For The Love Of Ray J 2 Cast: Meet Mz. Berry



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  1. aha says:

    Ahhhh, what RJ is into old women now. She looks like she is like 40. Please.

  2. willstew says:

    but she is the finest of them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Me! says:

    I think she looks pretty. Beautiful face and banging body. The hair idk??? O.o But I think it still can work she is beautiful.

  4. dre says:

    Her nickname should be Dumbo……

  5. dre says:

    Her nickname should be Dumbo…………

  6. Dre says:

    Her nickname should be Dumbo…..

  7. thoroughbred says:

    mz.berry is sexy

  8. ahha says:

    Hmmm, is Ray into OLD women now. This woman should not be competiting on a show like this. I wonder if she has a family and what do they think. Please. And NO, she does not remotely resemble Halle Berry.

  9. Sandra says:

    she is not cute at all , she looks 50

  10. sebon says:

    Regardless to what they may say on the post love you are very sexy and l hope you bring your “A” game and always be a lady.

  11. sebon says:

    Bring your “A” game and always be a lady.

  12. vanesa says:

    tooooo old for my papuchito

  13. meli says:

    shes gorgous and love her hair!!

  14. Dee says:

    Damn!! She is F.I.N.E. If he doesn’t want her, I’ll be glad to come to her rescue!!

  15. lilsexyk says:

    i think Mz Berry is really cute but i think she is too old to be on the For The Love OF Ray this lady need to be going to work for diddy

  16. neene says:

    omg i freakin love her outta all the girls classy highclass nd very beautiful. omg her style reminds me of amber rose. <3

  17. Yerp says:

    She’s the one that stood out the most to me…..pick her in a heart beat!

  18. justyss says:

    she’s beautiful!!

  19. doug says:

    we need to see mz berry in more pics..brothers in fedex going crazy..

  20. 1aim says:

    i think mz berry is the ^&@%+(&@@(+^^%%) she looks like she know what she doing. i hope she win cause if she dont ill take her.tallahassee boi.

  21. D says:

    Mz. Berry is fine, and she’s only 32. Ray J is 28, she is not too old for Ray J. This dude was dating Whitney Houston!!! Why can’t he date a woman that’s only 4 years older then him, and when the older woman looks like that!!! No questions.

  22. Anthony says:

    I think she look gorgeous! I’m a model and I know beauty when I see it. She’s just sexy all the way around the board. Loving the hair too.

  23. Anthony says:

    I think she look gorgeous! I’m a model and I know beauty when I see it. She’s just sexy all the way around the board. Loving the hair too. Get at me

  24. Lev says:

    She the bset of the “BEST!” Hands down. There’s nothing like a Grown, Sexy, Beautiful, Mature woman. Some of them can be crazy though! Guess we’ll see how it goes in the next week or 2. I got a funny feeling she might be around for a minute.

  25. Dlady says:

    I think she is the most classy lady on the show. There is absolutely nothng FAKE about her. No fake hair, no fake nails…NOTHING!! That makes her beautiful! I don’t care how old she is. Hell Ray J is only 28. She is 32. That’s exactly what he needs. You see what happened with Kim & ^$%@%^~#)!`$_%+( tail. Stop hating on this woman & give her her props. She is stunning!! You go girl

  26. mskcee7 says:

    she kinda resembles halle berry, but she is not old at all, come on, she is only 32??? and you all think that is old??? im 36 and my hair is similar to her cut and people dont believe that im 36!! she seems like she is the realist of them all, nothing fake on her and that is what mr. ray j needs.. come on he dated whitney houston and she is how old???? you go mz berry!!!

  27. jade says:

    i think she is a very beautiful woman and NO ONE should be callig her old… she is siziling…burn…gosh she is hot !!!

  28. NAVYBOI says:


  29. tra says:

    She is a beautiful women… She is classy and smart….

  30. kafi says:

    i love this woman she is so really and knw wht she is about

  31. guccigirl says:

    She is 1 of the most prettiest girls on the show!40 is the new 20 so do the dame thing!older women know how to treat a man!

  32. guccigirl says:

    She is 1 of the most prettiest girls on the show!40 is the new 20 so do the dame thing!older women know how to treat a man!lol

  33. lisa says:

    She’s the most classiest and most mature out of all the girls. She’s beautiful and does not look old. Stop hating.

  34. mamasita says:

    Stop hating on Mz. Berry. I hate girls that’s jealous. She is very beautiful and I love her hair. It fits her face perfect. I also love her complexion. She has a jazzy attitude.

  35. lisa says:

    i think all those who says she is ugly they do not look good. for a 32 year old divorced woman with 2 kids she looks great. i dont hear ray j complaining. he dated whitney who looked a hot mess at the time. mz berry is a good look for him

  36. 7Bay0Boy7 says:

    mz. berry is hella bad and classy. she can have my baby rite now .

  37. Veronica says:

    Dont hate on Mz.Berry she is the best out of all of them. She acts like she has common sense and is not on that childish &“!&&)@@#*`!%$( like HEARTBREAKER…I CANT STAND HER!

  38. deb says:

    Mz. Berry need to win hands down. All the other “girls” in the house are sooooo childish. If Ray J is throug with the games he need to quit fooling himself and send the girls home in this order; Heartbreaker for thinking she hood, Xtra for acting like a dumb girl, Xotica and Caliente for not speaking good English, Luscious for being a follower and not a leader…it should be down to Ms. Berry and Flossy for the final two.

  39. evelyn says:

    ray j pick mrz berry to be your women i like her you look like a smart women the rest of the girls want to be with you for the money and fame too i think you and her will make a better couple pick her

  40. will cooper says:

    i think mz berry is one the of the most maturest women that i ever seen in this world…she is classy sexy and the most importantly god gave her a gift which is a very special gift and that gift is beautiful..the one word NEGATIVITY is what god brings us down and makes us get back and get stronger mz berry has it

  41. Jr says:

    just wanted to say i am a man who can appreciate a good and beautiful women! you Mz Berry are a beautiful, sexy, strong women that knows how to carry her self and damn you are fine…. Ray J has some good @~*(@!@#_`&*`#! taste in women…

  42. kia says:

    When is your birthdate?

  43. DOllfACE says:

    She’s Pretty.I Think Danger Is Hatin’ On Her Like On A Real Tip.She Tells The Girl She’s Ugly Right Off The back C’mon I’m Gettin’ A Hater Sensationn!!! She’s Pretty.

  44. Bori says:

    Some of you guys need to stop hating she maybe alittle older but she is a very pretty woman..

  45. Merashe says:

    Mz. Berry, I think ur a lil to classy for this show. I’m sure you don’t have a Problem finding a man. I would like to know, what makes you think Rayj is the man for you? Being his Lifestyle in all.

  46. Merashe says:

    Mz. Berry, I think ur a lil to classy for this show. I’m sure you don’t have a problem finding a man. Why Ray j…? Do you think Ray j is really the man for you?

  47. lala says:

    she is so beautiful
    she can have any guy

  48. therealdmob says:

    Are ya’ll serious? This is a beautiful woman…A lil emotional, but aren’t most women? She has experience, class and a banging body!!! If I was Ray J, she would be the one picked!!

  49. therealdmob says:

    She is beautiful…If Ray J don’t want her, I do…A lil emotional, but all she need is some TLC, and a Man 2 embrace her…I’m up 4 it!

  50. Stephanie says:

    Mz Berry is the most fit for Ray. The others are too immature and are more interested in pleasing the viewers rather than the show. She is not ugly AT ALL. If he’s really looking for love, he needs to at least be with a woman who has been IN it before. The others don’t seem ready. Mz Berry is put together and carries herself well. If she gets eliminated, it’s his loss :)

  51. Tr3Pound says:

    slhe is so bad!!! I met oh in atlanta…these pics really dont do her any justice!!!

  52. ebony williams says:

    hey mz.berry i wish that i was u and i dont know wat danger was thinking danger is not really pregant by rayj so your pretty lik i said i wish that i was u so i can kiss rays juicy lips aint they fine and i lik that u showed ray wat u was about and chardonay she is so ugly idk wi ray j liked it last season she did the splits wit a skirt on and wit no panies on u should hav saw ray he was eating dat %&+%^!!@_~+^)&*++ and she was getting some *#@#&&!(@$)!~%*@ and i just wanted to no r u there for the love of ray j and chardney she was saying dat she didnt lik u because of how old were u so halla.

  53. Binki says:

    I feel that Mz Berry is the best choice. All of these haters callin her old! What he really needs to do is get rid of Heartbreaker because she seems prejudice.

  54. kerine says:

    i have been watching the show and i like you,your the one for ray,ur older than the other girls and you surely act like it,you also dress modest and sexy.ray needs a real woman in his life and that would be you just cool it down on the crying,its hard cause you like him like that but dont let him think ur weak.i think ray sees that ur the seems like you guys connect,am i wrong.the other girls have nothing on you.

  55. kerry says:

    i think u should win this, i saw ur date with ray and u really connected with each other and i think he sees that, dont worry about the other girls they have nothing on u.your pretty and sexy.

  56. Kay says:

    Mz Berry,

    You are soooo gorgeous!!!I really look up to you because you carry yourself in such a ladylike manner and your so girlie lol. And the other girls give you so much hell and talk about your age, but you look 100X better them!! And I dont know how old you are (you don’t looks much older than 28-30) but they better HOPE they look at good as you when they get your age!!!

  57. Ty says:

    Mz. Berry,

    I really appreciate how you represent yourself as a lady! I agree with the other postings on here… I hope that you win. I honestly believe that you are into Ray J and would genuinely like a successful, long lasting relationship with him. I wish you the best! Its time to show the world that classy is sexy! Keep your head up and hopefully you will end out on top.

  58. Slimone says:

    LADY Berry! If Ray send you home then this is not a true show- and he is just going along with that fact it is just that, a SHOW! you a the BEST pick for him and you both are Best for each other according to what I have seen. I hope he pick you as well. Stay Beautiful!

  59. Takarya says:

    is she black or white

  60. Jen Jen says:

    Ummm…So 32 is old now?!! Damn! People kill me!! If 32 is old, she sure makes “old” look good! And no she don’t look 40…She look better than some of these girls in their early 20′s! So sad…

  61. cc says:

    Class cannot be faked and this lady has class. Mz. Berry, keep your head up and what know that what is meant to be will be. Don’t sweat the minor, petty things. If this is not the real thing, you didn’t want it anyhow

  62. nancy says:

    I love MZ Berry I hope she wins I think she is the best one for ray. If it is time for him to make a change for the better MZ BERRY is the one for him….. everyone else is playin him. Anyone who says they still have feelings for their ex is not ready to move on,Ray will find that out the hard way if he doesnt pick the Beautiful MZ Berry.

  63. Keenya says:

    Hey Connie this is keenya…u sold my family our house in magnolia green..the wright family..i just want to wish u the best of luck. And now I see that anything is possible u went from selling us our house to a show which i think u really like him and deserve to win.

  64. jamica says:


  65. vincent says:


  66. Paulanne McCarthy says:

    Hi Mz Berry I’m from Trinidad and Tobago and I have to say that you are very much loved and adored. I really hope you win because you are an example of true beauty and class. Those girls do not hold a candle to you. Reality tv definitely needed a change and you certainly have set the bar. May god continue to bless you and your kids.

  67. Paulanne McCarthy says:

    Hi Mz Berry I’m from Trinidad and Tobago and every monday night i tune into vh1 to see for the love of ray j. I am really rooting for you because you have demonstrated such class and elegance and those other contestants does not hold a candle to you. I am also 32 years old. Reality tv needed a change and you certainly set the bar.

  68. kevlar 4281 says:

    This is a man’s world but it be nothing without a “WOMAN’S”love. Man made electric light to see in the dark. Man made the train to carry us afar. Man made the plane to fly high in the sky. But man has a name that is,”FORTUNE,FAME,SHAME”,”MAN” has brain that work correctly mentally sane. But man’s strange when his “GUILT” mentally derranged in the membrane of his “BRAIN”. “BUT HE’S LOST”, “HE’S LOST”, “LOST”. Without a “WOMAN’S” LOVE. That’s you “MZ BERRY”,you that woman for “RAY J”. IF “RAY J” can’t see his “QUEEN” in front of him,then “HE” can’t see at “ALL”. There are many,woman out there for “RAY J”. But one “REAL QUEEN” and her name is, “MZ BERRY”. MZ BERRY, “MAY ANGELS OF LOVE,LUCK AND LIBERTY ALWAYS SMILE AT “YOU”AND SURROUND YOU WHEREVER “YOU”GO. GOD BLESS YOU MZ BERRY. “P.S. IF RAY J DON’T SEE WHAT I SEE, then never fear. “I YOUR KNIGHT AND SHINNING ARMOR IS HERE”,wating for you with love. In “MANHATTEN OF NYC”. I’M “FOR REAL”, this “LOVE” will never “FADE”. “GOD BLESS YOU MZ BERRY AND ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD HAS TO OFFER IN LIFE” LOVE KEVLAR .

  69. raychelle says:

    You better go Mz Berry and do your thing. You are a very beautiful person inside and out. You deserve to win Ray J you guys make a wonderful couple, and he deserves to have a person such as your self on his arm. plat needs to kick rocks she don’t look good enough for him and she to young there calling you old but honey you look better than them all and they look older than you. Tell them all honey anything with Black in it don’t crack and that is the truth. Much love and God bless ya and I wish you the best of luck…….

  70. sonya says:

    Mz Berry,you are the best person for RayJ, he needs a women that is well grounded and beautiful from inside and out, and you possess those qualities. I know you are there for love and not exposure, if RayJ does not
    pick you, I will never watch another show, because I know he is not really looking for love!!!!! RayJ it’s time to grow up and be a man—-stop looking for ass and
    tits and really look for love—

  71. corinne says:

    i think dat he defianltly should not pik mz.berry hell no she is way 2 old 4 him!!!!! platnuim is the way better choice , shes been 100% real with him the whole time !!! and he would be really dum to pick mz,berry!!and its not like shes some sexy ass girl !!! shes not pretty and shes old!!!!!!!

  72. natalie says:

    y are u so crazy and sound lyk you gon kill rayj if he around otha women

  73. KWILL says:


  74. Trinigal says:

    Mz.Berry,You are Beautiful inside and out~! You are the right pic for Ray. I am so Happy that he picked a Woman and not a immature girl~!
    I Truly Believe that Ray can tell the Difference between A Diamond and A Common Rock~!You Are Truly a Diamond~!!!!!!!!

  75. Crystal says:

    Mz.Berry,You are Beautiful inside and out~! You are the right pic for Ray. I am so Happy that he picked a Woman
    I Truly Believe that Ray can tell the Difference between A Diamond and A Common Rock~!You Are Truly a Diamond~!!!!!!!!

  76. Crystal says:

    I Truly Believe that Ray can tell the Difference between A Diamond and A Common Rock~!You Are Truly a Diamond~!!!!!!!!

  77. patsy says:

    Congratulations Mz Berry. I just could not figure your race but whatever it is you are just one beautiful classy woman. To see you are a mother you keep yourself in good shape. One thing try not to cry so much because men sees crying as a weakness although it is a language that God understand. Be a good woman for Ray and your kids and put God first it will work and continue to take good care of your body. You are simply beautiful.

  78. tameka says:

    i’m so glad you won girl

  79. ruthiey ruth says:

    hey mz berry im so happy that u won i almost but u are the best pick for ray j. I said to myself if he is really looking for love he will choose you and i believe that he really is so best of luck and keep your head up….chic you look so much better that those fake ass girl they were just in it for the ride and the fame i hope that you guys remain happy the way you need to give me your secret for having two kids and maintaining such a beautiful body!

  80. brandon says:

    mz.berry i was going for you the whole time im soo glad he picked you! it scared me at first i thought he was about to pick platinum!

  81. happy says:

    Girl I am so happy 4 u and ur kids, I pray 4 u day and nit so u can win, see all the girls did not like u but God say this is ur man,u are a blessing to him ok.he is so looking to have u

  82. Samoa says:

    I was so happy when Mz. Berry won. Age is only a number and if the two involved don’t mind, well that’s what’s important. She in no way resembles a “grandma”, and the other contestants were only jealous and intimidated. I just hope Ray realizes exactly what he has and doesn’t allow immaturity to ruin it. In this day and age with so much disease it’s really time to settle down. Blessings to the two of them, sincerely.

  83. Chubzylew says:

    Very S.E.Xy”….

  84. tabby kattt says:

    So when are we gonna hear how its going with the 2. My daughter and I made a bet! Guess what ??? I won. Or should I say Ray J won. Ms. Berry seems to be a great woman, will we ever see the two with her family. Can’t wait. Congrats you two………… Ray this was the best decision by far.

  85. tabby kattt says:

    Congrats you two. I wish you the best. Those ladies were just hating on ya.

  86. Sheila says:

    I’m so glad that Ray J picked Mz Berry she is a very Classy Lady
    Platnum is alright for a friend I could’nt see her with Ray J. I hope this relationship really flourish they make a nice couple. Good Luck to the both of them.

  87. yasmin says:

    I think Ray made the perfect desision.It could not get any better than this!!!!!!!I mean Mz berry is cool,sexy,gorgeous,fabulous,caring,mature,experienced.I am so glad that u made a great choice.platnuim u aint ready for this i just dont think you could handle all this!!!!

  88. nothingmuch says:

    I’m glad he picked Mz Berry, I said it from the beginning.. I think that was messed up on the reunion show how he told Jaguar that he thinks he made a mistake for kicking her off so soon.. Jaguar was there for only one thing to get her singing career going you can tell… Anyway the best won.. Hands down go MZ BERRY…..

  89. will says:

    I love you mz berry…


    MZ.BERRY is a very classy lady she held herself together well tonight despite the position she was put in tonight i feel RAY J is not the man for you he is still playin games he hasn’t seen you in five months but he has seen those trashy azz females ma don’t put yourself or your kids through that you better than that you see he ran off that stage cause he knew he was wrong i’m gone tell you like this put your faith in no man but GOD sweetie you don’t need him let him go with Jaguar that’s who he’s been thinking about if he was a real man and was real about you he wouldn’t have been acting that way with her and he never address you as his woman only as his girl you 2 good for that and this coming from a grown azz woman just like you now that’s real talk watch the tape boo!!!

  91. elisha says:

    i love you mz berry.. you are full of class…

  92. tonya says:

    mz berry is not 32… she is nice looking but she look at least 40

  93. hijacks says:

    What is up with that woman???
    She has alot of nerve being with a guy that is too
    young for her….and she is ugly too!!
    I don’t know what Ray sees in that old lady…!!!

  94. Bosslady78723 says:

    Mrs Berry whats going on? That was not a good reunion I didnt get a chance to here you talk about how u felt;
    The way thing went down on the reunion was terrible u were the winner and you deserve so much more and so much better I wish we could talk cause I would like to here your views;
    email me back if possible

  95. Trina says:

    Rayj is such a loser and I pray to God that everyone that have since not tune in to For the Love of rayj 3, because it definitely will be one; the way he treat Mz Berry as if she doesnt even exist! It seems to me that RayJ is truly afraid of real respectable women and that is way he ends up with szzers! I know on thing for sure Mz.Berry was treat with no respect on that darn reunion show and I think +$$%%%$*@`$^*%!( tail was telling the truth and that’s why rayj took off! You can dish it Ray but you cant take it! Just like a loser! Mz. Berry you deserve better and I hope VH1 dont put that chit back on TV! What a waste of time!! Its clear that rayj is definitely in need of help! But what goes around comes around hommie; always remember that chit!

  96. Ron says:

    Mz. Berry u to fine for him anyway n if I found u I won’t let u go u got a good head on u n u sexy as hell. I got kids n I kno how u feel people dnt cnt deal wit dat but I wish I had dat time to c u n b the one dat was in his place cuz I would not had let u go I’m lookn for a woman like u

  97. Rhonda says:

    I really hope that after all has been said and done that you have rid Ray out of your life for good. He was never ready to end his wild ways and settle down. He would have done just that had he been. He put on a show for everyone and doesn’t realize the hurt he has caused many of you. You of all didn’t deserve any of his !$~#&~((!@~@@_!` It’s plain as day what he’s out there doing and it isn’t finding Ms. Right. Ray is so stuck on himself and will never find true love or happiness as long as he keeps playing the field. He would only be toxic to you.
    Maybe one day he will wake up and realize that sleeping with all these girls isn’t what life is all about. Girl I hope you left it alone. Besides Mz Berry….you won’t be missin nothin…he’s crooked ( if you know what I mean)HA HA HA!! Ray….GROW UP!!

  98. Khadijah says:

    Mz.Berry….i was glad tht ray pickd u becuz u was the only LADY n the house….i was mad at the reuion becuz i felt like he playd u…but as i thught about it he playd himself…at the end of the day u nevr raised ya voice and hardly cursed…u r a lady and ray aint ready for tht….

  99. leja says:

    You go ahead Mrs. Berry girl you are beautiful and from the start I wanted him to pick you. None of them chicks have nothing on you for real. N all that grama crap please if being 32 sexy independent and conservative is old please. But you do your thing and I know your children are happy to have such a wonderful mom.

  100. shelisa says:


  101. marquia says:

    Girl i believe that u can find a better man then him 4real dont take that stuff from him

  102. rose desronvil says:

    i want to be in the show how i can do it.

  103. akilla says:

    girl u look so good and i love u. u is a good definetion of who woman should be when i grow up i wanna be like u……………continue doing what u do

  104. ms. connie says:


  105. keikei.....the best..... says:

    u kno tha u cnt handle tha sexy &(^#`#`*+#`@!`& man lik no @!~!&^)!&*$#`~^ p nd u need to take yo old &(^#`#`*+#`@!`& home cause he dnt even want yo &(^#`#`*+#`@!`& he playin yo &(^#`#`*+#`@!`& hahahahaa

  106. mys kendra says:

    Mz berry girl u are a beautiful woman…Dnt be concerned with what others think of you..I think u can do a whole lot better than lil azz Ray J get you a real man like Morris Chestnut now thas sexxy…

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