Frank The Entertainer… In A Basement Affair – Kerry



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Frank The Entertainer…In A Basement Affair – Meet The Cast!

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  1. steve says:

    wow super hot can’t wait to see her on the show!!

  2. Mona Page says:

    HOT- Definitely going to watch!

  3. Crystal says:

    Kerry is fly and Frank is buggin if he don’t choose her

  4. monica says:

    I love this girl! Gooo Kerrryy…I’ll be routing for you!

  5. Diana says:

    GO KERRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYY! Looking great girlll! <3!!

  6. FeDe says:

    para mi ya gano esta mina ?

  7. Charlie Brown says:

    WOW I cant wait to see this… Kerry on FIRE!

  8. Ryan S. says:

    i hope you dont win cause than i cant marry you if you do lol

  9. TREVOR says:


  10. MIKEYBOY says:

    YOO,i seen this girl around in bk…and these pictures do her no justice! This girl is one of the hottest,most beautiful woman ive ever seen! TEAM KERRY…..HOT

  11. truly says:

    yea like this girl didnt make her friends say all these comments, it so obvious if its not her herself making the comments about herself,lol. be real

  12. Tatiana says:

    you look like an owl nose job baby quick are yuou a dude?

  13. johnster says:

    Tatiana,stop hatinggg,people who talk like that are insecure fat ugly girls!! Kerry is beautiful..your just a !$$)))^+~&~_%&%)@

  14. johnster says:

    Tatiana,stop hatinggg,people who talk like that are insecure fat ugly girls!! Kerry is beautiful..your just a *+!!&&~^^!)+^“+~

  15. Jessica31st says:

    Tatiana & Truly,

    Clearly you have nothing better to do than sit on VH1 and comment on girls that have a better spirit and appearance than you ever will.

    I know life is hard; but take your negativity elsewhere.

  16. Tracy says:

    @ Tatiana & @ truly, sounds like you need a big glass of HATERAID… Kerry is mad pretty… KERRY~ thats just a whole lot of $*^**`^*%@)%(!@%( ASSNESS… dont blame them is a sickness… Can’t wait for the show to air!!

  17. Tee Tee says:

    This girl is beautiful!!! haters Hate…being shallow gets you no where people!!

  18. Cyn says:

    I hate how people get jealous of a pretty girl…
    Kerry is the prettiest one on the show
    if he doesn’t pick her then Frank is insane,.

    People stop hating

  19. Alisa says:

    OMG Kerry… you are beautiful and as for the HATERS… atleast learn how to hate in proper English… you just look like fools! lmao If Frank doesn’t pick you then he is a royal ($_`~((+!@_+&)$ 3 xoxo

  20. Alisa says:

    lmao if you are going to hate atleast do it in proper English!!! Kerry you are beautiful and if Frank doesn’t choose you then he is just a royal `&+^^^!+#*^^_`^ 3 xoxoxo

  21. Tricia says:

    Wow Ms Kerry is freakin hot! I must say hotter then any of the other girls. Go Kerry!

  22. Mike says:

    Her face is manly.

  23. gladuke says:

    If Frank doesn’t want her, I do!!!! This girl has got it going on….

  24. gladuke says:

    If Frank does not want here, I do!!! Girl has got it going on…

  25. darcgizmo says:

    Was this girl on the REal WorLd? She looks very familiar…

  26. lisi says:

    kerry and kathy are my 2 faves so far, cool brooads! Love her shoes in the pix, adoorable!

  27. Enzo says:

    WOW she looks like a russian tranny !

  28. tara says:

    she has a nice body, but her face… she is annoying and dramatic he needs to axe her.

  29. peter says:

    i met this chick getting off the b9 bus in brooklyn gave her a ride home and believe me she’s not that hot, only the mexicans in the bus were looking at her and she smells like fish also.

  30. Gee says:

    Yo this chick was a stripper in DC on M street. she ain’t from brooklyn. She’s pasty too, fake tan. i think her name is Gretchen. Frank should dump her she’s trash.

  31. lola says:

    hahahaha peter was prob one of the many guys who got rejected by kerry when he was getting off the bus …poorguy! pathetic….go kerry!!!!

  32. mary says:

    this girl worked at my after school program 0__0

  33. Larry says:

    Kerry es el más sexy de las mujeres en este programa, los muslos cuando se mueven son muy locos increíble wow!

  34. roger says:

    Not only are you extremely hot and sexy as hell,but your funny to boot.Your my dream girl.

  35. chaz says:

    Kerry is pretty and has a ridiculous body…all i have to say is maybe it’s a lookalike but, bangbus5.

  36. rosa SA says:

    I love kerry! She’s my fave!!! She’s sooo funny

  37. Oscar G. says:

    Kerry is the hottest girl on the show by far!!

  38. modesto says:

    i want to meet her or go on a show to fight for her love

  39. Flirt says:

    Kerry, I think you are….wow.. you kinda remind me of leona lewis… you are the ONLY reason i watch this BS…you make my day… I am a female but i admire u to the fullest… and yes, im gay… if u like frank so be not hatin but u are the best looking thing on TV rite now…i LOVE you.. and if Frank votes you off…u have plenty of fans….just wanted to let u know that there is someone that admires you….your smile, your looks, everything. I hope u win. But if not, u got fans in Philly!!!! Vernesther1

  40. Tammy says:

    I think Frank will choose Kerry in the end. I can tell he has had a thing for her from the beginning. And also, She looks like she will fit in with his family and friends.

  41. Staci says:

    I think Frank should choose Kerry… She’s hot, nice, funny and a great fit… All the others ain’t got nothing on her!!! Much Love Girl!!!

  42. emily says:

    she is sweet and beautiful and i think she has already banged frank!!! he should chose her or melody!!

  43. rockerchick7 says:

    kerry is soooo pretty! im jealous. Franck really needs to pick her shes so down to earth it seems like!

  44. david says:

    is kerry a porn star kerry sable

  45. Lisa says:

    I absolutely adore this girl. She is the only reason I still watch the show. Every week she just gets better in my eyes. LOVE her!

  46. Frank e dee says:

    This girl is all Brooklyn. No need to overdo the spray on tan however. Its unattractive. But probably the tightest body on the show. I think it will come down to her and skanky kathy.

  47. footz says:

    sweetie i diggin da )_$^#_*!~_+&_&$^ out of u n if frank dnt pick u he iz stupid as +%+`@)&+_*%_++~ ur da real reason y i stay watchin da show but if itz possible n u dnt whn i wnt u 2 try sumthing new lik me n c whr dat goes i respect all ur val’s so go whr ur heart leads u 2 sweetie

  48. valerie says:

    Kerry, please tell me where i can get that black lace dress. I caught my x in the bed with a fat @_)%#@~`~%@*@*( grimmy stinky scum bucket crack dealer and he will be at a party i’m attending and i must wear that dress so he can see and remember what he lost. Email me please the info.

  49. SCANDAL2NY says:


  50. mokabrezz says:

    i love kerry without a doubt the most beautiful and real person, without knocking the others..her personality oozzes off the t.v. screen.. would love to meet this woman…she looks like someone poured honey all over her, put her in the oven at 350 degress for 20 minutes and out comes a HONEYBUN…

  51. Whitney says:

    Kerry your super hot !!! Frank is crazy if he doesn’t pick u I would.

  52. Isidor says:

    I think your the one he choose. For 1 your nice, comfortable to be around. Second you don’t talk a lot (gossip ),third honest, up front with things
    Fourth, you have been up in the top five. That shows that he is really intrusted. Even though this should have been first,your a very beautiful, in my eyes, caring thoughtful person.I know you would make the guy your with very takes time to build a are a young beautiful woman.there is someone out there for you and I hope you find him.good luck and take care.I enjoyed the show and if your not the one then I hope your the next they choose for them to find your love.

  53. Lance says:

    Kerry…if it dont work out with u n frank…give me a holla…!!!

  54. jessica says:

    i think your the one for him but i csnt believe what ur friend did to u thats messed up but he needs tp pick u who cares about ur dad that has nothing to do with u and him go girl show him what hell miss

  55. SzpinZ says:

    Kerry you are by far the girl I’d like the most. I don’t even date white girls. I think my mother would like you though. lol

  56. Haley says:

    I saw the sneak peak of the finale and I think Cathy should go home Not you not Felicia

  57. jay says:

    frank made the right chioce what a lucky guy

  58. dorothy says:

    I think frank is a dumb )&$`_`~)~#`)*$@ kerry is way to pretty for him his loss dumb +(+^*!+%*~#)()#@