Frank The Entertainer… In A Basement Affair – Jennifer



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Frank The Entertainer…In A Basement Affair – Meet The Cast!

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  1. groly says:

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  2. anni says:

    she looks like jennifer hudson/kelly rowland. pretty

  3. Ms Marie says:

    Hmm pretty sure she was on Making the Band. Wonder if she is gonna be walking around the house singing all the I will give it to her thou she has an amazing voice (saw her on tour with Justin Timberlake) but like all of the girls on these shows its all about the exposure.

  4. Ms Marie says:

    Hmm pretty sure she was on Making the Band. Wonder if she is gonna be walking around the house singing all the I will give it to her thou she has an amazing voice (saw her on tour with Justin Timberlake) but like all of the girls on these shows its all about the exposure. i mean really who would WANT to date Frank??

  5. carol says:

    she is definitely not the girl from making the band. Doesn’t even look like her

  6. Mrs.Gadson says:

    Go cuz!! Looking good boo. Keep it up!!

  7. DaytonaBeach says:

    Go cuz!!!!! Looking good boo-represent!!

  8. lovesyou says:

    by far one of the most beautiful girls on the show…top 3

  9. WATCH me says:

    You are beautiful and classy.

  10. Rosie George-Wright says:

    This is Rosie from Smith, I just wanted to say congrats on being on the show and I am shock that you are there. You were so quiet in school… of luck.

  11. David says:

    I have to say, you look gorgeous, pretty & beautiful, you are like the total package, if i was your age, i would fly over there & date you, lol. Like seriously!!

  12. kwan says:

    i luv her i do think she’s out of Frank’s league TELL ME THIS WHY DOES HE NEED TO FIND LOVE IN ORDER TO GET OFF HIS LAZY @#^_**&$_)%*+!_ FIND A JOB AND MOVE OUT OF A BASEMENT…maybe she’ll get him a job at her dad’s company…she’s classy has a job and was definitely not on making the band whoever said that is thinking of denosh and she quoted nicki minaj if he doesn’t pick her he’s A LOSER
    P.S. i think frank like secretly loves black girls with big boobs

  13. kwan says:

    or no not denosh but tequita

  14. lee says:

    Hey… I like jenny an she neva had a man I’ll love 2 b the first let her no that right away

  15. kris says:

    wow you are on of the most amazing women i have
    seen and i hope that frank recognizes how rare and special you are among the other women in the house because its easy to see that a woman like you is hard to find.

  16. Shana says:

    Jenny is so cute. I think her and Ann dont belong on this show though. They both seem like sweet girls.
    and I cant believe shes never had a boyfriend!! She acts very shy though, I guess thats why

  17. Chrystal says:

    I hope u win!!!! I think u would be the best for Frank.. And alot better looking then New York.. Gotta love New York tho shes crazy:-)

  18. shawntel says:

    i know where this chic came from she’s the virgin fron A Shot At Love, by the way her name was Ashli on that show. All these reality shows are s.b.

  19. complex says:

    she is def not the chick from a shot of where close hunny…but she really does look familiar..

  20. BIG FRED says:


  21. dominique says:

    one word.YUM

  22. Steven says:

    jennifer you are gorgeous you dont need frank you r to good for him. i aint no computer geek or anything right now im actually in class so if you want a regular guy who will actually take care of you look me up

  23. David Dinkins says:

    Dam she the sexyest girl on the show she can holla at yo boy

  24. exposure says:


  25. alex says:

    saw u on the show and i love ur personality would love to hear from u just to know a little more about urself if ur interested let me know take care and god bless

  26. Why Me says:

    I watch this show for the first time today (Sunday) Trust me it will be the last time I watch this show.
    Jennifer, why would you even want to be on a show like this. Your to nice looking of a woman to be on a show like this. You should have known you would have not gotten pick. I often wondered why we get on these shows. When it comes to the other man or other woman we do not have a shot.

    My dear use your head. When it comes to shows like this one. Unless you are a certain color, you don’t have a chance. That’s life.

  27. dude831 says:

    haha! she got exposed 4 being da real hoe she is!! hahaha!!

  28. Patrick says:

    Oh poor Frank and his funky family…can’t handle a complete woman who is afarid to show what she hads got!!! He is the loser and you can always count on me if you want a real man who is not afraid of a hot sexy mama.

  29. Tryth Jonez says:

    I want to know where I can go find this secret photo of Jenny. So somebody let me know where and how.Thankz

  30. sam says:

    The “scandalous” picture is basically a bikini shot. No nudity. But it’s still pretty trashy. Maybe Jenny can grow up and become a classy woman before trying to find a man.

  31. slk says:

    i want her badly….

  32. verna brooks says:

    I think jenny was the right one for you. I watch the show every week. i think you did wrong letting her go. But we will see. i need her to add me on face book or myspace please pass on

  33. James says:

    Frank you must be CRAZY she Is HOT and she like you. You sent her home because of a Picture. It was not even like it was porn or nuse with another man GET REAL. she wanted to go slow and get to know you. PLEASE she was top 3 on that show

  34. Mike says:

    Dam frank how could he let such a beautiful woman like her go .Them other girls have nothing on her she is so beautiful

  35. Coby says:

    Frank, I can’t believe you let Jen go for a little boob shot, when you know those other girls have done alot more! I’m done with this show!!!!!

  36. smerfbaby says:

    Jenny’s pic wasn’t as bad as Frank made it out to be! It was just sexy!

  37. Zoey says:

    She had a sex picture on the computer i ust to like her but now i found that out i hate her now

  38. Karl says:

    Jenny is gorgeous, I would pick her over any of them girls there wether or not she has nude pics of her out there…. as long as she mine we all set…

  39. Karl says:

    I love Jenny, she is gorgeous, I would pick her over any of them girls, wether or not she has nude pics of her on the internet.

  40. rich says:

    I knew she was a fake!!!!!! HAaaaahahaha

  41. rich says:

    i Knew u were a fake hahaha!!!

  42. ne0aes0p says:

    Jenny is the best looking girl on the show! Did you see that body? Damn! Frank, what were you thinking?

  43. Myla says:

    Please…do you really think a hot woman like that is into Frank? She just wanted her 15 minutes of fame…and she got it, good for her!! Now with all the exposure she got, she can find herself a REAL man.

  44. Kevin says:

    I havent watched this dumb show since Jenny left! Frank is a DUMBASS she was trying to get to know him for him not sleep with him like the other girls! She was the hottestand the best 1 in the house! She should get her own show ASAP! I love you JENNY! Im waiting for the black hot Jenny Jones show!

  45. kiesha says:

    your a fake &~+!!*_!)^)`)#$+%

  46. der says:

    im says hoooo yeah baby

  47. der says:

    im sorry!! im SAID hooo yeahhh baby