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Rocker blondes with mucho body art are way hot, right? Our Daisy De La Hoya certainly fits this bill. She’s a tattoo expert – just check that torso. For the last three weeks she and VH1 Mobile have invited Daisy of Love viewers to send in photos of their own tats – Daisy chooses the top three each Friday. Above find the this week’s winners; below see Ms D’s commentary. Here are some photos of last week’s show.

To submit your own, send a picture of your tattoo via SMS to 80366, or email it to Daisytattoos@gmail.com.

To browse this week’s submissions visit our Mobile page.
#1 Hands Down.. The Evil Graveyard!! This Is The Coolest Tattoo I’ve Seen On Here Yet!! When I was Younger, I use To Hang Out In Graveyards.. So I Hold A Soft Spot For Them In My Hart… *sigh* hahah..

#2 Japanese Saigon.. The Color Is FN Gorgeous.. The Japanese Rule!! If I Was Japanese I’d Be A Geisha Girl For Sure

#3 Was A hard choice.. as I had a bunch of great tat’s to chose from.. But I’m gonna go with the Death Egyptian Princess… as I’m a huge Fan Of The Egyptian culture..
My first tattoo Was The Ankh on my right arm.. So This Tattoo Kicks A$$ For Sure.. Great Idea..

I think We Should Do The 3 worst Tattoos next week!!! Like Your Ex Husbands Name On Your Boob All Prison style … Or Your Wrinkled Smeary Grandmas Face On You Sun Damaged Skin.. Now That’s What I Call A Good Time!

Thanks For Playin,


Join us in a live blog chat during the West Coast airing of the show this Sunday night at midnight ET. Chantal Claret of Morningwood is the host. Check her favorite songs right here.

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  1. 80sbb says:

    tattoo #3 is debbie harry. it’s the cover of her solo album, kookoo.

    could this chick really not know that???

  2. ... says:

    tattoo #3 is debbie harry- the cover of her solo album, kookoo.

  3. Langworthy says:

    “Like Your Ex Husbands Name On Your Boob All Prison style”

    Is this a shot at Ashley, Daisy?

  4. sarah says:

    I LOVE TAT #2

  5. Ritx says:

    Langworthy Says:

    June 6th, 2009 at 6:57 pm

    “Like Your Ex Husbands Name On Your Boob All Prison style”

    Is this a shot at Ashley, Daisy?

    I’m very sure Ash isn’t the only bimbo that does that dear. Paranoia never looks good on people.

  6. sophie says:

    so koool

  7. doug says:

    do any one like this

  8. maniz says:

    its cool but some are good but some seems like having a gay picture in the body.

  9. vanessa says:

    those are really kull azz tats:)

  10. Jane says:

    The evil dead graveyard is the most wicked tattoo of the three by far!!! Don’t feel bad other tattoos, your cool too.

  11. madisyn says:

    daisy of love is the best show ever i would die if i ever met her she so pretty and lucky have all those guy around her plus all those guy are hot well most of them i love flex,cage and sinister and i’m only ten years old and all her tats are so cool i want the same tats that she has because she my idol i look up 2 her she the best and i love her show and she awsome she should pick flex he’s the hotest out of all of those 3 guy’s well out of all them i apsalootly love cage.