Daisy of Love Sneak Peek – Daisy Likes It Rough!


Find out why Flex is hoping there’s an ambulance nearby when Daisy ups the thrill factor on their date in this sneak peek of episode 9!

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  1. angel6723 says:

    This show grows on you. Lol but really i hope Daisy picks flex or 12 pack (Dave) they both are real, great sense of humor and down with anything

  2. Whitneyzombie says:

    I think the suprise guest is going to be london! i can’t wait till sunday! <3

  3. Kim says:

    I think the surprise guest is London. But i hope Daisy dont end up with him…i hope she chooses Flex!

  4. sam says:

    yeah i think she should pick flex..hes hoottttttttt!!!!!! i cant believe she voted off big rig tho he was cool too

  5. Lisa says:

    I think the surprise guest is going to be brent micheals himself. She will have him there to judge the final four

  6. jazlyn says:

    its gonna be cage cause if it was london he wolud have came back earlyer

  7. KiKi says:

    I can NOT stand that douche bag Rikki!! He is a Fn hasbeen and needs to go the F away. He fuped and brought London back and Rikki loves more drama then ChiChi does. LOSER.

  8. tammy says:

    Flex is so hot !!!!!!!!!!!! Daisy if you don’t pick him I know me and all my friends will join a show called “Flex of Love”

  9. zoey says:

    hi your show rocks

  10. zoey says:

    do you like landd if not all tak him!!!!!$$$$$

  11. caylee says:

    Daisy u should of picked chi chi not cinster he is not hot like chi chi cinster runs like he’s gay

    from, caylee

  12. Laura says:

    So glad London is back! The chemistry between him and Daisy is sooo hot. The show was missing that. I do agree with one of the earlier comments about the way Cinister runs maybe its because his pants keep falling off his )))$((^@(%*%)#& I do miss seeing Fox on the show. I miss his signature song too. He was dumb as dirt, but he was nice to look at.

  13. ShowSucks says:

    Wow they didn’t cancel out this show yet????? The lamest show VH1 came up with…somebody should lose their job on this one…thank God VH1 has other awesome shows on.

  14. Notafanat all says:

    VH1, What are you people thinking? This show sucks!! Are you that hard up? This woman is a complete brain dead bimbo who never even made through Rock of Love and there is a reason for that, even Bret Michael realized there is nothing but air between her shoulder blades!! I think you stooped pretty low on this bomb, I am not a big fan of Brooke either as she is yet just another bimbo, but at least she is fairly intelligent and has done some charity events, what would Daisy auction off, her fake boobs?? You can lose this after the season finale, who cares which idiot guy she picks? They all look like male prostitutes, did you find them on the Sunset Strip like you did some of the bimbo’s on Rock of Love?

  15. tania says:

    i lov daisy,shes a real sweety