Frank The Entertainer… In A Basement Affair – Stephanie



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Frank The Entertainer…In A Basement Affair – Meet The Cast!

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  1. Staceiii says:

    Wow! Her hair is beautiful. She is a gorgeous looking girl. I hope Frank pick her. The rest of the gals look bus stopish! :-)

  2. vh1sjunk says:

    yaaaaaaaay my homegirl stephanie is the baddest chick on the show

  3. catherine says:

    pretty girl :)

  4. gill says:

    she kind of look like a drag queen

  5. MEL says:

    Is this a man? Are we serious.

  6. pinkgirl says:

    way to look like a fool on the first episode i’m sure you’ll be kicked off first.

  7. Nia says:

    This woman does not resemble a man. She has beautiful features. Only a white prick would say otherwise.

  8. casey says:

    nice wig.

  9. jeff says:

    She do kinda look manly and she can’t talk who say this is the most nervous i experience….where did she attend school???

  10. brookelyn says:

    I can’t believe what an idiot this chick is!! She kept repeating the same things over and over again, lol. “I’m looking for love, you’re looking for love, we have a lot in common.” She couldn’t say what they had in common, but she did keep saying that she knew a lot about him. Just what she knew about him we will never find out. What a fake-ass bimbo!

  11. decadentSoul says:

    She is pretty however she needs to go back to school because she couldn’t even complete sentences properly. She said-”It was the most nervous i ever experienced” damn lol get ya skills up please

  12. Shana says:

    Shes average. But I think she’d look a lot better with darker hair.
    But this sista has horrible speech skills. I dont know if she was nervous or excited, but she can not talk. Not an articulate woman.

  13. Rasberry Jam says:

    That orange wig is horrible. You look like an orangatan.

  14. Nisha says:

    Girl you look HOT!!!!! get it GIRL!!!

  15. sean says:

    its a wig

  16. bettyboop_94 says:

    okae sooooooo ummmm ppl sitn up here sayin she luk like a man and she got on a wig.. WHAT?! black ppl cant have long hair???? and trust ino a weave wen i c one and this girl most def isnt sportn on.. and as for tha ones sayn she luk like a man…SHUT yal monkey +#)!`^+#&)^@##% es up… n anutha thing. im sure wen yal be nervous yu jumble yur words up too.. CAN iGET A AMEN up in this bad boy..

  17. 0258pretty says:

    girl why would you go on Frank the Entertainer you shoud get a nose job before you go on national T.V.

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