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Hooo-wee! Talking to Big Rig is more fun than trying to juggle greased pigs on a roller coaster! Below, the good old country boy talks about his son, his open mind, his missing teeth, playing grab ass and his cosmetic history.

It seemed like you were really upset after being eliminated.

Yeah, I was. I ain’t gonna lie to you. It sucked, you know? I don’t really know how to explain it. I guess when you know you’re the better person, don’t no one like to just necessarily lose. I sure as f*** don’t.

Was it just a matter of losing the game, or were you upset at all about not being able to get closer to Daisy?

For the time given and spent, yeah. What can you say when you got 20 other people and you’re all trying to get her attention? You only have so much time anyways and you have to make the best of it. I believe I did that by all means. It’s just, you know…she’s gonna do what she wants to do.

It did seem that you were really into her. You said you were falling in love with her.

I was. It was real and everything. She’s a cool girl. I liked her, just the presence of her and everything. Just a really good vibe. When you’re feeling good things, why not express the way you feel?

What did you think about her reaction to you giving her the picture of your son?

Not saying that it was a bad reaction, but she’s got to understand that I’m a package deal. And I do it the same with any other girl. I got to let them know that I come with more than just a bang.

It did seem she was a little bit less gracious than she could have been.

Oh yeah, it was kind of a nasty thing. I mean, she almost came across as a bitch, if you really want to know the truth. The comment she made like, “Oh, it kind of creeped me out,” had me thinking, “Well, the creepy thing is the fact that you can’t accept real life.” I let her know about my son up front, and if she couldn’t deal with that she should have sent my ass home a long time ago. When I gave her the picture it was really a security thing, I guess, just saying, “This is my little man. Take a good look at it, because looking down the road, if I’m what you’re looking for, this is something you’re gonna have to put up with.” It was nothing like, “Hey this is my kid. I hope he wins me your heart.” I mean f*** that, I can do that myself.

What are your feelings for Daisy today? Do you have any resentment for her?

Man, I mean, I think she’s a cool ass chick. I’m not like, “Aw, that f***ing bitch did me wrong.” It sucks I didn’t get to know her a little bit more. But I’m not gonna sit her and talk s*** about her and say I resent her. That would be stupid. I wish her the best, dude. No doubt about that.

How old is your son?

He’s 5.

Does he watch the show?

I was at home the other night with him for Father’s Day and we watched an episode. He kind of gets a kick out of it. He’ll say, “Daddy, why did you get so mad?” I mean he’s seen a little of it, but his momma doesn’t let him watch too much of it, just because of all the language and s*** like that, which I don’t blame her. I’m not gonna argue with her ass.

Why did you get so mad about the Fox thing?

It seemed like if you lied to her, and then you tell the truth after she busts you in a lie, you’re good. But damn it, if you tell her the f***ing truth, then it’s almost like that’s the wrong way of doing it. Hell, maybe I should have f***ing lied to her, and then later on, been like, “Yeah, I got a kid.” Maybe then she’d have been like, “Oh, he’s just a scum bag. I like that.” You’re sitting there trying to have date with her, and then all of a sudden it gets ruined by Fox and I’m just like, “F*** this.” I mean, you can’t touch nobody so I might as well break something.

What do you have to say in response to people accusing you of being violent? Are you violent?

I mean it can get violent at times, but I’m not a violent person. Who don’t get mad at things like that? I don’t go to anger management or nothing, if that’s what you’re asking.

Do you regularly get in bar fights or stuff like that? How violent has it gotten?

When I was growing up, with the people I was growing up with, I had no choice. I was pushed into s*** like that. But I’m not really the kind of guy that’s gonna walk into a bar and smash someone with a bottle or nothing like that. But everyone has their limits. I’m not like, waking up in the morning and throwing an alarm clock across the room and acting all crazy and s*** like that. Most of the time people that do that ain’t nothing but a front, or are just real insecure. I don’t start s***. I’m just a good old country boy.

You definitely come across as a good old country boy and yet, on the show you were wearing eyeliner and things of that nature. Had you ever done that before? Was eyeliner part of your general wardrobe?

Hell no! Man I wouldn’t get caught dead wearing that s***, ever. I was like man, if this is what it takes… But, I mean I grew up with three sisters. So, have I ever had makeup on me? Hell yeah. I mean it’s like playing dress up. My damn sisters wouldn’t play G.I. Joe or s*** like that. I act silly all the time. Back in high school, one time, I dressed up as a f***ing drag queen. I bought a girl’s dress and everything. I mean it’s just having good, fun times. I’m not waking up every morning putting on base and s*** like that. Hell no, that’s just not my attire, or however you want to say it.

And there was a lot of that going on in the house too.

I know I ain’t gotta put on makeup to make me look better or anything. I mean, damn, go get a tan or something.

Your point of view sometimes surprised me. When you were cooking, and you had the feeling the helper guy was hitting on you, you interviewed, “I’m not mad at that.” That’s more open-minded than I would expect from a good old country boy.

Man, I mean, you got these homophobes and s*** out here. I’ve had aunts with gay friends. I’ve even known couple of them. I’ve gotten hit on a lot. Everybody has their boundaries. Being a Christian and stuff like that, in my religion, it is wrong. You don’t do s*** like that. But there are just some things you can’t change, and you sure can’t get mad at the s*** you can’t change. And it’s like, well damn, if you got the same sex digging you, then you must be doing something right, so I sure as hell ain’t gonna be mad. I mean, the dude was cool. It wasn’t like he was trying to feel on me. I actually thought it was funny.

Its funny though, because it did seem like there was a gayish vibe in the house. Not just with the makeup, but with the general bromance nature of things.

Oh yeah. I mean, I’m not gonna lie, I’ve grabbed ass all the time. I’ve been in high school football, college football, I’ve done it all. I’ve been in the military. I’ve taken showers with lots of guys. I’ll walk in the shower and slap one on the ass. It’s just humorous. It’s not nothing gay. I’ve seen a lot of naked dudes. I ain’t over there in the corner sitting there putting my hand over my c*** trying to hide it. I’m just like, “What’s up?” Everybody that really knows me, all my friends, know I’m crazy. Man, I walk around naked and s*** all the time. I don’t give a damn who knows it.

So then do you compare the general camaraderie in the house to being on a football team?

Uh, no. I wouldn’t say being with a bunch of guys that wear makeup and s*** is like being on a football team.

Fair enough.

I mean it’s a difference. I’m not an idiot. I’m not like back up in the woods with no television or no radio. But nowadays, it’s the 20th century and anything can happen. You just can’t be a one-minded person. I mean hey, I like one color, you like the other. That’s just how it is though, not everybody likes the same thing.

I was surprised to find out via an extra that you are missing your front teeth.

A lot of people think that’s funny. I have had them gone for two or three years. A lot of people think it happened in one of my MMA fights, but it actually happened in a street fight. There were seven or eight other guys against me and a best friend, and one had gotten a hold of a pipe or something, and went to swinging and hit me across the mouth with it. And hell, it never hurt me. It just messed one of them up, but then later on, after fighting and s*** like that, it broke again, and they just started cracking off. So I just had them pulled, man, I was like, “F*** it. This is kind of my calling. Ain’t no need in getting them fixed.” It’s very entertaining. The kids love it.

It will provide fun for years to come, too. Are you still MMA fighting?

Yes, I’m full time. Right now I’m back at home, you know, just hanging out. I was here for Father’s Day and stuff. I do what real people do. I work hard. I’m out here at a job site right now with a friend of mine who does construction. I’ve been out here for two weeks, sweating my ass off, building houses and putting up decking and roofing and all that stuff. And that’s just something I like to do. That’s just me. That’s a part of me that I keep on doing. Like I said, I’m just a good old country boy, man. Like to do a bit of different things.

Speaking of doing different things, I heard that you and Marcia (of Rock of Love Bus and Charm School) are dating. Is that true?


Did you just come to meet her from appearances or whatever?

Yeah, we just kind of met and we really just started talking. It’s just one of those things that you see how it goes from there. Not everything’s set in stone, you know. She is quite a handful. I’m serious dude, you just don’t even know half of it. She is a handful.

Do you regret being so vulnerable and crying on screen?

Hell no. That’s real s***. You got two options: be who you are or be someone that you ain’t. And I’m just gonna be who I am. And I’m gonna be on top. And that’s number one baby. It’s all about being on top.

Keep up with Big Rig via his MySpace.

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