Steven & JoAnn Ward’s Crash Course In Love



Fans of VH1 Tough Love know just how well Steve Ward does dispensing advice. On the subject of romance, he helped an array of women position themselves for the kind of positive dating experiences that had eluded them previously.

Now Steve and his mom JoAnn Ward, along with VH1, present a Crash Course In Love. It’s an engaging evening-long seminar that will help participants identify their best attributes for success in love and relationships. It’s time to put your best foot forward.

The site of the first seminars is the Ritz Carlton in Washington DC. They take place on Wednesday, July 8 and Thursday, July 9. GET MORE INFORMATION RIGHT HERE

There’s a general ticket option and a premium ticket option. The general gets you into the seminar and the after-party. You’ll also get an extra ticket for the “man of your choice” if you choose to bring one. Premium ticket gets you priority seating, a meet and greet with The Wards, personalized dating advice and a 3 month membership to Love Lab Singles Database (i.e. Master Matchmakers).

VH1 Tough Love is returning for a second season. Do you have what it takes to be on the show?


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  1. keshia says:

    i think you did a awsome job

  2. michelle seales says:

    I reunited with my first love about 1 yr ago.We talk and text each other day,but the promblem is i think that when he saw me after 20 yrs he didnt like what he saw.When i say that to him he get so upset,other than that he is the most sweetest guy i know.I am still in love with and at the same time scare of him, not that he is voilent or anything like that i dont think he would want to be with someone like me.

  3. Nicol says:

    you did a awsome job.loved your show.never missed a did a great job!

  4. evie says:

    tough love rocks!!

  5. Ms Rita says:

    Cant wail for season 2. Loved this show.

  6. Mary says:

    The show was great. Me and my friends would watch it with a big tub of ice cream. Love you Steve, you are so cute!!!

  7. JC says:

    When are they going to do one of these for men. I am 40yo and have been single for 3 years. I’ll sign up for the male version of this show today.

  8. Jessica Alatis - Miss Aggressor says:

    STEVE… I did my audition in NYC a couple of weeks back… I have my fingers crossed that i get that call back! I def. need ur dating disaster boot camp… im a train wrek! LOL So yeah im thinking ur’ casting crew is about right when they say.. i’m Miss Aggressor… the claws are out !! PLEASE HELPPPPP!! Pick me pick me!!

    <3 Jessica Alatis

  9. dorothychampion says:

    I think it is great that you can express your fears openly and at the same time show lots of love for your wife. Your music became very popular to me while working at WWE and thru someone that I met in June of last year in Stamford, CT. Stay handsome and keep telling your wife that she’s #1 always no matter what happens.

    Stamford, CT
    Task Medical

  10. championdorothy says:

    I think is great that you can express your fears openly and also show lots of love for your wife at the same time. Stay handsome and keep telling your wife that she is # 1 and oh ya tell F.R hello for me. Teach him your gifted passion on life.

    Stamford, CT
    Task Medical, St. Lukes & Cosi

  11. mist says:

    is he in to me if he dos not call me

  12. monique says:

    i really liked how honest u were steve is there any way u give help on the side ? cant wait for season 2

  13. Alison's Wonderland says:

    Hello All @ Tough Love…
    Just wanted to say “Hello”
    I had the pleasure of meeting Joann & her family in my store this week. They are REAL people, who are awesome by the way! I hope your show stays on for a VERY LONG TIME!!!
    I think it’s great that you & the show is TRYING to HELP people instead of making them do stupid stuff for cash!!! Keep up the GREAT work!

    When you are back in New Jersey Joann, Please come visit the store again!!!
    Thanks Again! – Alison @ Alison’s Wonderland

  14. Alison's Wonderland says:

    Hello All @ Tough Love…
    I had the pleasure of meeting Joann & her family in my store this week. They are REAL people, who are awesome by the way! I hope your show stays on for a VERY LONG TIME!!!
    I think it’s great that you & the show is TRYING to HELP people instead of making them do stupid stuff for cash!!! Keep up the GREAT work!

    When you are back in New Jersey Joann, Please come visit the store again!!!
    Thanks Again! – Alison @ Alison’s Wonderland

  15. Alison's Wonderland says:

    Hello All @ Tough Love…
    They are REAL people, who are awesome by the way! I hope your show stays on for a VERY LONG TIME!!!
    I think it’s great that you & the show are TRYING to HELP people instead of making them do stupid stuff for cash!!! Keep up the GREAT work!

    Alison @ Alison’s Wonderland

  16. Zoe says:


  17. Lovereality says:


    Hello Michelle,
    I read your comment and I felt I needed to reach out to you. I understand that I do not know your past nor do I know your present. However, what I do know is that you are with your first love! Congrats. Reading on from what you wrote on here, I would have to say YOU need to gain some confidence and control over yourself and know that you are worth more than what you are putting out there (that goes for everyone on here). I do not need to know you to tell you that!
    As for your insecurities, let them go (easier said than done, I understand)… It will affect your current relationship. If you and your first love have not seen each other for over 20 yrs but now are reunited, THATS ALL THAT MATTERS. If he is with you and loves you for who you are, but you believe that he was not to happy with your appearance when you both reunited, than you need to change for you. NOT FOR HIM!
    When you date someone and you feel they make you want to change for the better, that’s great, but if you feel they are trying to MOLD YOU… GET OUT… Luckily that’s not your case. You have a man that fell in love with you a long time ago and things might have not worked out then, BUT they are now… Take advantage of the situation you are in and stop putting the pressure of your insecurity on him. For he loves you the way you are; that’s why he is with you!! The judgment you are feeling is you may feel you are not good enough for him or you might feel you can’t meet his standards, but you’re wrong. The reason I know this is because HE IS WITH YOU! Love him and love yourself. Let go of your insecurities and let that empty space fill up with the present and the future you both WILL share together! Good luck and congrats on TRUE LOVE!

    Love Reality

  18. Jenny says:


    i have a couple. questions about relationship.

    1, most guys have come to me always say they want a woman who can cook. should i lie? because i usually tell them straight ahead that i do not cook.

    2, i had a relationship before, and after all i could not trust anyone. what should i do to just trust someone in order to move on to the next level?

    P.S. I love your show, and i would really love to be in the camp, but i’m not brave enough to be on the tv.


  19. Jenny says:


    i have a couple. questions about relationship.

    1, most guys have come to me always say they want a woman who can cook. should i lie? because i usually tell them straight ahead that i do not cook.

  20. jenny says:

    I love your show, and i would really love to be in the camp, but i’m not brave enough to be on the tv.

  21. marta says:

    Steven, your show is powerful.
    i wish i could be your disiple.

  22. Veronica says:

    you seriously have to watch Jerry springer today, maybe those ladies could be you next contestants after this season, the ladies are stocking the men after the men are already in the relationship!! they need tough love haha

  23. Optimism says:

    Ok I think the show is positive, but I wanted to ask why are all the black women on the show always hooked up with black men. Every black woman is not interested in dating a black man. What happens if you get a black woman that has a preference for white males only?!?! This is the only problem I have with the show.

  24. Optimism says:

    I think the show is positive, but I wanted to ask why are all the black women on the show always hooked up with black men. Every black woman is not interested in dating a black man. What happens if you get a black woman that has a preference for white males only?!?! This is the only problem I have with the show.

  25. Monika says:

    Joanne, you should do a version of the show for more “mature” adults. Yes it makes for good TV to have a bunch of young, pretty, sexy women who don’t understand how to offer more than their looks to a man or relationship, but there’s also a huge target audience of older people looking for a second chance.
    It seems that once the bloom is off the rose, men my age don’t want to date women my age. Maybe you could teach men some tough love to help them see the depth and inner beauty within a mature woman.

  26. Derik says:

    Tailor needs to be shown the door. She does not know how to be a good person, let alone a good partner. Conceded confrontation is not an appealing characteristic to be displayed in any situation.

    Derik K Hill

  27. Tonya Tribble says:

    Think you for bring us a reality show that we can learn and benefit.I can set back and look at what I’m doing wrong.Think you for showing us how to not send the wrong message to a man.I think a lot women are out there making a lot of wrong mistake with men and not even aware of it there mistakes.

  28. ALEXIS says:


  29. kathy says:

    some of the ugliest women on tv. that one that was on the last season looks like a Jerry Springer guest that has the “I was born a man” secret to tell.


    I love steve in general and his brutal honesty. He says it like it is and he is very informative. Ladies we may not want to hear the truth but coming from this mans point of view , you should hear every word and I mean truly hear him. He knows what he is talking about and he is there to help you and guide you to getting the man of your dreams. Why give him a hard time when he is there for you. I use to think love was underated and I do love the concept of love and all about it and if I can learn from steves tips then Im sure to find the man of my dreams. So cheers to you Steve. Keep up with giving all the advice you can because us as woman need to hear the honest truth. You by the way are a cutie pie.

    Denise Maldonado
    Downey, California

  31. Shanna Tueller says:

    Hey. I have your guys book and I love it, but I was just wondering…..where is dave from? Because if liz doesnt want him, I do:) He is such a sweet guy, i get butterflies just watching him on the show. Send him my way;)

  32. Maria says:

    Can you tell me how I can get your book “Crash Course in Love”?
    I’ve been looking in book stores in NYC and they don’t seem to have it.
    Keep up the great work!

  33. Richard says:

    hey steve im not shure who you geared the show for but its one of my favorit show it show me that women have problem finding love but i was wondering if you will have a tough love for men cuz its this or pick up artist and thats not me

  34. Karyn says:

    would your advice help with teenagers for their future?

  35. becky says:

    what if you think you are being cheated on? there is proof from the past but nothing now. i really love him.

  36. Tim says:

    This post is for Jenny. I am no expert on dating, but I can tell you that when a guy hears you say “I don’t cook”, what he really hears is “I am not willing to step outside of my comfort zone and try to learn something new”. As a single guy, I love to cook, but it would be nice to be with a woman who is at least willing to learn how to cook even a little bit. You don’t have to lie by telling him that you know how to cook, but also don’t completely shut him down by telling him flat-out that you simply don’t cook.

  37. Tim says:

    I think this show is outstanding. It grabs my interest because I am 42 and single. Watching this show helps me identify with my own dating issues even though it is about the ladies. I think that both men and women have very similar dating issues such as lack of confidence, insecurities and baggage. This is fairly common since none of us are perfect human beings. My hat goes off to these women who are able to expose and deal with some of their own problems. All of these ladies have a beautiful quality in some form and I would consider myself a lucky guy if I were to have the opportunity to meet one of these ladies.

  38. Tim says:

    If it is true that it takes ten good deeds to erase one bad deed, then Tailor is very much “in the hole”. I am ashamed to say that I am from the same area as her. I think she gives women a very bad image. Gold diggers are sad because they will never learn that no amount of money can buy a good sense of well-being, nor can it make up for lack of character, humility and personality.

  39. Ramona says:

    This show is fantastic,i wish i could be on it..And the book is excellent….love the show..

  40. Ramona says:

    This show is fantastic,i dont miss one,and i got my sister hooked…

  41. Ana Sweden says:

    Im 27 years, living in Sweden wouldnt mind to have your HELP of getting into serious relationship… I would appreciate your help, and share in detail my life story…you can reach me on this posted email anytime (I would even consider to move in USA and be on the show if you want me to)…
    By the way the show is great!! Love it!
    I truly admire your work!
    // Kind regards

  42. Cara Kennedy says:

    Dear Steve, or producers, or staff.

    I went on a date tonight, with a guy that was sort of out of my box. I watch not only this show but many others trying to get some insight on dating. I knew i had no chemostry whith this person, but i decided to go anyways. Maybe what i have been doing is wrong all along, and need alot of help. So i did a practice run. I still paid attention, was polite, and postive. I listen, and in the end paid for the whole date, no problem, but was forced to watch American Idol and Two and half Men during a date at a bar with a poole table.
    I ended the date, with please drop me off. No kiss, no hug, no anything. I wish i could say i had a good time, but the whole time i was wishing i was somewhere else. I know we had no chemoistry but i thought at least i could have made some impression. I tried to flirt, to pay attention, and bring up some topics he had mentioned over the phone. Maybe it was all wrong to date someone i knew would not work. Thinking out of the box i thouht i should give a chance to those who are persistant and he was. I know i am the girl that if Mr. Right hit me i would not know it. I am 34 SINGLE with 3 kids, I am fairly attractive and very personal and funny. I go out by myself because i dont need a team of friends to follow me around, i make friends every where i go, and i just cant understand why i cant find love? It hurts alot, and i keep my head up as much as possible. I guess I just wanted to tell you that i value your show and take as much advice as possible. And thankyou for letting me share a little in my life with you. Cara Kennedy

  43. me says:

    i just worry some of the contestants are not for real.. Rocky was on another vh1 show.. is it for real? or for publicity?

  44. Kate says:

    I wish you had a Tough Love for men. I know some guys who really really need it.

  45. Ann says:

    Everyone turns on Taylor. The problem goes back to Angel who didn’t like it when Taylor wore the same dress Angel was going to wear. Boo hoo! What did Angel do? She went around the house talking behind Taylor’s back causing animosity. If she was Taylor’s friend and had a problem she should have gone to Taylor first with her problem. Everyone was more than happy to join in and attack Taylor. Jenna will never be the first one to attack. Jenna hangs back and waits until another woman attacks someone and then she is the first one to join in on the attack. I don’t know who would want to be around Jenna. Jenna is so negative and whinny.

  46. Erin says:

    Dear VH1,

    My husband and i have been watching since season 1, episode 1. We. Love. This. Show. SO. Much.

    We cannot understand why it’s not drawing as many people as American Idol, and why none of our friends have already heard of it (and been watching as avidly) as ourselves. Maybe it needs to remain less well-known to maintain its integrity, but if not: get to marketing! This is a diamond among the coalheap for VH1.

    It’s a great premise, it’s engaging, and yes there’s definitely a train-wreck compelling quality as in so many other reality shows. BUT the thing that keeps us coming back is that the women are actually getting HELP. There’s no competition, it’s about growing up and getting ready to be ready for real love.

    Steve is my favorite… really, i think if he could clone himself every girl would walk from that show happy. The “hot seat” is HOT. Seriously. Stern/lecturing/scolding Steve is HOT. I wouldn’t want it to be overdone and become caricturish (?) but he’s got the moves, baby!!

    We’ll continue to tell our friends how awesome TL is, and we hope that it’ll get more play via advertising so we can enjoy this with more of our friends.

    Definitely Renew!!!!

  47. Donna says:

    I love the show Tough Love!!I think its great that Steve is helping people out.This world is hard and everyone should find love that works for them.I hope the show stays for a long time and helps more people out.Keep up the great work Steve!!

  48. Barbara says:

    I’ve been married 9 years an we are now getting divorce..well we are waitting on a court date but its done.Should i start dating again or wait cuz there is his really sweet guy i meet an i would like to mak go for it???

  49. Leah says:

    Steve… needs to get married … before promoting marriage.. he is Much more concerned about how men think.. then what these women want. Men can want whats not right for them .. more often then not! Then divorce happens. What men think they want.. and what men really want and what is best for them.. is a differen’t story! Steve has a nice looking face.. but is spoiled.. has a lisp… and is too short and stocky. Oh… he is Mamas Boy.. who flies on the coat tails of Yes.. a powerful woman! Take notes women! Women .. ultimately.. hold the power not the men.. Sure.. women will fool and manipulate men to get what they want.. “Marriage”.. But they can also divorce men a few kids later as well. Women.. especially ones with careers and power.. don’t fear divorce. I am shocked.. have a strong female figure as Steves Mother is.. that he turned into a Caveman!
    I personally.. think he will get married then divorced.. unless he is gay.

  50. Leah says:

    Steve…Of “Tough Love” … Is a Male Chauvenist Pig! OMG!!!
    “He Needs A Reality Check.. Its No Longer A Mans World.. Especially… In Hollywood! He Needs To Get Out From Under The Cave He Crawled Under.. And Get A Much Better Grasp Of The New And Improved Hollywood Reality!” Is it Jewish Men? Or Is it that he isn’t man enough to handle a Cougar.. Long Term.. Especially One With Money.. Equal or.. More to his? Women today.. don’t all want kids.. or feel they have to have kids to be complete and happy. Heck.. there are many men .. I know.. who don’t want kids today.. or in this world we live in think its not a good idea. High risk pregnancies? OMG again…. Nancy Grace just had twins at 48 okay.. healthy ones at that! I know two women 50 who had a child.. Not multiple .. one.
    Oh…. And There is vaginal reconstructive surgeries galore.. Joy. Also… there is a brand new surgery called an Ovary transplant that is not a complicated surgery and this has been Extremely sucessful. He was out of line… and I was offended. He tells the poor desperate women on his show.. they better hurry up? Come on now.. ! An ovary transplant is ALot …. cheaper then invitro.. etc. It cost $8,000.00 and a woman can get on a list .. for an ovary… and have an ovary of a 20 or 30 year old… and a child up until 60 the Fertility doctor stated on line. So… he needs to do some factual research.

  51. Leah says:

    Before… Ovary Transplants.. And Before Vaginal Reconstructive Surgery.. And Before.. Cosmetic Enhancements.. Men “Had” Power And Pull.. This is no longer true.. the roles are equal. Older Women.. have the power and resources to keep a younger man. If not.. they divorce a man who has money… then with the help of a Cosmetic Surgeon.. can find love and happiness … and Alot…. of sex.. “Without The Help Of Viagra”..with a much younger man. Many Men.. today.. don’t want kids.. or.. have their own.. and don’t care to have anymore. Some people think Adopting a Noble thing to do.. which means marrying young is becoming over rated.

  52. Leah says:

    “Fact” …Men Die Eight Years Before Women! Yes.. so.. in the end.. we win no matter what Steve! We either marry and divorce the old men… get a nice settlement.. get some cosmetic procedures.. and have the time of our lives in bed with Men who are in their primes still. Or.. we are bare foot and pregnant.. taking orders.. with a controlling man.. who is yelling during half time to get us a beer.. until we leave his sorry… bald .. beer belly ass.. for the hot man down the street.. that rather play in bed then watch a game… and his belly shake.

  53. General Motors (GM) has said chief executive Ed Whitacre will get an annual salary of $1.7m (?1.1m), plus $7.3m in shares at a later date.

  54. Caroline says:

    So, I’ve been watching the second season of Tough Love and have enjoyed watching all the different episodes and what the girls learn in each one. The show seriously makes me laugh! I just finished watching episode 8 from season 2 and would like to see episodes 9, 10, and 11, but they are not posted to watch. Is there a reason for this, or is there anyway someone can fix this because I would love to see what happens on the show!!! Thanks!

  55. kristina ann olson says:

    ok so i am shooting against the wind right now… so one of my friend’s called me awhile back and yelled, go to vh1… excuse me what, who is this? she said just go on vh1 so i obeyed and turned the tv on. I realized in a heartbeat that what i was watching was a guy that i had met not only two weeks prior in a bar and i was now watching him on the tv show tough love. he was one of the guys that was picked for a girl on the show, can’t remember her name but real nice and sweet, jenna or something. i could not believe it. as the episode progressed i realized that i liked this show and the host Steve Ward’s spot-on comments of calling out all the stuff these girls had going on (i can only imagine what he would see in me on a date :D)… but that is not the point. i also realized that Ryan (the guy) that i met and thought was extremely into me did not ask for any information. The episode on the show relived me as i heard him say out of his own mouth… that he is a bit shy when it comes to that kind of stuff and not very forward to girls. I was relieved because i thought, “have i lost the touch?” :D i mean i know i live in the bay area and he lived in LA at the time… but come on. Anywho, my own stubbornness has prevented me from trying to put something out there to reconnect with this guy, so to all of you who are still reading this… kinda like where’s waldo, where’s ryan??? does anyone know how to contact the show? I can’t stop thinking about him and all of our random conversations that we had… one topic in particular about the candy cane lane game :D

  56. rc says:

    should really put my soon to be xwife on this show or atleast have steve talk some sense into her. she is a girl who cant get away from mom and well thats why she is with her still and i left.

  57. Dana says:

    Why do these couples take advice from a middle aged single guy that still lives with his mom? MAKES NO SENSE!

  58. Shelly says:

    Steve…from Tough Love, I love the show and the fact that he and his mom do the show says A hell of A lot for their family structure and values. Joann has raised, I feel ONE HELL OF A MAN! When people ask for help and go for it, it is unfortunate the person helping is NOT always going to say WTF you want to hear. People are and have gotten more out of control I feel! Some people need a Steve Ward and Joann to tell it like it is. If you dont want the truth DONT ASK! Personally I wish their were MORE Steve and Joann’s out there it sure would help LOTS of people. Those that really WANT it.. Like Steve says Excuses are like #+_^_^~_)!`~#)^ HOLES….Everyone has ONE..Hope I havent offended anyone but if I have you should have simply stopped reading this…It’s my opinion and only a comment;)

  59. tiffany adkins says:

    steve i think this is your best show ever my baby dad is over seas and we have been not talking for along time he calls his mom and emails his best friends girl friend more than me so i have watch your show to try and pick up on something for us but its been hard i love him and i dont think i can do it any more when she will always be in his life and i wont ask him 2 pick us over her bc i think thats not right she new him longer than me so what do i do please give me so kind of help

    love tiffany adkins

  60. tonya says:

    Hey ever thought about having a lesbian version of Tough Love? There is enough drama there..

  61. tough marriage says:

    Hi Steve! I’ve just seen Tough Love Couples and was impressed with your ability to help these couples! Have you considered doing a Tough Love Married Couples. Similar to the Tough Love Couples, I’m in a horrible marriage where I feel stuck in this relationship (with a young child) and I’m at the breaking point where I don’t know if I need to get a divorce or does our relationship have what it takes to survive. right now I’m only thinking of what’s best for my child (2 years old) but want to get out of the marriage. Please consider having a show for married couples! We too need your help and advice!! Thank you!

  62. CAT says:

    Will there be another tough love season? Loved the show!

  63. N/A says:

    im wondering when Steve will find loce