Daisy of Love: See What’s Cooking This Sunday!


Things are heating up next episode when Daisy asks the boys to show off their skills in the kitchen. Watch the all-new episode this Sunday!

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  1. Beckie Stars says:

    Oh Word!

    Thank God Fox is GONE!
    He should really be on the next
    season of Tool Academy..!!!

    but my opinon…I <3 BigRig..!!

  2. tastytexan says:

    dasy what wher you thinking? big rig showed you more love than any of the other guys and you just let that sexy &^($!*_*!~)@“( man go! now i am am hoping dave or senister will win. hope things work out but i hope you will think things out befor making a choice

  3. Ciara says:

    i watched the episode for tonight this morning while i was getting ready to meet up with my boyfriend and good lord you will be suprised. Oh, then they show the preview for the episode for next Sunday and the have a suprise guest that stops by and may be a threat to the rest of the competition, I think it is either London or Cage, but idk.

  4. Alicia says:

    When it comes to men, not all of Daisy’s decisions are poorly made. I give her kudos for keeping Flex at the top of her list, and if things don’t work out, I hope Flex gets his own show and I get to compete for his heart!