Frank The Entertainer… In A Basement Affair – Felicia



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Frank The Entertainer…In A Basement Affair – Meet The Cast!

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  1. lp says:

    this girl is gorgeous! She looks so sweet and pretty..I hope she does well…rooting for ya Felicia! You’re beautiful

  2. Alex says:

    THe others have nothing on Felicia!

  3. TheSituation says:

    dammmmmmmmmmn gurl, lookin fine! If you don’t steal Frank’s heart then I’m taking yours because ur the best dime piece I’ve seen on this cast.

  4. Ben says:

    No one has anything on Felicia!

  5. Caroline says:

    Frank is a loser, why would anyone ever date that #)$`*&$_!!@)`!) Shout out to Felicia and Kerry, one word: damn

  6. Aiden says:

    Lemme Holla at cha girll

  7. Jeff says:


  8. Tom says:

    By Far the best looking out of all the girls. All the other girls look like skanks. Go Felicia!

  9. charlotte kepner says:

    You go Girl!!! love ya and miss ya!!!

  10. josephine guzzardo says:

    your the most beautiful Woman here. You definitly deserve to win!!!!

  11. savahna says:

    where is she from she looks like a girl i grew up with?

  12. Tracy says:

    Go Felicia!! You look gorgeous.. I was shocked to see her on this show.. I used to be her hairdresser… Make Jersey proud girl!!

  13. ot says:

    went to high school with her. she’s alright. def a lot better looking than MOST of the girls there. this girl representin ocean township here – so go felicia

  14. Tanya says:

    My god she is so young to have had a lump in her breast, how old was she when she had this because it scares me and I wonder if I should have myself checked out….how old was she when they found it!!! ahhhh!!!!

  15. OHGEE says:

    Beautiful Felicia, What in the world are you doing on this show? You’re single?????? How is that possible? Are the men blind , dead or a combination of both where you come from?
    I can imagine there are now literally millions of men, some in high places, that would enjoy meeting you.
    Good Luck in whatever you do , but , for your parents sake , try something other than a reality show to find a good man.

  16. Shelby says:

    Finally some class on reality television!

  17. Zee Great Biscuzzio says:

    B E A Utiful, and as honest and strong as they come. I need a girl like that!

  18. oths says:

    Haha omg that girl was the biggiest wh*r* in highschool she use to give everyone back massages to every guy crying for attention and she use to backstab everyone so by senior year noone liked her!

  19. ocean townhsip highs chool says:

    This gurl is the fakiest and biggiest backstabber in the entire world..she lies about everything and slept with everyone in highschool…by senior year everyone hated her

  20. oths graduate says:

    haha omg this gurl is on this show!!!!!! she gave every single guy in high school back massages and not only that she would back stab every single one of her friends!!!by the end of high school she had no friends cause she was phony as hell!!

  21. pinkseashells says:

    She is pretty, refined, and good looking, and a true LADY that most men would go for. She looks like she was brought up right, and in a good family. She is very wise, intelligent and pretty. She would make a good wife. The rest of the girls except Annie Or Jessica are wanna be prostitutes that have seen it done it all and it shows in their expression and what they do–meaning dressing and acting slezy. Frank’s parents want someone good for a wife, not a low life, GIRLS.

  22. Justice John says:

    Pinkshells – Hate to disagree with you but the other girls are not all wh**&&$res as u state. I don’t believe that Miss “F” looks or behaves better than any of the ladies there. In fact, look how she removed Annie’s bag from the bed like she was better and more important than anyone and a massage at a yard sale? She looks like she wouldn’t care about anyone other than herself. I don’t believe in her TALENT STORY either.

  23. Jimmy says:

    She looks like prettier version of Famke Janssen. She needs to forget that small time Frank and get into acting.

  24. brian swinford says:

    I started to cry when Felicia told her story about the lump in her breast. She is odd on favorite to win unless there is a skelton in the closet.

    I think she can do better than Frank. As a matter of fact, they all can do better than Frank.

    By the way, is Frank and the family a fake or is this the real thing? Frank has to have a real job, right? Taco Bell. 31 and unemployed?

  25. brian swinford says:

    Felicia is odds on favorite to win Frank. I think she can do better than a unemployed 31 living in the family basement.

    by the way, is this show fake. Are they a real family?

  26. brian swinford says:

    Felicia is odd on favorite to get frank. She can do better.

  27. brian says:

    Felicia is odds on favorite to win Frank. But that is not winning much. A 31 year old living at home? No Job, Broke?

    Honey you need to raise your standards toward the sky. I have stood on my feet, live on my own, and I am independent. If you want someone, I am not any worse than Frank the Basement

  28. James says:

    Very Beautiful women and Classy at that. I like here

  29. jeff says:

    this has to be a stupid show and you can tell its a fake reality show.for the love of ray j and the tela tequila show was a put on as well,And frank Is retarded.

  30. Deborah says:

    My boyfriend think that Felicia is a man. He stated that her face has male feature.

  31. Mrs. DIS says:

    My BFF thinks that Felicia is a man. He states that he can tell by her face feature. I think she is a beautiful lady.

  32. Ambra says:

    I think Felicia is all around perfect being she’s Italian and franks Italian. She’s beautiful, classy, and gosh her eyes can knock u out. I always though frank was stupid on the other shows but maybe he deserves love too. Not sure if he’s worth it for Felicia. She has goals and he does not. Lol. :) FELICIA IS BEAUTIFUL. BELLA RAGAZZA :)

  33. jon b says:

    looking hot if you like drag queens!

  34. matt says:

    she is looking a bit manish baby

  35. jordan says:

    she is the best choice for frank and i think she’s gorgeous!

  36. MORD says:

    GOD, I LOVE this girl!!!!

  37. brian swinford says:

    If you get lonely Felicia, look up Brian Swinford in facebook

  38. emily says:

    i think felicia is the best choice out of all the girls-HOWEVER- as sweet as frank seems, he doesnt seem like he will go very far in life. he is almost 32 and still living in parents basement, i think felicia could do alot better than him! she is very down to earth, beautiful, poised, smart etc. and should find her a doctor or something, not to sound like a gold digger but oh well.

  39. kingsire09 says:

    Felicia u are just so gorgeous I only watch the show just too see you. I like how u are not afraid to go after what u want. I really love how u talked too Frank about belittling himself on your dinner date! I can’t wait for him too eliminate u so I can have u all too myself!!

  40. Mr. Chris says:

    Helloooo Felicia, your my type of lady. Hot Damn! Look me up on MySpace… Mr. Chris, you’ll know it when you see it or if you have a site (myspace, twitter, google, yahoo 360, etc), post it.

  41. Michael says:

    What a wonderful sole – sophisticated, intelligent and mature. The other girls are wonderful as well, but Felicia certainly stands out. Not sure she is a fit for Frank, despite his being a good guy, but if she really likes him hopefully they can try a relationship after the show ends.

  42. Trivino says:

    Wow, your are a great catch. Your are the kind of woman a man would love to bring home to meet his parents. So what is next for you? Another show or working in NYC? Will, whatever you do good luck in your future endeavors.

  43. Zach Pierce says:

    Felicia is a 10!!!

  44. sophia says:


  45. Mark G says:

    WOW,she’s beautiful.I would’ve took the chance to go out with her,but now she have a boyfriend.