Frank The Entertainer… In A Basement Affair – Christi



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Frank The Entertainer…In A Basement Affair – Meet The Cast!

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  1. Wephie says:

    damnnnnn this is one fine lookin woman. ow owwww. she better win.

  2. mary lamb says:

    Has she been on a show? She looks so familiar, very Italian/pretty.

  3. mary lamb says:

    Has she been on something before? She looks so familiar.. very Italian/Pretty.

  4. JLK7788 says:

    Omg this girl is smok’n sexy NO CONTEST

  5. tina says:

    she should win!!! prettiest by far!

  6. JNSchmidty says:

    By far the cutest of the fifteen. I vote for Christi (then maybe Jennifer.)

  7. JNSchmidty says:

    By far the cutest of the fifteen! I vote for Christi (and then maybe Jennifer.)

  8. Gabrielle S says:

    ah so gorgeous love ya girl! xoxo gabrielle

  9. tbagz brote says:

    dayyyyyyaaaaammmmm, this girl is fine, by far the sexiest

  10. tbagz brote says:

    holy $$$$, i think im in love, damn u frank

  11. jonfarrell says:

    sorry, way overrated. There’s a few others that take the cake over her n she’ll probably read these comments and let her head blow up even more than it probably is already

  12. jonfarrell says:


  13. meghan says:

    this girl is the s*** basically i love her and she will kick all these girls to the curb its no competition loves you babes!!!

  14. bree says:

    Love ya christi! Psh, frank will blow a load when he sees you! All the other girls look like they were run over! Me and riley will be watching and rooting for ya!

  15. that girl says:

    Goooo Christi lol. wow u are really on the show. cant wait to see it. u look hot.

  16. Jenny B says:

    what a wooooof!!!

  17. kitten mittens says:

    thank you for being “that girl” from high school so i never have to be

  18. sarah says:

    Does anyone know where Christi got the dress she was wearing in episode 2 at elimination??????

  19. Nikki says:

    This chick was on Rock of Love!

  20. Connie dixon says:


  21. amber says:

    this girl looks familiar wasnt she on the bachelorette i swear thats her

  22. JC says:

    This girl is pretty, but there is definitely something unstable about her.

  23. gvh0203 says:

    Yes Connie that’s the first thing i thought when i saw this girl…i was like dude she looks so much like dakota from leave it to lamas…i think dakota is prettier though..this chick looks cross-sided sometimes

  24. mitch021 says:

    i think keri is going to win. sorry but it is true.

  25. Connor ferra says:

    Best girl she’s nice hot and big boobs

  26. eugene says:

    Honestly this woman is the love of me life, f frank

  27. alex says:

    this girl is the most beautiful girl i have ever seen and she is the girl of my dreams. I really want to meet you or get to know you since it didnt work with frank.

  28. Great Bullhorn says:

    Ba-Bye! ! ! Will not miss her, she seems like such a spoiled child who complains a lot. Couldn’t dig it. Looks – So-So I guess – her eyes are hmmmm?

  29. Kimberly says:

    I just found out Christi was 21, I was shocked because she looks 10 years older than that!! Honey, I would’ve sworen you were 30. You might want to lighten up that fake tan.

  30. Tiffany S says:

    She looks just like Dakota Lamas!

  31. Frank e dee says:

    This chick is definately a slut for continuing to screw with her ex man as frank found out on the show. She is cute though, and totally do-able.