kicked her ass, but kicking her ass would have been like beating up a mental patient or someone with a handicap. She’s just not right. Of course, they realize now that she’s crazy. So I was outside in the yard, and Brittaney Starr comes out with a massive plate, like a flying saucer. And she was gonna hit me with it, so we shoved each other, and I was gonna beat her ass, but like I said, I didn’t want to do that. Production came out and grabbed me, and that’s when I went up the steps like, “I’m leaving.” If you go back to the supertrailer, you can see us pushing each other. That’s when I walked out of the house and I walked into the driveway in front of the house and I said, “I’m leaving.” A producer got me in the Charm School bus and asked me to leave, and while I’m sitting in there, I see So Hood get in the van and leave and it was like, “What is going on now?” By this time, I had begged so many times to leave that they let me. I actually did want to come back the next day, but they thought it wasn’t the best environment for me and I agreed.

So, if you could sum up your departing state of mind in a word, what would it be? Irritation?

I don’t know if I could sum it up in a word…

Was it fear?

No, I was definitely irritated. A lot of things played into it, too. I was very emotional at the time, before I even came on the show, and I had a bottle of tequila with Marcia. To hear the screaming all day long it kind of puts you in a state like in The Shining, when you’re locked into a place for so long and then you start freaking out. I felt like that was going to happen to me if I didn’t leave.

But having been on a reality show, you didn’t expect screaming?

On Rock of Love, we were funny and fun. Every now and then, we had altercations, but we never got up in somebody’s face and verbally abused them like they did Bubbles all the time. They were always doing something to Bubbles. She’d be like, “I want to be friends with you,” and they’d all start screaming. Bubbles is the sweetest person on the planet. People think she’s dumb. I do think she’s smart. It’s just her voice, and she says dumb things sometimes. I love her to death.

You definitely did seem more willing than most to bridge the gap between the shows. You reached out to So Hood after Marcia called her “So Ho.”

Yeah, I tried to talk to her and she was like, “Whatever.” I talked to Ki Ki on the bus on the way there. She was nice and I was nice to her. Bay Bay Bay and I had a really good conversation one time and she was really sweet. The Real Chance girls really didn’t do anything to me besides saying, “Kiss my black ass,” and setting Brittaney Starr up to say stuff to me. But they weren’t looking to be friends, I don’t think. I really regret leaving because I know once a few people left, the group would be smaller and everyone would blend together.

At what point did you regret that?

The next day when I woke up in my hotel room. I was really sad and I had anxiety all day. I should have stuck it out. Sometimes you don’t realize you’re making the wrong decision until it’s too late.

It seemed like you could have won it. You were practically set up to turn your life around and take it all.

I know I could have won it. And I know everybody had faith that I was going to win it. Ricki and Lala both thought I could go to the end and change. I wanted to change, too. And I loved the theme: giving back.

Where are you with stripping?

I’m not doing it as much as I used to. If I need money and I’m not hosting events, I may go in. Most of the time if I go into work here in Myrtle Beach, I basically don’t even dance the whole time because so many people recognize me and ask me for pictures and buy me drinks, so it’s basically just like I’m going out in small, skimpy clothes. I never go on stage. People just give me money for sitting with them.

Let’s talk about your classification of some of the girls as “ghetto,” since some people read that as racist.

First of all, I want to apologize to anyone who took offense to that word. Obviously, their definition and my definition are different. My definition is loud, obnoxious and inconsiderate. It has nothing to do with color. Ghetto is not a color. I know white people that are ghetto, I know black people that are ghetto. It’s not a race thing for me. The people I referred to as “ghetto bitches” on the show weren’t just the black girls. It was Brittaney Starr and K.O, also. Plus, I’ve been ghetto more than a few times. I’m that way when I’m wasted a whole lot.

What did you think of Bay Bay Bay calling Ashley and strippers ghetto?

I think that was uncalled for. She was so upset over the use of that word and then she turned around and used it. The whole time, we were called “white stripper whores.” We were also referred to as dykes, by Ki Ki, I believe. I don’t agree with that. I support the gay and lesbian community, and that’s a slur toward them. I’m not a lesbian, but I do turn lesbian one drink at a time (laughs). They called us that because we were taking showers together. Well, let me explain that. No. 1) It’s hot. No. 2) What’s wrong with it? Everybody likes it. Ashley’s hot and seeing her naked’s hotter. The real point, though, is that we took showers together to share the water. That’s another way to give back to your community: conserving water. The whole theme to Charm School was giving back to the community. Even though I was only there for three days, me and Ashley gave back to the community three times. And I will continue to give back to the community when I see Ashley again. Look, me and Ashley get called a lot of names because of our provocative dressing, but we don’t get offended because we choose to dress that way. People shouldn’t get offended when they’re called “ghetto” because they’re choosing to act that way.

I think some of the confusion arose because a lot of people, especially white people, swap in the word “ghetto” when what they really want to say is “black.”

I understand that, I understand why people think it’s a racial thing. But that’s definitely not how I intended it. And then it’s like, why say, “Kiss my black ass?” Why call us “white girls?” Why call Ashley and me whores and sluts just based on how we’re dressed? It works both ways.

Did you learn anything from your time on the show?

I learned that picking up trash in the river is very disgusting. Oh, I do want to add that Stryker can kiss my butt. He said I wear size 10.5 shoes, and I wear a 7.5, thank you very much. That made me look so stupid. It’s like, great, everyone thinks I’m an Amazon or a barbarian. I’m 5’6″, and I weigh 130 lbs. I’ve lost 20 lbs., since Charm School.

It sucks that the Blondourage is broken up again.

It sucks, but people are not going to forget me. I made a big impact by locking Brittaney Starr in the bathroom. I think that’s one of the funniest moments ever on reality TV. Some people got so bent out of shape about it, and it’s like chill out. We just intended to lock her in there for a few minutes until she started saying, “F*** you, whores,” calling us all kinds of names. I told her, “That’s not the way to get out of the bathroom,” and she kept it up. She was taunting us, too, but the show made it look like we were the only ones doing the taunting. If anyone knew her, they’d lock her in there, too. The people who were offended don’t really know Brittaney Starr. People like to compare the way we treated Brittaney to the way the Real Chance girls treated Bubbles. No. It’s not the same thing. Bubbles is sweet and nice and didn’t say anything mean to them and she’s not crazy. Brittaney Starr is certifiable. And everybody knows it except for the people who don’t know her.

What about when you said that you weren’t quitting Charm School, you were dropping out? What’s the distinction?

That makes me laugh my brains out. I was wasted and it means the same thing. I was just trying to say something clever, I guess. I don’t know.

Keep up with Farrah via her MySpace and her official site.

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  1. Bunnyplant says:

    I liked Farrah and wanted to see more of her.

  2. Maya says:

    Rich, you have to ask Farrah about the t shirts! I really want a Blondourage t shirt like the ones she wears on charm school (i.e., low cut) but the ones for sale on her web site are just regular high-neck t shirts!

  3. Channie says:

    I think bringing race in the situation, at ANYONE’S expense (Black, White, Asian, Latino, Hispanic) is wrong. I appreciate Farrah apologizing for the fact that word “ghetto” (which is a despicable word)can come off with negative racial connotations. But I’m extremely annoyed that Kiki would bring their race into it as well. It’s all wrong, but it takes a strong person to admit to their downfalls.

    Now, on for the Brittaney Starr stuff. I don’t really care too much for Brittaney Starr, but honestly, if you think (or how Farrah says, KNOW) that she’s crazy, that seems even MORE inhumane to lock her in the bathroom!! I like Farrah’s personality, but that was kinda bogus and extremely mean spirited.

    The people who left that episode DESERVED to be expelled.

  4. CS3 Fan says:

    I believe Farrah and her explanation of why she used the word “ghetto.” She does not appear racist to me. However, I think that when you know a word is racially charged, like the word “ghetto,” you should really avoid it. If you think someone is loud, rude and obnoxious, just call them that! Hopefully she learned a lesson…

    I will miss seeing you on the show Farrah! You’re a sweet heart and I would buy you a drink too if I saw you at the club :)

  5. Beeeeeth says:

    I really wanted Farrah to win and I was so sad when she dropped out :(

    Farrah’s my favorite!

  6. mandy says:

    As a white woman i have never used the word ghetto to mean black, I have used it to describe a poor state of something. Ghetto to me means poor quality and i hate to admit it but Bay bay bay and Kiki and Sohood are low quality people. Kiki reminds me of a BULL DOG barking and biting at everyone. Now that i think about it all the girls who were barking a bubbles looked like a pack of Ugly Dogs. and i hope those girls read this and know what America thinks of them. With such good communication skills Kiki and Bay Bay Bay will have fun finding a REAL job or NOT !

  7. Shelly says:

    Farrah rocks!!! Her and Ashley need their own show!!! Those other chicks are ghetto!!!

  8. TGIF says:

    it’s funny how some people, I refuse to put a color in this statment, don’t realize you don’t have to be any particular skin color to be a racist. You can be any color and any race to be a racist. Hmmm…wonder if the Real Chance of Love girls ever read these posts. If you do, this applies to you too, it applies to us all.

  9. Drayke says:

    I love Farrah. She seems to be one of the more good-hearted people on the show. And she’s hilarious! When she and Ashley were eliminated from Rock of Love, it instantly became boring as hell. Thank God on Charm School we have PLENTY of entertaining people to keep us laughing.

    As for the whole comment “I feel like I was dropped off in the ghetto,” I think it’s pretty obvious why that was offensive to a lot of people. I’m glad she at least apologized and owned up to it (for the most part…) but she needs to realize that even if she “didn’t mean it that way,” it still hurt people. Live and learn though. I don’t think she’s a hateful person at all.

    Now about the issue of locking Brittaney in the bathroom: It’s a prank people! Relax! Was it a nice thing to do? Not really, no. But who hasn’t played an immature prank like that on someone before, c’mon. And if you watch the extended version of the “incident,” you’ll see Brittaney’s laughing and playing up the dramatics for tv. She loves being the victim, this was like a dream come true for her!

  10. Adriana says:

    I kind of like Farrah.
    Like she is truly beautiful.
    Rock on Farrah! Sucks to see you go…

  11. Scottie says:

    TEAM FARRAH! I agree with you girl. Those girls were acting ghetto and trashy. Why would anyone want to listen to them bicker all day and all night. I would have left too!

  12. alexis says:

    huh farrah why did u have to leave

  13. jay says:

    i was so upset when she was eliminated.

    “Even though I was only there for three days, me and Ashley gave back to the community three times. And I will continue to give back to the community when I see Ashley again.” – shes hilarious

  14. hellfusionx says:

    I love the BLONDURAGE and I love Farrah she’ s amazing person I want she goes her own with all the blondurage :) also she was so real like ROL BUS and the drama never end so GO FARRAH :) :) :)

  15. Brettermichael says:

    Love you Farrah!! I can see it now… I Love Money 3 ;) haha

  16. Joshter says:


  17. jewls says:

    farrah you are so right the realchance girls are F***in crazy…i wish u coulda stuck it out though.

  18. ancksunamun says:

    rich you should have asked farrah if she will do more reality tv like umm I Love Money 3 she and ashley would be perfecto

  19. Commenting says:

    Farrah needs to get control of her drinking. Because of her out-of-control drinking and partying, she can’t get her life in order. The world needs a warm, kind, down-to-earth Farrah. I’ll say this to Farrah – although you don’t like Brittaney Star, and in some ways she’s horrible (racist towards Natasha), she is able to handle pressure. She is an outcast on Charm School and was relentlessly taunted by the blondtourage, but she’s still standing, and she’s still in Charm School. It’s not easy to handle that kind of pressure – she’s not an alcoholic, and that has a lot to do with her success. Farrah, you need to go to Alcoholics Anonymous. You couldn’t even take Brittaney Star on this show, because of your drinking. What does that say about your ability to handle pressure?

  20. DIAMOND says:


  21. Jenny says:

    I wish Farrah would have stayed, I dont even want to watch the show anymore without her. Come back Farrah!

  22. Olivv says:

    omg i honestly love farrah, she is amazing, and i believe that if she hadn’t left, she probably would’ve won. and wtf, she’s not racist at all!!!!! Farrah was one of the coolest, and it makes no sense why she would be racist. i wish we would’ve seen more of her!

  23. JW says:

    I love Farrah she is so honest and real…and freakin funny:)

    The RCOL girls are racist, they always use the terms ghetto, white girls and black-ass so wtf? Hypocrites!

  24. pleasurenxtasy says:

    wow u guys love the rol girls but all the rcol girls are every name in the book and i didnt see one questions addressing the fact that her and her girls were loud and caused drama as well but i guess thats the double standard go blonde white girls i guess *rolling eyes*

  25. Megan says:

    I love farrah shes my home girl. What would reality t.v. do with out her!

  26. jorge says:

    absolutely love farrah

    all them b!tches can suck it

    farrah is awesome

  27. Mecia says:

    I like Farrah, but lets be real…she left because she was SCARED. You could see it in her face when she was sitting outside. She had no reason to leave. SHe didn’t have to hang out with the Real CHance of Love Girls. She knew that the Real Chance of Love Girls would be all up her behind and in her face after KiKi went home because she felt it wasn’t right. The show was edited on that episode to make it look like Ki Ki had done and said all of those things in one day. Think about it, if she “loves Bubbles to death,” then why instead of complaining about the girls being in Bubble’s face why didn’t she try to stand up for her and help defend her…because she was scared.

  28. toia says:

    I am going to comment on the show that air on 05/18/2009, Riki I honestly believe that you are a better person with better judgment than what has happened on this show. What I think is that if you look at previous show that has air you have women on here that really need the money and the help and if you didnt see it that kiki doesnt need the help then there is something is wrong your decsion to help these ladies isnt right half of these girls on here like bubbles ashley brittney marcia natasha these girls dont seem like they need the help and if you are trying to help anybody thats trying to help themselves these women here dont want it because all they want to do is drink thats not wanting to change at all

  29. Hana says:

    So, if a person is crazy, or if they get angry when you abuse them, then it’s okay to abuse them? Should I go find a psychotherapist’s waiting room and start swinging a baseball bat around, Farrah? What if I find it funny, then it’s beyond reproach, right?

    I don’t understand why anyone thinks she could have won this show. She has absolutely no remorse for her bullying, and she laughed and laughed as Bubbles was being bullied by the others.

  30. Hana says:

    If Farrah was really a decent person, she would have stood up for Bubbles or at least stuck by her side. The RCOL girls only attacked her when she was alone so it could be 5 on 1. I’m not perfect, but I can’t imagine being in that situation and not helping the person. Farrah was just sitting there and laughing. I bet Bubbles felt great about that.

    Likewise, the RCOL girls, like BBB and Risky, who were so up in arms about Brittaney being locked in the bathroom for an hour and a half should have helped her. They could have gotten together and yelled and screamed for something good. Farrah is no better than them. Maybe she’ll learn some charm and compassion yet.

  31. bebe says:

    it’s never pleasant to be around a bunch of people who are yelling and screaming. it really doesn’t matter what their race is… it’s the yelling that’s the problem. of course farrah and kelsey yelled at taya about how “lame!” she was for a long time one day.

    I like farrah. I don’t think she is a bad person. but that doesn’t mean she’s perfect either. I think she’s thinking things over and if she can improve herself then that’s great.

    I wish someone had intervened on some of the ridiculous things that happened. brittaney could’ve been let out of the bathroom by anyone (not just a cast member). giving all of the girls something to do may have cut back on the yelling.

    I was sad to see farrah go. I don’t know as much about so hood, but I wish she’d stuck around longer. I don’t know that farrah would’ve won, but I think she should’ve lasted longer than she did.

    if farrah had stayed she may have really changed and she may have been deserving of winning. she did have a good attitude about the challenge at the river which wasn’t a pleasant challenge.

  32. Chris says:

    she is definitley on i love money 3. i just know it. probably along with beverly and ashley. at lest that’s who i would put on i love money 3 from rock of love bus.

  33. donna wiederhold says:

    I can’t imagine this season will be too interesting now. I sure couldn’t blame farrah for leaving though. It was almost intolerable having to listen to all that yelling for just a few minutes. Can you imagine having to listen to that for hours? It would be nice if they would just shut their mouths long enough to hear anything.

  34. zoe says:

    I agree with Farrah on the word Ghetto. Ghetto has been hijacked as a racial slur and it’s not intended to be used as one. Case in point – yelling out from one balcony to call someone from another balcony – was called ghetto (unless it’s your mom calling you back in) – when you’re grown and doing it from across the court it was ghetto. Screaming all the time to make a point, is a lot like forgetting what you’re talking about and just wanting to win. So you scream more. Even Kiki was screaming that she was louder and no one would hear someone over her. So it’s not about making a point, but making your ears bleed from her static. Yeah, that, is, ghetto.

  35. ALTHEA says:

    its amazing how much support is given to farrah even though she uses a racist term. i guess its ok to be a racist once you are blond and have big boobs.

  36. Aaron Long says:

    FARRAH IS THEEEEE BEST! I’D HANG OUT WITH HER! all of the real chance of love girls must not be able to hear themselves because they sound +`(^+~)^*)^&))~`+! ed just like every other harlem ghetto ^~(@!^__%`&$(&__! that follows behind worthless chance.

  37. continued. says:

    I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY THEY SEGREGATE THEMSELVES ITS ANNOYING!! they should have had a white charm school and a black charm school. real chance of love can go to BET for all I care :) they want it that way anyway CLEARLY. No dumb ghetto loud mouth girls should be able to take over ANY show on television because it makes me change the channel. I’m not racist but those girls are rediculous..I wish i could record an impression of them and post it RIGHT HERE because its accurate as hell

  38. Fashiion Tiiana says:


  39. b thib says:

    Farrah was my favorite!!!! And ‘ghetto’ is not a race influenced word. I agree with her.

  40. Kraziian says:


  41. Enedina says:

    omg i totally accept the fact that farrah dropped out. the real chance of love girls DO NOT know how to shut th F** up. they dont let u even take a breath theyre just in ur face 24/7. and its not worth being there. but one thing i dissagree with, is that if u still want to change GO for it. theres other ways to change than just charm school. yeah u wont get 100,000 dollars but in the end the money SHOULDNT matter (but yeah it can) u should b releaved that u changed and became a better person. i think she made the right decision and i dont think she was scared at all i dont think i would be able to take the crap from all those ppl. im totally on ur side FARAH! and im not even white im a mexicana! (im not racist)i can go on and on about how disrespectful, rude, and uncivilized the real chance of love girls but this is all i can say for now and have the time for. =D

  42. Shanda says:

    I think Farrah is the one tring to act like an angel. You are a STRIPPER. All you and those Rock of Love girls do is drink. Why is it oaky for you to do things and say things out of the way to people, and its okay. You lock someone the bathroom. Grow up. You are GHETTO too! All of you fake low budget B****’* need to go away and get a real job.

  43. Namaste says:

    Yeah, that’s too bad that she quit, Farrah is very amusing. I hope she understands that she could be perceived as an unreliable person and lose opportunities in the future. I hope VH1 gives her one more chance on a show such as I Love Money or something.

  44. Em says:

    Go Farrah!! I was sorry to see her leave so soon because she’s one of the funniest girls on the show. Locking that nutjob Brittaney in the bathroom was funny and harmless. Brittaney’s so desperate for attention, she’ll take anything she can get.

  45. chase617 says:

    i can’t believe farrah quit. she was so good hearted. she has such a good response from the fans as opposed to the real chance of love girls:)

  46. jewsus says:

    I just love Farrah. I hope she is on I Love Money 3!

  47. MemeFIERCE says:

    Wow…. Its just funny to watch because everyone of these girls segregated themselves. Its just a case of the birds of a feather flock together. And its just ridiculous to me that grown women cannot get along just because they get down differently. Im am an african american female and I think that all of these girls were in the wrong. If they really came to the show for change they wouldn’t have been worried about what the next girl was doing. They should be focused on themselves. I think Farrah is a cool girl… a lil immature but nobody’s perfect. I think So hood just gave up a little too early. It wasn’t worth giving up over. NO FEMALE could get in the way of that money if that were me. I don’t really understand why people are calling BAYBAYBAY GHETTO…. shes just a loud mouth!!! A ghetto is a place….at least I thought. Kiki… she was a bit much… but its messed up that they didnt even give her a chance to change. Marcia… she drinks but I dont see that shes a mean drunk so whats the prob??? They all need to worry bout themselves. .

  48. memeFierce says:

    Its funny that people are pulling out the race card… RCOL girls were “WHITE TRASH” this and “WHITE STRIPPER TRASH” that.. PLEASE!!! If any thing they are the ones that are racist…. and they arent even quiet about it. Im a black woman and I see this all the time. Alot of black people feel they can say whatever and then when its the other way around its war. I think we all need to take a step back and check ourselves.

    Another funny thing is that FARRAH and ASHLEY did the same things on Brett’s show. They would have been classified as the bullies. But they wont pull that with the black girls because they are intimidated. You see how they get to sitting in a circle and talking mess… but let that have been Brett’s show…. SALSA IN THE SUITCASE!!! lol… and just let me add that I would have went off if they would have pulled that on me no matter what color I was. Damn… its just great to watch at the end of the day. ha ha

  49. abdul says:

    Its sad the way this show is going down the way it is. But i wish you the best farrah.

  50. Chase says:

    I just want to say Farrah, u are one of the coolest and hottest women on reality tv!!!!!! I felt sad when u left and charm school won’t be the same without you!!!! U and Ashley were holding it down and I’ll glad u stuck up for bubbles!!!! The real chance of love girls are nothing but trouble and Vh1 should give you and Ashley your own reality show!!!!!! I hope all goes well 4 u and All hail the Blondurage!!!!

  51. Farrah What Farrah Who says:

    I am a black female and I like Farrah. I think she apologized on this blog because she did use the word ghetto in the wrong way….she meant it cuz they were black….I never heard her call any of the other girls from ROL ghetto when she was on that show…hmmmmm. Anyways some of us would call the opposite trailer trash….none of the girls are any better than the rest. They are all flawed in some way. But the RCOL girls were waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay worse! I could barely stand hearing all the yelling myself. The other charm schools were better. There was yelling and plotting but not this pure meaness and evilness. So Hood, BBB, and Kiki were the absolute worse. No doubt….uuggggh! Anyway I wished that these girls had gotten along better! It did seem kind of segregated….that was lame. They really had a lot in common….silly girls! Bubbles is really a sweetheart and I hope she won the money…she seems like she could use it the most. And besides all the crap she tolerated as well….Team Bubbles! ;) Farrah you were my number one pick…but you left the show! It seemed like you were going to win it outta all of those girls. It seemed like you were the only one REALLY serious. We saw your effort to befriend others that were different from you! Yeah you pulled silly little tricks….but that didn’t seem too bad…Wished you hadn’t walked away :( You seem to have a warmth and niceness to you! But remember we ALL have flaws…Peace.

  52. Blacks Gone Wild says:

    I heard once, a person that talks too much is stupid, and the wise man will listen. It just proves a point that all the black women on Charms School 3 are stupid. ITS so funny that the black woman think that they are smart and have something to say, when all they are doing is making themselves look stupid. HELLO!!!, you are making the black race look like they are out of control ignorant people just running their mouths. ALL THE BLACK WOMAN ON CHARM SCHOOL SHOULD GO BACK TO THE GHETTO WHERE THEY CAME FROM. And why do all black women have 20 kids, how do they pay for all the kids they are popping out??? Oh thats right the government does. THATS WHY OUR COUNTRY IS GOING BANKRUPT. BLACK PEOPLE ARE KILLING OUR COUNTRY. ALL black people pease go back to AFRICA. THANK YOU.

  53. lgirl says:

    im sorry but there is no way she was 5″6″ and 130 pounds, especially with those huge boobs. That is a very thin person and she is not thin at all. Its not a big deal that shes not thin or anything, Im just saying why lie about it.

  54. k11363 says:

    Very well said Farrah, i am still on your side, i agree with your definition of ghetto as well.

  55. erica says:

    I’m white and i use the word GHETTO.To me i said it when something looks Hoopty like a car thats old its not racist…. The show will suck with out the blondourage!

  56. Delilah says:

    Well I am an Irish-English-Dutch American (Pun intended) (u r american. period) and just because you call someone ghetto does not mean that it is a racial slur. Get over that crap Please. Stop the judging and name calling.

  57. tay says:

    i acutally like Farrah becuz of how she dress.But her fake @%@~$*^%_(*_$!! friend Brittinya need to go.I wish Farrah could take that ^!_^#!!#&!*$~_@`^ place.I think u were actually the coolest white girl out of u, ashley, and brittanya.Brittanya is just a 2 faced ^!_^#!!#&!*$~_@`^ and im glad my girl So Hood slapped her ugly self with all that dam makeup.

  58. jamie says:

    Ferra, I love you and Ashley!! You gals are so damn funny and both of you are beautiful. If I knew the two of you I think we’d be very good friends. I wish you the best of luck!

  59. nunyabisnes says:

    farroh you and ashley r awesome

  60. tania palos says:


  61. Gangsta4alife says:

    People are `@+_@^~~)@+(&~#$ in @(~(%%%*%$(~+_+(^` ed these days. Ghetto does not mean your loud. Ashley and those rock of love girls are ghetto by the way they act slutty and are strippers. Bab Bay is loud but not ghetto but people call her ghetto because she is black or misinformed.

  62. Kiss My back side says:

    All of the white ppl are going to stick together period.
    Only a moron would belive other wise.
    I knew ricki ugly fake `_#!)_**_($#_!^ would get rid of kiki cause she was blk not african american.. theres no such race!
    All blk ppl are not from no damn africa.
    Take that to hell with the fool who made up the word caucasian … wtf type of name!?! lol please… white people is what you are caucasian sounds like you want to be a mixed race. Please go somewhere with that BS. Scary white females need to stfu if you can’t back it up. Kiki wasn’t killing nobody or threating anyone. She was kicked off cause white ^)+!!`%#*`+~#+*@! es who was threating and talking `)$~`$($&@#@~^`% just like she was could’nt handle her mouth like she handled theres. Lastly blk ppl dont make idle treats “we” carry them out, so no need to feel threatend cause if we want to kick `_#!)_**_($#_!^ it’s done simple as that. All you ^)+!!`%#*`+~#+*@! es making comments can eat a &(`)@+^)%$`(%$~+ up untill you hoes hick up. ( in ebonics ) #!++%*%_@###!!~& you all and go suck &(`)@+^)%$`(%$~+ cause that’s the only thing you lame ^)+!!`%#*`+~#+*@! es are good for anyway. #!++%*%_@###!!~& U RICKI Fake `_#!)_**_($#_!^ Lake. I hope choke on your own tounge. I never liked the ricki lake show anyway!.

  63. ONE 2 GROW ON says:

    It is a shame that racist had to be brought out, but clearly that is what this show was about. So hood i love you girly you keep it 100% as always, and i know you went home cause you knew off the top like a real women would. That this show was clearly out to get you black women off the show, and let a white girl win who did’nt deserve it. I dont like ricki lake, never have, and i could care less for La La now, who sat her money hungry behind down knowing “kiki” was sent home for having a loud mouth which clearly so did the other white females, but did not deserve to go home over the other two females who were up for elimination that were a bigger problem then kiki and should’ve been kicked off simple as that. This episode showed me that racist ppl will never be more then racist ppl which is sad and pathetic. This world is ugly, but thank GOD this world is coming to a END soon. There is a judgement waiting for all of you so talk mess, sin, do ignorant stuff and hate one another, be racist, because everyone will be judged and the only JUDGEMENT that counts is the one GOD will make.

  64. Latte says:

    So hood u shouldn’t have went home because of that because u gotta look at as kiki thats yo gurl but thats a battle she gitta face with her appearance and how people look at her cuz u coulda won da money. But dnt put your self in the place of mlk cuz he use non-violence. u r violent. Once u go down that road where u dnt have 2 use violence 2 get your point across than u say i follow da foot steps of mlk. cuz that statement made u sound a lil crazy. Holla at me

  65. me says:

    farrah i am a black women and for all of these black women to pull the race card on you need to shut up. bay bay bay is so rude and loud so why is she in charm school? she needs to calm herself down! kiki is a rude women from rcol to begin with, and she needed to go home! so hood i had hopes for u girl. but farrah yoou rock i would get annoyed to girl.

  66. Samantha says:

    I wish you would have stayed Farrah! I was cheering for you from day one! I love you girl!

  67. Christie says:

    Okay, ghetto does not necessarily apply to a specific race. It just means someone who is rude, obnoxious, mean, and/or ignorant. White ppl can be ghetto as well.
    To the individuals who were being racist, not all black ppl act like that. And to say that black ppl are ruining the country and taking all the money from the government?! I have seen plenty of white ~(@+*%!_***`&)^$( es pop out kids and draw welfare. To say what you said proves that you are ignorant and therefore YOU are ghetto.

  68. Jenifer says:


  69. oh please says:

    Farrah kind and good hearted? Anybody here watched ROL….she left cause she couldn’t bully people like she did on that show. She didn’t deserve to win _++&~%#&+(!&!*~_ she and ashley going to be losers all their lives.

  70. Marisa says:

    I’m upset that Farrah left, her & Ashley are my favorites. I wish she would have stayed. I think they both could have made it to the end. Well I guess it’s up to Ashley now lol. I love you both! can we all hang out? :)

  71. WHAT I SAY GOES... says:


  72. Amanduh says:

    What about the fact that Farrah used to be a MAN!

  73. blucelace says:

    you are a trouble-maker Farrah..Ashley is a follower behind you..Ghetto is poor neighborhood.shanty houses.Lot of people who lives there are decent;some act like you and ashley..Black people call it ghetto,white folks don’t say it,they don’t know the meaning..Plain and simple,some word are for black people and they can call black person the name and it is no big thing and it just like that..No hard feelings..You never go there to change,yo went for the free drinks and have fun with the rest of your gang and cause troub le.I think you all met your match with the black girls..You couldn’t do what you did to Britney and get away with it..Face the tune when it come in your face,you run,you FEAR..They show you all who is the boss..Strip until your #^!($%&$*^^`#^^ get swivled up and knee cap rocks out..You will always do that,that is where you get your grove from sweetie…

  74. shana says:

    How are any of you better than what the girls on the show were acting? You are all judging by race, the same as they were. I saw so many things on here that was ignorant and tacky. Who are any of you to judge someone else. Ghettoyup and Blacksgonewild; your comment was so hateful and untrue. Black people do not act like animals, we are humans. People tend to adapt in whatever environment they are in. As for the country being broke because of supporting black children, that’s not true. Alot of companies are going broke because of rich white people embezzling money and being greedy. How do black people support their children, let’s see…they work. Haven’t you ever worked with a black person before? I don’t know anyone that have 20kids. There are more white people on welfare actually. Oh, and I’m sure you want to know; I am both black and white mixed.

  75. danielle says:

    go ahead call them ghetto!cuz they think its alright to call you names but its not alright to call them names!!and they are just loud mouth ^$!**+#^)(^`#)#*) es,because if they really wanted to fight you they would of regardless of charm school!! i think they say all that stuff bout you and abomb and bratanya because there jelouse and there
    so lame that they have nothing to talk about only yous. they make you the center of there worlds because they just want 2 be you! and i think yous guys are really nice but people mistake you for something your not~~~ luv the blondterouage 4ever!!!

  76. Dat Dude says:

    Farrah was right with calling the Real Chance of Love girls ”ghetto”. Bay Bay Bay and Kiki was really abusing Bubbles and calling her everything out of the ordinary. So Farrah was right when she called them “ghetto” because I am black and I know a “ghetto” person when I see one. Good job Farrah, I do give you props for that. Keep stripping andkeep making that money!!!!!! Love You!!! Keep doing what you are doing and don’t let those”ghetto” people get in your way!!!

  77. sascha says:

    alot of the people on this blog need charm school some of you are completly ignorant.have you met every black person in the world no, you haven’t so how can you judge a whole race of people by a few.maybe i should start judging white people by what i see on jerry springer,trailer trash,sleeping around with relatives, being loud and ghetto themselves, and vommiting on each other, but i am not cause i am too smart for that. and for the record i am black, a single mother, educated, not on welfare, and was bought up in a home with a strong educated parent, actually both my parents are educated, I am pretty sure some of you white people writing those ignorant comments can’t even say that. for the record i have a friend who works at the foodstamp office and plenty of white people are on welfare and foodstamps, i don’t look down or judge on anyone that gets )_##%~#^“%)_$+ istance, i only have a problem when you are lazy with it and are not trying to better yourself just stay on it. i am black and was not raised on that or raised to depend on it, however if i lost a job or something and i had to get it to feed my child and survive until i found work again or even if i was back in school trying to better myself i see nothing wrong with it. anyways how the hell did this become a race debate. go farrah

  78. Tony Galvan says:

    All i can say is that, i agree with the Stryker part, he’s an A-hole :)

  79. blk wmn says:

    I have never read such racist material in my life.,go back to Africa how dare u,, Of course i will not stoop so low and respond back with a racist comment, why are u even allowing a fake +##(%&@%~@)$)+` reality tv show cause u anger and to become prejudice? look at these girls myspace they are all friends this ()`~$`~%_+`_$^_& is fake,, but u let it cause u to hate blacks and talk down on the president,,or did u always feel this way and now u have something to blame,, i watch the show for entertainment just as i do a sitcom or movie, I must say that I am a very strong, independent black woman and no one or nothing can cause me to HATE any of God’s children,,

  80. Ms D says:

    I think it’s so funny all these white people on here posing as black people just so they can speak negatively about the RCOL girls. CUTE! HAHAHA Anywho its a lot of white people on here talking MAJOR )!$~##&@(@~@)&“ I dare one to come up to me in person to me and say some of this )!$~##&@(@~@)&“ ya’ll scary azzez are blogging about. That’s right hide behind your computer and talk that ^_~~~^*%_~!@(_*# that you would NEVER dare say to a black person’s face. Cause if one of you ever came at me like that I promise I would beat the he11 outta ya! NOW CALL THAT GHETTO!!!!!!

  81. Michelle says:

    Farrah is my hero. She’s hilarious, isn’t ashamed of who she is, admits when she’s done something wrong, and seems like she really does try and be friendly to everyone. I’m so sad she quit Charm School, it’s not even worth watching anymore. I love Ashley, but Farrah’s my girl. That sucks she wasn’t allowed to come back because that would’ve been the best ever.

    The Blondourage needs their own TV show ASAP.

  82. Jamie says:

    I don’t blame Farrah for leaving. All of the ROL girls were ghetto hood rats. They yell and are all street. They didn’t deserve to be on the show. Rusty and BBB need to be dropped from the show next because they are pathological liars too.

  83. lame says:

    Good for you Farrah! You were far too good and cool to be hanging with that ghetto bunch. Rude, loud, nasty, violent, aggressive and just plain stupid. When those hos can’t argue they stand up, wiggle their fat butts, scream and poke their nasty finger in peoples faces.

    That is not entertainment, that is not fun to watch. That is antisocial behaviour at its worst. Best thing to do is switch off or jump channel.

    Sad image that these people portray of american society. Andy frankly I rather go stripping than hang with those loosers.

  84. Mel says:

    The rock of luv chicks got the most problems. they drink deep and they out of control, and charm school is not the answer, they need some professional help, Riki lake can’t help these girl for she don’t know what she doing.

  85. amanda says:

    i love Farrah she really wanted you can even tell it wasn’t an act and i agree with her bubbles is the victim people are just and will do anything to get attention…. like Brittaney Starr !

  86. It's4entertainment says:

    Obviously people are allowing what is happening on a reality show over flow into real life. Nothing about this show has anything to do with The Greatest President to date, but others choose to believe it does. The entire show is a bunch of crap. Like other reality shows there are loop holes and second chances to allow certain participants to stay. Who cares? It is television and entertainment! Nothing on any of these shows will increase or decrease my worth, value, or life…’s only television. Take your place and know what’s real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. ... says:

    To the people saying the “black” thing. You are an idiot if you get your ideas of how black people really are from reality tv! that’s “__~+%##+&!++^^ ing ridiculous. Of course, they are gonna get the most stereotypical ‘loud’ black girls. And the white chicks on the show are exactly the same so stfu

  88. Rock says:

    It would be a crime if she stopped stripping.

  89. Rock says:

    Farrah is really beautiful. I hope she never stops stripping or taking showers with Ashley.

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  96. jaybird369 says:

    Farrah, you are a beautiful, charming and straightforward person. Friendship-wise, you don’t need someone like Ashley in your life. I think that Ashley is nothing but snippy, rude and (most of all) disrespectful. Remember when she and that ex of hers (James) disrespected Heather and (especially) Ambre? I hope you see my point. Thank you for listening.