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  1. Anita Wood says:

    Tell me WHY does New York or Tiffany have a show about
    working? Come on,she does not have the faintest idea
    about barely surviving. and shame on VH1 for having her
    on,and if she does a decent job,she gets $10,000 what the hell? How many people work their &+&!^@*&#*$!*~+ es off and can
    barely bring home $10,000 in almost a year. She does not
    value work because she is LAZY. and get this she is NOT
    A PRINCESS. Please just ignore her,let her get a real job,she can’t act.she can barely think (I am being very

  2. ANNIE barksdale says:

    i think all the girls on Charm school 3 are immature and fake….i know girls younger than them who are more mature and respect themselves more. i’m one of those girls. i am 17 with a 3 month old daughter and engaged to her father. i think it is ashame that all these woman can go on television and give other woman a bad name. i really think that this season should have kept Monique……she was real and didn’t play no game. also i respected the fact that she had the girls carry their real nams and not the names of the men that truthfully did not have any respect for them. all i am tryna say is that if you dont alredy know how to carry yourself like a lady Charm school is not going to do anything for you…maybe it will,who’s to say it woun’t. but our suppose to go on this show to change….some of the girls there are just there for the money and i think that is wrong…just sitting here typing this is pissing me off…as woman we should set examples for the younger ones that follow. and got to get through life… if your on television acting a fool geting dont just make yourselves look like fools, but your parents also. and i knw that the girls are puting on a real good show……..BUT GROW THE HECK UP FOR REAL!!!!!!!!!!!11

  3. PeaceBaby94 says:

    New York is doiung an awesome job at work. When she did the exotic animal trainer she rocked it except for the first task. She also was acting like such a girly girl but you know what that is how I would’ve acted. New York keep up the good work and I hope you continue to do a good job.
    ~!Peace, Love, War!~

  4. Jennifer Villanueva says:

    Risky you keep it real the most beside bay bay cause she always speaks her mind.I see you really trying to change for the best and stay out the drama as much as you can be.I couldn’t do it living with all different type of woman with dif. ways of doing _(^&*+^*$@!+_(~~ I hope you show Ricky your going to change the most and get that bread.HOLLA!

  5. LadySales says:

    As i watch the show.. hoenstly farah has a point. Bay bay bay, so hood an kiki, reallly need to be queit. When they open their mouth, nothing important is being said. I bet one on one they will not have all the mouth. Risky and K.O. have conducted themselves with the upmost respect and mind their own buisness. It’s ashame that our sisters have to go on T.V. and act like they don’t have any type of mannersisms about themselves. Real bad girls are the silent type. Ashley needs to reality check also. She gets on my nerves on how she has this attitude about her. What she needs to do is go back and have her hair weave re-done and be mindful of the names that she calls people. She has a bi-racial son, and some people in the world can be cruel. Bubbles is sweet and needs to stand up for herself. Once she does that i bet they will back off. the bottom line they all need to grow up and treat one another with respect..

  6. Monay says:

    get them girl you and bay bay bay got this !

  7. newyork says:

    i would love to be a fast food worker

  8. jermaine says:

    my hold family voted for newyork to be a fast food work