Frank The Entertainer… In A Basement Affair – Annie



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Frank The Entertainer…In A Basement Affair – Meet The Cast!

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  1. kristina says:

    greatest artist ever! and a sweetheart!!!

  2. GORdon says:

    If I got Ann in the basement, I’d probably never let her leave!

  3. foxymoxy says:

    she looka likea man lol

  4. evan says:


  5. Brian says:

    I bet she has hairy arms

  6. sassy biatch says:


  7. shay says:

    hahaha wow r they serious

  8. jjjhhuuk says:


  9. Soozie says:


  10. anni says:

    she looks old

  11. AnneFan#1 says:

    She’s absolutely adorable! i’m rooting for her till the end!!

  12. Adam says:

    Looks like a man to me, this girl is busted.

  13. Brian says:

    Ann looks like the real deal. No plastic surgery – She is one of the very few girls that have anything that is genuine.

  14. Elizabeth D. says:

    ann, you are smokin’ hot. put a little scandalicious butter on their toast.

    can you say ‘winner’?

  15. Somebody says:

    She looks like the brunette version of Becky Buckwild!

  16. Matthew says:

    Becky Buckwile is brunette….

  17. aNN_FaN_TiL_i_DiE says:

    lolz dats my bXtch annie.. comin str8 out the orphanage

  18. Going to love this show says:

    She is a cutie. I bet she will stay till the end. Go girl!!!

  19. ko says:

    anne rocks it

  20. Karen says:

    Clearly planted in the cast. She is wearing a fake nose covered in makeup. Her outfit is a costume. Not sure where this is going, but this one’s an actress.

  21. Brian says:

    she is so freakin adorable I love her!

  22. Tami says:

    I like Annie and her flowered pants! At least she seems sweet! You go girl!

  23. Holly says:

    I really hope Frank gives Ann a real chance. She seems real and she seems as if she truly does like Frank. All the other cast mates are just fake. Frank please give her a fair chance!

  24. JoJo says:

    WTF is this girl thinking she’s just lining herself up for a broken heart. Frank is just being a gentleman to her. I LOVE YOU FRANK

  25. Christy says:

    is she for real? she looks fake…is she just on the show as a joke?

  26. Tasha says:

    OMG now im pretty sure that annie is just sweet as a button, but annie looks hidious, from her clothes to her nose its like this was a joke and frank is clearly BLIND!

  27. alejandra says:

    is she a joke?

  28. aimee says:

    wow! really??? Is this frank the entertainer basement affair or lowered expectations??? what the flip chip??haha love the beak n mom jeans!

  29. ashlee says:

    she is really artsy and kinda dumb. a sugar cube put into cereal. kinda cute…has an annoying voice but seems like fun!

  30. Thomas says:

    Ann is super cute.I want to go on her dating show.

  31. Thomas says:

    I want to suck on anns toes.

  32. skoou says:

    Ann I bet you win. If you don’t I would like to date you.

  33. allyson says:

    She is soo cute! I hope Frank keeps her around longer cause she is awesome :]

  34. Sarah says:

    Where is ann from, I think I went to high school with her, does anyone know her last name

  35. carol says:

    oh my god. just please go to youtube and type in scandalishious caroline… its her. she is the weirdest person EVER! just please watch these videos.

  36. caro says:

    oh my god. just please go to youtube and type in scandalishious caroline… its her. she is the weirdest person EVER! just please watch these videos.

  37. Kelsey says:

    She looks like Anne Frank and her name is Ann and his name is Frank. Woah.

  38. diana says:

    to tell you the truth Annie is a sweetheart. She has the charm, the warmth, and the heart.

  39. shana says:

    There’s nothing wrong with the way she looks. Shes all natural. No fake boobs, no tan, no tattoos, no extensions, no makeup. And she’s really sweet. She could look a lot better, but shes fine the way she is.
    I feel bad for her though, cause I think the producers put her on there to be made fun of.
    She doesn’t deserve that, and she’s way to classy for this show. He let the other classy girl, Kari go, I think he should let Jenny and Ann go too. They dont belong on this show.

  40. Um... says:

    Remember the fugly girls in high school whose parents blessed them with loads of self confidence and provided them a good home environment and even though they were fugly they always had a cute boy friend and a smile on their face. And for some reason, they always just got by w/o being picked on.

  41. Chrystal says:

    Cheak out scandalishious caroline on you tube lol thats her and shes alittle bit off lol I guess she said she was in to art. But she didn’t tell Frank she post on you Tube and fake sings and trys to dance.. I don’t think Frank will keep her I think he will pick Jessica

  42. L says:

    She needs to stop cutting her own bangs.

  43. Colleen says:

    Fake. Absolutely an actor.

  44. Gianna says:

    Actually Colleen.. she is not fake, nor an actress. She was my art history TA last year, and trust me thats exactly how she looks. But its nice to know that you feel so strongly about things you don’t even know about! Thats cute.

  45. Jack Turducken says:

    Ann’s representing Syracuse…so you know she’s for real! I just hope Frank sees what he’s got going for him with her. Win or lose, we’ve got your back in the ‘Cuse.

  46. Oscar says:

    Rooting 4 ‘Annie’ all the way!!!!!!!!!
    Only reason to watch television yall.

  47. gary says:

    She’s the one I’D pick!!!!

  48. asdf says:

    She looks like Blossom with that schnozz. Go Blossom!

  49. tori says:

    Ann is a cutie

  50. matt says:

    You are so cute and rad. What the hell are you doing on this show?

  51. erin says:

    i swear this girl was on Modern Family.

  52. Jazmin says:

    I love Ann, I dont know why she on this show but she is the most genuine one in the house!!! I hope she wins!!!

  53. Jjb says:

    She was MOST DEF on modern family tonight

  54. Julie says:

    The girl who was on Modern Family is Kristen Schaal. She’s on Flight of the Conchords, too.

  55. Flow says:

    Definitely on Modern Family – it’s gotta be the same girl!

  56. Jason says:

    She does have a little nuts and screws unloose in the head based on her youtube channel, but Frank isn’t that much up there either. So I honestly think they’ll make a great couple, and she seems to be the most real one on the show so far, excluding her name.

  57. Deborah says:

    I am cheering for you Annie. You are the only real, genuine, smart girl there and I think Frank would be lucky to be with you. Stay true to yourself and don’t get wrapped into the drama of the other girls. They will look to sabotage you when they realize you are a threat. Keep your eye on Frank and be yourself.

  58. malcolm says:

    shes hideous and look at that nose, but then again a lot of the girls are hideous on this show

  59. carrie says:

    finally a reality match show contestant i can relate to!!!
    annie you are an awesome chick!!!!!

  60. lato says:

    How old is this girl? Anyone know

  61. carla says:

    she is not from moderm family i know her they just look a like

  62. Deez says:

    ok so for those saying tht annie is from modern family ur ALL wrong ya she kinda looks like her but shes definitly not her!! u all cnt b tht ignorent

  63. islandgirl says:

    go girl!! ur so sweet than the rest of the girls..

  64. islandgirl says:

    i love annie she’s nice! way to go girl!!

  65. christy collins says:

    i know anne she is my neighbor and shes a typical artsy white girl and i cant believe she wants to go out with an italian man…she doensnt even like italian food

  66. harold benson says:

    anne is not italian…she comes fom colorado…and i cant believe she even wants to date frank because her family doesnt like italians

  67. Jenelle says:

    Eww..whoever thinks Annie is a cutie is sick in the head. With that big ass nose, she is most definitely the ugliest girl of the show. Even Frank said in the beginning that Annie wasn’t his type, but being that he’s a mama’s boy & his tyrannical mom chose Annie, he decided to keep her. She is ugly & I don’t know why Vh1 would cast her !

  68. Chrisitne says:

    If Frank ever wants to get out of the basement he would pick you.

  69. Verona says:

    I LOVE ANNIE! She could win anyone over with her calm, cool demeanor. The way she looked at the little boy Will had me almost in tears.

    When she talked about Frank sucking her toes, I just had to laugh-PRICELESS!

    I’d like to see her styled differently, but she WON me over in the beginning, the other girls are crazy, delusional and downright evil.

  70. Brenda says:

    i think she fake like all the girls in the house. She has a innocent attitude but that all part of the act. She kisses frank mom #^~##$+&!~(`~@$ since frank mom wear the pants in her house.

  71. Brenda says:

    i think she fake like all the girls in the house. She has a innocent attitude but that all part of the act. She kisses frank mom (%`_++~(^~@%~%% since frank mom wear the pants in her house.

  72. Liz says:

    I hate to break everyone’s heart (as mine was broken), but Annie is the most FAKE contestant ever. She only went on the show as an “art project” and she plans to blog it all for a fairly well-known feminist magazine.

    I was really rooting for her to win because she looks like a REAL person. I guess it doesn’t take a boob job, spray tan and bleached hair to be the most fake in the house.

  73. kareem gardner says:

    Annie is too cool. Like I said The hardest decision Frank has to make this year is to chose between Annies personality and Kerri’s body.

  74. star says:

    annie is the cutest girl there she got the best personality they would be perfect together.

  75. morgan says:

    Annie is my favorite on here. Yea she may not be drop dead gorgeous with pounds of make up on her face like all the others, but she seems extremely sweet. Im always for the underdog =]]

  76. SHAY says:


  77. kiesha demetropoulos says:

    Annie. you were the most honest and outgoing person regarless of you freaky side or not.. frank obviously made the wrong decision because you are talented, honest and FREAKY!!! Hell ya girl you rock it out with anything that comes ur way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Keesha says:

    You should have won annie… your so honest and talented and kind…Frank made a mistake illiminating YOU girl!!!IDK!! Do you and meet the guy of your dreams girl..i think all the other girl are just jelous!!Thats life hunny!!…

  79. ((7)) says:

    im sad to see annie go … or is it caroline.. well either way.. good luck with everything =) you’ll see me on TV in half a year or so

  80. JANE says:

    She Is So Sweet! I can’t belivie she got booted!

  81. speakdatruth says:

    Cathy Nardone was in a hip hop video this past summer where she showed alot of “skin”. She was a total bimbo there just like on the show…poor girl. The link to the video is You gonna have to log in to youtube cuz the video got flagged for “inappropriate content” so you can imagine what the hell she was doing in that video lmao

  82. frank e dee says:

    Its Bill Gates sister.

  83. Stephy says:

    Um…You are beautiful and I think I just saw you on David Letterman!!!!