Brooke Knows Best 2: Sunday Will Brooke Kiss A Girl?


Find out why Brooke is going on a sexy girl-date next episode in this sneak peek of episode 2.

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  1. Pearlie says:

    Brooke, I don’t know if you read the comments, but I truly hope this finds you, I was a child of late divorce and I know it is hard to stay neutral, but I would encourage you to try and to stay faithful to what ever gives you spiritual strength. But honey take it from me all relationships have there breaking points, and you never know the whole story of what goes down between a man and a women even if they are your parents. Take it from someone who knows, no one is guilt free, and taking side no matter if you don’t like the person their dating. You have the power to damage you relationship beyond repair. I would hate to see that happen to anyone else. And remember parents know how to manipulate their kids so sweet take it from someone with regret. Let your parent deal with their divorce. and sweetie just love them both and try really hard not to take sides.
    Be blessed

  2. Dallas says:

    omg im so straight and i think brooke’s girl date was so hottt!!! i have such a girl crush on her lol

  3. megan says:

    Hi brooke its so cool that i get to e-mail you on my computer cause im ur biggest fan and tell your dad that he is my favorite wretsler than any other wrestler he rocks and so do you brooke! hope you can write me back.

    ur biggest fan,