The Celebreality Interview – Big Rig



Hooo-wee! Talking to Big Rig is more fun than trying to juggle greased pigs on a roller coaster! Below, the good old country boy talks about his son, his open mind, his missing teeth, playing grab ass and his cosmetic history.

It seemed like you were really upset after being eliminated.

Yeah, I was. I ain’t gonna lie to you. It sucked, you know? I don’t really know how to explain it. I guess when you know you’re the better person, don’t no one like to just necessarily lose. I sure as f*** don’t.

Was it just a matter of losing the game, or were you upset at all about not being able to get closer to Daisy?

For the time given and spent, yeah. What can you say when you got 20 other people and you’re all trying to get her attention? You only have so much time anyways and you have to make the best of it. I believe I did that by all means. It’s just, you know…she’s gonna do what she wants to do.

It did seem that you were really into her. You said you were falling in love with her.

I was. It was real and everything. She’s a cool girl. I liked her, just the presence of her and everything. Just a really good vibe. When you’re feeling good things, why not express the way you feel?

What did you think about her reaction to you giving her the picture of your son?

Not saying that it was a bad reaction, but she’s got to understand that I’m a package deal. And I do it the same with any other girl. I got to let them know that I come with more than just a bang.

It did seem she was a little bit less gracious than she could have been.

Oh yeah, it was kind of a nasty thing. I mean, she almost came across as a bitch, if you really want to know the truth. The comment she made like, “Oh, it kind of creeped me out,” had me thinking, “Well, the creepy thing is the fact that you can’t accept real life.” I let her know about my son up front, and if she couldn’t deal with that she should have sent my ass home a long time ago. When I gave her the picture it was really a security thing, I guess, just saying, “This is my little man. Take a good look at it, because looking down the road, if I’m what you’re looking for, this is something you’re gonna have to put up with.” It was nothing like, “Hey this is my kid. I hope he wins me your heart.” I mean f*** that, I can do that myself.

What are your feelings for Daisy today? Do you have any resentment for her?

Man, I mean, I think she’s a cool ass chick. I’m not like, “Aw, that f***ing bitch did me wrong.” It sucks I didn’t get to know her a little bit more. But I’m not gonna sit her and talk s*** about her and say I resent her. That would be stupid. I wish her the best, dude. No doubt about that.

How old is your son?

He’s 5.

Does he watch the show?

I was at home the other night with him for Father’s Day and we watched an episode. He kind of gets a kick out of it. He’ll say, “Daddy, why did you get so mad?” I mean he’s seen a little of it, but his momma doesn’t let him watch too much of it, just because of all the language and s*** like that, which I don’t blame her. I’m not gonna argue with her ass.

Why did you get so mad about the Fox thing?

It seemed like if you lied to her, and then you tell the truth after she busts you in a lie, you’re good. But damn it, if you tell her the f***ing truth, then it’s almost like that’s the wrong way of doing it. Hell, maybe I should have f***ing lied to her, and then later on, been like, “Yeah, I got a kid.” Maybe then she’d have been like, “Oh, he’s just a scum bag. I like that.” You’re sitting there trying to have date with her, and then all of a sudden it gets ruined by Fox and I’m just like, “F*** this.” I mean, you can’t touch nobody so I might as well break something.

What do you have to say in response to people accusing you of being violent? Are you violent?

I mean it can get violent at times, but I’m not a violent person. Who don’t get mad at things like that? I don’t go to anger management or nothing, if that’s what you’re asking.

Do you regularly get in bar fights or stuff like that? How violent has it gotten?

When I was growing up, with the people I was growing up with, I had no choice. I was pushed into s*** like that. But I’m not really the kind of guy that’s gonna walk into a bar and smash someone with a bottle or nothing like that. But everyone has their limits. I’m not like, waking up in the morning and throwing an alarm clock across the room and acting all crazy and s*** like that. Most of the time people that do that ain’t nothing but a front, or are just real insecure. I don’t start s***. I’m just a good old country boy.

You definitely come across as a good old country boy and yet, on the show you were wearing eyeliner and things of that nature. Had you ever done that before? Was eyeliner part of your general wardrobe?

Hell no! Man I wouldn’t get caught dead wearing that s***, ever. I was like man, if this is what it takes… But, I mean I grew up with three sisters. So, have I ever had makeup on me? Hell yeah. I mean it’s like playing dress up. My damn sisters wouldn’t play G.I. Joe or s*** like that. I act silly all the time. Back in high school, one time, I dressed up as a f***ing drag queen. I bought a girl’s dress and everything. I mean it’s just having good, fun times. I’m not waking up every morning putting on base and s*** like that. Hell no, that’s just not my attire, or however you want to say it.

And there was a lot of that going on in the house too.

I know I ain’t gotta put on makeup to make me look better or anything. I mean, damn, go get a tan or something.

Your point of view sometimes surprised me. When you were cooking, and you had the feeling the helper guy was hitting on you, you interviewed, “I’m not mad at that.” That’s more open-minded than I would expect from a good old country boy.

Man, I mean, you got these homophobes and s*** out here. I’ve had aunts with gay friends. I’ve even known couple of them. I’ve gotten hit on a lot. Everybody has their boundaries. Being a Christian and stuff like that, in my religion, it is wrong. You don’t do s*** like that. But there are just some things you can’t change, and you sure can’t get mad at the s*** you can’t change. And it’s like, well damn, if you got the same sex digging you, then you must be doing something right, so I sure as hell ain’t gonna be mad. I mean, the dude was cool. It wasn’t like he was trying to feel on me. I actually thought it was funny.

Its funny though, because it did seem like there was a gayish vibe in the house. Not just with the makeup, but with the general bromance nature of things.

Oh yeah. I mean, I’m not gonna lie, I’ve grabbed ass all the time. I’ve been in high school football, college football, I’ve done it all. I’ve been in the military. I’ve taken showers with lots of guys. I’ll walk in the shower and slap one on the ass. It’s just humorous. It’s not nothing gay. I’ve seen a lot of naked dudes. I ain’t over there in the corner sitting there putting my hand over my c*** trying to hide it. I’m just like, “What’s up?” Everybody that really knows me, all my friends, know I’m crazy. Man, I walk around naked and s*** all the time. I don’t give a damn who knows it.

So then do you compare the general camaraderie in the house to being on a football team?

Uh, no. I wouldn’t say being with a bunch of guys that wear makeup and s*** is like being on a football team.

Fair enough.

I mean it’s a difference. I’m not an idiot. I’m not like back up in the woods with no television or no radio. But nowadays, it’s the 20th century and anything can happen. You just can’t be a one-minded person. I mean hey, I like one color, you like the other. That’s just how it is though, not everybody likes the same thing.

I was surprised to find out via an extra that you are missing your front teeth.

A lot of people think that’s funny. I have had them gone for two or three years. A lot of people think it happened in one of my MMA fights, but it actually happened in a street fight. There were seven or eight other guys against me and a best friend, and one had gotten a hold of a pipe or something, and went to swinging and hit me across the mouth with it. And hell, it never hurt me. It just messed one of them up, but then later on, after fighting and s*** like that, it broke again, and they just started cracking off. So I just had them pulled, man, I was like, “F*** it. This is kind of my calling. Ain’t no need in getting them fixed.” It’s very entertaining. The kids love it.

It will provide fun for years to come, too. Are you still MMA fighting?

Yes, I’m full time. Right now I’m back at home, you know, just hanging out. I was here for Father’s Day and stuff. I do what real people do. I work hard. I’m out here at a job site right now with a friend of mine who does construction. I’ve been out here for two weeks, sweating my ass off, building houses and putting up decking and roofing and all that stuff. And that’s just something I like to do. That’s just me. That’s a part of me that I keep on doing. Like I said, I’m just a good old country boy, man. Like to do a bit of different things.

Speaking of doing different things, I heard that you and Marcia (of Rock of Love Bus and Charm School) are dating. Is that true?


Did you just come to meet her from appearances or whatever?

Yeah, we just kind of met and we really just started talking. It’s just one of those things that you see how it goes from there. Not everything’s set in stone, you know. She is quite a handful. I’m serious dude, you just don’t even know half of it. She is a handful.

Do you regret being so vulnerable and crying on screen?

Hell no. That’s real s***. You got two options: be who you are or be someone that you ain’t. And I’m just gonna be who I am. And I’m gonna be on top. And that’s number one baby. It’s all about being on top.

Keep up with Big Rig via his MySpace.

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  1. bebe says:

    haha this is a funny interview.

  2. Sarah_WA_77 says:

    Marcia? Rock of Love Bus, Charm School 3 Marcia? and Big Rig? Now that’s a match I woulda never seen coming… Hope it works out from them.

  3. Veronica says:

    I like Big Rig. I knew he wasn’t going to make it to the end though because it didn’t seem like there was a real connection between him and Daisy. I really don’t understand Daisy. She asks for advice from Ricky and never takes it. It seems like she is turned on by guys that treat her like crap. It’s really annoying.

  4. moni says:

    He sounds sweet and thoughtful, and is kind of hilarious. I think Daisy did him a big favor, she can’t really handle life (hands flail).

  5. lovesmarilynm says:

    His comment that she “can’t handle real life” seems so true. I guess Big Rig is more intelligent than I thought!

  6. laci says:

    ummm i think it was really stupid that dasiy let u go , u were super hot n super nice… good luck

  7. carrie says:

    I feel dat u r a real dude and that u r human. I think u n Marcia mite really work out. Marcia seems like a real cool girl n u r definetley a very cool dude.

  8. mariah says:

    don’t worry that is my dads email but i think you are so hot make sure to tell marcia that she is so lucky to have a cute and good man i watched daisy of love every night but i don;t watch it that much anymore because you aren’t on it anymore i think that chichi should of went insted of you but sence you can’t win i think 12pack will when but i think she would of benn better off with you and by the way you have a nice myspace when i get on i will post a comment on yours by the way i’m 20 and alot of people ask me out but i say i’m waitting on someone else like bigrig/jeremiah but alot of cute boys have ask me out so i have turned down alot for you but i’m buying a big house in WV

  9. Bobba says:

    I respect him a lot more after reading this. I still think he’s an overgrown baby who throws tantrums, and that whole “grab @!&+_~~^~^!+_*` answer made me cringe, but he’s not all bad.

  10. RaeTed says:

    Big Rig should of made it. He would be great for that Daisy. She doesnt know what shes missing. Great Interview Big Rig. Best of luck. Good Old Country Boy never hurt no one.

  11. anna says:

    It will be sad to see Big Rig go, but hopefully he can find love with a lady who isn’t “creeped out” by the fact that he’s got a son. I know I wouldn’t be!

    Since Big Rig is out of the running, I’m on Team Flex.

  12. Laura says:

    Daisy get a life you are so lame and fake and skinny!!!!!!!

  13. Laura says:

    Daisy get a life you are so lame and fake

  14. sexxijordan says:

    mmmmm big rig is one sexy male. lets make out :)

  15. RockSizzle says:

    I absolutely love Big Rig (Jeremiah). He’s so funny and cool. But I’m not too happy about him and Marcia. She’s a mess. He could have hooked up with Ashley or Farrah. Or Brittanya. But whatever. I love how he cusses in like all his sentences and its just normal to him. GO BIG RIG (Jeremiah)!

  16. christinaaa says:


  17. christina says:

    big rig i love you.
    daisy was stupid for letting u go. i used to watch this show every night but now that ur not on the show anymore, i stopped watching it. I really do wish i had a guy like you. your amazing and really honest and true. Your veryyyy hot and cute. Marcia is very lucky to have a man like you. did i mention u r realllly goood loooking?1 haha
    i wish the best for you and your son! i hope i met someone like you someday actually i hope i meet you somedayy.
    i love you =)

  18. jamie says:

    MARIAH! girl u wierd as hell. u 20 and all the guys ask u out n u buyn a big house in wv dont nobody care what u doin…thats some funny sh** lol

  19. Just me says:

    I think if you gave me a chance you would find what your looking for. Ima decent girl and i think it would be nice if you let me take you out.

  20. Just me says:

    I think if you gave me a chance you would find what your looking for.

  21. vanessa says:

    wat his the girls name u were dating of rock of love bus ???

  22. zoe says:

    just a little confused what he meant by:

    “I mean hey, I like one color, you like the other. That’s just how it is though, not everybody likes the same thing.”

    the use of the word color is what I paused at…don’t like to generalize about the country – but “color”?

  23. Kristi says:

    BIG RIG is so sexy .. mannn i would totallly get with him if I could. Daisy is so Fing stupid for keeping them 2 little twirps ChiChi & Sinister over a REAL MAN like Big Rig.

    I wish him all the luck with Marcia & his son, and I really hope that Daisy picks a REAL MAN like Flex and not one of the two twirps.

  24. chorman says:

    big rig is hilarious and i really like how down to earth he is. normally southern accents sound close minded to me but hearing what he has to say and reading this interview totally changes my opinion. he seems like a really good guy.

  25. Jenna says:

    Wow! An actual down to earth person not looking for fame on a reality show! That’s kind of refreshing! I like this guy.

  26. V!olent Off says:

    OMg this LOser is Getting a Show? hey have u heard that Lacey Conner is also getting a Show???

  27. BigCrys says:

    What? Maybe Daisy had a reverse physcology on how she’s picking her final men. But serves her right for not listening to her male advisor, if at the end who she picks dumps her. Kinda like a recreation of New Yorks shut out! What am I talking about anyway…all reality shows feed off of this fake luv fame. I wonder if even Big Rig was really crying or it was all apart of the soap opra script of it all. Still even faking..he had a bible name which told me he was not only a protector but I gentle giant if u ask me. Her loss…cuz if I was single I would have kept him in the game for sure! I guess it comes down to hefty twisted wierd lookin man-hores for her. lol. Big rigs temper was questionable tho indeed!

  28. Big Crys says:

    Well if wierd,weak,young,n man hore is what daisy is into then she certainly has her final 4. Big rig, to me, was just a gentle giant all along,but I do worry that his temper can get the best of him at times. But U know what, Id take that chance to have a protector over a skiny weakling or a freaky gay lookin luver,or definately over the buff pretty face man hore. Hope she dont get turned down from her final pic like new york did! that would b funny reality tv then!lol

  29. Sabrina says:

    Well i think Big Rig is so sexy…..Daisy played with his heart and she knows it>> for that she deserves to be called a _^@~%“^$+)*`%@%$ I dont feel tha Daisy is looking for love, its more like a sexy f***! Shes going to send the wrong person home then ask herself, WHY ME! _^@~%“^$+)*`%@%$ you know why! I use to be inlove with Daisy until i started seeing how she really was to the good guys!!! Half them men were only trying to f***! If she cant except Big Rig son then she cant except anything real…….which is probably why she had her body redone____ FAKE FAKE FAKE!! (im not hating im just staing facts) Plus Marcia is f***ing hott!! She looks way better! If anyone would like to respond back to my comment please email me at, my names sabrina

  30. mickey says:

    big rig needs his own show!!!

  31. Namaste says:

    Cheers to that final sentence! In my heart you won! :)

  32. Jessica says:

    Big Rig I would just like to say that I have been your # 1 fan from day one. Not only do I think you are gorgeous, but you are one of the most solid, real people I have ever came across. Daisy was a fool for not choosing you, but you were WAY WAY too good for her to begin with. I would give my right arm to find a man a solid as you are. You are one in a million ,swear. A true, genuine, loyal person. With that being said, I would love to bare your but no really. No I just want you to know you are perfect the way you are and some woman is gonna take care of you and love you and thats gonna be one lucky *SS b*Tch! love you Big Rig,keep your head up

  33. Lady_Utopia says:

    Big Rig and Marcia?….yeah right …that’s not gonna last if she keeps on drinking like she does…

  34. Diamond says:

    big rig is awesome!!! you need to show fox who hes messing with!!! You rock!!!! and your son is really cute!!

  35. angela says:

    i thaink she should had kept him there

  36. jeny says:

    wooowww!!! that interview is very hmmm interseting but i was shocked when he said with marcia wtf man were u thinking well %$+$+$%%_+`#)~_! happens and i hope she stops driking her tequila lmao (not) but have fun and lock her ($!^$+$#(#&_&!* up haha take care

  37. angeliaburchfield says:

    i think big rick can do better than that any way she had kept him there. she will see she mess up by make him leave the show

  38. angelica castro says:

    i think daisy made a DUMB `^)*$(^~*%(@*#& mistake.
    but im GLAD big rig found marcia.
    hope dis 1 last. go big rig.

    adios homies.

  39. sexyangel says:

    daisy is DUNB as hell.
    i HOPE dis last wid marcia and big rig.
    but i think big rig is TOOOOOOOOO sexy 4 marcia.

    GO jerimiah/big rig.

  40. jontae says:


  41. sacey says:

    hi big rig i thought dasiy was a ~^~*(!+^(%!@^$((_ caues you were the most real of them all i bet you she will be doing ths show of daisy of love 2 cause she will not find any of the remaining guy to be with i thought you were hott

  42. judyannking says:

    big rig just keep your head up high and u will find love i do think u and daisy was two differnt people so good luky ,and one thing did daisy see your rig before the show because that is what i want too know how u got the BIG RIG name??????

  43. Vicki says:

    Daisy is so lame! Big Rig was real with her and she freaked out and let him go. Helloo…he’s only the hottest one in the house too! Good luck with marcia!

  44. chelsea allen says:

    i dont know why u elimanted
    BIG RIG u dumb big rig was the most sweetest guy ever and u messed up on the show and if i was you i would have never got rid of big rig i would have got rid of chi chi or flex…

  45. truth_310 says:

    here is one i never predicted, Pumpkin and Mr. Boston, another funny one would be IT and Bubbles, that would be sum funny stuff!

  46. Malia says:

    Big Rig Long Beach Loves you!!! You were the best choice in my mind!!

  47. Cheyy says:

    Marcia ? Come on baby ,. You need a
    real girl from the south .
    You need me <3

  48. Cheyy says:

    Marcia ? Come on baby .
    You need a Girl from the south .
    You need me <3

  49. Tina says:

    I am so hurt to hear that he’s dating Marcia. Baby,when get ready for a real woman,look me up. I’m Tina from Jackson MS,just a good old country girl. So hit me baby. I’ll show you how love is suppose to feel.

  50. Gabrielle says:

    I have mad respect for Jeremiah for being man enough to cry on screen. It takes a very tough guy to be able to show emotion like that, and not feel like a “pussy”. Good for him for being real and genuine with his feelings, and not being ashamed of it.

  51. anagabielle deris says:

    BIG RIG IZ SO UGLY AND DOMB #+_!~~$$_^^!&$+

  52. monica zarate says:

    i cant believe that she sent you home ..i felt that you were one of the most realest person on the show .when i seen the way you showed your feelings not worried about what anyone would say or think it relly touched my heart..sometimes we give our heart not knowing what the out come will be .but you showed that your heart was in it for all the right resons ..i relly hope that you find that specail person that you can learn to enjoy life learn the beauty of fath,understanding ,hope ,and the enjoyment of a sunset ..keep your head up and enjoy the most importend gift of all your lil i want to say one more thing smile sweetie …

  53. La La La says:

    I thought he was the best one for Daisy.

    His actually one of the guys who cared for her.

    And didn’t seem fake at all i believe the Skank is missing out.

    Shes always all over 12 pack.

    Why don’t you send them all home and stay with him.

    Seems to me his the only one you really enjoy in that house.

  54. HotLips says:

    Jeremiah- You are an awesome person and you deserve much better! Everything will be okay and you’ll get through it! Good Luck!
    love and peace always!

  55. Kevin says:

    Big Rig and Marcia? A southern country boy and a Brazilian drunk? I somehow don’t think this is gonna last very long.

  56. Allison says:

    i would never think he would date Marcia

  57. Leslie says:

    i really thought jeremiah was best for daisey she needs to get some sense knocked into her for not chossin jeremiah i have a lot of respect for him i screamed wh i found out he got elimenated

  58. mollination says:

    Actually, I think we’re on the 21st century now…

  59. trasher says:

    Hey anagabielle deris, if you’re going to be an @@)@)%(`*~*!^%+ at least be smart about it. its dUmb is DOMB, but good job i suppose.

    I loved big rig he was a real person and i don’t know how chi chi came before him =[ or calling him “domb” really helps the situation any.

  60. kalya says:

    omg! i almost cried wen daisy gave the chain to chi chi n not u what was she thinkin??? i think you should have at least made it to the final two.i think you are a great gut n anygirl would be lucky to have you!!! smooches!

  61. Hatshepsut says:

    F*&k Daisy

    I want Big Rig for myself I am happy that dumb blonde put him out the house cause I am trying to get with him. The realest dude on the whole show, how could you not love him!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give him a show and give me a chance to win his heart!!!!!!!!

    Jermiah you’re the best!!!

  62. Hatshepsut says:

    F*&k Daisy

    I want Big Rig for myself I am happy that dumb blonde put him out the house cause I am trying to get with him. The realest dude on the whole show, how could you not love him!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give him a show and give me a chance to win his heart!!!!!!!!

    Jermiah you’re the best!!!

    Anybody that has anything bad to say about look in the mirror!!

  63. Malia says:

    good guy. And score, Marcia is hott.

  64. Katie says:

    I would date this guy in a heartbeat. He is smoking hot, and a good ole boy. Send him my way. Marcia is NOT for him. :)

  65. TeeshuhhRenae says:

    I effin love this guy… he was soo sweet.. and beautiful.. I wish I had him!!!!!!111

  66. TeeshuhhRenae says:

    I effin love this guy… he was soo sweet.. and beautiful.. He makes me giggle.. and reminds me sooooo much of my friends.. I wish I had him!!!!!!

  67. Rowdi says:

    He is a sexy beast!!

  68. Cynthia says:

    I could not believe that she sent him home, he showed her that he was into her and cared to check in on her and make sure that she was ok when she was upset. He is down with whatever she had in store and was a all around sincere person. Real men are like Jeremiah, I hope he finds real love.

  69. 601WHTTRSH says:

    haha.. “the kids love it” that’s my boy.. He trips me out.
    mollination Says:

    June 26th, 2009 at 3:04 pm

    Actually, I think we’re on the 21st century now…

    Everything moves slower down here smart *+^%*(_~(%(((+_

  70. 601WHTTRSH says:

    haha.. “the kids love it” that’s my boy.. He trips me out.
    mollination Says:

    June 26th, 2009 at 3:04 pm

    Actually, I think we’re on the 21st century now…

    Everything moves slower down here smart @$$..

  71. Jennifer says:

    Hey Big Rig,
    You sexy fine `*&!(#%_^~$*+@+ white boy!!! You can make your me your “” ol lady “” if you want. I only watched the show cause of you and i was hoping she didn’t pick you cause your too good for her!! Your everything a woman wants!! I hope everything works out for you!!

  72. Jennifer says:

    Hey Big Rig,
    You sexy fine )#)^~#%$!@(!~+^ white boy!!! You can make your me your “” ol lady “” if you want. I only watched the show cause of you and i was hoping she didn’t pick you cause your too good for her!! Your everything a woman wants!! I hope everything works out for you!!

  73. Jennifer says:

    Hey Big Rig,
    You sexy fine *#!)($*`_~`&*+# white boy!!! You can make your me your “” ol lady “” if you want. I only watched the show cause of you and i was hoping she didn’t pick you cause your too good for her!! Your everything a woman wants!! I hope everything works out for you!!

  74. insomniababe80 says:

    big rig is freakin awesome!!! good ole country boys who r also openminded r hard to find. i imagine being stuck in that house so long with all the guys gets pretty tough after awhile. considering the conditions, i think he done pretty good. i think we can all agree that flipper was the violent one on the show…lol ;}

  75. missamanda21590 says:

    I think his country bumbkin )~$~^^+*^%%!)^@ was hott hell id pick him!!so sexy he is!!

  76. missamanda21590 says:

    god he’s *~@_(`_+~@`@%))% ing sexy MmMmMm id love some of him sexiest on the show i think!!!!Damn man hit me up i gotta kid 2 we can raise em together lol j/k but 4real u r sexy

  77. Brittany S. says:


  78. kesha says:

    big rig i thank that u was a good man i dnt knw why she did that

  79. LiberianMaverick says:

    I liked Big Rig but it was pretty obvious that he was not gonna win cos he had absolutely no connection with Daisy. I really want Flex to win I LOVE FLEX!!!

  80. Chase says:

    Big rig man what happened to drivin truck man….ur a good dude in my eyes man…id like to hear more bout how u and marcia met aight later.

  81. Bawdimore! says:

    Big Rig is effin hilarious. Im kinda surprised to see him on the show in the first place, because he seems really cool and down to earth…and daisy sucks, I feel like he could do alot better than that?

  82. briana marie says:

    yo this anagabielle deris is &^_$!@+$^`&+)$** ing stupid; she wants to talk _@%^`+#%_(*_$%_% about jeremiah when the dumb &&)!$%^**#(#^$%&* can’t even spell “DUMB” right ! and besidesssss her; i love big rig he was mad cool and i understood all the gestures he showed toward daisy. and i can’t believe hes with marcia; i watch her on charm school lol

  83. Sonia says:

    Aww… i love you Big R you are totally my favorite guy from Daisy….

  84. Tonya says:

    I thought from the first show you were the hottest and thought u two really hit it off but Daisy obviously likes the douche bags!! she picked a guy that left the show was sleeping with another girl then decides oh let me come back!?!?! _!&#~()$+`(@$&+ that hes a loser! i love u big rig if i wasnt married i would hit u up!! lol good luck with Marcia yall are cute!


    trasher talk to you talk to )!%~^#*&%)$*&@))_* ed child you en boy or girl

  86. Merle says:

    Is there a Frank the Entertainer reunion show?

  87. 3393227 says:

    What a lovely day for a 3393227! SCK was here

  88. 3568196 says:

    What a lovely day for a 3568196! SCK was here

  89. 328475 says:

    What a lovely day for a 328475! SCK was here

  90. 2082994 says:

    What a lovely day for a 2082994! SCK was here