Celebrate Father’s Day With VH1′s Most Awesome Dads!


Who’s kidding who? Our celebreality series has had a had some wild parental moments. Moms do things one way (hello Sister Patterson!) and dads do things another. Since Father’s Day is this Sunday, we figured that a playlist of some pop/kid interactions would be appropriate. We got Luke, Hulk, Danny, Scott, Flav, and others waiting for you in this Celebration of VH1′s Most Awesome Dads.


  1. Loni says:

    Flavor Flav needs 2 sit his old,tired,ugly from skuggly,want a white gurl,clock wearin,gold teeth havin-shall I continue? I know these shows r entertainment and actors have 2 make their endz, but Flav was a real disappointment and I will never watch him again!!