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  1. WPAllen says:

    Not too sure about this show. Seen it a couple of times and I’m still not that crazy about it.

    Mr. Learn To Speak Spanish Allen

  2. leeanne says:

    i liked that brooke experimented with a female. sometimes the comfort of a woman is so much more than they way a man comforts a woman

  3. g says:

    brooke are you going to stay in touch with this girl or was that the end? or will you keep it a secreat?

  4. melissa says:

    i knw that ur thing qand think ur $(+(%$$!)~+!*_!^ en great
    and ur new show. keep ur head up,u knw some time perants 4 get that even though ur all grown up other people action do effect those around u like ur fokes they are so involed with there companions that they 4get that there hurting u and ur in the eyes of everyone and that not cool for u . sorry about that. by the way i loved the last show the girl in the show the hispanice one that ur friend went out with shes hot as hell!!!! im from pa live in fl 25 year im 33 love your dad and now watch ur show every now and then but any ways need a reason to go to fl agin can ur lovely friend , hook a girl up there not any nice lipstick girl here tryed the dating services they suck well im taking a long shothere, good luk.. p.s. if she is not around i just love his tast can he match me with a hottie…

  5. melissa says:

    think ur show is great im 33 and live in pa lived in fl 4 24 yrs loved ur show when u kissed the girl, well im by and i wanted to knw if ur friend could hook me up with a hottie im not having any luk just like ur friend melissa

  6. no games says:

    I just wanted to say did you guys think how embarrassed your female dates probably are now knowing they were only a game to you? I feel the worst for glenn’s date with his “I’m a manly man speach”. Do you glenn go into every relationship with the same attitude about being whatever impresses the one you are on a date with. You (glenn) done to this woman exacty what you hate for men to do to you. Atleast Brooke did say she had never done this before. I love your show, can’t wait to see more.

  7. TiffyG-Jam says:

    can i jus say….experimenting is very good ..but that girl brooke kiss is so hot. and she seems really nice n cool. and as brooke says …she not a bad kisser….can i av her instead

  8. angelia burchfield says:

    i think that is very hot