Watch New Full Episodes: Charm School 3, New York Goes to Work and Gotti’s Way 2!



Check all this week’s brand-new full episodes at our Full Episodes channel. See who’s having a hard time holding it together on Charm School 3, watch New York clown around on New York Goes to Work and find out if Irv and Deb can just get along Gotti’s Way 2! Watch them and other VH1 shows now!

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  1. bebe says:

    what a cute picture of ashley

  2. jenmarie colon says:

    your funnny when your a clown god bleesd u girl love ya keep up the good work girl

  3. jenmarie colon says:

    ilike your smiyel your cute god bleesd u girl keep up the good work girl

  4. torra says:

    I cannot believe Ricki Lake only a blind person cant see that shes a racist every chance she gets she throws a black girl off the show. and so hood seen it and left the one girl has been on the carpet every week except last week and on top of her being on the carpet EVERY week she locked someone in the bathroom but because ki ki was loud she was dismissed. Ricki lake should be ashamed of herself!! and thats why her talk show was cancelled because she sucks and shes clearly a racist!!! the girl ko is always telling lies and clearly asked the girl who tring to stop drinking if she wanted a drink but ricki lake would rather send bay bay bay home and she hasnt ever done nothing. I think Chris Abrego is a great producer but Sharon Osborn and Ricki Lake are racist and it makes the show so unfair!!! So if Ricki does get wind of this blog. Go straight to hell you and your gay baby daddy!!!! I could say so much more but I wont. I will just leave it at Ricki Lake sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she did back then and she still does poor choice for a charm teacher she should be on the carpet with the choices shes making

  5. swaggedoutbooty says:

    Ricki Lake is stupid and dosent make the right desions. She never should have put BAY BAY on the stop like that. and ashley does so many things wrong how come she wasnt as quick to send her out like KE-KE ashely beenon the carpet 5 times when she going home honey.

  6. Elaine G. says:

    I think K.O. is terribly troubled and should seek professional counseling ASAP. Bay Bay Bay should be commended for offering to step down. None of the other girls offered. I think that Risky should win. But I also think that Bay Bay Bay, Marcia, and Bubbles should win as well. All 4 are likable and appear to want to change for the better

  7. icelaser430 says:

    i honestly felt that ko should go home and that bayx3 should not go home ko is an !~)&$*(`$)“#%) and ashley is just a low life hooker that uses her son as an exuese

  8. ashley says:

    Ashley has a frigging helmet head. She looks like a lego person. Her lips look like an obese person’s ))!`)#(@&@%@@((

  9. ashley says:

    Ashley has a frigging helmet head. She looks like a lego person. Her lips look like an obese person’s butt!

  10. sasha says:

    I really like this show because it inpowers women to become better. But why have people like Ashely who dont even act like she’s changing on the show. For someone who has a kid why would you compare Bubbles to a child who is disabled, mentioning that talking to her is like talking to a retarted child. Lets not get it twisted, disabled or retarted children have overcome lots of transgressions. And they are very capable of commnicating and understanding the human language. Ashely needs to learn when to be quiet. All the women are beautiful on the show and it’s brave of them to go on to national t.v. to show their faults. Seeking help was a great step to improvement. Good job!

  11. Elisabeth says:

    Hey Ashley,
    You said your favorite cat is a hairless cat well i have one and she is HIGH MAINTENANCE but tooo cuuute!!!!!! They are just like having a new born and a 2 year old in one for ever.

  12. jacqueline says:

    i wounder did bay bay bay leave off the show if she did im going to mizz her her ans risky was the best ones on ther and they was my roll modle

  13. Shannon says:

    Bay Bay Bay,you did the right thing to go home and not have Kiki or K.O. take your spot! You put yourself first over the money and i’m proud of you!! And Ashley shut your mouth!!!I agree what Heather said your a cold hearted +@!#!&#$!$()_~~ __&^*&_%)%(+`@@++ How dare you point out someone who does the right thing a call them stupid, you know what, you act like if your +@!#!&#$!$()_~~ don’t stink!!! I’m glad Bubbles called your +@!#!&#$!$()_~~ out, your not gonna change, your just there for money and don’t give a )(+&&!#^+^_*+~`* about no one but yourself!!! And you bust on her clouded pajamas and told her to shut up, if said that to me, i’ll make you say it to my face so I can slap the )(+&&!#^+^_*+~`* out you!!! And you said your there for competition, your a fake +@!#!&#$!$()_~~ __&^*&_%)%(+`@@++ that don’t no help and need to go home next week!!! I can’t stand to see your ugly face you helmet headed hoe that needed to your two cents out of it!!!

  14. Ashley says:

    Hey Newyork I just have a couple of thoughts. When you do each Job you should Get paid no matter what. SO wat if you do a Bad job or a good job atleast your trying. ON the clown episode I wouldve tooken that money no matter wat. Nobody is Perfect. No one is ever good on there first time job. THE HBIC rocks


  15. Melanie says:

    i cant believe someone said ricki is a racist, that is ridiculous. She made a good decision sending kiki home. Once she left all the girls were able to come closer. Kiki was the one keeping the rock of love girls apart from the others. The decision I thought was wrong was picking Ashley over Bubbles. Bubbles deserves to be there more than Ashley. The episode she calls Bubbles a ^!@+~*~^)#*“^!(^` and Bubbles gets kicked off. What is up with that? Ashley is never going to change she will always be a mean girl and Charm School is not going to help her. The point of show is to change but when someone does they get kicked off and the ppl who havent changed gets to stay. So I ask u then, WHY CHANGE??? Seems like if u dont change u will be the one to get the money in the end. RIDICULOUS