Tom Sizemore Joins Celebrity Rehab 3 Cast



In addition to the eight Celebrity Rehab 3 patients we announced last week, we now have word that Tom Sizemore will be joining the cast. In addition to being a VH1 alum (via 2007′s Shooting Sizemore), he also notoriously dated Heidi Fleiss (he was convicted in 2003 of assault and battery against her, in fact). Heidi, of course, is also in next season’s Rehab cast. In other words: get ready for tumult!

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  1. Suan says:

    What happed to Seth ? Is he doing ok?

  2. pagan says:

    I dont care if he has issues, he is still hot.

  3. Mary says:

    Why was there no updates of how there all doing now? I just need to know after watching all last season.

  4. Stephani says:

    Best wishes to Tom and the rest of Dr. Drew’s crew. It seems that all of these people deserve to get back to the top. Dr. Drew seems to be the best at his job and hopefully he will be able to restore these rehab celebs to their best as well.

  5. jeff says:

    Good for him… Whats equally important is the child support he has refused to pay for over 2 1/2 years. This has resulted in his twin boys Mother losing her apartment, car and job. He needs to make amends and pay his child support so his kids can get a descent up bringing…

  6. Donna says:

    Drew Pinsky holds a Bachelor of Science degree, attended four years of med school and took three to four years of residency. In sum, he’s well-educated enough to use his proper professional @*!()#^~^`!%(&# le. He is NOT Dr. Drew Pinsky, M.D. (literally Doctor D___P___, Medical Doctor). He is Dr. Drew Pinsky or Drew Pinsky, M.D.

    Former teacher of business and English and currently a medical secretary and medical transcriptionist at a major university.

  7. Schtoop says:

    Personally, I think that Tom and the Mother of his two children (twins) both need to grow up and stop pretending that it’s the other one that has the problem or is irresponsible. One must accept responsibility before one can change. Each parent has their own agenda and they are functional addicts. What about the children?

  8. Fee Fee says:

    First, I think that Jeff needs to get his facts straight, Mom is an addict as well. Second, maybe Dr. Drew can look into another show focusing on the consequences Children suffer when BOTH Parents are more concerned with satisfying their own “addictions” and the Children are left behind and lost in the shuffle.

  9. Fee Fee says:

    First, I think that Jeff needs to get his facts straight, Mom is an addict as well. Second, maybe Dr. Drew can look into another show focusing on the consequences Children suffer when BOTH Parents are addicts.

  10. Sasha says:

    How about a new show with Dr. Drew focusing on the Children of Parents who are addicts and how the Children are the ones to suffer the consequences they are not responsible for creating? Episode 1: Tom and the twins’ Mother. One must take responsibility before change can occur.

  11. Sasha says:

    For Tom and the Twins’ Mother: One must accept responsibility before change can occur. The kids pay the consequences the Parents create.

  12. Stephie says:

    Tom Sizemore is truly one of the best actors around, despite his substance abuse and family issues. He is definately Oscar material. I would love to see him pull a “Robert Downy, Jr.” , and take Hollywood by storm again…..God bless him.

  13. Danilita says:

    Dear Tom

    I was drinking my keystone light and thinking of you and heidi. how i wish you would reconcile. for the love of #~&!$%^##&*^@^~*$ houses, i wish you would reconcile. reconcilitationis good you could have your own show the best little #~&!$%^##&*^@^~*$ house in watts we could audition all 50 states and puerto rico. it counts.

    P.S I like Dr. Drews Pek’s ;)

  14. Eric says:

    Was Tom dating his agent or manager to get this job ?

  15. Dtw says:

    Drama queens. One and all. Including Drew.

    Soooo incredibly soft.

    Growing up should be Rule #1.

  16. tracy says:

    Ohhh WaaaaWaaaaWaaaa, Let these crybabies spend the weekend in Haiti. Surely these ‘celebrities’ are getting paid for this drivel, because no human being, let alone a group of humans, could be so self involved and so out of touch with the real world. I say, if they are really the characters they are playing can’t get with the program, just let them snuff themselves out and get it over with. Open your eyes people. Things could happen to cause some REAL suffering to us, not this self induced crap!!

  17. tracy says:

    You crybabies!!! Go to Haiti for a weekend and see how great your life really is~~~or could be. Open you eyes.

  18. Leslie Basden says:

    It is utterly irresponsible and unethical to take both Heidi Fleiss and Tom Sizemore. I’m really disappointed in Pinski.

  19. KingsX Fan says:

    I didn’t think it was a very good example for Dr Drew to take Tom Sizemore’s blood without rubber gloves on. Junkies have are susceptible to HIV, Hep C and all kinds of other blood borne diseases. I had to rewind it to make sure i saw what i saw…

  20. Ilene Viny says:

    Been there I truly feel your pain and have been through the detox. Tom,Heidi Its like godzilla chocking ya. My prayers are wiht u once u kick u never have to go their again. Stay away from the doggy please you both deserve to have a beautiful life

  21. IleneViny says:

    Another nice Jewish girl that got caught up always in my prayers your almost home and probably through the worst of it much luv for u and tom please doggy!

  22. Danna says:

    u are an amazing actor. people love you and can not wait to see you work again! your work is incerdible and you are such a great asset to the film industry! please get back on top. see that people have done it.mickey rourke. you only get one life! it is hard but the drug is just something that is controlling you. be the master of your life again and command them to go away. you will be shocked how many agents and scripts will come to your door.
    this is a huge chance you are taking but you will be so happy and fullfilled.
    ! i am even so excited to watch u in this reality show. imagine- a real feature!
    good luck to you i hope you will get over this time in your life and move forward.
    Danna, nyc

  23. peach says:

    i was shocked to see Dr. Drew take a blood sample from a known addict(Tom Sizemore) WITHOUT GLOVES!!! Dr. Drew, you know better than that. And just like Kings X Fan, i also had to rewind to believe it.

  24. Cindy says:

    As a mother of a former herion addict…I was so shocked to see Dr.Drew not using any gloves on,when he was drawing blood from Tom Sizemore!!What was he thinking to show that on tv like blood tranferred disease are not to be taken seriously???? Theres addicts that share needles with no caution.For a doctor to not take precaution to get bloodwork is shocking!!

  25. L-A-U-R-A says:

    YESS TOM IS VERY HOTT! EEEEEEEEE I WOULD @@)_()%)(_(%+(^% THE *~^$&`%&)~%*!&#( OUTTA HIM.

  26. Brian says:

    I sure hope he gets better, i would like to see him in more war movies he is a great war movie actor loved BHD and Saving Ryan, hope he gets back on the ball! Good luck to you.

  27. Linda says:

    u are an amazing actor. people love you and can not wait to see you work again! your work is incerdible and you are such a great )#^%_@%#^$+(&~_ et to the film industry! You only get one life! it is hard but the drug is just something that is controlling you. be the master of your life again and command them to go away. you will be shocked how many agents and scripts will come to your door.
    this is a huge chance you are taking but you will be so happy and fullfilled.

    If a nobody (who doesn’t live in the limelight) like me can do it, someone like you (who is watched in the spotlight) definitely can! The only difference is you really want the help.

  28. Dolores Munoz says:

    Dear Tom. Let me start by saying that I’ve never written to a celebrity before. I also never watch reality tv either. Today I was flipping thru the channels and saw your name come up so I tuned in. I want ya to know that although I am noone to ya, I am sending ya my support and prayers in your successful completion of your rehab program. I have always loved ya as an actor and what little I have learned of ya as a normal human being, I believe in ya 100%. I will pray for ya everyday not only to suceed but to find happiness in your life. Yes I am a fan but also just a regular person who believes in you as a person also. Good luck and god bless you.

  29. Dean Kesler says:

    I am so glad that Tom is giving sobriety anther whirl. I have been a fan for many years. One of the first movies I saw him in was Striking Distance. At least, it’s the first one that comes to mind. Anyway, I have been on a Tom Sizemore movie binge since he joined Celebrity Rehab. My God! That man can act. I wish he would kick this addiction in the ass and make some more movies. There is something about Tom that makes me want to reach out to him. I was a heavy drinker myself but, I have been sober for almost 7 years. I was slamming a 1.75 liter of vodka in about 4 hours! Everyday! I was as close to death as you can get without being dead before I finally sobered up. It would be so sad to lose a man as talented as Tom to addiction. I want more movies out of you yet Tom! Be strong, work hard, and know that you are loved and respected.
    You are one gifted man Tom and, you can come back to us. I just know you can!

  30. loretta says:

    I wandered what happened to Tom. He is one of my favorite tough Guys. Good Luck Tom you can come out of this and be better than ever.

  31. Dale says:

    Tom ,You have some good gifts and qualities about you,and we the world want to see you in more movies.You can get past them dt’s.Just take it ONE MOMENT AT A TIME.I’m pulling for you because I was just like you,not so long ago.And I hope your girl friend will take the treatment as well.So come on back on the show.I am praying for you two.

  32. loladetroit says:

    I’m with “pagan”, something about him does it for me!!! Hot!!(rehab and all)…he can come stay with me in Detroit any day of the week!!!

  33. Kris says:

    Tom Sizemore is an Oscar caliber actor. How sad, so heart wrenching that he has hit rock bottom, homeless and meth/heroin addict. Addiction is a terrible disease and I hope that he pulls a Downey, Jr. and gets back on top. Tom, you have fans that love you and want you to succeed. I hope Tom gets back on top. He is definately up there with De Niro, Pacino and Crowe. Luv ya Tom please get better! <3

  34. Sidney says:

    Tom Sizemore is an awesome actor I am shocked hes on Rehab show and I wish he would get it together,he should get back to the mindset he had before allTHE abuse,i dont like drugg abuse for anyone, when its one of my favorites, its like dude you are the dude, get it together i wish he stick it out give himself a chance to recover, i think he can, he strikes me as a guy with strong constitution about whatever he does and right now he aint ready, i think, i think if he stays he will gain,if he leaves man `&$_((^@$(%$^&$ et bout it he’s getting tilted
    and drugs are bad in and of itself—-but meth dude.But as a fan i mean he is one of the best man fa real get that mindset back and stop abusing himself because the human of him is too valuable to himself and the world of acting—-I miss seeing that cat i remember a scene
    he did cant recall the movie right off but The guy come to ask for something back from Toms character,Tom smirked while at the dinner table stood up and took his hand and pushed the guy with such masculinity that i said thats my cat—- when in HEAT Waynegrow got in the truck running his mouth,Tom go yeah stop talking slick–Pandamonium man i love that line.As far as Hiedi well you know let a be a ya know she cracked on him bout being homeless i didnt like that part he aint no bum in my book just a lot touch wit dem druggs man I personally pulling for him i dont say that for every addict i know but Tom I would love to see him pull up!He is the truth he behaves truthfully on the celeb rehab you cant contain me i am ready to go i love it….come on bra,i want to meet you one day and that meth especially will end you dogg Heroin too But damn i hate that &#$~(@)+^(`(@(^_ drugs)man done got a hold of my guy man I love to hang out with him like do lines, scenes i mean not druggs.Even though my cousins Black as I am Tom reminds me of him ok PEACE!!!!1 SIDNEY

  35. Will Ryan says:

    Hey Tom, I wound up watching Celebrity Rehab and once I got sucked in. All I want to say is “it ain’t easy hang in there,” Sober up and get some gigs man. I’m rootin’ for you.


    just listen to Hot Rocks

  36. Will Ryan says:

    Hey Tom, I wound up watching Celebrity Rehab and I got sucked in. All I want to say is “it ain’t easy hang in there,” Sober up and get some gigs man. I’m rootin’ for you.


    just listen to Hot Rocks

  37. Will Ryan says:

    Hey Tom, get healthy listen to Hot Rocks! Toughen up, get off the drugs and start kickin’ come ~~(_*)#!##!$!+( I know you will. Break a sweat man.

  38. marilyn says:

    I have always been a fan of Tom Sizemore he is a wonderful talented actor
    i will be pulling for him praying for him,
    i know that you can do this thing Tom
    Marilyn bakersfield, ca

  39. Metaldiva says:

    I want you to know that there are thousands of people that are pulling for you!!! There is so much love and affection for you and WE DO CARE ABOUT YOU! You wonder if anyone knows what it is like to be watched and admired and made a fuss over, but still feel lonely inside and insecure..I many of us do. You are such a wonderful performer. I love you in all your work I’ve seen. There is so much more in you and more in life for you to do. Stumbles and falls are a part of our lives, they serve to teach us NOT DEFINE US. You can get clean and stay clean and be happy again. Some say people who transgress must reinvent themselves. I say we trangressors must find ourselves again.
    I cried the whole way through the last episode’s family dinner. When you saw your own photos, you wept for the person you thought was gone forever BUT..that person is still you..take the help you are being given..
    You came into the program as tattered, lost and pulled apart..I believe, as thousands do, you will reclaim yourself and find peace and pride in the wonderfully sensitive person that you are. You are a big hearted person that can learn to love yourself again.. Please don’t leave us..stay.. get better.. get clean.. get healthy and come back to us full force!

  40. Jim Anderson says:

    Seeing Tom get his life back…… No words. Stay the course Tom. This show is one of the few that give television positive value

  41. shorty says:


    I pray that you will stay strong and come back to the film industry. The only thing that cannot be repaired is death.

  42. brittany sizemore says:

    he is my cousin.

  43. paul says:

    What is going on after the show with tom sizemore

  44. Iverisen says:

    Dr Drew, In this episode you were shown drawing blood from Tom Sizemore, known drug addict, WITHOUT GLOVES! And he was high. What’s up with that?

  45. Sherry says:

    I love Tom Sizemore! Great actor, great lookin’ guy! I’d do him in a minute, but he’s been w/ Heidi…she’s probably had more @ss than a homeless drunk has more whiskey! She ruined it 4 us gals that luv him!

    Good Luck Tom!

    Love Dr. Drew’s “peck’s” 2! He’s HOT as well…hmmmm, wonder if he’s had Heidi? Come on Girl’s, let’s go get him! LOL j/k

  46. Kyler Fox says:

    Tom I’m nineteen man i started smoken pot an poppin anything from oxycotten 2 xanax at 13. Im finally sober and fight mixed martial arts. i just wanted 2 say i want skagnetti back! No one could have played your part in (Heat)man 4real! And dont sweat heidi’s skellator looken self lol! your gonna b liven with ya family while she stuck liven with her birds bro lol! love ya Tom you give me the will 2 stay sober. Thanks Tom!

  47. Teri says:

    I just watched the graduation on Celeb Rehab and was so happy that you are going to Sober House. You are such an awesome actor and we want you back on that big screen. It takes a strong person to admit to a problem and do whatever it takes to correct it. I pray you stay sober and focus on family values and again, get back into movies. God bless you.
    p.s. Heidi is a used up mag pie…don’t let her sarcastic remarks get you down. You was the bomb in “Heat”! You da man!

  48. Rena says:

    I really wish the best of luck to all the cast of celebrity rehab but mostly to Tom, I feel so bad for him and hope he completely recovers.

  49. Michelle says:

    I LOVE LOVE Tom. He is a wonderful and talented actor. I love every movie he is in. I first fell in love with him and his acting in Robbery Homicide. I will be so happy for him to get his life back and get back to doing movies. I really miss him. I wish him luck and God Bless. He used to be sooo HOT!

  50. Terri says:

    I beleive in you, you are my favorite actor of all time. Clean your self up and get back on the horse. you can do it.

    detroit mi

  51. Megan says:

    Tom I really want you to succeed with all of this! You’re a good person and I just hope the best for you. I hope that hearing this from a complete stranger means something to you.

  52. mike says:


    I really want you to succeed. I had the opportunity to meet someone in my life that made all the difference in the world to me. She gave me a family and my girls, all three of them, and all six of my grandkids, have never seen me as the drunk I was. I’ve had the benefit of being sober for almost 29 years now. You have much to offer to all of us. But most importantly, you have the opportunity to be a hero to your kids.

  53. Suzanne says:

    I can’t believe that anyone would be on here making negative comments about someone who is trying to get clean and to even bring up Haiti. Yes that is a tragedy but so is addiction. There are dedicated sites to discuss Haiti and this blog is for discussion of addiction.

    Geez, people, it’s sad that it comes so easy, to some, to kick someone else while they are down and worse to kick them while they are fighting like hell to get back on their feet.

    Back on their feet to be a better, stronger person for, most importantly, themselves! Noone can take care of their kids or others if they arent well themselves.

    For all those who have negative things to say about any of these celebrities… have made mistakes (and will again)and I’m sure that someone throwing negative remarks to you about your mistakes only hurt you and didn’t and won’t help you in any way. No matter what the mistake is!

    I’m rooting for you Tom! I know you will come through this. I realize that reality tv is “cut & paste” to fit into the hour time slot. There are a lot of things that we don’t see, but I saw in your eyes the strong desire to be clean and get back to work and live your life to the fullest. You don’t know me and I only know about you what tv shows me, but I believe, with all that I am, that you WANT to be clean and I KNOW, with all that I am, that if you stay focused on that vision of a clean successful life……you WILL have it!

  54. Michelle says:

    I am happy to see you continued with your care. It’s easy to go back to or find an excuse to return to the life that makes you feel comfortable because it will always welcome you with open arms.

    REMEMBER: The people in your scenario of drugs that welcome you back without ever asking you what the f@#k you’re doing back, only want you to wallow in their misery and as long as they can keep a strong hold around your neck in the name of friendship, it gives them validity to their own scenario. THEY WILL NOT BE THERE FOR YOU WHEN YOU’RE COMPLETELY SOBER.

    You are an ICON in your field and NO ONE, not even MS. Fleise can take that from you. You weren’t the loser that would turn her gay when you were shooting up with her. I don’t condone violence…EVER, so if you did it, own it, ask for forgiveness and MOVE ON.

    Life is short. Shorter for some than other’s, so if you’re still here after all that you’ve been through, then find your purpose and make that the object of your focus as you would your drug. There are many people, definately including myself that was FLOORED to see you in your place. You are adored by the american public and your face, space, smile and eyes show the Sizemore we all fell in love with.

    Life will give you setbacks but you were given what it takes to grab hold of you, and be the best TOM you want to be for yourself and your family. Not to compare but if Downey can do it and have a come back so can you. DO NOT BE AFFRAID OF SUCCESS, it’s defined by both your achievements and failures…it’s what you do with it that matters.

    Best of luck to you,


  55. mare says:

    Tom you are so amazing and brave to enter rehab and sober house. You are an amazing actor and I miss seeing you on the big screen. Get back to work!

  56. Dave says:

    Tom. We have watched you in your many movies and there is one thing for sure. You are a leader! You bring more to the table just being who you are. We watch you over and over again playing someone other than yourself, but we know the person you may be playing is so real because part of you shows in your acting! I wish all of the people in celebrity rehab well, but in my eyes they should be grateful to even be in the same room as you!!! You lead and they should follow. I really think there is nothing you can’t do! I look forward to seeing your future films, because I know after you kick this the best is yet to come!! Good luck!!

  57. Cheryl says:

    This is for Tom Sizemore. Hello. I’ve been where you are now, crying in rehab because I couldn’t believe how much time had gone by. All my friends looked so much older- so did I. Please hang in there Tom no matter what any one says.Heidi tries to hurt you because she only thinks about how you hurt her, and you did but she hurt and still hurts you. Must be nice to say ” my mess ups are OK becauce I was so loaded!! Well, so were you. Definately the f___ed up leading the f___ed up. I watched you truely reach out to Heidi but you can not make her see her own part in what happened. Stay with it and I can’t wait to see you back at work again. sincerely, Cheryl G.

  58. Cheryl says:

    To Tom Sizemore again. Oh…I forgot. You still look good and in a couple months you will look great. Your talent didn’t take off on you or your sex appeal. All the things (house, car,etc.) can be regained. This is my second chance and it all seems better this time around. Cheryl

  59. Karen Clayton says:

    I am really hoping Tom Sizemore gets his act together.
    He is a wonderful actor. I’d like to see him in film again.
    I am so proud of how far he’s come. Don’t give up Tom.

  60. Ed says:

    I don’t know you and you don’t know me, but somehow,you are in this world going through it just like the rest of us. It just so happens that you were given a great gift. When you are ON you take us to a make believe world in which you are very, very good.

    However, in that world we have seen you die, in many scenes. The good thing is that they all are make believe.

    Please Tom, don’t become the director, writer and protagonist of a scene of which there is only one take!

    Buddy, you are the artist and the master. You call the shoots in your own script. You shape it as it goes. You are in the spotlight. I appreciate what you have, who you are. Not, what the disease has molded and taken from you.

    Tom, you may not realize or want to realize that there are millions of spectators watching your play. We don’t know what happens at the end but we are rooting for you to WIN!!!!!!!

    Man, I’m glad you are on this Planet. You mean something to many, many people. Even those of us, who haven’t met you personally. Your work is important. Your LIFE is even more important.

    Tom, I wish you health,wealth,strength and wisdom my friend. You have free agency, make work for you!



  61. Carrubba says:

    Tom Sizemore should be paid $50000000 for sober house with Dr. Drew. Anyone who has ever detoxed off anything from pain meds to wine coolers knows it’s the worst feeling life has to offer. I think just for the awful feelings his body has gone through he did it in shining class, especially behind a camera. Hats off to Tom. One of the best actors in Hollywood today, and he is just born cool.

    All the Best Tom
    Fgcarrubba @

  62. Kimberly Wasylina says:

    I love Tom, he’s adorable. He’s a wounded boy and he needs me! Heidi called him a loser because she is jealous and knows that he is a gorgeous specimen of a man. Tom, contact me.

  63. Brandy Sismore Jackson says:

    Hello, Tom you might not know this but you are definiatly part of the Sisemores/Sizemore. We changed our last names when moved to Missouri. I wanted to let you know that you are not alone. Here in Sedalia every Sisemore is battling the same addictions you are and some that are worse. The males in our family have no control, they are doomed from birth. We all know how you feel and are praying for you to get better and cure your disease.

  64. shari says:

    Tom: please hang in there and stay sober–you are a wonderful actor. Please do not let the drugs win. I know it must be very hard to do but I know you can do it.

  65. C HUBER says:

    Hand in there! A lot of people are pulling for you!

  66. rachel says:

    I love you Tom! You’re so real and beautiful. I’m in rehab right now and know how emotional it is in recovery. People that don’t understand the disease have no idea how hard it is. I think it is extremely courageous of you to put yourself out there; it has helped so many people. All great men in history have suffered. They have been hurt and they have hurt others. The difference between those great men and ordinary men is that the great are honest with themselves about their past and their present. Lesser men lie and continuously cover up inevitable mistakes. You are a great man. Please always get back up when you fall. I’m a 32 year old female. We are completely different people, but you have been an inspiration in my sobriety. Continue to stay sober and help others in their fight against this deadly disease. Thank you. Lots of love, Rachel

  67. Lanea Tonnesen says:


    I did not know what to think of you when you first started Celebrity Rehab, then moved into Sober Living. Tonight was the episode where you threw the Sushi and made fun of Mike for being “dope sick” for 47 days. You got me. I am also fighting for my life and even though you have had your share of temper tantrums tonight you gave me some kind of gumption to keep going. THANKS! Keep up the good work. Tonight you gave me energy when I had none.

  68. dude says:

    tom i think your the bomb. I dont care what Heddi talks about your are the bomb. i know you have a problem but you can get throught I had a meth problem found the fight girl and stopped. we are here to help

  69. kathy says:

    Tom you can do this and make your life right. If I were you, I wouldn’t pee on Heidi if she were on fire. She is a mean, washed up, terrible person, and you are way better than her. Ignore the $^#$(%&$@+&@+)_`^ She makes fun of you, yet she too had a career and a different lifestyle till it all came crashing down around her. She is a skank and not worthy of your time.

  70. Brie says:


    I’ve only watched a few episodes of “Sober House” and I am completely captivated by you. You have such a wonderful heart and you seem like a genuinely amazing person. Don’t let anything that anyone says bring you down. I know hurtful things have been said about you and one thing in particular that has been said a few times seems to hit you at your core. Whatever happened is in your past and that is not you anymore Tom. You are a phenomenal man and I hope you can move past the hurtful things that have been said about you because that is not the person you are today. I am rooting for you Tom.

  71. chris swanson says:


  72. chris swanson says:


  73. Vera Rivera says:

    Wrote u b 4! Saw you on Larry King 2 nit, and you were looking fine, fine, and oh sooo fine! Work your good stuff boyyy! :) Vera

  74. Bridgette Douglas says:

    I am writing to you hoping that you do get a chance to read this. I want to thank you for being a role model and inspiration to my husband Scott. Scott has been sober now and he really owes it to you. Not that his sobriety is on your shoulders, but you inspired him to quit drinking and stay quit. He has been a fan of yours for a very long time and we both think that you are a wonderful, good hearted person and you will be on top of your game again very soon. You are a great actor and still have a lot of talent to offer. As far as Heidi, she is a very lost person and a very angry person. I would not let anything she says bother you at all. You made a mistake and now it is over. The saying goes, before you go picking the splinter out of my eye, you should take out the telephone pole that is sticking out of your own eye!!!! Tom, we really do like you a lot and pray for you every night, I know you will stay clean and make us all proud. Not that we are an important part of your life, but you sure have been an important part of ours. Keep up the awesome job and just ignore that nasty girl!

  75. katheen says:

    this is for Mr tom sizemore ,great job in getting back your life GOD bless you in all you do in your life from this day are a great preson and i look up to you,i will alway pray for you and i hope one day i can meet you ,take care kathleen AKA trini.

  76. Bill Mcaulay says:

    Dear Tom,
    Showing the courage and strength you have shown in fighting your addiction, and your commitment to your recovery,has given me strength in my battle. I to have worked hard and lost every thing I had because of this disease.Good luck Tom and thanks for sharing.
    Bill Mc.

  77. Ken l says:

    Tom. Been a fan of yours since I was a teenager. I have always admired your work and never say die attitude. I hope you find the strength to stay clean. Good luck and godspeed

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