Frank The Entertainer… In A Basement Affair – Renee



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Frank The Entertainer…In A Basement Affair – Meet The Cast!

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  1. sexyCandyChic says:

    I think renee is gorgeous and look super in all her pictures. these other girls are hating becuase they are probably miserable about their own disgusting selves. go girl! u look great and the prettiest one of them all!

  2. Becker21376 says:

    Fire Fox, Mis mis & Whyarepeopleevil

    otherwise Renee and Renee alone.

    You can go to sleep now. you deserve a break. You’ve worked long and hard patrolling these boards sun up to sun down. Everyone on here knows it is you making up the poetry , the fake marriage proposals, the flattery towards yourself. dont dehydrate yourself. You know your ugly, because if you were confident and pretty, you wouldnt bother defending yourself to people you have never met. Pretty people dont stay up all day/night proposing to themselves and complimenting themselves under fake identities. Pretty people let insults roll off their backs because they are confident not to care.

    You only gave it away when you by chance knew the dress you were wearing came from Express. Which is also the official store of the fashionably challenged modern day call girl. Your not Julia Roberts, and this isn’t pretty woman!

  3. Lydia says:

    I’ve gotta agree with the first comment. That dress and shoes is a hot mess.–the worst of the group. Her bra is sticking out. And she couldn’t even take off that tacky watch? Reality TV has hit an all time low.

  4. Player-Not says:

    Right on Lydia-OMG the bra is poking out everywhere! ha ha….plus the cowboy tassels are a joke…when were faux leather tassels in style? ha ha ha….

  5. jeffsays says:

    Yes….crabs and worse! This girl is not the marrying kind…I should know and found out the hard way.


    Sweetheart, Keep your chin up. I believe in you and always will. Your strength to persevere is amazing. You are not perfect, but you are an angel to me. My Best Wishes and my love Go Out To You!!!! I hope some others will stop their nonsense and give us ALL a break. Thank-You if you (you know who you are) do stop for everyone’s sake. May God Bless ALL Of US & WISHING EVERYONE A BETTER YEAR TO COME!

    F.Y.I. Can’t wait to see the show – I know it’s got to be a riot.

  7. diva delay says:

    her shoes are too big and she had no *_#^#%)@!%`&@~) lmfao!

  8. happy0104 says:

    Well your day has almost arrived…too bad your ‘peak’ is a miserable debut…maybe you’ll get one of Frank’s loser buds to continue to be your fb… Watch out Vh1 you’ve got a bomb on your hands and a bunch of fugly broads. Don’t quit your common day-job….have a nice life and lets hear it for the day this lame &**_%#)($)@@^&^ series ends!

  9. WATCH me says:


  10. Watch me says:

    Lol. Lmao. OMG. I guess the unmarried 30 something is a virgin. DVR is NOT set. Hahaha.

  11. Jamie'sWAYTOOKOOL says:

    Keep your thick-skinned suit on Girl. Your New Year’s Resolution should be to totally ignore any of the most child-like and obviously the hatefully jealous FREAKY TYPES!!! Jamie could love you if you don’t end up winning.(LOL). I’ll be sure to watch you win or almost win! Had to comment because I HATE PEOPLE WHO THROW TRASH AT OTHERS! SOME-1 SHOULD MAKE THIS FREAK PICK UP THEIR GARBAGE! Why doesn’t VH-1 clean up their sites?

  12. WATCH me says:

    Hey girl-U got it backwards. Fiancee #2 did not fool around with lesbians. It was you. Miss never gets enough any way you can get it. Lol.

  13. WATCH me says:

    Now that i’ve seen this trainwreck…there is no need to write anything more about Watch Lady…she has dug her own hole……bah bye…

  14. coylealumnigirl2 says:

    i thought i was seeing things, so much for catholic school girl. It is her. I do feel bad though she just wants her big break to get noticed on tv she’s always been into wanting to be an actress so that’s probably why she auditioned for such a loser show; who would notice her though. Did she get married or change her last name or something though..good luck renee hope someone notices you for something or hope you havefun living in a basement