VH1 Mobile: Daisy Judges The Best Tatts!



Every week fans are sending VH1 Mobile pictures of their body art for Daisy De La Hoya to judge. Every week she’s choosing the coolest submissions. This week’s top three are pretty sweet. See what she has to say about each of them below. Check all the submissions at our Mobile page.

To submit your own, send a picture of your tattoo via SMS to 80366, or email it to Daisytattoos@gmail.com.

Hi all, this weeks picks were fairly simple..

#1 By far the best is the Aztec art tatt, the detail is magnificent!! The color scheme is very interesting.. I love how its color, and black and white.. very rad! It reminds me of a puzzle in some way

#2 Is the death kiss… Super cool.. I love it! Very Dia De Los Muertos.. which is one of my all time favorite days!! GREAT Work!!

#3 Last but not least… one of my favorite performers… Mr. David Bowie (or Ziggy Star Dust) as it looks like he is here!! Dope!! Major Tom to ground control…

Really like this week’s tattoo choices! Thanks for your participation…. Lets
See Some More.. AnY NBC???



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  1. lizzy says:

    daisy i personaly think u should stay with big rig or dave.and fox is a frieken lier u should really really send him )_&%^~`!~)_~@+)+_ ng

  2. Mallory says:

    I rwaly like choce 2 it show the point in love…

  3. jermane jones says:

    a mr. boston
    b bryan
    c pumkin /

  4. jerome douglas says:

    if i was grone i would date newyork

  5. pittbull says:

    i got the best tattoo ill send it soon im out

  6. Shirley says:

    Thanks Daisy for loving my David as much as me!!!! You Rock!!!

  7. Lori says:

    Hey Shirl, I love your tatoo. There he is … David Bowie. Daisy has good taste. Daisy and you would get along GREAT! If she only knew you . Congrats on getting your tat some recognition. It is still awesome.

  8. shirley says:

    yes, a Lori a little recognition. And a big shout out to the great Greg Irons(RIP my friend) who did it. I often wonder how many more (well beyond the 9 I have) I would have had he not been killed.

  9. britt dog says:

    girl why would you male chi chi leave and not that ugly boy cinister he is ugly you should of kept um chi chi how stupied can you be ???i think you should bring back big rig and chi chi because they were the best you dont have to be in love let them take care of yall peace oh yeah love ya show