Vote For New York’s Next Job!



And so, it has come to this: on the season finale of New York Goes to Work, New York will face one of her thousands of nemeses in the ring. Out of Mr. Boston, Bryan (the pig farmer’s son from New York Goes to Work Episode 2) Pumkin’s the obvious choice (she’ll never live down that spit!), but see if the package below sways you any:

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  1. Lauren says:

    pumkin duh!!! it’s pretty obvious

  2. Jessie (short for Jessica) says:

    Bryan is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT!!!! DAMN HE IS SEXY. I WANT TO SEE MORE OF HIM SO I’M VOTING HIM!!!! I have a strong feeling though that it is definitely is going to be Pumpkin. There is no way America is NOT going to choose her.

  3. bebe says:

    uhoh… pumkin enjoy these last days with your face.

    new york is probably dipping into her shopping fund to make sure pumkin wins. she’s probably taking boxing lessons.
    boston probably should be a little worried as well. new york could win against him, too.

  4. ThePrince says:

    Pumpkin Gonna Get it In Son.I Hope New york Beats The Spit Outta Her.BUMBOCLATT

  5. marissa says:

    new york is funny but she has to beat pumpkin out she needs to pay wat she did to new york cause wat she did to new york was wrong so beat her up until she is nocked out you go girl!i vote pumpkin!!!!!!

  6. VH1Shows says:

    New York. I was a huge fan before this show came on. Your just not living up to your H.B.I.C status. You continue to call yourself the Head *((%$@`+*#(_@~@(@ in Charge…but latley H.B.I.C has stood for….. Huge *((%$@`+*#(_@~@(@ Is Crying.

  7. Ryan says:

    Okay Honstly i have been a fan of miss NEW YORk since she was on Flavor of Love . And i still am . i freaking love her , yes many may hate her but her personaly is ~`(%&#(**$!&_!(_ ing hilarious ! i hope she NEVER changes how she is , new york may have not completed all the jobs , but if she worked for me and she gave at least a little effort i would give her way more than Ten Thousand !
    I have no clue if she reads these comments but oh well , and for the Ring match challenge i want her to KNOCK pumpkins _&)@!*`#*^`)_#~`( _&#^+$%^^ OUT . i ~`(%&#(**$!&_!(_ ing hate her! well the best of luck to New York in her Challenge and i hope she kicks pumpkins &+#^#$_&#^+$%^^ i would right alot more but its late and im tired , ill check in tomorrow . AND new york if you read this , i want you to know that WE all love you ! , and that you are the best person in the world (not trying to be a suckup) . Well . ill stay in touch :]
    – Ryan

  8. NewYorkIsCuckoo says:

    Dear New York, it seems like you don’t know what real life is like. You would not survive in the real world and I think a good show idea for you would be for you to join the Peace Corps and have you sent overseas to a country like Somalia or Cambodia so you can see what people have to go through in the real world and you can appreciate the money you get. And I am rooting for Pumkin to whoop YOUR ***.

  9. Sharon says:

    I hope Pumkin spits in New York’s face again. New York deserves it. She’s nasty.

  10. Hellfusionx says:

    OMG I can’t holly wait to see she Spit again on NY face :) She’s Dumb and “Mr Boston” I feel Bad for him Entreteiner will have his own show before him and he and Buckwild should be jealous about it…Honestly New York is a FAKE `^*$@^_`!+`(`^##_ Who in the hell don’t want to see Pumpkin spit in her face again :) I can’t wait for the NEXT SHOW so go Pumpkin Over that `^*$@^_`!+`(`^##_

  11. mac Jay 15 says:

    dan pumpikin im been waitin for this monment

  12. Ryan says:

    I want pumpkin 2 step in the ring with New York