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  1. Kira says:

    i just wanted to know on brokke knows best season 2 episode “i kissed a girl” wat was the girl she kissed name?

  2. motoman says:

    brook i thought that was a good experience for u but u should call the motorcycle girl back up just so u guys can hang out and have a friendship and not a relationship and on the next episode u should put glen out there put a pic of him on a bilbored with his # on it saying he wants a good relationship and someone there for him other than u and ashley not saying that in a mean way i just think it would be better for him and tell ashley and glen i said hey matt

  3. matt says:

    i have a great idea for the next episode alls u need to do is write me back by brook =)

  4. Janet says:

    Ok sorry Brooke, I love ya, your great, but your Dad is creepy. Hes obsessed with you, and gets jealous of all men in your life, Hes a stalker, how can you handle that? Its almost so gross….. that I dont want to watch your show!!

  5. Jill says:

    Hi Brook I cant beleave i’m writing on this at my age at almost 40.Brook sometimes in life we have changes some for good and some for bad you have a woundful family you will get through it you have the best of friends that will help you they look like alot of fun to be with and you dad who is one teddy bear .. sometime in life we think we are doing the right thing we have are own answers but deep down are parents are right dont tell mine i said that hahah i hope you mom will wake up some day and relize what she is doing you only have one mom she needs to respect that from you .. brook can be here today and gone the next day .. i miss my dad when he lefft at the age of 5yrs still dont have him of with his wife you guys are strong you can get through anything and one more i love your show the tears kill me but is all good. good luck on you singing you are great just remember that keep smiling .. thanks Jill

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